Steve Bray

Steve Bray, the guy who keeps shouting “STOP BREXIT” outside the Houses of Parliament is a triple cunt. First he’s a cunt cos he wants to stop Brexit, second he’s a really fucking annoying cunt because he fucks up any interviews you’re trying to listen to on TV, even when there are other remaining cunts that agree with him being interviewed. And finally he’s Welsh and they voted to LEAVE so that makes him a triple cunt.

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    • Great piece CMC. Yes of course the second referendum will be rigged. One ballot box looks much like another. They can’t afford to lose again.

  1. I think he may have mental health issues. At least I hope so, hard to think any sane person would behave in such a manner.

    • I take it he is unemployed or unemployable. What a fuckwit, “Bray” is an excellent name for him, though I think Wanker would be even better.

      • Sponsored financially from an unknown source. That is a fact, and one he does not wish to discuss.

      • Obviously the twat is wealthy enough to be able to stand around mouthing off without having to worry about paying for the roof over his head.
        Colossal cunt…

  2. He’s not doing so bad if he has got mental health issues. Someone is forking out thousands to keep him esconsed in a pricey London residence.
    I’d love to know who’s paying that rent bill.
    I hope the Cunt isn’t claiming benefits. He certainly looks fit to work. Shit shovelling on a remote Northumberland farm would be ideal for this lard arsed Bastard, he looks like he needs the exercise.
    Good morning.

  3. O’Shithead this morning, blaming Rod Liddell, Andrew Neil & Fraser Nelson for the atrocity in New Zealand… oh, and he’s just added Rees-Mogg to that list. Thick, divisive cunt.

    Don’t worry, am now switching off.

    • Hahaha… bloody Andrew Neil and his gun cabinet, manifesto and Breivik obsession.

      James O’Brien is Alex Jones for the Liberal remainer class.

  4. O’ brien is on particularly good hand wringing SJW form this morning. If only everyone could be as nice and understanding as him the world would be a far far better place seems to be his modest message.

    • He is a cunt, every time I hear him he’s apologising for being right all the time.

      Not once has he apologised for being a total cunt!

    • His constant “oh, how much I’ve learned and changed my mind!” is total patronising self-aggrandizing clamy bollocks. I listened for about 7 seconds before I felt an aneurysm coming on.

  5. Heard this crazy cunt interviewed on the radio months ago. He was very evasive about his source of income and living arrangements. He makes as much sense as the average remoaner cunt, rambling on about lies on the sides of buses, the usual shit. I would have him on the telly every fucking day. A great advert for leave.

  6. Does he get his tackle out with Stop Brexit written along it? Is there room?
    He should at least get his tits out like other well adjusted Remoaners.

    • Another elitist who probably lives in a leafy 90% white suburb. I was watching C5 the other day with their ‘London: 2000 Years of History’ programme, the presenter was talking about immigrants to then Roman Londinium, how vibrant, multicultural and diverse it all was. Same shit different millennium, poindexter.

  7. Not being a political cunt, but I was made aware of this poor fool in the wilderness by a desk-man (and a rising star in the agency) early last year.

    We owe much to the Welsh and are a greater Union with their albeit disjunctive rôle in it. Anyone who disses this view is not only a fool, but also a fraudulent imbecile far beyond any decent outcome.

    The death penalty does not have effect in modern history, but asphyxiation is always an option. Those silly Nazis just could not cover their tracks.

    If I were to be born again (a rather foolish notion I know) I’d be der Reichsmarschalls right hand man. We’d have defeated this silly island state by 1941, and together never looked back.

    I am, proudly, a Nazi in the broadest of brush. We actually lost the war, Edward8 of the small cock was largely correct. The rest, as they say, is history.

  8. You have to admire this fucking stupid cunt, every fucking day outside the house.

    Shame tho, he only has one vote.

  9. Attention seeking fuckwit.
    Puts mankind to shame..

    Am I allowed to use the word, mankind, in this fucked up snowflake world

  10. Whenever I see these Pro-EU assholes my only thought is how they have the fucking time to be camped outside of Parliament 24/7, whilst the rest of the country are busy WORKING, RUNNING THEIR HOMES AND DEALING WITH THE REAL SHIT IN LIFE.

    They are pathetic. Truly pathetic.

    What are they hoping to achieve. Does this cunt think that waving his placards and shouting over TV interviews are actually going to get hm what he wants?

    Deluded Taff.

    I am also willing to bet this git is getting benefits in some shape or form which makes you feel even more warm and fuzzy inside, eh?


  11. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see, live on BBC Breakfast, somebody shuffling across the grass, in the background, then hear a squeal and see the placard vanish.

  12. Famous in this now famous for fuck all era. Or simply famous for being a pointless cunt, a solitary crab, causing a minor itch in the public region of humanity.

    • To his credit,at least he’s formed an opinion on something other than himself, unlike the cast of TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea.

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