Cwmbran Is A Cunt.

Cwmbran is a depository for loser scumbags that couldn’t make the grade in Newport,and believe me, Newport is full to bursting with junkie skels and Goldie Looking Chain wanabees.

Just drove around looking for somewhere to park the truck for the night and every skinny little,back to front baseball hat wearing skel looked at me like they wanted to rob the truck. I left and will return in daylight.

Cwmbran was built as an overflow town for Newport,should have just chucked the whole lot into the Bristol Channel. Dirty Welsh Faux Cockney cheeky chappy Cunts.

Nominated by Twinkletwat


These men made Cwmbran famous by stealing biscuits.

These locals work hard every day.

42 thoughts on “Cwmbran

  1. Novachalk the place. Looks like a total shitehole.

    Ayatollah Khan would not even go there….

  2. Why do we import shit when we make so much at home! Is out homegrown shit not toxic enough?

  3. Everywhere in Britain is going down the shithole really, London especially badly, drug dealing and taking violent crime, low level prostitution – Sadick Kunt must be very proud of his kingdom, he ought to take his legacy and stick it up his own arse and those others in his party who wished this hell on us. If David Mary-Ann Miliband does come back to this country I would make him live in a Tower Hamlets Tower block with all the other rats.

  4. You won’t find many SJWs, left libtards or remoaner celebs in these shithole areas!

    That’s the real world in which most of us have to fight through day in day out, while the cunts listed above are well insulted in their big houses, locked gates and leafy suburbs.

    fuck ’em

  5. I’ve been to Cwmbran and Newport and confirm that they are bigger shit holes than Weston Super Mare…… That takes some beating.

  6. Did anyone see John Bercow make a right cunt of himself last night.

    He was being jeered by several MPs after he responded to a heckle from Chelsea and Fulham MP Greg Hands.

    Bearing in mind this bag of mutant shit Bercow has said several times before about respecting others in the House.

    “He was once a whip, he wasn’t a very good whip, it would be better if he kept quiet”.

    Tory chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin made a point of order of accusing him lack of respect. The slimy cunt made a somewhat sort of apology after waffling for a bit.

    These cunts are running this country to the ground and behaving more and more like fucking imbeciles, the world must be laughing at the state of this country now and it’s so called leaders and it’s opposition parties.
    The cunts should be tarred and feathered, then whipped.

    • I don’t think the majority of these MP cunts really give a shit about politics or the country they represent. They’re just career politicians who will get 15 minutes of being a complete and utter cunt before moving onto a well paid directorship from some big corporation he/she has always supported politically.

      And if not that then it will be the lecture circuit and talking bollocks to a bunch of dopey fuckheads, and getting paid shitloads for the privilege.


      • Why do these has beens get all this lucrative “work” after demonstrating such appalling incompetence whilst in office?……,and proving themselves to be bent as fuck cunts.

    • I don’t think we need the cunts.
      It’s quite evident by their constant fucking around, that the country must run itself and with us being in an internet age, we could quite easily put every vote to us (the cunts that pay for everything!).
      Government login for every Tax payer and you have all the information to hand (online) and get to do your bit by making a decision (how much, depending on how much time you have). If the majority of the tax payers want to spend their hard earned taxes on bigger state pensions, then we get it.
      We’d save a cunting fortune from MP’s salaries and expenses and shit would actually get done 👍

  7. Those chocolate bourbon bandits all look remedial, they probably spent the weekend smoking grass and watching oceans 11 and heat whilst planning their (daring) raid on Fort Knox aka united biscuits…
    “ only go for the good stuff lads! Biscuits with either chocolate or a creme filling”
    I’ve got a mental picture of those reprobates walking around the local pubs “ pssss! Wanna tin of biscuits? “They retail at £2.99 but you can buy these (obviously stolen ones) for £1.00 (and put yourself in the frame for receiving) ……
    hardly deal of the century…….
    “ errr two tins please “ 😂
    The idiots probably dream of ram raiding Poundland and filing their car boot with £150 s worth of shite…..
    Daft cunts ……

    • ‘Plastic spades, slinkies, kazoos, nodding dashboard toys… we got the lot!’

  8. Did you see the prince of Cwmbran innit in his diesel lloky likey pretend amg merc looking for the respect he deserves the ginger cunt….

  9. Non stop whining and crying on the radio this morning about last night’s England game and the terrible racism aimed at our
    players. It’s a fucking disgrace, UEFA needs to punish them, you get this every time in Eastern Europe, they need educating etc etc on and fucking on. I agree.
    So why the fuck are we importing thousands of the cunts every year? Oh yeah, cheap labour and fat profits mean more than racism so shut the fuck up cunts.

    • Just get on with it and kick the sack of air around for fucks sake. For 5 or 6 figures a week I think they can handle words from people they can’t even locate in the crowd or will ever cross paths.

      Bunch of fucking nancies.

    • A flock of Crows is called a Murder. Nuff said.

      Although, I think I prefer a ‘Murder of Snowflakes’, as suggested yesterday.

      Goodbye for now.

  10. What places like Cwmbran need is forceful policing, by someone like President Duterte .
    Death squads would sort the reptiles out, don’t worry about killing innocents, everybody is guilty of something.
    The people you are cunting have become an infestation, not just in Cwmbran but across the country. Their role models are the participants on Jeremy Kyle, they drain our taxes, well let’s drain the swamp.
    The dirty thieving free breeding cunts.

  11. I was brought up in Malpas, on the Cwmbran road out of Newport. It now seems that a once decent area has descended into chavdom and chaos.
    And by the way, Newport is probably worse.

    • Same as where I live, traditional industries shut down, then replaced with retail parks. All run on zero hours contracts paying the minimum wage.
      The jobs are then filled with european labour, while the locals are happy to rot on benefits.
      And our MPs want to cling to a sinking ship, that is th eu.
      This is our chance to start the reversal to all this, but it’ll not happen while we’re under the durestriction of the ecj. Human rights bollocks these cunts and many more, are sub -human.

      • Completely agree. This country needs to turn its economic thinking through 180 degrees, and it can’t do that in the EU, Which will stagnate with or without us.

  12. Never forget that the reason you pay a toll on the Severn bridge on the way into Wales and its free on the way out is that people are so desperate to get out of Wales that they simply wouldn’t stop.

    To the day this is my most commented post…

    And this was equally contentious…

    No sense of humour, a nation of English hating bigots, and as Flanders and Swann so eloquently put it : they sing much to loud, much too often and flat…

    • The tolls on both bridges were lifted last December when they “returned to public ownership”. Now there is nothing to stop these biscuit barreling bastards from swarming across the border with raiding parties into Blighty. Bristol, take measures now to protect yourselves. Lock up your bourbons, jammie dodgers and especially ginger nuts.

      • That should have read at the end – “especially those with ginger nuts.”

      • Err! Sorry Cwmbran. A big apology is due. Apparently, the biscuit thieves all came from the Liverpool and Cheshire area – my neck of the woods! Sorry once again, but now I must get back to my tea and biscuits. Ive got five dozen packets of garibaldis to get through before Easter!

    • Dio, it is not the fucking Welsh who are the enemy. London, the Home Counties, MPs and Academia are the cunts here.
      The Taffs without a sense of humour are invariably of the Plaid/Nationalist persuasion. And only in sport are we anti English.
      You are confusing us Welsh cunts with the SNP.
      Besides which, you are stealing all our water. (A Plaid refrain from my youth)

      • I would have to concur with that CC, especially as Mrs Blunt comes from S Wales. All the Welsh speaking twats are north of Wrexham.

      • Having gone to college in Wrexham, I can attest to this. Plastic scousers of North Wales are more Welsh than the cunts in the south of the country who all speak with comedy accents.

      • You’re the expert, but in Pembrokeshire it used to be the case that if a sais wandered into the bar, English conversation was suspended and replaced with Welsh until he wandered out again. I was that sais.

      • You should have gone to South Pembrokeshire, often referred to as “little England beyond Wales”. This area has had an established English culture for centuries. Pembroke Castle resisted attacks from the Welsh hordes, boiling the bastards with hot oil tipped from the battlements. Now, North Pembs. above the Landsker Line is probably where you went. You were taking your life into your own hands and were probably lucky not to have been pressganged on to a ship sailing from Fishguard to the Emerald Isle, destined for a lifetime of penary. Think of it as a lucky escape. I would just like to add that I will be making book signing appearances at various Waterstones all this week promoting my new book “The Cunting of the Welsh Nation”

      • This was south Pembs, but some time ago. Just outside Pembroke Dock as I remember. Parts were certainly more horribly English, even then. No doubt it’s been completely overrun by now. That rural romance. Let’s get away from it all but make sure our investment advisor lives next door.

      • Afraid I have to take issues with you as I never met a Welsh person with a sense of humour when it comes to the English

        “red sky at night, english homes alight”…

    • The Tay Bridge was the same until the Jocks noticed that Dundonians would rather exit via Perth than pay to leave across the bridge. And scrapped the tolls.

  13. PS
    Anyone with knowledge of wine bars in Guildford would be advised to keep their head down.

    • I’m not sure you’ve got the hang of this site. I’ve got Welsh, English, Scots and Irish blood cursing through my veins. If you cut me, I bleed blue, red and white. The idea is to be fucking self- deprecating. Yours sincerely, Dai Bollockable

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