Ailing MPs

A gentle, RIP cunting please, for those “honourable” members of parliament who really do feel they are a special case and the usual rules of employment don’t apply to them.

These thoughts are bought on by the death yesterday of 84 year old Labour MP, Paul Flynn, who, by his own admission, had been bedridden for some months. He has been described as a “principled” man, yet it seems his principles didn’t stop him from claiming his £77,000 a year to do a job he was apparently physically incapable of doing.

Mr Flynn is by no means alone in continuing to get paid for political work long after he was incapable of doing it – so many MPs of all parties seem to keep their seats only to expire “after a long illness”.

Mr. Flynn was going to stand down when “the time was right” and he was a Remainer who wanted a second referendum. Sadly, like so many of them he believed rules were for other people.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

48 thoughts on “Ailing MPs

  1. At least this old Cunt really was ill and had the decency to croak. Far too many public employees are allowed to retire on health grounds only to stage the greatest comeback since Lazarus as soon as their award is made. I know one or two,ex-Coppers who seem remarkably fit considering that they were forced to take retirement on “health-grounds. Can’t say that I blame them, I’d probably do the same if such generous terms were available to me,and the opportunity presented itself.

    • Illnesses that conveniently emerge just as the officer or councillor concerned is being investigated for dodgy expenses or an abundance of ‘Gentleman’s Fiction’ on the works laptop. Fuck ’em.

  2. Shame, no-one had the doddery, beardy old, Welsh, socialist cunt in the Dead Pool.

    Well there is a lovely for you.

    • My thoughts exactly Paul an opportunity well missed.
      On a side note those 7 Labour MPs that left the Labour Party are they gonna do the right thing and put their seats up for by-elections? I doubt it Hypocrites

    • A point of order about it, Paul, and since you are a veteran cunter, and just mentioned Dead Pool.
      Is it within the rules to change one’s selection? Broadly, I’ve just identified a “killer” pick, obscure but certainly not unknown (not Liam Neeson), and a probable winner…. Or anyone from Admin?
      Thanks in advance

  3. As the old pass on a new and more dangerous snowflake type rise, politics for the elite and looney left who feel the white working classes should pay the world for past “sins” give me the old bastards any day instead of rank and file new snowflake CUNTS

  4. That’s fuck all, there’s one still claiming full pay even though she’s in chokey.

    Some nonsense about a speeding fine she thought she could commit fraud over.

    I think they caged her worthless, lying ass along with her brother or something.

    Real pillar of the people she is.

    • Cunt only got three months… which equals one and a half months.

      So probably out now.

      • Yeh the Solicitor general was supposed to be appealing the sentence on the grounds that it was too lenient. Don’t know what happened, but Onasanya still picked up her pay while in the clink, on the grounds that ‘it was her only source of income’. Anybody else would have been straight out of a job; cunt!

  5. If I had my way there’d be less of these “ailing” fuckers and far more of them wearing a wooden overcoat. Filthy, fucking grasping fucking cockroaches.
    Fuck them all to hell!

  6. This cunt represented Newport, a Leave constituency. He described the referendum result as similar to the Boaty McBoatface vote and therefore of no consequence. Comments in the local paper generally described him as useless. He will be sadly missed in Westminster.

      • Because his constituents thought he was the least worst cunt? Or maybe they’re all incredibly thick, like Abbopottomus’s constituents…

      • He wore the right colour rosette (red) , just like the daft sods of Beaconsfield vote for Dominic Grieve, who wears a blue rosette even though he has more in common with the faggot New Labourites

  7. Talking of Remoaners I listened to the BBC interview re Honda on Today. Despite the interviewer trying to crowbar Brexit into the reason for the plant closure the company was having none of it.

    • on last nights PM the economist who introduces the programme said three times in his introduction that Brexit was a factor, even though their expert assured him that it wasn’t the main reason

    • I heard that, too. Their coverage of Honda has been Brexit-weighted throughout. Still, it takes a fair bit of obfuscation to conceal the fact that the EU, by allowing tariff-free car imports from Japan, has shot itself in both feet before placing them under a jackhammer. Another great reason for leaving, in fact.

      • Belated realisation: in fact everyone’s fucked up on this one. The Japs could have insisted that ‘Japan’ be taken to include Japanese plants in the UK, retaining low transport costs to the EU and maintaining their access regardless of Brexit. We could have supported them in this (instead of Fox buggering up our trade relations with Japan by being a barbarian cunt*), and the EU could have got a quid pro quo out of the Japs on the back of that. Cubnts all round, then.

        *oblivious to the central Japanese concept of giri

      • Fucking hell Komodo I was just about to say the same thing, because of the Japan-EU trade deal jap goods will eventually become zero tariff and as the whole car market is changing away from petrol and diesel cars to electric and hybrid legacy car plants are shutting or being modified at great expense. Obviously Honda have thought financially it makes sense to concentrate manufacturing in Japan. Oh and they are apparently shutting their Turkish plant or at least not making cars there. And what about when they stopped production of the Jazz at Swindon only a few years after they started, oh and the CRV and the HRV all went back to Japan. Also cars like the civic, and saloons in general are declining in popularity worldwide because even in a tiny cramped place like the UK those overblown monstrosity SUV’S are taking over. I mean to say even fucking Rolls Royce and Bentley make them and Jaguar the very epitome of sports saloon cars their top seller is an SUV.
        A tenuous link between brexit and Honda closing Swindon at best but that won’t stop the facts getting in the way.

      • Just so, G. See also Honda’s explanation to Turkey, whose Civic plant will also shut down in 2021.

        “In light of the unprecedented changes that are affecting our industry, it is vital that we accelerate our electrification strategy and restructure our global operations accordingly. As a result, we have had to take this difficult decision to consult our workforce on how we might prepare our manufacturing network for the future,” Katsushi Inoue, chief officer for European Regional Operations, said.

        “This has not been taken lightly and we deeply regret how unsettling today’s announcement will be for our people,” he added.

        Turkey is not in the EU.
        Turkey is not, therefore, leaving the EU.
        Therefore the BBC’s implication of Brexit in this is 100% horseshit.

    • We are not alone.

      This isn’t a BBC site, but one which has noticed the corporation’s gross bias against Brexit, also its shambolic and highly selective complaints procedure, and proposes to record these for posterity.

  8. Apparently Toyota have decided to build the world’s best selling car the Corolla here in the UK. If it was on the BBC I missed it.

  9. Quick question:Do they have opticians in Syria? I only ask because that ISIS bitch is so ugly…..

    • I have to say that two of yesterday’s Labour leavers are plug ugly – the Berger woman, whose face stares down at me from today’s free Metro and some lardarse obscure backbencher, Mike Gapes. The gaping arsehole and her could be a pair of sumo wrestlers. Politics really is showbusiness for ugly people. Chukaspear looks as if somebody is alwayus dangling a malodorous dog turd over his nose.

      Seriously the old man Gapes looks like he is one more bargain bucket away from a fatal heart attack

      • Not to disagree with your invective, WC, but I think you mean “pug ugly”.
        “Plug ugly” is also correct, but means “spoiling for a fight, aggressively angry”. Like most of us here feel about the multifarious cuntery highlighted on ISAC.
        Gapes is a cracking name for the chap, though!

    • Bend her over the settee and do her from behind. Any hole’s a goal. There’s only an inch or two in it.

      Morning Krav.

  10. My optician has just called to tell me that my recent eye test has revealed that I’m colour blind.
    Didn’t expect to hear that. This news has come right out of the green….

  11. In the I trust temporary absence of our Latin tagger, it falls to me to say, De mortuis nil nisi bonum.

    On the positive side, he wanted to abolish the monarchy, supported legalising cannabis and thought Blair was a cunt and said so, particularly after Chilcot. RIP, you ornery old cunt.

    • Salve, Komodo!
      Rather as the partisans who strung up Benito, I doubt you’d be saying that if Miranda, by some happy quirk of fate, were to be fatally electrocuted by his guitar.
      Prosperum iter facias

    • I notice elsewhere that one of my picks on Dead Pool was an unwise choice, albeit unsurprisingly. I do have an excellent substitute, however.

  12. As a 36 year old who voted to leave the EU I would just like to say that if this ancient MP got his second referendum and the result had come back as remain, then he would never have lived to deal with the consequences of his vote and would stolen my future.

  13. Not sure that many in the House of Commons would agree. 84 is no age; in fact, it is about then that they start thinking about moving next door to ‘Big School’.

    The House of Lords must be the only old folks’ home where the residents get paid to sit around dribbling into their dominoes. Bet it smells of piss.

  14. Emily Thornberry on LBC just now delighting in the fact that Labour are the party of high taxes…..

    Oh, and Cressida Strap on of the Yard says she would consider a prosecution of the ISIS bitch.

  15. What a cunt, I fucking hate lawyers but this immigrant piece of shit is on a new level, it just goes to show lawyers are happy to bend any law if they think they can make money and all the abuse he gets on twatter is probably deserved…..

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