80s-obsessed hipsters

Id like to nominate 80s-obsessed hipsters.
Most of these cunts werent alive in the eighties and although they claim to love 80s pop culture, they only experience it as re-packaged via modern fare such as Stranger Things, Family Guy, Ready Player One or those tiresome geek-pleasing references in films made by pasticheurs such as J.J. Abrams.

They can be found wearing T-Shirts with ‘geek’ in the typeface ofthe Atari logo or telling everyone how Ferris Bueller is the best teen movie ever made. They’ve never seen it but some mediocre Hollywood TV writer on Twitter said so.

As a child of the eighties, i can say quite objectively that 90% of eighties pop culture was utter crap. All of this stuff that has been fetished by gimp creatives of my generation who never grew up is embarrassing. Also, if they give you a blank stare at the mention of the Mysterious Cities of Gold, you can openly laugh at their pretensions and shit on their vintage Nintendo.

Fuck off and get your own childhood, you daft cunts.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

81 thoughts on “80s-obsessed hipsters

  1. Listen to “Being a Dickhead’s Cool” on YouTube. Sums up hipsters and their bastardization/homogenisation of the 80s and perfectly.

    • A little gem. If I had Twitter I would tell all my friends about it. If I had friends.

    • The Nostalgia market, first it was the 60’s, then the 70’s now the 80’s with the 90’s creeping in.

      People wanting to live in their past is dumb enough but wanting to live someone else’s is shockingly sad.

      • Wasnt it the 50s in Happy Days?

        It was based on Anerican Grafitti but American Grafitti was a good film. More an evocation that flat-out nostalgia.

  2. I grew up in the 80’s and I love it…
    The music, the film’s, the big hair….
    Don’t do films now like they used to!
    Us children of the 80’s were spoiled, everything’s shite now.
    ….in my opinion.

    • Though I agree with this cunting.
      Hipsters are cunts …. especially culturally appropriating hipsters.

    • I was a teenager in the 80s and fuckin hated it, shite music, everyone on dole, grim as fuck. Why do these kids look to then through rose coloured glasses?

      • I was born in 1982 so all the shit bits about the 80’s passed right over my head.

        Some of the music was ace and the movies were some of the best ever made in my opinion, don’t make them like they used to.

        Milllenial hipsters in general are cunts but that’s a cunting for another day.

      • Only things that should be resurrected from 80s is glue sniffing, aids , and scousers with perm &tash combos! Maybe perryboy haircuts on football hooligans…

    • I was born in the 70’s and think the 80’s was the best decade for TV, Films & Music and if there was such a thing as time travel I would go back and stay there.

  3. Damned right. Most of the 80’s was complete shite.

    I was a teenager in the 80’s and it fucking sucked, big style. Bad perms, ra-ra skirts, legwarmers and other such bad fashion, a faceful of fucking spots 24/7 (on a personal note), horrendous synth music and a fuck load of lip-synching on TOTP, Jason fucking Donovan and all the other shite Stock, Aitken and Waterman retards and the list could go on and on.

    I find it hilarious when these amoebas, who were still a stirring in their Daddy’s ball sack, harp on about the ‘great 80’s’. Maybe they are so disillusioned with the modern day that they have immersed themselves in the supposed halcyon days of another era (mind you, who can blame them) but the truth is that it REALLY was not that great at all……it is just that compared to today it was fucking golden.

    The only thing that I loved about the 80’s were the films, like the above mentioned ‘Ferris Bueller’ and all of the other John Hughes movies.

    I was able to escape reality for a couple of hours which otherwise sucked arse.

    • Brilliant observational post; had me pissing in my San Miguel!

      People bang on about how bad the 70s were (and quite rightly in some regards); but fucking hell the 80s were far worse as far as I remember (in my 20s then)

      Mass unemployment, Thatcher, miner’s strike; breakfast TV (Anne fucking Diamond and Frank fucking Bough); awful hairstyles, shite music (anyone remember “Five Star” and Samantha Fox warbling on ToTP?)

      There was no internet then either – not sure if that’s a plus or a minus. But what it did mean was that you’d have to go the nearest newsagent to buy a copy of Men Only, Mayfair of Club International for your pervy kicks (unless of course there was a young tart behind the counter, in which case you’d quickly buy a packet of gum and the Daily Star – although in the kudos stakes you’d be better off with the porn mag!)

      Wasn’t Channel 4 born in the 80s? Quite novel to begin with with its late night “adult films” (often shite); and The Tube; but that all turned to shit come the 90s.

      Give me the 90s every time!

    • Couldn’t agree more Nurse Cunty.

      I suspect we are of similar vintage.

      I wonder just how many of these hypster assholes would have enjoyed a trip out to Northern Ireland back in the day.

      Actually fuck that they wouldn’t have needed to go that far, Harrods maybe, or what about Hyde Park?

      Don’t fancy that then how about Wimpy on Oxford St?

      Or the Brighton Grand Hotel?

      Yeh man like the 80’s were sooo cool.

      If I could bring back elements of the 80’s I’d bring back the coppers who fought the miners, not because I agree or disagree with what they did but just to deal with the faggots in ‘Extinction Rebellion’.

      London would have been free to traffic after 20 minutes.

      Like yeh man.

  4. Yeah 80s were great – ahem ;
    Strikes – redundancy
    I lived in a mining town in deepest darkest Ayrshire – thrived on black gold
    It’s a shithole now and the music was SHITE

  5. Films back then didn’t have the cuntvirus of racial-quota casting and rave-reviews to head-pat black directors (see the fucking nonsense surrounding Black Panther last year). Plus they made more sense. The plot of Back to the Future was way more believable than Twelve Years A Slave. A black holding down a job for that long? Fucking incredible!

  6. What’s all this talk of “films”?
    They’re called movies these days you eighties fossils.
    So uncool dudes.

  7. I was a teen in the 80’s as well. The 80’s were ok and better than any decade that followed and considerably superior to today’s pc, social media obsessed, identitarian era. However the 70’s were better. The 70’s rocked. You could call a spade a spade then and not go to jail for it. Forward to the 1970’s is my motto.

    • 60s were even better. Miniskirts and all that. Yum yum. And the music was great. Hendrix live at the Bristol centre. Great days, poor old bugger…

      • And what was under that mini skirt? A pair of granny knickers and an out of control growler that could choke a rhino…. No thanks.

  8. Ps. What’s happened to the David Mellor thread?

    Apologies for the highjack.

    • I was going to ask the same thing earlier but couldn’t fucking think of his name, demented cunt that I am.

    • I said something nice about him, so the mods probably thought it best to withdraw the entire nom.

      I hang my head in shame.

      • You have to start cunting again, RTC.

        Perhaps Mellor complained to the mods? Perhaps this modest little website, the only sane place on the internet, is read by the great and the good?

      • I have often pondered that one too MMCM. I have RTC down as a retired minted stockbroker and Fiddler as a sitting Tory MP. I of course, am just a cunt. Oh, and I think Krav is a doctor and Norman an ex pro footballer. I could go on, honestly I could 😉

      • And Willie Stroker used to be the butler to the People’s Princess. A true rock.

      • @Cuntstable Cuntbubble

        Not quite Cuntstable, leave the menial jobs like that to disgusting snivelling subservient little shits like a Paul Burrell.

        Just under 30 years working in London’s square mile as an insurance underwriter. Now happily retired (but keeping busy) in Suffolk.

    • Is this evidence that perhaps David Mellor isn’t the bona fide cunt that we all thought. Surely not.
      He is the cunt, the whole cunt and nothing but the cunt. The cunt

      • He’s also a Queen’s Cuntsel, apart from being a floppy-haired fat fuck.

      • He was given that for being an MP and a lawyer. Think honorary cunt. He didn’t have to pass any exams for it.

  9. She sells sanctuary by the Cult. That was it for me in the eighties. The lefty rot was setting in during the eighties and snowballed ever since.

  10. The 80s:
    No political correctness
    No social media
    No reality TV
    No gender-binary (or whatever the fuck they call it at the moment)
    No 12 part superhero film franchise
    No overpriced “craft” beer
    No vegan fascists
    No Internet porn (you actually had to go out and talk to REAL girls)
    No wannabe wags (see previous point)

    I’d give anything for those times to last forever…

    • The 80s spawned Boy George, Pete Burns and Marilyn if I remember rightly?

      Jimmy savile was at peak nonce.

      The days of Ken Livingstone, Hatton and I believe Jeremy Corbyn became an MP in the 80s.

      Liverpool were in the successful period that spawned the unbearable current day cunt that supports them.

      Princess Di was inescapable.

      Argentines decided they wanted the Falkland Islands.

      Blokes started spending too much time in the mirror.

      PC first took root in he 80s.

      The 80s is probably an attractive time to those of us that were teens back then but it was shite mostly.

      • Thinking back the falklands war was the most exciting part of the 80s.

        As a 16 year old I wrote a school magazine article about it complete with cutout foldups of all the things we heard on the news, jump jets, general Belgrano battle ships, HMS Sheffield submarines Exocets etc, Argentinian troops caricatured as Mexican bandits, (trilby, long moustaches and ropes of bullets); when it came the whole lot were cut out, assembled and war games broke out across the whole school.

        That day the teachers must’ve thought I was a cunt

    • And a team featuring Robson, Whiteside, Hughes, McQueen, Muhren, Olsen, Moses, Strachan and McGrath…. As opposed to turds like Smalling, Jones, Pogba, Lingard, Young and all them other cunts… And a ground with atmosphere and not full of chinki daytrippers and mongs with selfie sticks and iphones….

      And no Me fucking Too Femstapo and Doctor Who was still a bloke….

      • Oh to have my season ticket in the United road again Norman – but not to watch todays bunch of prima donna cunts.
        Johny Sivebek who we called stickleback, John Gidman, Arthur Albiston, Gary Bailey (ooh), Paddy Moran, Choccy McClair, even fat cunt Alan Brazil and 2 we bought from Notts Forest who couldnt head a bus queue. “Kruger”Ron Atkinson and that turncoat cunt Kidd. Happy days – no league champions – just the odd trip to Wembley but it was a better club then than now )IMO) but still not a patch on the 60’s and 70’s of the Holy Trinity and Busbies Babes (not old enough to watch the BB’s but I heard)

      • Barcelona at Ot in 84… Maradona and all… But we stuffed them.. Great game and great atmosphere…. Went out to Platini and Rossi’s Juventus in the semi… That stadium in Turin was seriously hardcore… Like a bear pit…

  11. Multiculturalism was also invented in 80’s and started its ghastly spread through all our institutions so it wasn’t that great a time. A decade where we let our guard down. Fuck me, even Al-Beebra did a Panorama special back then warning about anti-racist zealots in the old GLC’s education department, now the norm of course. Fuck the 80’s multicunts and fuck their insistance on ‘mother tongue teaching,’ ie. using tax-payers money to pay council workers to help immigrants to teach their kids to speak anything but English. The same cunts who don’t now feel part of our country and run about stabbing people to death. Give me a Delorean and I’ll go back to ‘84 with a sack of Aldi knives and a shortlist. Cunts.

    • Fantastic response 👍

      And by way of an example, when I went to put in the thumbs up emoji above I was given a choice of half a dozen skin tones from light brown to black for the emoji.

      Fuck it. You can’t get away from race politics anywhere now.

      What a bunch of shite.

      • I agree… There’s nothing at all racist about striving to preserve your country’s culture in the face of mass immigration from incompatible cultures.

        Cunts need to stop making this about skin colour when it’s almost exclusively about values and ideas…..

  12. I loved a lot of 80s stuff like New Order, The Jam and The Associates…. The football was good too (the 85 United pisses on the current bunch of cunts)… There was also good TV like Auf Wiedersehen Pet and early Only Fools…. Even Corrie was still good in those days… The thing with the 80s nostalgia boom is that cunts who weren’t even there are bigging up the kitsch and the crap like Bananarama and Dead Or Alive… There is a current trend to reissue 80s crap on vinyl and student knobends actually buy this shite…. But ask these helmets if they know of Billy McKenzie (RIP) or Ian Curtis (RIP) and they look blank… These millennial wankheads think the 80s was all vacant fluff like the Stock Aitkunt and Watercunt bollocks and poodle perm shite like Europe or MOR like Belinda Carlisle (great tits, mind)… But the 80s was bigger and better than that…. And we didn’t all have mullets or perms or look like cunts… Where I was from that sort of look was both seen as poofy and forbidden…. And there was no social media or snowflake offended by anything mentality… So that’s a plus as well…

    • Manchester always had the best music, Norm. Except for four lads who shook the World.

      • The Pool had some good uns, Captain… OMD and Teardrop Explodes were the high end of 80s pop… China Crisis and Pete Wylie’s Mighty Wah were good too… Was never a huge Frankie fan, but they seized both the moment and the times… Then there is the great Echo and the Bunnymen of course…

      • Echo & The Bunnymen was to whom I was referring about Four Lads…😁 Porcupine, Crocodiles, Ocean Rain…

        OMD were pretty decent. Frankie were just a shock value, sordid pantomime. Grotesque.

        Funny how some of the weak stuff has improved with comparison; even some of that AOR pap is preferable to the HipHop of today. Ah, the 80s.

  13. The 80s were ace: The Cure, Smiths, Depeche, Roses, New Order…
    The football hadn’t been quite ruined and LFC ruled.
    Political Correctness was a tiny cancerous blip, its malignant grip yet to strangle society.
    Girls were prettier, more beautiful, bereft of piercings and not peppered with ink.
    Food was real and there weren’t fast food/chicken holes/kebab doghouses every 25 yards.
    Some shop items were still made in Britain.

    “Youth is full of sport, age’s breath is short.”

    • 82 was a good one… The best World Cup since 1970… That Brazil side (Zico, Socrates, Junior, Eder, Falcao) was ace… Then there was albums like Sulk (Associates) Lexicon Of Love (ABC) and New Gold Dream (Simple Minds)… And birds were definitely better then… No tattoos or those disgusting fake tans and eyelashes… I’d go back any time…

  14. I grew up in the 60’s , probably all nostalgia but from a music/ fashion angle I’m so glad I lived through that period than now. Every era has its fair share of shit but on the whole I loved the music from 60’s/ 70’s. A renaissance period as far as I’m concerned.
    The 80s wasn’t that bad .There were some great bands throughout that decade. I used like watching the Tube on a Friday when Jools Holland wasn’t the cunt he is now.
    There has been a steady decline in music ever since the 80’s and a huge proliferation of young cunts that don’t seem interested in creating good music , just looking for Instant gratification and don’t expect anything better that what Simon Cowell spews over them. Cunts like Cowell quite obviously have no interest in nurturing talent, they just want to turn it out quick for a fast buck.
    What a tragic state of affairs we find ourselves in.

    • With you Fenton. Born in 59. From what I can remember and looking back loved the 1960’s music and films. 1970’s not bad. Britain was a great country to live in then, much better than today. Life was much simpler. Now turning to shit.

  15. I’m with those in regards to the 80s, was probably the last decent era to grow up in. Music was different with the advent of synths, probably the most catchy music still played today.

    Movies were daft big blockbuster affairs with big perms, big explosions and probably had Bruce Willis starring. No PC casting except when the token fattie or darkie usually pegged it first.

    Probably the last era of classic TV, Only Fools, Blackadder, Doctor Who without PC connotations, the Young Ones, etc.

    Of course there was a lot of shite in the 80s, like any era. but from the 90s its all gone to shite to the present day.

    But I would never claim to have been from any other era, what total snowflake hipster cunts if you have to do that, make your own era you cunts.

  16. If only these Britain-hating, Corbyn-loving, hipster millennials woke up one morning to find that they in fact were in the 80’s.

    If one of their family members got blown up by the IRA, their opinion of Corbyn would soon fucking change.


    • I only wish those millennial turds were in the 80s…
      Maggie would have got the cozzers to crack a few of their smug heads…

  17. I was born in the late 1940’s and don’t remember anything about it, but pictures from that era look like they were taken two centuries ago. The fifties were crap and then we had the sixties, including the simmer of love, which despite what people say was a load of shite. The seventies were rubbish as well but weren’t as bad as the eighties which were a complete load of bollocks. Things haven’t improved any since then and I’m not optimistic about the future, although I might die soon so at least I’ve got that to look forward to.

    • You have years left, Allan. It’s being so cheerful that will keep you going.

    • Allan, I must be your age within a year or two but the seventies were fuckin ace – hot pants, great music, flared trousers and wide lapels but it has been downhill since then.

      • And let’s not forget 80’s Porn with Ron Jeremy and Peter North. I wish I had a £ for every hairy pussy they shagged .

      • You would have enough to be robbed by a cultural enricher by now FF.

      • If you want a hairy Mary you have to go to France or Japan for that shit….. Although in order to get to that hairy, Japanese catfish, you first have to get through a layer pixels for some strange reason.

  18. I’m a brat of the 60s, 1960 to be exact, most of the 80s is an alcoholic fog.
    But I live with a product of the 80s and she’s lovely so something good definitely came out of it.

  19. Aww c’mon Acid House was born in the late 1980s. I used to like The Cure, Depeche Mode etc then got into raves and the disco biscuits that went with the scene. Can’t stand mainstream music now, utter garbage. Always liked my classical though despite rebelling.

    Admittedly I was a proper little Socialist back then. Apparently I’m ‘far right’ now though consider myself right of centre.

    • Depeche Mode were good. They’re in the minority of decent eighties acts.

  20. My formative years were in the 80’s and it was probably the last great decade we had.

    It’s all been downhill since then. Bookended by John Major (useless cunt), Theresa May (most useless cunt EVER), with “Cunt of the Millennium” Tony B.Liar in-between (a dangerous cunt who destroyed this country).

    These fuckwits would hate it: no (anti) social media, no virtue-signalling to support and no neo-liberal Stasi (press/education outlets) telling them how to think.

    They’d melt. Cunts!

    • The1980’s were great because we had Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister. If only she was PM now.

  21. There’s been fuck all any good since the long hot summer of’76. Fucking EVERYTHING’S gone downhill since then.

  22. Teenager in the 80’s and loved it. The Mod revival was ace 2Tone ace and Acid House and the M25 raves fucking ace and the introduction of ecstacy what is not to like?

  23. The 80s nostalgia trip is much like the 70s nostalgia trip of the 2000s and the 60s one from the 1990s… The 70s one was full of clueless cunts thinking it was all glitter, coloured afros, crap disco like Sister fucking Sledge and platform shoes… When of course the 70s were more than that garish shite… The Britpop era in the 90s coincided with a 60s nostalglia trip… Producing crap like Absolutely Fabulous, Austin Powers (Myers yer cunt) and kitsch bollocks like Mike Flowers Pops and easy listening compilations… That cunt Chris Evans playing the Man In A Suitcase theme on his TFI Friday cuntfest springs to mind… As well as 60s plagiarists like Blur and Oasis… With piss poor Kinks and Beatles impersonations….

    The 90s nostalgia trip will be next… The fucking Spice Girls, those bluenose Gallagher scum, some gurn-bang techno crap with some cunt shouting ‘Lager! Lager! Lager!’ and that moaning scruffy twat Kunt Cobain and Nirvana…. Bollocks…

    • I was a teenager in the 90’s and still like listening to the occasional Nirvana song.

      I’m 36 now so when fashion comes full circle again I’ll be either a cool, old guy or an old div trying to be down wiv da kids innit.

  24. Anyone remember how you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing in 1981 what you thought was cool in 1978 or 1979 ?
    Everything these days, in music and fashion, is getting homogenized and samey. Hence these hipster cunts thinking that the 80s was a monolithic thing when it fucking well wasn’t.

  25. Best thing about the ‘80’s was Britain kicking the crap out of the Argies and the SAS storming the Iranian Embassy.

    Why did the SAS not storm the Ecuadorean Embassy to free that Aussie Kiddie Fidler Cunt into the justice system?

    I used to blame the Jews but it’s all Tony Blair’s fault.

    Dire Straits are pretty good but being a young un, the best of the ‘80s was Madchester, Happy Monday’s, Stone Roses, Joy Division and Inspiral Carpets for me.

    Your twistin my Mellon man.

  26. Oh I forgot, Mexico 86 was awesome until Diego Maradona became the biggest cunt in the world.

    I still have an England cap from Mexico 86 stained by two cheese watsits I saved under the peak when my parents were driving us to Brotherswater in the lakes for a weekend camping.

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