Milkshake Throwers


Milkshake throwers are cunts.
I don’t know where this pathetic form of protest comes from, but it can fuck right off. Obviously perpetuated by brainless fucks who know nothing of the subject they are protesting about, because if they did, they would be able to articulate themselves as to why the are so opposed to the recipient. No, let’s get some easy likes on social media by chucking a child’s drink over some cunt. As the targets of this nonsense are ‘extreme right wing activists’ the press and the plod are going easy on the perpetrators. Sourberries gets called names and there’s arrests all round, but get coated in the semi viscous chemical that passes for a milkshake in McDonald’s? Let’s see how lightly they get off…..

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Addition by Cupid Stunt

John Murphy, who egged Cuntbyn in March, received 28 days at Her Majesty’s pleasure. The decrepit old cow that put him away said, “a custodial sentence would send a clear message that attacks on MPs must stop.” Let’s see what happens to the Milk Shake cunt but don’t hold your breath.

75 thoughts on “Milkshake Throwers

  1. The fat mongoloid who threw a milkshake over Sir Nigel was unsurprisingly a Corbyn fanboy and the sort of cunt who whines about ‘austerity’ but can afford a £5.25 shake for his pathetic attention seeking protest.

    • Just to prove even handedness in these matters, no action has been taken for the camel shagger who travelled over 30 miles to do the same to Tommy.

  2. The Left are thoroughly self-righteous cunts who believe so absolutely in their limited political ideology being absolute. They simply cannot tolerate rational men and women who prick their bubble with with contradictory ideas and so assault them verbally and physically, having no clue how to respond to common sense thinking with thier flawed rigid leftist ideology.

  3. The libtards give it…

    We condemn this sort of action (but its ok if the target is anyone who doesn’t agree with them)

    Old Portaloo gave Jack the tin cook cunt a right bollocking on This Week.


  4. The fat cunt that milkshaked Farage was a pathetic bearded millennial loser. Fat, ugly, no self respect, a childish retard with a head full of political correctness. I hope the cunt gets squashed flat by a runaway steamroller.

  5. If St Jeremy got a suit full of milkshake the snivelling BBC and lefty fucks in general would be demanding it be made a hate crime.
    When its Farage it ‘oh but its understandable as he’s a raaaaciiist’.
    Thick snowflake wankers.

  6. Milk shake is a drink for toddlers and pre-teens. Anyone over that age, if caught buying a milk shake, let alone lobbing the fucking thing, should be dragged bare-arsed, balls-first along 40 miles of P80 grit sandpaper.

  7. According to the press the Leavers are the thick, uneducated ones.

    No evidence of this in the recent instances of Remoaners resorting to the throwing liquids at right of centre political candidates.

    Clearly so stupid they are incapable of putting forward a reasoned and logical argument and instead consider common assault to be a perfectly justified method of protest.

    Thick cunts.

    • I saw that fat cunt Paul Mason in the paper today Willie, heading back over here from US to have knee replacements etc and to cost the NHS £108,000. Fucking disgusting.

      • Are you sure that’s not Paul McGrath as his knees are knackered?

      • That should be on Dick Fiddlers ‘Heroes/Warriors’ nom. “A true warrior but his legs have gone and he has lost that yard of pace”.

      • Knee replacements? Did Paul Mason say something inadvertently off-message about IRA /Sinn Fein?

  8. I fucking hate the cunts.
    If it was that fat child and St Nigel alone in a dark alley, there’s no way he’d have thrown it, but put the cameras and a crowd of witnessess there and the spoilt fat bratt is all balls.
    Typical left cunt!

    • I bet the blob that threw the milkshake at Sir Nige gets called a fat cunt by his ‘mates’ and is taunted by birds because he can’t see his wudgie without looking in the mirror… The fat little fuckflake cunt…

      • This has made me spit my coffee out at Barcelona Airport at half 5 in the morning……. Fat cunt by his mates, very funny

  9. I believe Alistair Campbell posted some tweet on the ex-Para that was ‘milkshaked’ outside the polling station as he sported a Brexit badge …insinuating he had his doubts that it happened, and the old boy may have actually carried out the deed himself …

    From Campbells tweet ..
    “Picture posted without any evidence of the actual act. Therefore no idea who, what, where, when whether, nothing re the circs. In my experience, chuckers and egg-splatterers film themselves because they are self-indulgent plonkers. Whiff of Bannon playbook here”

    What an utter utter Cunt … the likes of Campbell should be expelled from the Labour party … give him some time to concentrate on his depression. I believe his daughter is an up and coming Cunt as well … being taught by the master.

    • He was expelled earlier today, I believe. Even a party full of cunts don’t want him.

      • So I believe … however not according to him. If you have a look at the current ‘news trend’ … he claims, although the Labour party have expelled him, he is still in the Labour party.
        What an arrogant wankstain … he’s spun it out to try to claim that he did ‘the best’ for the Labour party … by voting Lib-Dem.

        ‘Straight jacket for Mr Cambell please nurse’ …

    • OTOH There is firm evidence that Campbell voted Liberal. He announced it to the world, or as much of it as could give a fuck. He is now bitching that he has been expelled in accordance with Labour’s rule book. He could give degree course in being a “self indulgent plonker”

      Mind you, Labour could have played it better. It could have replied to his announcement that he’d voted for the dark side by pointing out that the guy’s a known serial liar and they saw no reason to believe him. The trouble is that everyone takes cunts like Campbell far too seriously.

      His fragrant ho, Fiona Millar* squeals that the speed of his booting contrasts with the slow response of Labour to the antisemitism allegations. However, I am not aware that any member of Labour has actually admitted so much as making a tasteless comment about large noses, while Campbell is a self-confessed traitor to the cause to which he attached himself – no review of evidence, of the veracity of witnesses, of whether what’s been going on is actually culpable, is necessary.

      *She wears so many different hats it’s hard to know exactly what she does. She is a columnist for the Guardian, a blogger for The Truth About Our Schools, a co-founder of the Local Schools Network, the chair of Comprehensive Future, a spokesman for the Campaign for State Education and a patron of the Anti-Academies Alliance. The impression she gives is that she’s the figurehead for a vast army of campaigners, all determined to save our schools from evil reformers hell bent on “marketising” public education. But I’ve long suspected that the entire anti-reform movement is essentially just Fiona Millar dressing up in different outfits.

      • What a pathetically thin skinned bunch of Marxist wussies Corbyn and his cronies are.

        Admitting to voting for another party AFTER the polls have closed is NOT against Labour Party rules.

        What is against the rules is to campaign for another party or publicise in advance that you intend to vote for another party. Which is not, as far as I know, what Campbellend did.

      • Thanks for the correction. But there are two views on this:
        ..any member “who joins and/ or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour group or other unit of the Party” will “automatically be ineligible to be or remain a Party member”.

        Personally ( I stress) I would consider voting for another party to be the same as supporting it, and in the most direct and practical way possible. Although Campbell’s apologists would certainly see it through the prism of being above any rules at all.

        It’s now emerging that quite a few Blairite worthies voted LimpDump, and the row continues. For years, Corbyn’s been itching to get rid of the cunts somehow, though this is not the crafty way to do it. I will provide that strategy on receipt of a modest cheque.

        Louise Ellman was all over Today this a.m, backing up the second lead on the news, which is of course that Corbyn is building gas chambers. As usual.

      • Not Corbyn – he gets other blackshirts like Chris Williamson to do his dirty work for him.

        Morning K.

  10. Paul Joseph Watson made an ace video about this last week.
    ~”Why do they always look the same?”~
    I bet Andrew Marr drinks milkshakes.

  11. I wasn’t fully informed when writing this cunting, as I was yet to be aquatinted with the loser who ‘did’ Farage. Now I’ve seen the Cunt, and watched his pathetic attempt at it. Whoever was Farages’ close protection team were fucking useless. How they didn’t spot that pathetic blob of shit mince over, holding the milkshake like it was going to explode is beyond me. Anyone worth their salt would have smashed that cunt to the floor way before he was in throwing range, with those feeble soyboy arms. Paul Joseph Watson has done a great video on them, and he seems to have captured their retarded mentality perfectly. With luck, the fat bearded prick will do a little time, just long enough for the big boys to turn his dung cutter into a well worn love hole.

  12. It’s such a pathetic and childish stuff to chuck. If I fancied chucking a liquid over some politician, I’d piss in one of those coca-cola paper cups and throw that at the Cunt…or I’d shit in a bit of cardboard,pretend that it was a Greggs sausage-roll,and launch that at the Fucker.

    Fuck them.

    • The Greggs’ Sausage Roll recipe is a classified top secret. How on Earth did you discover it?

      • Pure good luck, Capt.M…. after telling the Greggs staff that I only bought their sausage rolls to give the hounds a taste of warmed-up Chappie, I heard the old biddy tell the fat Munter in the back to “crap in a toilet-roll tube and give that to the miserable old bastard”.

      • Probably better than real thing.
        I feel nauseous and want to blow chunks even accidentally wandering within 100 yards of a Greggs or a Nando’s.

        It must be the equivalent to imbibing the lice off a Müslim’s beard.

      • I’ve never been to a Nando’s. I know a lassie who manages one,and keep meaning to go. Is it really shite?

      • If you want to pay £10 for a shitty burger it’s the right place to go.

      • Never managed to get anywhere near one as I pebble-dash the pavement from the noxious odour.

  13. Can I throw a milkshake at Anna Soubry without fear of being prosecuted??

  14. I predict the corpulent, slobby, bearded, nerdy, gaming man-baby will get a slap on the wrist from the judge and fuck all else.

    What a prized cunt.

    • Well iirc the guy who egged Old Man Steptoe got 28 days porridge, with the meeja making great play of the fact that he was a Brexiteer. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the case of the ugly fat cunt who threw the ‘shake at Nige in the light of that.

  15. From Libertarian Party UK (Facebook):

    “Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead and your kids brainwashed, and they think it’s funny.”

    Pim Fortuyn was a prominent gay rights activist and centre-right politician, as Sam Harris recently said these intimidation tactics are ‘mock assassinations that expose security weak spots’ whether they know it or not. They play into fantasies, shown in tweets since then such as “I would have preferred if it was acid.”

    Pim was constantly labelled as ‘far right’ and a ‘fascist’ by his opposition, labelling being used as a means to justify action against him despite him distancing himself from those he considered radical. Shortly after being covered with food in public he was shot and killed by a self proclaimed left-wing activist.

    Here in the U.K. a Tory councilors house and car was firebombed in an attempted murder, when does this end? Mainstream left wing conspiracy and intimidation has become so normalised it isn’t considered either by the media, largely ignored or even celebrated. Terms like ‘dogwhistling’ are used to create connections where there are none and labelling such as calling your far-left militia ‘Antifa’ to commit domestic terrorism (endless examples of which exist) against anyone right leaning of Stalin and Mao.

    We need to all have equal standards of political discourse and reject all notions of achieving goals by intimidation and violence no matter how worthy someone thinks their cause is. This obsession with “de-platforming” is not only counter productive to confronting radical views, but also giving people an idea that it’s acceptable to destroy in anyway possible their opposition before they can speak.

  16. Basically it’s assault which means you be be able to respond in kind, once I was mistakenly s I asked in the pub by some lager throwing cunt, who then said what the fuck was I going to do about it, so after a good kicking in the car park, whenever I go to my local and see this cunt I catch his eye and click my fingers and he buys me a pint, this has been going on for 6 weeks now and long may it continue, the moral of the story is these cuntts know nothing’s going to happen to them…..up until it actually does and then they don’t know what the fuck to do, attention seeking is one thing until it all goes wrong and then you look like a cunt …

  17. Being anti semitic in the labour party is not an issue for that cunt Corbyn, but voting Lib Dem……..

    The left are cunts.

    • Cunts expelling cunts. Corbyn doesn’t belong in the Labour Party any more than Campbell does.

      • So they can expel people quickly when it suits them.

        It’s lucky they are not completely overrun with antisemites……

  18. John Snow on C4 news has just
    accused Rory Stewart of being an imperialist because he served in the British Army if Afghanistan.
    What a total cunt. Mind you, so is Rory Stewart

  19. Diana Flabbatasaurus Rex has said that there must be a Second referendum, erm… Second vote…uhhhh…confirmatory vote . thingy on whatever deal is made.
    I’m surprised at her.

    Surprised the daft, racist, thick cunt can count to two.

  20. They are going to make Jess Phillips life story into a TV drama.

    Struck cuntless I am…..

    • All the actress will have to do is grunt, snort, guffaw she’ll have down pat.

      • I Wouldn’t even rape you: the true story of jess philips and the very naughty evil liberalist sargon of akkad directed by Steven speilberg and George lucas coming to theatre near you

    • Perhaps the role could be played by an animatronic puppet created by Rob Bottin (the Thing, Robocop) and Stan Winston (the Terminator, Predator, Jurassic Park).

  21. Good old Alastair Campbell! Fuck me, I never thought i’d be saying those words.
    But the dirty little remoaner has put the boot into Catweazle and now they are all at each other’s throats.
    On the other side we have the Tory cunts back stabbing and cunting each other off trying to get to the top of the greasy pole. The whole fucking charade is coming apart at the seams.
    We have a lot to thank the Pig Fucker for……..another thing I never thought i’d say. Oh joy 😁

    • One day we may be able to tell the difference between the parties we are allowed to vote for? That would be dangerous. Corbyn is dangerous. Farage is dangerous.

      I really had expected a little more consistency from cunters on the subject (or not) of Labour antisemitism. When you hear the BBC plugging the issue at the top of the news on the hour every hour, aren’t you just a tiny bit suspicious that it suits someone’s propagandist agenda?

      Apart from the likes of SourBrie being told she’s a cunt, according to her, antisemitically*, what has actually been said and done that can be verified? Think the equalities watchdog, which represents pretty well everything cunters detest in society, is going to publish the facts without lavish spin? Wake up and smell the milkshake.

      *Oh, and Cashpoint Levy having had an abusive email from someone wanting him to lay off Corbyn, hence obviously a member of Corbyn’s inner praesidium.

    • Even better campbell (end) has been kicked out of the Labour Party for voting Lib Dem in EU elections!
      Absolutely priceless, That a cunty bunch of misfits led by catweazel thinks Campbell is too much of a cunt to stay in the party ……
      pot kettle anybody?

  22. Have you see the state of the fuck who threw his babiy’s drink over Farage?
    Fat, balding, neckbearded, speccy asperger’s soy-boy cunt.

    • He looked like a antifa member the far left are the ones who came up with the milkshake throwing form of protest to humiliate racists, the bearded cunt definitely got payed to do that probably tortures small animals in his spare time to feel masculine the sad fuck

    • I’d like to chuck unpasteurised milk…

      JC, can you imagine the cry-baby behaviour ? They’d have special squads out from Porton Down to do clean-ups, like, unpasteurised is, so, like, dirty ??

      The cuuunt Jack “Man of” Straw referred to it as “slime top”, so Liebore twats probably have nightmares about the stuff.

      • I actually like the taste of raw milk but its actually illegal to buy in leafland here

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