David Miliband (6)

A special charity cunting please for this pompous heap of steaming shit, who has spent the last three years doing very nicely thank you out of “International Refuge”, but today March 23rd has turned up in London to “march” with “the people” for their fucking “people’s referendum”.

I am sick to death of opportunistic so-called “Labour” politicians, who pretend to be one of us, but are just as up their own arse conservatives as the Conservatives they pretend to loathe. People like Anthony Wedgewood-Benn, who became Tony Benn and liked to be photographed drinking tea out of a cracked mug, to show his working class credentials, who was so socialist he called the useless twat of a chinless wonder son of his, Hilary – surely the ost working class name in the Gorbals.

But David Miliband is an especially oily cunt. He fucked off from Britain in a fit of pique because he was beaten to the leadership of his party by his equally useless brother, but made sure he was well rewarded with his highly paid charity work, now he seems to be easing his arse back into this country, no doubt to wait in line for when Tom Watson knifes Steptoe in the back, then he will stab Watson in the back, so he can take up his *rightful* position as Labour leader. What a degrading thought – the two masters of self-entitlement – duckie David and Chuckaduckie stripped down to their spangly briefs to decide who has the right to *lead* the unleadable. With Labour back in Blairite territory, you can be sure “The Independent Group” will become a thing of the past.

This oily fuckwit should fuck off back to the States where his type of carpetbagger are a dime a dozen.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

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  1. Miliband, Miliband,
    Your face is so bland,
    You went to the Yanks,
    We don’t give two wanks,
    So stay there you slimy fucker.

    That concludes my poetry day. I’m rather pleased with it all although my last lines may need some work.

    Goodbye for now.

    • William Wordsworth used the words ‘slimy fucker’ no less than 7 times in his poems. And the famous Daffodils had the word ‘cunt’ 3 times and ‘piss flaps’ twice, before it was tidied up and re released in 1927.
      RC that was beautiful. I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear.

      • Great riposte there YCD and a great nom for the bird shit headed cunt that is Milipede. When asked if he would come back to support Brexit for any length of time his reply was straight out of Obamas turgid book of shit responses. Well, said Dave, I will make fleeting appearances but I do have a £750million charity to look after which takes up most of my time. I have people in several tough places around the world – Yemen and Afghanistan for instance – we are really making a difference and thats where I need to be. Cue Milipeded in hard hate and flak jacket?? Not on your fucking life. He meant back in the US sucking more cock and brown nosing for more “chariddeee” funding. ust be nice when you are given a chariddee job that is funded by the state and you know your budget in advance. The daftest lad in the fucking village can spend $750m without having to go and beg in supermarket entrances shaking tins and accosting you on the street to give “just £2 a month”. Horrible self aggrandising bird shit headed cunt. Ralph would be so proud.

    • Off topic but because it’s limerick day…

      ‘Twas an old whore from Silesia
      Said if my cunt doesnae please ya
      Feel free to cum
      In my slimy old bum
      But mind the tapeworm don’t seize ya.

      Told to me by a lovely lass from Elgin

      • I knew her sister.

        There was a young lady named Heather.

        Who’s fanny was just like old leather.

        She attracted the boys,
        By making a noise.

        By flapping its edges together.

  2. I underestimated his contribution to *charity* – he has in fact been rolling it in for FIVE years – doesn’t time go fast when you are enjoying yourself!

  3. “Look Flabbott, a shiny new banana if you become my new Chancellor when I lead us to power”.

    • She didn’t end up looking like that eating bananas, mate…more like mainlining Greggs steak bakes and plum duff on an hourly basis.

  4. I don’t know why they tolerated this commie in the USA.
    Wasn’t his illegal immigrant father a card carrying member?

  5. His face in that picture looks like either Nick Boles is going to stick a pink banana up his arse or he can see David Lammy charging towards his dinner.

    What a cunt!

  6. Exquisite cunting Mr Boggs – steaming heaps of shit don’t come any oiler than this cowardly Blairite slimebucket.

    • Spearchucka will be sniffing around if he returns and bollocks to his new Independent Party.

      • Yeh, it’s almost worth millipede coming back just for the look on his (chukka) face…….

  7. Salary. £666,000 p.a. plus expenses and entertainment. Now. 666, why is that number familiar to me ?

  8. The ultimate champagne socialist sired by a champagne marxist. To be fair, David would have been the ideal leader of the Blairite Labour Party…..oily, corrupt, ingratiating, tells outrageous lies with a perfectly straight face and has an insatiable hunger for money. Blair mark 2.
    Ironically it was his defeat by his creepy, sub-normal brother which led the Blairites to change the leadership election rules to remove the power of the unions. Which, of course, led to the rise of Catweazle and gangster’s moll, the Flabbot.
    What a bunch of fucking idiots! Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition 😁😁😆😆🤣 You couldn’t make this shit up.

  9. England oh England, even the cunts we think we are rid of, come back to add to the housing crisis. What is our cunt per capita per ratio? It seems in every aspect of life there are so many cunts. Is there any segment of commuhity thats cunt free?

  10. David made it really big in the snowflake world but honestly, how many people would give to these big charadees now just so absolute cunts like Millipeed can live it up.
    I know i wouldn’t.

    • There’s no shortage of mug punters in this country. A million of them trudging through Londonstabistan on Saturday.
      Well, actually there weren’t. I read some article by some cunt who measures crowds by some infra-red wizardry and all sorts of clever calculations using aerial photography and shit. His estimate was 312,000-400,000 which leaves quite a large margin of error.
      When he calculated that no cunt turned up for Tangoman’s inauguration it was all over the MSM.
      Strangely, they didn’t want to know about his figures for Saturday.
      I’m sure Starbucks would be interested for next time. They don’t want to stockpile too many skinny lattes and croissants.
      Ok ya?

      • The BBC is still using the one million figure. No doubt to please James Purnell, a big man at the BBC.

        Tonight Catweazle’s chief whip, Nick Brown has told one of his constituents he favours staying in the EU – this should come as no surprise as he is in the Peter Kyle/Alan Duncan/Nick Boles/Mangledbum/Moyle/Bradshaw/ tendency in the party – you know, the *artistic* ones

      • Fact check — it has been confirmed that it was nowhere near 1M not close to 500k even.

  11. A Brexit supporter who egged Jeremy Corbyn while yelling “respect the vote” has been jailed for 28 days.

    John Murphy, 31, admitted attacking the Labour leader with an egg following the MP’s visit to a mosque in his Islington North constituency on 3 March.

    Mr Corbyn was “shocked and surprised” by the attack, which prompted his team to increase his security, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

    Murphy, from Barnet, north-west London, admitted the charge of assault by beating. ?????? SURELY BEATING IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH EGGS?

    Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot told Murphy, of Totteridge Common, Whetstone, a custodial sentence would send a clear message that “attacks on MPs must stop”. CUSTODIAL SENTENCES AS USUAL FOR BREXIT SUPPORTERS ONLY?

    Sentencing him to 28 days in jail, she said: “An attack like this is an attack on our democratic process.” WHAT FUCKING DEMOCRATIC PROCESS?

    Malik Aldeiri, defending, blamed Murphy’s actions on “frustration and anger borne out of the political situation we find ourselves in”.

    Mr Aldeiri said: “He felt he was making a statement. “He believes his civil rights were violated and this was a demonstration by him against what he says is a failure by Parliament to adhere to his democratic vote.”


    Catweazle can count himself lucky it was only an egg.

    • If I didn’t mind doing a few years it would have been a snooker ball in a sock after throwing a fried chicken leg to distract his guard dog Flabbott first.

      • Bet he will serve the full 28 days.

        Obviously chucking an egg at a Peaceful loving pensioner carries a far heavier sentence than speeding, lying to judges and perverting the course of justice.

    • An attack on our democratic process, my arse. ‘Twas clearly a response to an attack on our democratic process. But to admit that would be to depart from the chosen narrative, wouldn’t it?

    • Whatever the opposite of a cunting is, I’d like to give one to this bloke. Top notch egging, Mr Murphy.

      • There was an “egging” in Australia last week. A Governor had one thrown at him while making a speech, turned around to see this spotty oik there, and punched him in the face. Funny as you like.

        Of course the media cried all the tears for the spotty teen. Psh.

    • Hopefully he’ll serve less than a third of his sentence… or is it one rule for criminal MPs and another for the ordinary cunt in the street?

  12. Well said Willie. Egging politicians is a traditional British pastime.
    But of course as we know, Britishness and democracy, is being flushed down the pan, by the libtard left, including those in the Tory party.
    They can all Fuck Off, including the Tories

  13. Emma Arbuthnot? Fuck me, you can’t get much posher than that.
    His brief should have said “the cunt was lucky to get away with an egg.”
    I have a feeling there’s a lot more where that came from for these traitors.

    • I hardly could believe anyone could be jailed 28 days for egging Corbyn. Contrast that when old cuntchops Prescott lamped that protestor for the egg on head incident.

      This kind of thing will shortly become norm. Call an MP a cunt and expect a 2 month stretch in Belmarsh at HM pleasure. If you are a Fergal Sharkey caught carrying a 15″ zombie knife – 19 hours communidee service and a slapped wrist.

      The elite are fucking the proletariat in the anus.

      • It yet again proves what a gold plated hypocrite cunt Corbyn is. He usually has great compassion for those facing chokey. I should have thought some of his shadow cabinet meetings with fatarse Tom Watson and co gave him more frights. He must be suffering from Sourbryitis – big mouth but no courage.

    • It will eventually be illegal to criticise an MP in public. These cunts who make decisions every day that impact us all, these cunts who start illegal wars, he cunts who sleep at night when people die on the streets, whet it comes to a little bit of criticism are shown to have the thinnest of skins.

      Jeremy can’t believe ordinary people despise him almost as much as he despises them.

      An egg you cunt and you allow some poor cunt to be jailed but without a doubt you believe thugs throwing Molotov cocktails at the army in NI was justified and ham arse launching rockets at Israeli houses is a legitimate reaction.

      As others say you’re a hypocritical cunt Corbyn. You even gave Diane a shadow cabinet post. You know she’s totally fucking useless but you ain’t honest enough to tell her to fuck off!

      • Good point sixdog.
        He’s quite happy for his cunts to throw petrol bombs but can’t take an egg.

        I wonder how long the sentence was for the cunt that egged farage?
        They didn’t seem to mind when it happens to the other side, the slimy fucking hypocrites.

      • Surprise surprise, the Farage egger was given a conditional discharge…

      • I’m shocked.
        What about the cunts that called him a N@zi and a fascist?
        I’m sure sourbry must’ve leapt to his defence….
        We all know how dedicated she’s always been over the years to resist such despicable behaviour.
        Oh no, I forgot, it was only when it happened to her that it became wrong. What two faced twats.

  14. Brexit negativity is being force-fed to the witless in overdose quantity. Bastards aren’t going to allow us to leave. They never were.

    Minority rules in the UK

  15. David Miliband was less use than Ann Frank’s drum kit when he was MP for South Shields. His father would have been proud of him as he left the town in a worse state than Nicolas Ciacescu left Romania. He is a total hypocritical, millionaire, self-important, worthless CUNT

  16. I have a very severe nut allergy so when I eat out I have to be very careful. After a meal in a local bistro the other night I went to the gents and was horrified to see myself in the mirror. My lips had bloated up like Katie Price and my skin was all pale and clammy.
    Then I realised I was Michael fucking Gove.

    Yours, M.Gove
    Weirdo, turncoat and next Prime Minister

  17. What’s not to cunt? Basically a leech on the government and corporate ‘aid’ sector (like Blair). But possibly has enough sense to realise that he’s far more comfortable where he is. Why isn’t the cunt in Mozambique in a malarial swamp? Or DRC, helping with the Ebola outbreak (629 dead)?

  18. brilliant prog. on BBC2 atm. about the MPs expenses scandal. fucking disgusting.. greedy thieving bastards.

  19. Anyone that works for a charidee and earns more that 50k per year out of it is a fucking fraud, a cheat, a thief and a cunt of the highest order.

    They beg the skint public to cough up money they can’t afford to help the sick children, the public give generously, mistakenly thinking that their money is going to save the kiddies’ lives, then these lowlifes like millicunt and B.liar take that money and put it into their own bank accounts, leaving the sick children to go fuck themselves.
    …and they still have the ordacity to not only show their faces in public, but regard themselves as our moral superiors, desperately needing their advice and guidance.
    …guide em to the fucking gallows, the cunts.
    Or a nice cozy prison cell at least.

  20. I’d say that the banana and the fucking chimp in the picture were made for each other. What a fucking cock Miliband is.

  21. Rees-Mogg now signed up to the EUs Deal… not surprised… marching Leavers up to the top of the hill, then scuttling down to the bottom again. Just another duplicitous ‘Brexiteer’ prat.

    Arlene Foster for PM!

      • I tried telling people that he is controlled opposition they didn’t believe me, maybe they will believe me noow

        Another empty blank like farage talks a big game an is quick witted and has a likeable charm but really has no principles

  22. All caving in like the miserable money loving cunts that they are. I thought Moggy could be trusted but the Eton toff cunt can fuck off now.
    Fuck me, you can’t even trust a life long lefty like Catweazle to be a lefty any more.
    The ground is shifting from under us.
    Somethings gotta change.

    • Yes and what’s worse, we’re still going to have that cunt in No10 when the dust settles.
      As the great Johnny Rotten said at the Winterland, San Francisco in 1978 “ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated “

  23. The whole Miliband family are cunts, I’m sure their dad when he came to this country, as a refugee, mistook British patriotism for nationalism.
    He slagged us off accordingly, they should have parachuted the cunt into Auschwitz.
    Work makes you free, was the slogan. That’s him fucked then, never did a days work after his service with the navy. And the primate at the top of this cunting plus the spastic who can’t even eat a bacon sardine, have followed suit.

  24. He doesn’t just look like a monkey ladies and gentleman he really is a monkey … the banana probably doesn’t help but even without it he still is one

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