Angelina Jolie (5)

Slagelina (thanks for that nickname Norman) Jolie. They’ve just had her on Radio 4 (a true recipe for cuntitude) and she said that nationalism isn’t a good thing because, it espouses the idea that, quote, “our problems are the only ones that matter.”

Yes, of course they are you silly Femistapo bitch! We elect politicians to govern US and fix OUR problems! They are accountable to US because WE voted them into power, so it is by definition their duty to put OUR needs first! Silly fucking cow.

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28 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie (5)

  1. Is this the cunt who started the duck lips phenomenon?

    Another irrelevance of a person I would not celebrate let alone take any political opinion from.

  2. Back before she was merely mental and not a total cunt, she was in a fillum called “Taking Lives” with Ethan Hawke where he boned her senseless. This was also before she became a walking skeleton (in solidarity to starving dark1e5 everywhere) and had a fantastic pair of tits:

  3. I am not sure why this “type” of person has this vision of a world utopia, if anything recent experiences would suggest that the one world view is something that is many many years in the future (if we havent blown the earth to bits by then)

    The next World great evolution will be when someone works out how to harness power from fussion on a commercial scale. I think I will be long dead by then.

    In the meantime, yep this is one silly cunt.

  4. An out take from Team America World Police perhaps?…..not a satire on the voice of Hollywood, more a statement of the reality inside a snowflake’s mind.

  5. This jelly baby collector is a fucking C list actress ( sorry actor 😂) but a triple AAA rated virtue signaling cunt….
    Apparently she’s talking about entering politics? I seriously hope she does as we could all do with a laugh!, personally I would love to see her dissected by Andrew Neil , I doubt she would have guts to go on a show where she would be exposed as a clueless wannabe lightweight…….

  6. To be fair to her, her lips could suck the chrome off a hubcap. I don’t believe I would last more than a few seconds. Geronimo!

  7. It’s her expression as you see her swanning into some Hoolywood event that gets me. That expression of smug, superior detachment, like some minor member of royalty.
    Just another virtue signalling lamebrain.
    Nice arse.

    • It certainly work for Will i am Hague when he attended a summit on sexual violence with the tinsel town tramp a few years ago. A balding, middle aged third rate political turd fawning over her like some arse crawling fan boy.

  8. She’s as thick as pigshit. I thought Brad was a better man, tho maybe she moans like a stuck pig and whatnot on the job. He played a good lunatic in the film Amerika.

  9. Radio 4 does it’s best to get down with the kids, the hipsters, the wankers, the feminists and all the other trailer trash it can haul in. The other day, on Tuesday night before the Brexit result was known PM kicked off with snide remarks from resident poofter Evan Davies, (who replaced the other shirt lifter Eddie Mair) plus some screetching pop whore “singing” a song.

    Their shitty *comedy* shows, like the fucking News Quiz now in its 98th series as they boast is just a wankfest for remainers – Tony Hall’s wet dreams made flesh. I am trying to get Mrs. Boggs to stop listening to that rancid heap of lezzie shit Wimmins Hour, and don’t get me started on the number of shows they keep doing about darkies, slavery, and silly cunty actresses all the way from Islington trying to speak like Americans.

    I used to love R4 now it’s just like being stuck in a shit filled khasi all day.

    As for this Jolie character, our local council are looking for part time bog attendents. I could put in a word for her

  10. It’s amazing how these Hollywood sluts develop a moral conscience when the tits start to sag and the vag starts to resemble a badly-made ham sandwich – In Jolie’s case of course, all the fleshy goodness has all been scraped out of her. Technically a woman or just a walking, talking barren blow-up doll? You decide.

    Cast your mind back to Jolie’s pomp when she was getting rogered left, right ‘n’ centre and when she was french kissing everyone in sight, including her own fucking brother. Where was the concern about saving the planet then? Women’s rights? Third World plight? Fuck off, they were about as high up on her list of priorities as solving the Navier-Stokes equations with Dirichlet boundary conditions.

    Just as the largely has-been actresses (fuck your political correctness, actresses they are and actresses they will always be) have YOLO’d straight into the #MeToo cunt movement to keep their names relevant – name me a Rose McGowan film without Googling the slag and I’ll sub you a tenner – similarly is Angelina desperate to keep her stock going beyond her shit filmography and manipulative divorce battles.

    While we are talking about the pouting cunt, let us not forget that just like biblical cunt zero, Madonna ‘my cunt is busier than the Hammersmith flyover’ Ciccone, Angelina went for the old Pic ‘n’ Mix of black and white minstrels, colour co-ordinating her children with her latest pair of fucking Manolo Blahniks.

    The hypocrisy of this cunt who made a fortune from wall-to-wall vapidity and disposable shite passed of as ‘films’, to now cast herself as moral harbinger of the world’s ills just fucking astounds me. About as qualified as Gemma Collins to preach morality and inclusivity, just fuck off, and don’t let the door bang against your empty fucking carcass on the way out.

  11. Nice body but I’d have to stick a bag over her head.
    And gag the cunt too as she’s so fucking annoying.
    Just another hollywood slag only famous coz she got boned by someone famous…. or everyone famous.
    I wonder if she ever had a casting session with Harvey Wankstain? Bet she did. Although on second thoughts, if she had, we’d probably never hear the end of it.

  12. Never thought much of her tits but she could part her lips for me any time she likes. Actresses are as thick as pig shit, like most women they’re good for fucking and that’s about it. But those lips were made to suck cock.

    • Afternoon Miles.

      Thought you might be chuffed to know your post has set off a highly charged debate here at Creampuff Manor. Lady Creampuff insists you post is misogynistic, whereas I say it’s just plain old common sense biological determinism.

      Where might you stand?

      Regards to Mrs Plastic.

      • You have replied to Allan Ruff Tuff not me. Have you had a ‘senior moment’? An honest mistake. Because he does look like me. In the Great Bog Roll Debate Mrs Plastic’s view has hardened. It’s now ‘downright common’ not to insert so it flows down the front. You send her your regards to Mrs Plastic .Will she accept them? She likes you I think. Or rather she doesn’t mind you. She doesn’t like Mr Fiddler at all.

      • Sorry Miles – should’ve gone to Specsavers! Apologies to Alan also if he’s reading this…

        For a woman Mrs Plastic is incredibly erudite. You’re a very lucky man. Does she have a beard perchance? I can quite understand why she doesn’t like Mr Fiddler – she is after all a woman of great discernment. I wouldn’t want a split personality degenerate waving his massive cucumber in the direction of my nether regions either.

      • No beard RT. I do see the occasional hair appearing and I get excited but alas she’s very quick to pluck any.

  13. She looks like one of those badly created wooden sculptures you find in a garden centre. Would she be spouting all this shit if she wasn’t minted? Would she bollocks. Never watched a film with her in it…never will.

  14. Why do the BBC keep entertaining this vapid idiot? Does she just hang around their new broadcasting house?
    Everytime she opens her mouth someone just press a salty saveloy against her oversized lips and say ‘remember your job’.
    As for raising African kids.. why? What the fuck is she trying to prove. I guess they’re more fashionable than white disabled kids though.
    I hope she adopts some of those Libyan and Somali ‘kids’.

  15. ‘You can’t wait to get on there to say something clever’ ‘But I could say- you can’t wait to get on Facebook, Mumsnet, to do the same’ ‘No, it’s not the same, you’re just a bunch of miserable old cunts tearing people down’. This exchange happens about 5 times a day in the Plastic household. The worst bit about it is Mrs Plastic DOES post on family stories, animal rescue stories, all those ‘inspirational’ ‘ today, if you only think of one thing…’She has the moral high ground. That’s the annoying part. How can I counter her arguments?

      • A Bushmills soaked Dick Fiddler anecdote to counter the goo of three legged rescue dogs or breast cancer charity fun runs should do it.

  16. She was good in Tomb Raider, although her tits did the acting. Can anybody name a memorable film in which she starred?

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