Game of Thrones

Game of Cunts more like.
As I don’t want Sky-TV I’ll confess I’ve never watched a second of this steaming pile of shite. But then I don’t have to because every time I pick up a newspaper it contains countless pages which could be devoted to something sensible and not a load of wankery about some invented fantasy world complete with bollockery language all of its own a la JK Cunty. And then it creeps into the Westminster reportage as in “this is all similar to Game of Thrones” as if I give a shit.

I gather it’s ending soon so this is probably a few years overdue.

Well piss off into oblivion then.

Nominated by Isaac Hunt

78 thoughts on “Game of Thrones

  1. “Oh, you’ve got to watch…… insert name of latest American TV trash here…….it’s bwuddy bwilliant.”
    No, if you think it’s “unmissable” I definitely ain’t gonna watch it you goggle eyed freak. We are now at the point where a new series (or season as us faux Yanks must now call it) actually becomes a news item and we’re all supposed to wet our knickers with excitement.
    I’ve seen it on the aptly named “Gogglebox”. When something like X Factor or Cunts Dancing comes on these poor dumb cunts get genuinely excited and start singing along to the theme tune. They are so fucking happy I often wish I was as thick as that.
    Anything that is popular is shit so stick it up your arse along with your “box sets” you cunts.
    I remember watching “Star Wars” the first time it was on telly. I had heard so much about how bwilliant it was. Fuck me, 15 minutes and I had gone.
    Kids stuff. Strictly for kids.

    • Went to see the original when it came out because I was a teenager and fell for all the hype. Even as a 14 year old I was able to spot that it was a blatant ripoff of classic westerns and war films (633 Squadron mostly) designed to flog a wide range of overpriced plastic toys.
      Moonraker was much more fun (and far less self important…)

    • I fell asleep during Star Wars at the Odious Leicester Square back when it first came out. Was one of few discerning children to ignore the entire franchise.

      As for Game of Wank, well I’d rather watch paint dry.

      Give me a good film like 12 Angry Men or Now Voyager any day over Shit Factor, Britain Has No Talent or garbage cgi driven modern films with no story.

      • I preferred old Rog in the Spy Who Loved Me, which was at the pictures around Easter 1977. I remember seeing it at Southend Odeon after queuing up around the building.

        Those were the days..

      • Fond, though dim and distant memories of the Southend Odeon, PM. I remember going with my brother in 1973 to watch Live and Let Die.
        I didn’t have a clue what it was all about (I was seven), but recall some LSD-inspired public information film about litter.
        An animation of an outsized light-blue coloured horn was going around “hoovering” things up, and eventually hoovered itself up and disappeared. I found that quite upsetting and frightening.

    • Box sets! If they came in a fucking box, they’d be boxed sets! But they don’t come in any kind of fucking box these days, ffs, so how the fucking fuck does the word box get used at all!!!? A box set is just a set of fucking boxes. And not much use to any fucker. Fuck ’em. Cunts.

      • As one who owns physical box sets of old sci fi shite, i dont see why it needs to be used to label streamed stuff.
        Perhaps people who watch Borgen don’t like the idea that they’re bingeing on anything.
        Well keep your box sets and boxes of wine, you lonely slags.

    • Game of Thrones is alright, but i’ve never been one to take people’s TV recommendations seriously.
      ‘You simply must watch.. ‘ is a bit of a sign someone is a complete cunt. I barely watch telly, so a lot of these recommendations will never be entertained.

  2. Pile of shit, like everything else on the telly. Managed half of one episode before switching off, then blew TV out altogether.
    Sadly Mrs B and stepdaughter subsequently discovered Netflix (or should that be Shitflix?).
    Fucks sake…

  3. Forget this load of childish escapist WANK, I have a MUCH BETTER game, I call it “The Game of Throngs”:

    The object of the game is to run a train over the throngs of Eco-cunts who’ve caused us in London so much misery and aggravation.

    Round 2 of the Game of Throngs would be a fleet of fully laden double decker buses versus the assembled masses of Islingtonistas, snot-hanger nose-ringed “student” freaks and sundry middle class Corbynista wanker-bearded hipsters.

    The final round in the Game of Throngs is seeing how many Eco-cunts will do the same job as the Thames Barrier. Better yet, they are bio-degradable feeding the rich eco-system in the Thames estuary, ending up, appropriately, as fish shit.

    • To be honest, I misread your suggestion to read “Game of Thongs”, which obviously caught my perverted imagination so early in the morning!

      Would certainly have more potential than Game of Wank, which I tuned out of mid way through season 1.

      I also hear a preqeuel is being considered – potentially another 7 or 8 seasons of wankaboutery to infest our screens and media.

  4. One of the few shows I watch. Couldn’t give a toss about fantasy dragons, fairies and whatnot.. it is just so well made. Plus people regularly die horrible deaths, always a plus.

    I can’t wait for Dani to die. All the feminists and wimmin will lose a testicle over it, will be great!

  5. I don’t think you’ve heard the last of this program. George R.R Martin is already busy working on the sequel “Game of Crones” which tells the tale of the power struggle during the Great Brexit debate going back many years. The three most powerful crones on the planet- Theresa May, Anna Soubry and Yvette Cooper all struggle for dominance. I don’t want to spoil the plot but I think all three end up getting beheaded.

    • Game of Crones? I would definitely watch that. Shouldn’t there be a huge black monster with a taste for fried chicken in there somewhere?

      • …and is there room for a catweazle? He could play the Wicker Man: the man of straw and full of shit.

  6. Want to watch a REAL programme that should scare the shit out of you?
    Either buy the DVDs or go onto YouTube and watch all 16 episodes of “1990” starring Edward Woodward.
    It’s never been repeated and I’m not surprised as it’s the way Britain is going even without that Pali-cock-gobbling cunt Corbyn and IRA lauding leftist shit-for-brains cunt McDonnell turning the UK into Venezuela/Cuba/(insert Marxist shithole of choice).
    Scared the crap out of me in the seventies, still does.

      • Blake’s 7 is indeed ace on multiple levels.

        If you recall the very last episode was not exactly definitive in terms of what happened to all the crew. You don’t see Avon shot if I recall. Paul Darrow actually made an audio book called Lucifer as a follow on from the last TV episode. He reads it as Avon. It’s decent. In fact there are some other Blake’s 7 audio books featuring most of the original cast, including Blake (Gareth Thomas) who is sadly no longer with us.

      • Glynis Barber in skintight silver outfits… Lovely stuff…

        And nice one, Tottingham… And up yours, Man Citeh….

    • I just read the wiki summary of ‘1990’. Surprised I’ve never heard of it as it sounds right up my strasse.

      Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Frightening the fact that we’re actually there, only with Fleet Street on the side of the Government 🙄
      Ahh well, best get off to bed ready for another day at work, don’t want to be caught moonlighting

  7. Game of Thrones and whatever else is “in” at the moment can spank my monkey.

    Fleabag, Idiots dating other idiots, talent shows and all the other garbage that slack jawed miscreants sit in front of and drool over can suck my dick.

    I fucking hate being told “you have to watch this”….no I fucking don’t. I would rather watch a dog scarf out its own anus.

  8. I like It, HBO output can usually be relied on to be light years better than the bollocks al-beeb have to offer. Everyone’s taste is different, though. I was surprised I did like it cos fantasy isn’t my genre at all.

    But absolutely agree GoT is over exposed and over hyped and it’s probably a good thing it’s now coming to an end.

    • I’m in the same boat. I like it even though im not one for fantasy but it’s being overhyped.

  9. I half agree with this cunting because I’m getting sick to the back teeth of all the “spoilers” and stupid fucking stories about the cast and characters all the time. I half disagree with this cunting because I FUCKING LOVE game of thrones.
    I love the extreme violence, graphic nudity (except for the pooves) and good story. I also like the constant killing off of everyone.
    ….I am a boring cunt though so I guess this cunting is accurate and deserved 😁.
    I’ve really been getting into The Expanse lately too despite it being full of SJW shit like little weedy women beating the crap out of 2 or 3 burly marines at a time. Stupid. Good series though.

  10. This utter bollocks was created for people that don’t have a life and are looking for ways to pass the time until their inevitable death……

    • I dont quite agree but i enjoy the vitriol. I’d say it applies to million other TV programnes.

  11. We used to play a game of ‘stones’ when I was a kid. You’d throw a stone up before catching it pick another stone up. Throw one up pick two stones up. Three, four and so on. If you failed to catch one or failed to pick up the required stones you were ‘out’. I used to like playing a game of stones.

  12. No shit, I went to a “news” site Monday and there were no fewer than 8 fucking separate articles about this turd. Gushing over fantasy shit has joined reposting fucking twatter/FaceCunt/etc. as what qualifies as news today. Thank you, GenZ faggots.

  13. My daughter and son both went wankfest crazy over GoT. Much much much against my better judgement I started to watch. I consider it a Herculean effort that I lasted 35 minutes, it was just shit.

    Now, I hate ALL modern comedy / comedians but I gotta say, Fleabag is absolute genius. It’s all over now, there will only ever be the 12 episodes..

  14. Never seen it, never intend to.

    Everybody I know who is a cunt watches it so that’s good enough reason not to bother with it.

  15. Judging by the cunty trailers you’ll need the subtitles turned on permanently if you can be arsed enough to decipher all the fashionable mumbling.

      • Thankfully I’ve only been subjected to a couple, whilst channel hopping on freeview…

  16. Cant be dealing with the GoT wankery.

    However, I would chuck my muck all over the jubbleys of that filthy looking ginger bird – in a heartbeat.

    She looks like she could rustle up a rather satisfying “sausage sandwich”.

  17. Will admit I love this show. Read all the books too. Natalie Dormer has the best tits on tv and I would certainly introduce Sophie Turner to my leetle fren. Hopefully before the depraved Black and White Cunt has had his tongue up her ass.

    What really is irritating is the way telly shows are reported as if they are news. Utter shite. One of the breakfast presenters on the radio station I listen to on the way to work admitted she had never watched the latest reality wankfest – about two minutes after voicing a breathless introduction to the latest non-events.

    • Yes Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer are delectable. So was the prostitute with the big norks.

  18. Game Of Cunts is a load of shite…. That daft bitch who can’t act as the doll-like ‘Queen of Dragons’ was put into it just to appeal to creeps… The sort of cunts who like Emma Twatson in Harry Potter… Sick sensationalist shit…

    • Emilia Clarke. The eyebrows do all the work while the rest of her mush is completely inanimate.
      Further proof can be found in Terminator Genisys, if you can bear to sit through that…

  19. Only watched excerpts of it. Looks like the same kind of shite A sexual geeks Who watch Harry Cunting Potter.

  20. Off topic but to Manchester City:
    You can shove your fucking quadruple up your ass!
    You can shove your fucking quadruple up your ass!
    You can shove your fucking quadruple,
    Shove your fucking quadruple,
    Shove your fucking quadruple up your ass!

    • Absolutely fucking ace….

      My old man said ‘Be a City fan’
      And I said ‘Fuck off, you’re a cunt!’
      I ‘d rather shag a bucket with a big hole in it
      Than be a City fan for a fucking minute….

      Tiptoe through the Kippax
      With a pickaxe
      And a sawn off shotgun….

      • Thanks Norman. I’m absolutely revelling in the oil scum’s failure tonight. Spurs have just saved what little remains of the spirit of English football.

      • Brings back memories Norman.

        My old man,
        Said be a Norwich fan,
        I said ‘Fuck off, bollocks, you’re a cunt.’

        Whilst I have no love for Abu Dhabi City, the BBC are already wanking themselves into a frenzy over Liverpool being top of the league. Their bollocks will be flat if the Scouse Cheats win the European Cup too.

        FYI – I hate footie at the moment. Down to the fucking third division for the first time in my lifetime.

      • As an ex-inhabitant of Naaaarge (neither born nor in-bred there), I enjoyed the footie song; sums up Delia Smith excellently.

    • How fucking funny was that? I mean seriously, how fucking funny?

      Seeing that spaz Sterling going mental over their ‘winner’ in the 92nd minute only for Mr. VAR to chime in with a ‘not so fast’ over-rule was priceless. I was almost crying with laughter.

      Bitter sweet for me though. Yeah, through to the semis and all that, but I desperately want Pinocchio and Levy to fuck off and sad to say, this win ain’t helping. And I hope Shity beat us at the weekend because all true football fans do not want the murdering scouse scum to win the league. Hash tag Remember Heysel.

      • What, no Liam Gallagher in his luxury exec box acting like a demented baboon? Surely some mistake…

        Maybe Liddle Ciddy should re-do the old Beatles classic…
        ‘Money Can”t Buy Me VAR’….

        And Sterling? The little cunt… So near and yet so VAR….
        Bertie baiting par excellence in Mcr today….

    • How thoughtful of him Sir Limply Stoke, unfortunately I have no space at my place. Don’t think the scotch guard on me sofa will provide adequate protection from that cunts shite.

  21. Extinction Rebellion, what a load of cunts.
    Just listened to what Chwis Packham said about a tweet he received from a father who missed his daughters birthday party due to disruptions…..”We would all like to be at our daughters birthday party, but what about his future granddaughters party”
    No fucking apology, what a cunt.
    Newsnight reported that it was a reasonably peaceful event, though there is reports of 300 plus arrests.
    Eat shit and fucking die you unwashed, lazy fuckface cunts.

    • Heard the twats boasting that they were ‘holding the bridge’ like it was Arnhem or Pegasus bridge. Only because absolutely no one has really tried to remove them. A few football hooligans would run them off in minutes, no need for the 12th SS panzer division. Attention seeking cunts.

    • Chris ‘fudge’ Packham is long overdue a cunting.

      In fact during the quiet of the next few days I may compose a few words on the lispy fucker.

  22. Manchester Utd goalkeeper David de Gea in the news again, after tripping over in the street and falling into oncoming traffic, fortunately the bus went under him….

  23. Pile of cunt. Never fucking watched it, never fucking will. Tellys fucking rubbish.

  24. So the unknown actress Emilia Clarke gets her norks out in the name of art during the first few series.
    And the celebrity acting sensation Emilia Clarke won’t get her norks out because it detracts from her artistic contribution henceforth.
    Why bother darling? We have seen it all before.

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