The Anti-May Lobby

The Anti-May lobby are Cunts.

I have a bit of respect for award-winning “Cunt of the Year” Mrs. May. I’m not trying to say that she hasn’t made mistakes,she has. However, I’m more interested to hear who Cunters believe would have been able to solve the problem of Brexit. The EU was never going to roll over and just accept whatever was demanded or promised by a bunch of pie-in-the-sky,jingoistic fantasists. However painful it may be,we need Europe,it is a massive trading-block right on our doorstep. All this “trade-deals” with America and the like…anyone who thinks that Donald Trump would give us a “special-relationship” style deal is deluded. Trump will always,quite rightly,put ‘Murica first.

I believe that May is the only one out of this whole sorry mess who has acted with some degree of honour. O.K., she didn’t believe in Brexit,but I think that she tried to deliver something which was a start. It wasn’t perfect,how could it be when so many different versions of “Brexit” are touted? The idea of a Brexit on WTO terms seems to be the choice of most on here..well, it isn’t going to happen. When virtually every politician and business-leader says that it would be a disaster for the country,perhaps they know more about it than me and are correct. It’s all very well saying that nobody knows what would happen…if they’re right,it’s too late. Is the very real risk of a real meltdown better than a half-arsed,”managed” Brexit where we don’t have the EU actively conspiring to sink us?
Back to the anti-May part….which of our political heavyweights would have done better…. Johnson? a blowhard opportunist who quickly bailed out when faced with it. Gove?,another Johnson but with even less appeal. Farage? the man did a fine job of completely vanishing post-vote, I wonder why? Corbyn? a true head-case, Rees-Mogg? another entitled,out-of-touch Eton millionaire( Cameron,Johnson…God Forbid another) or perhaps one of the Javid, Pattell etc. bunch who, I suspect,wouldn’t take it on,and if they did,would do no better than May, because it is a dilemna which is unsolvable.

For me, however unpalatable, May’s exit plan was the best that we could currently hope for. It was a start. Bearing in mind that “our leaders” are not going to allow a No-Deal Brexit, I fear that things will be dragged on until a new referendum is forced through,one where “Brexit” is effectively sunk without trace.

Whatever you think of May and her deal, I can’t see who would have done any more.

Fuck Off.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

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  1. Sorry. I think some people have got their good natures regarding someone who is clearly ‘autistic’ —- certainly on the spectrum so just keeps ploughing away – very mixed up here.

    Rarely disagree with much on this site but for me Mrs May is 100% solid plated utter Cunt. In fact I think that’s being a little unfair to some of the people who get cunted on this site — she is far worse. Anyway I respect your right to your view but as they say on dragons den ——- for this one at least ‘ I’m out’.

      • Fair Do’s Dick. You are clearly a more kind chap than yours truly.

        I suppose the emphatic nature of my reply was in part due to my utter exasperation that she commands even a tiny bit of support from people (worst of all on ISAC for example) who IMHO should know better (sorry). This support only feeds her strength which in turn hurts us all even more.

        I did not answer your question over who could have done a better job with the EU — I should have added………shock horror …. anyone who actually truly believed in Brexit and who had all the preparations worked out for a no deal (which has to be our ‘starting’ position) EVEN BEFORE TRIGGERING ARTICLE 50!! Screw a few months extra before triggering the darn thing.

        Anyway Nuff said. I am on your side 99% of the time — this one just caught my sensitive spot. I am sure I will get my come uppence at some point!

  2. I personally think she is a grade A cunt but not as big a cunt as those who are supposed to be representing us in Parliament Honour the Referendum result of 2016 We voted to leave that was the People’s Vote Get on with it & no more trying to block the Referendum

  3. As Sweden told May, the only way to deal with the EU is to do what all other members do, agree then totally ignore the agreement. Honest dealing is just a shot in the foot. Otherwise it is to be totally intransigent as per De Gaulle and Thatcher. Unfortunately increasingly since the end of WW11 and our continuing decline orf power, the British Civil Service approach to negotiation is to give away assets to buy favour. “Compromise” has come to mean “what can we give away” to get them to say yes to us rather than genuine even handed dealing eg the ludicrous tariffs agreed with French power companies to build nuclear power stations in the UK. You scratch my back and I’ll avail you orf every orifice.
    Problem is most orf the family silver has already been given away so that the capitulating approach no longer works. It is my observation that May may be “a difficult woman” at times but only with those she feels are inferior to her. I believe she is scared in her job and does not have the true strength orf character required hence her tendency to jump to Brussels tune and her frequent funks over to the EU and returning with nothing worthwhile.
    Reminds me orf Ramsey McDonald (the last cunt ever to have suffered a similar, but not as bad, Parliamentary defeat) who was the first British PM to make use of extensive air travel to try and patch up a political mess (and failed). He aged fifty years in just five. The only solution for poor Old Blighty is to ditch her irrespective of who might take her place. Ignore Project Fear. May is caught in the spotight orf Brexit but that overshadows her previous catalogue orf disasters including the election fuck-up, immigration and Windrush. She has too much previous. Give the old bat the boot. You know it makes sense.

    • Would add that she has a fatal flaw for any PM. She has no judgement of advice given to her and sticks like a limpet to just a few advisers including the cunt Robbins while overriding the views of her Brexit Sec. Hence the resignations orf the last two, quite extraordinary really, for being ignored whilst in office.

  4. Well Dick, she could have done this:

    – Invoked Article 50 immediately stating the exit date.

    – Told the UK and the EU that we’re leaving on WTO rules, we have 2yrs to prepare and for both sides to get on with it (mainly remoaner business cunts).

    – Immediately sent out a flotilla of business envoys to the USA, China, India, Russia and Brazil (not Africa for fuck’s sake) while COMPLETELY IGNORING the EU cunts. Talking to individual European nations leaders excepted but NO CUNT in the EU lowerachy!

    If this had been done immediately there would have been no scope for the likes of Gina Miller shoving their oar in on the “how we leave” bollocks (to procrastinate and obfuscate the process), we know, it’s called WTO, so fuck off!

    Then after 18 months offer this to the EU:

    – A free trade deal with the UK.

    – Reciprocal rights of residence to EU citizens already here, for UK citizens rights over there.

    And then watch them take our hands off!

    Instead she crawled and grovelled to the EU like some lap dog as though we’re fucking Estonia or summat! Well fuck that!

    She also own-goalled her own tenure as PM with an election that should have resulted in an untenable majority except she put forward cunt propositions like the “dementia tax” which evaporated her majority thus having to rely on a coalition with the 10 bog trotters (which the EU have now leveraged to their huge advantage by means of the back-stop).

    She is a weak, abject failure and as for: “May’s exit plan was the best that we could currently hope for.”

    No, stating our immediate intent to leave on WTO rules would have been the best and then let those EU cunts sweat it.

    So the pound takes an initial hit.

    So the FTSE takes a hit.

    So what! Nowhere near as bad as in 2008 and it would have recovered long before now, and – when the EU blinked on our gracious offer 18 months later – it would’ve gone through the roof compared to the Euro!

    So no Dick, she’s been anything but honourable and can fuck off! I only wish she would!

  5. Just turned on 5 Live on my phone to listen to the vote coverage. Who do I hear? Tony facking Blair. Fuck off you war criminal cunt.

    • Does anybody give a flying fuck about what Blair thinks about anything? Yesterday’s man? last millennium’s more like, the cunt.

  6. Fuck me, I’m beginning to warm to Mrs May… Dig yer kitten heels in girl!

    Full steam ahead with those No Deal WTO preparations!

    • RTC there is indeed a line of thinking that suggests…… provided she stays determined to get her shite deal mark 2 through (after consultation with all the remain MP’s etc so on and so forth..), she could this time actually box herself in to our advantage and ‘run out of road’ ……… how we will party if that happens. Obviously I am not holding my breath but it would be ironic having boxed herself in so many times to our detriment, her utter incompetence eventually comes to our rescue. Stranger things have happened.

      Separately how on earth can any person with at least two brain cells have a start position that under no circumstances would they accept ‘no deal’ when the ‘deal’ itself is only in the gift of the opposition you are negotiating with? – Utter bat shit mental thinking in my book. Even my aged Auntie would see the idiocy of that negotiating stance!

      • Morning CW – it would indeed be a supreme irony if May’s chronic incompetence ended up delivering the Brexit most Leavers actually voted for!

        As for our negotiating stance, common sense is a commodity sorely lacking in our Government, and Opposition in particular.

        Hopefully Rebel without a Cunt will soon win Euromillions and his Common Sense Party will win a landslide victory at the next election!

  7. We don’t require the EU to offer or accept anything. We fucking leave, That’s it.

  8. The Tories win a vote of no confidence. Switched on to hear the twats jeering. Fucking hell, scraped through by a pathetic 19 votes. Really fantastic achievement and something to be proud of theycwould have you think.

    Useless cunts the lot of them. British politics at an all time low.

    • Another policy of mine would be to remove the cunts after two terms/10yrs max.

      The whole problem with Cuntminster are the “career politicians”. These cunts rock up straight from Uni with a sociology or humanities degree and providing they don’t mind arse-licking and toadying up vested interest party donors they literally can while out their days doing fuck all.

      The number of times I hear some MP cunt saying: “Fifteen hour days!” – looking for some sympathy – is sickening and complete bollocks.

      Of that 15hrs how much is spent at a lobbyist paid Michelin star breakfast, checking their CuntBook and Twatter status, some banal cross-bench meaningless waste of money exercise that never reaches any agreement or conclusion (where the most interesting subject in the meeting is the variety of biscuits rolled in ever hour wasted with coffee); donor lunch (paid by said donors – a cheap price for their worthless souls), a whole hour in the commons polishing green leather – well it is PMQs isn’t it; another shit meeting on issues relating to the miniscule number of trans cunts out there – who needs to concentrate on the 99.999999999% of the population – pah; paid for Claridges dinner with some other lickspittle cunt; oh – better check CuntBook and Twatter again; paid for drinks into the wee hours and et voilà! A solid fifteen at the coalface!

      I’d much rather the cunts simply did 9-5, or even 10-4 just so long as they did what I did each day and fucking worked!

      I’d also disallow any commoner becoming a lord and vice versa. Chances are they were shit as an MP so they will invariably be shit as a peer!

      The lord’s are a max of two terms also.

      If the current PM’s second term is coming to and end then the respective parties nominate their chosen replacement during the election campaign and MUST be decided before the election itself – so us plebs have some idea of the possible cuntitude that could be coming and so may choose to reconsider our initial party vote choice subsequently.

      There’s no surprise that while 52.4% of the electorate voted for Brexit, over 80% of MPs voted to remain. That’s because the EU literally is their retirement fund. Even if they were shit, there’ll still be an €nnn,nnn quango role in the offing just so long as that includes promoting the EU back home!

      Also no surprise that over 60% of the cunts are millionaires! A number ran successful businesses prior to public life, a number are from wealthy families but most are not.

      Last time I checked £70k is a very good wage, but it’s not millionaire good, so where the fuck is the rest of their money coming from???

      They are the most woeful, inept, devious, selfish and pointless cunts we have in our society today. Two terms is more than enough for these career fuck ups!

      Those that can, do.

      Those that can’t, teach.

      And those that can’t even teach, go into politics!


  9. It was a false start and the big problem with May’s withdrawal deal was the awful, actually demonically awful, backstop. We could have been stuck in an EU purgatory forever.

  10. I remember my elation on hearing the result of the referendum. I then realised that Brexit would be more complicated than pulling up the draw bridge to migrants and getting our indigenous dole scum to work. Brexit is extremely complex and May must be credited for sticking it out. She has received NO support from the Labour benches, who have utterly failed to respect this democratic process. And Pig-fucker is much to blame for this mess, because he jumped off this particular sinking ship, leaving May at the helm.

  11. Let’s face it. We deserve a better government than this one.

    Let’s face it. We deserve a better opposition than this one.

    Let’s face it. We are paying for both.


      • RTC….for once in my life I didn’t vote for either last time.

        Although I have to admit it was due to being unexpectedly delayed abroad.

      • I didn’t vote positively for either either CT… but I did vote positively against one of them…

        We have the misfortune of living in a marginal (CON /LAB) constituency.


  12. But it was lovely to see the Liebore Front Bench looking so bloody pissed orf, and Steptoe deserved it. Rank opportunism.
    However bloody useless the Maybot is, people just cannot countenance the idea of Flabbott as Home Secretary.
    I wouldn’t even put her in charge of garden gnomes…they’d run rings round her.
    Dame Keira Starma looked as if he were about to blub.

  13. Cuntbyn.
    Has anyone youtubed Davros mark 1 Tom Baker….Dr Who….Genesis of the Daleks….not the mark 2 Davison version?
    Apparently their mothers cannot tell them apart.

  14. By Dog, I’ve got a lot to get of my chest today, and I don’t mean last month’s catarrh, either… Thanks to y’all for putting up with my witterings.

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