Carrie Gracie

Carrie Gracie – what a cunt. Her paltry £92,000 salary from the AlBeeby wasn’t good enough as the men were getting paid more.

So she throws all her toys out of her pram. Now most people who throw there toys out the pram usually get fired, dismissed, and usually would never want to work for such a discriminatory organisation again.

But not this bitch. She gets a payrise to £145,000, back dated at the taxpayers expense, takes 6 months unpaid leave and lo and behold is back at the AlBBC as if nothing had ever happened.

These people are hypocritical low life scum, there is no justice in this world. Cunts.

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14 thoughts on “Carrie Gracie

  1. £92000 for doing what, making Zoe “my dad got me my job” Ball her morning tea. Albbc cunts one and all.

  2. Nice work if you can get it. The average Joe can only dream about an employer falling over themselves to award a 33% pay rise.

    Anything is possible and dreams do come true at the (public) cash rich Al JaBeeba.

    • Even worse, more like a 63% rise. These poor down-trodden women, living in such a patriarchal hell with all that toxic masculinity, I don’t know how they cope, being such victims and all.

  3. You only have to read her twatter feed to see that’s she is a Grade A* cunt. £145K! It’s no wonder the country despises the London bubble. An utter utter cunt.

    Correspondents like Jeremy Bowen, John Simpson or, for balance, Kate Adie earn their dosh. But reports from chow mein land were hardly risky.

    • First I ever heard of the cunt she was demanding to be paid the same as the top correspondents you mentioned. Maybe they get paid more because they are good at their job, and you get paid less for being a time serving non-entity. Perhaps the local chef who skins your lunchtime cat alive deserves to be paid a bit more too. I don’t recall her reporting on any of the colourful customs of the soulless insect people.

      • Thanks for that Themagiccunt. Having Googled the thing about cats, I don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight! I’m sorry to say you are right.

      • Whatever you do don’t Google chinkies eating dogs then. I would cunt the entire nation but it’s too piss boilingly serious. Feel free to do so. Also don’t look up fatal accidents in China, if you find the ones I am referring to they just step over the child’s dead body without stopping.

  4. Moral of the story:

    If you go into work and behave like a complete feminazi snowflake cunt, your employer will reward you with a 63% pay rise.

    If only my wife had known that before quitting her £19,000 p.a university library job due to stress…

    Ace cunting Speakyourmind!

  5. BBC…. the sooner it becomes a commercial channel the better then they can do what ever they like …..

  6. This sort of report gets on my tits. Anyone who complains about earning 90 + grand a year and it not being fair should join the real world. If she, or anyone else be they male or female on big money thinks it’s not enough or want equal pay with men, then she/ he/ they should come join us boys and girls. We work in a dingy warehouse for 9 hours a day but we’re all paid equally £7.83 an hour. I can get you an application form if you want one! No? Thought not! Greedy twats

  7. She does have the entitled middle-aged, middle class public sector cunt look about her.
    I would explain to her why the inequality in pay is just her imagination and victimhood. The reason her colleagues earn more is they work more hours and take more lucrative jobs, and not to worry her plain little head about it.
    Only with feminazis and entitled twats.

    Actually, i’m a chauvinistic cunt by default. If women behaved more like mature, rational adults i wouldnt be.

  8. How is it at the tax payers expense?Do you mean licence fee payers expense ?Either way nice work if you can get it She can probably afford to get something done with Her hair now

  9. Another BCC leech. She should try living off my £10p/w dealing with smackheads and all sorts of shite see if she complains about her £90k plus a year

  10. I heard that she was not even based in Beijing when she was allegedly the BBC China correspondent but had some kind of cosy deal that allowed her to be based in London and go there once a month. No doubt she flew first class and had a few days off to get over the jet lag when she arrived.

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