Steve Coogan (2)

A lightweight cunting for a true lightweight of comedy.

Steve Coogan is back as Alan Partridge. I haven’t seen the show but the fucking trailer is on before every 6 oclock news. (‘My mouth is dry.’ My how I laughed)

This character was mildly amusing in small doses 20 odd years ago. Very small doses. Coogan has not actually developed or evolved in that time. The BBC is so bereft of talent, ideas and inspiration that Coogan can trot this same old tripe out yet again, which we pay for.

An unfunny irritating cunt.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

42 thoughts on “Steve Coogan (2)

  1. All the BBC do these days is to recycle old crap like this, or recommission constantly old crap like Strictly Come Minci9ng.

    I didn’t mind the Partridge stuff set in the hotel, mainly because of the Geordie and concierge involved, his PA and the bonny receptionist who were all far better written and played better than he was. I don’t know if I would watch the repeats today, and I certainly wouldn’t watch this new lot. Shows what little imagination the execs have these days.

  2. Well I wonder what topical subjects he’ll be covering?
    Unfunny wannabe luvvy twat. Fuck off…

    • Fucking hell! Almost choked on my Korma curry!

      What the fuck happened to “her”?

      Pricks and dartboards come to mind; but I think she’s gone through more dartboards than a BDA world championship!

  3. He was pretty good when he started, on R4. So good that he was removed pdq and put on TV. He still seems to be doing the exact same schtick (going by incessant R4 trailers), and I’m guessing that TV is resistant to changing the formula, whereas he was welcomed by R4 as a new face back then. R4 was at the time quite innovative and not pushing the BAME/wimminz agenda.

    Christ, while I’m on R4 there’s a new ‘comedy’ offering from a yes, gay, yes, black ‘comedian’ who grew up in Brixton and figured this could be funny. Consists very largely of cunts (playing his alien-but-lovable refugee parents) shouting at each other in thick Nigerian accents. Plenty of multiculti nudges, too. Avoid at all costs, cunters. This one makes Partridge look like Bernard Manning.

  4. Very much a one trick pony!

    His first series in the hotel was okay, but the 2nd series in his motohome was shite; and that’s as far as I bothered with that smarmy remoaning cunt

  5. I’ve never really liked Steve Coogan. Most of the time he is about as funny as a severe dose of the clap.

    The only thing that made me slightly laugh was his Paul Calf character with his ‘bag-o-shite’ catchphrase.

    I have never found fucking Alan Partridge funny. Just irritating. I assume Coogan’s career is going tits up and Hollywood has got bored with his arse so that is why he is dredging the fucker up again.


    • Paul Calf was funny, so was ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’. That apart, Coogan’s about as funny as an extinction-level event.

    • Yes Nurse Cunty like you I thought Paul Calf very funny. The suppressed hatred of students so funny, accurate. Also ‘Pauline’ was very funny as well. He had perfect women’s legs. Brilliant stuff.

      Then came Alan Partridge. So disappointing. The one joke- he’s angry because he’s out of date. Suddenly the comedy is ‘clever’ and ‘knowing’. But basically not funny. Lost his true material.

      Then left wing politics, his views sought. They always cop out. They always cop out.

      • Yep Miles, I liked Pauline as well! I think he did some Paul and Pauline Calf shows which were also quite funny.

        The rest is a ‘bag-o-shite’….

  6. Going way way back, his original talk show was very clever and well acted. I’ve watched the 2 new ones and a bit rubbish. The girl does have nice legs.

  7. I can’t stand the cunt. For once, I’ve nothing to add but my wholehearted agreement with every detail of your crisp and compendious cunting, Cunstable Cuntbubble.
    Others are doing a fine job of further embellishment, with which I am thus far also completely congruent.

      • Really Captain?

        Can’t do any harm I suppose… after all, have only been on the wagon for 12 years.

        Bungholes up!

      • Exactly! You’ll be buzzing like you just bought from Kate Osamor’s son.

        You’ll be so off your eyelids you’ll probably laugh at a MacIntyre or Coogan gag. Maybe.

      • Cheers pal… yer me fuckin’ best mate… happy Chrizmuss eh?? yer fuckah…

        hic… BLOOOAAARGH!

  8. The word Coogan is wholly interchangeable with the word Cunt, in my ‘umble opinion.
    I think it’s perfectly acceptable to use phrases such as ‘ Fuck Off you Coogan ‘ Kick her in the Coogan ‘ and ‘ Pikeys are Smelly Thieving Coogans ‘ etc. etc.
    This Cunt is a massive Coogan.
    Get to fuck.

  9. I thought his Paul Calf character was funny back in the day.

    Three Weddings, Two fights and a funeral was about as good as he got for me.

    I saw some of it recently and just about managed a laugh.

    This on the other hand still makes me laugh today as it did back in the early 90’s when it came out.

    The character was played by a bloke called Paul Kaye who also played that annoying cunt Denis Penis.

    It’s worth 4 minutes of your like if you’ve not seen it!

  10. I would tenderly lick the oh so sweet pussy of the woman who plays his latest sidekick though.

  11. Don’t get me wrong, because I’m no Donny Osmond myself, but this cunt had to get his wayward gnashers battered back in line a while back. Just like David Bowie, that fat cunt off-of The Chase and that insufferable Russell Howard cunt. All the aforementioned had a set of teeth which looked like they’d been fired into place with a catapult from some distance.

    Oh, and the Coogan-Cunt forever blemished my favourite ABBA song, the superb Knowing Me Knowing You, with his crass gobshite, so he can fuck even further off than I’ve already suggested he do….

  12. You could always turn over and watch the other new hilarious sitcom about a big-eared driving instructor and his oh so predictable ‘curmudgeonly man of the house’ bollocks.

    Just imagine Tony and Gary, the original men behaving badly, (which I did think was funny) with cans of Stella in hand, watching that shite.

    (This opinion formed solely from seeing a 20-second trailer twice; please feel free to correct me if appropriate).

    Big-eared, no longer funny, cunt.

  13. Coogan was an innovative performer in his time but all comedians, like super models, have a limited shelf life. Coogan has lasted longer than most because he understands the agenda of the cunts who run the BBC. Whatever happened to Phil Cool?

    • That’s what makes the AP character even worse. Because its an ‘insider’ joke. An ageing DJ on the graveyard shift. He is now just as tired as the thing he supposedly satirises.

      They were unfunny cunts as well doing it-the Harry Enfield Paul and Whitehouse characters. Utter shit.

      • The last time I heard him was at Ken Dodd’s funeral. Gave a funny eulogy. Yes mentioning his ‘carefulness’ with money. The fact that his shows would go on and on and on.

        He (Ken Dodd) left 13 million pounds to his the woman he married the night before he died.

        He was accused wasn’t he (Tarby). Very flimsy I think. But he did drop out of things. Caught up in Yewtree.

      • Matt Stadlen makes Alan Partridge look positively Grammy worthy even if Coogan digs him up for another go at the licence payers’ coffers in 30 years time

  14. All comedians are shackled by the scourge of political correctness. If they had a free hand to say exactly what they like, some of the comedians we regard as cunts might actually turn out to be very funny

    • I’ve got to be honest I can’t think of one. The spirit is gone. There’s a really profound moment in I think it was called ‘Tommy Cooper Forever’. Tommy being serious. He said those words-‘I’m being serious now’. Then he said something to the effect (about how to stay funny) ‘you must never become cocky’. That’s exactly what all our modern comedians are. Cocky.
      They don’t want to be laughed at. They don’t want to take up the sublime profession of being a Clown. They dont want to play the Fool. In fact they’re nobody’s fool, they’re clever and knowing and ironic. Totally the wrong spirit. Tommy Cooper WANTED the audience to laugh AT him. Ken Dodd as well.

  15. An underrated and long forgotten Coogan character was “Saxondale”. Does anyone remember that?
    I don’t care what any cunt thinks, in that episode where Liza Tarbuck was flashing her tits she was fucking HOT!!!
    What ever happened to her old man by the way?

    • Saxondale was great. I know a couple of saxondales, and the character was spot on. Did for ageing rock fans what Spinal Tap and Bad News did for bands.😄

  16. Indeed GJ! The first time I saw it I realised the cunt was ripping the piss out of ME!
    Thank fuck it got nowhere. Too fucking clever for the average cunt.

    • Definitely an in joke. I’ve recently joined a band after nearly twenty years away from playing live, so it’s more Bad News for me.

  17. RIk mayall and ade Edmondson were proper comedians. Bottom to this day makes me chuckle. Coogan, for me was a one trick pony. Since his name was mentioned earlier, McIntyre can get fucked and Harry Hill boils my piss

  18. Coogan is a bit of a cunt. He has repeated himself so many times.

    I’ll tell you who is another cunt: Patrick Marber.
    He is credited as the co-creator of Alan Partridge. I don’t know if he still gets royalties. Stuart Lee has an axe to grind about that:

    The funniest thing Coogan made was Coogan’s Run especially A Handyman For All Seasons and Dr Terrible’s House Of Horrible a kind of comedy version of Tales Of The Unexpected which may have been co-written (there’s a pattern here) by Henry Normal, who seems to be a very good writer.

  19. I only enjoyed the series set in the travel tavern. That was back when Coogan, Ianucci, Morris etc were trying to make people laugh.
    Now it’s gone sour and there’s an us vs them, heavily politicised edge to them all.
    I used to watch Stewart Lee in Fist of Fun and enjoyed the surrealism. Now he’s confused at how things are turning ‘right wing’.
    Ive no time for it.

  20. Can I have a glass of water my mouth is dry
    Can I have a glass of water my mouth is dry
    Can I have a glass of water my mouth is dry
    Can I have a glass of water my mouth is dry
    Steve Coogan is a CUNT

  21. Partridge has been brought back by both Coogan and the BBC to spread their leftist shite and tick all the right boxes… Partridge ‘offends’ women? Check… Partridge gets a peaceful’s name wrong? Check.. Partridge is for Brexit and is therefore ignorant and out of touch? Check… Partridge is white, English, male, and must be seen as a stupid bigoted cunt and a totally incompetent tosser? Check… A comedy character bring used to spread snowflake and misandrist propaganda… It’s fucking disgraceful and a load of bollocks…

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