Allan’s Snackbar

Breaking news, another knife attack by a peaceful worshipper in Manchester yesterday.

Apparently he was yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the attack, but the good old BBC omitted this in their report.
Here is a quote from that report :

Officers said counter terrorism police were leading the inquiry, but they were keeping an open mind on the motive.

Well call me Agatha Christie, but is a goatfucker, armed with a twelve inch knife, running down a train platform shouting Allan’s Snackbar, looking to stab anyone in the vicinity, not a terrorist? Or am I biased?

Manchester police were lampooned in 2016 for conducting a drill for this very scenario.

Cunts, the whole fucking lot of them.

Nominated by Hugh Jardon

44 thoughts on “Allan’s Snackbar

    • BBfuckingC has the headline ‘suspect’s family pray for victims’.

      remember boys n girls The Peacefuls are NICE. anyone who is rude about them is nasty. innit.

  1. Manchester is fucking infested with the cunts. They’re very fond of waving Pakistani flags, but don’t want to live there.
    They’ll never integrate and should be fucked off, pronto.

  2. The reason Manchester Police were ‘lampooned’ for that drill was because one of the actors playing the actual terrorist was criticised by the thick as pig shit officers running the exercise for shouting ‘Aluh Akbar’ during the proceedings. The dumb politically correct over ambitious fuckers were more concerned with that than the possibility of this ever happening. Of course the Manchester arena attack a few months later soon focused their tiny fucking minds. Useless cunts.

  3. Manchester plod like all the rest, busy on other vital work, scanning Twitter in case someone calls Monroe Bergdorf him. Or snorting the white powder off a married colleagues tits in the store cupboard, or accidentally killing someone in the cells. As you were lads. And lasses.

    • Add patronising any unfortunate motorist they catch doing 34 in a 30 on a road that’s speed limit has been reduced from 50 to 40 and now sits at a fucking pedestrian 30 ? Cunts!!
      Plod ….. “ evening Lewis Hamilton”😡😡
      The police force are infected with PC cuntery top to bottom, gone are the days when they really assisted the general public , they appear to be far more interested in perceived hate crimes than anything else, a few years ago my property got burgled and vandalised whilst I was away, plods first and virtually only line of inquiry “ are you insured mr Q?” Don’t expect much from the police and certainly don’t expect anything from those utter cunt faux news specialists over at broadcasting house!!

  4. Largely irrelevant, found myself listening to Killing Joke, Madness. Repeat to fade, this is madness. Should be the new national anthem.

  5. There was a sob piece in the Times about a Somali drug dealer being deported back to Somalia which he left when he was 6, and how dangerous it is etc. What a shame. Are these cunts the stupidest people on earth? A council house in Cheetham Hill provided (which, by the way, used to be a rough and ready but ok area back in the 70s) Benefits. Safety. Freedom of speech and worship, none of which apply to Somalia or any other peaceful shithole, yet here we go again, another fucking animal who just wants to kill for his religion and the way Muslims are so badly treated by us, the West, Trump, other Muslims, —-fill in as appropriate.
    Burma, China and Russia have the right idea. The only way to deal with these cunts is to eradicate them because there will always be a % who want to kill you.

    • I’ve long thought Somalis shouldn’t be here at all no matter what the bullshit excuse.
      They come from a shithole that is the closest thing to anarchy you’ll find at the moment. Anyone should ask, why then they would want to be subjected to law and order?
      The answer is they don’t, but the punishment in the UK, even if they end up being charged, is little more than a slap on the wrist compared to the instant justice back home.

      Any Somalian should have had the door slammed in their face years ago.

  6. I live in a little village far from normal people . Strangers are not welcome here.
    We are yet to come across any of these moose limb people who worship this Allan snack bar pedo cunt.
    When they do arrive they will be told,” there’s nothing for you here”.

    • Unbelievable, yet believable. In the cases that I haven’t heard of this until now and that the BBC won’t accurately describe this piece of shit for what he really is.

  7. I hear the Somalians are still using British .303s to slaughter each other. They should be fucking grateful we gave them something useful.

      • Somalia should be used as a testing ground for all known chemical and biological weapons. Then observe the cunts are all dead. Nuke the cunting shithole just to be sure.
        They really are a form of human cockroach totally worthless to the rest of humanity.

      • Really goodwood thats a little too extreme even for me,at least preserve a few baby somalians so nobody could accuse us of genocide,the little cunts could be settled on a reservation somewhere deep in muddah Afrika,lets show a bit of compassion please

  8. I believe the Police, the motive isn’t quite clear enough. It might have been somebody masquerading as a religious, Allâh-loving idiot, trying to frame decent, tax-paying, none-raping followers of Izlam and attempting to perpetuate the myth that all Mudslimes are credulous, cuntish lunatics. An ‘agent provocateur’ as it were.

    It’s possible.

    Talking of pretending to be someone else, I must away to black-up and go swimming in the English Channel to be ‘caught’; Captain Al Johnson Magnanimous is going to procure himself a free house and benefits.

  9. Has the fucker even been named yet?

    I’m betting not (by the AL-BB-CERA at least).

    As I keep saying, we knew Darren “fucking” Osbourne’s name, address and inside leg measurement before his van engine was cold. It was also immediately declared as a terrorist act by the met, the government and the lamestream media.

    However when we have an obvious terror attack from one of our “peaceful” friends, why that’s just mental issues isn’t it!?!

    Well fellow counters I have done a bit of research and have found the reason: The Muslim Council of Britain.

    Firstly this organisation should not even exist in our country, if they want a Muslim Council then they should fuck off to a Muslim country, end of.

    This nefarious institute has every organisation – from government, to services, to media – bricking itself to avoid any unwanted attention from it because of its pervasive nature and it’s members who have infiltrated all walks of British life.

    Any cunt who says or does the wrong thing (in the council’s eyes) will be ostracised and they have a legal arm which makes the British Judiciary look like a backstreet solicitors shop!

    So we – the public – live in fear of being killed to death by these cunts and the elites live in fear of being branded “waycist/Islamophobic” by the MCB. Either way we’re fucked!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the MCB pressurised the met to classify Osbourne’s stunt as a terror attack (with all the trimmings) to keep them happy.

    Similarly the quite clearly deliberate murders of Harry Rice, Josh McGuinness and George Wilkinson in the “peacefully” enriched area of Hayes last January, were purposely categorised as “drunk driving” manslaughter – after the driver and his (Isis supporting) passenger did a runner.

    The car never deviated, swerved or showed any lack of control during the entirety of the incident (as proved by CCTV footage), the occupants of the car were “peaceful” Isis sympathisers, so why was this not considered immediately as an act of terror?

    Well because during the time between the occupants of the car doing a runner and finally getting picked up, it’s no doubt that the MCB got wind and made the appropriate calls.

    How do they (the MCB) know to react so quickly? Well because they have “peaceful” coppers in every metropolitan police force who – while are not public members of the organisation – privately sympathise with it (over and above “their” – hah – country) and so bean-spill on any “peaceful” related incident immediately, so that the relevant MCB representative can make the appropriate call to the respective met chief!

    It stinks to high heaven and successive governments have allowed this anti-British cuntitude to flourish.

    It needs to stop and the only chance we have is to not vote in the same-old, same-old Red or Blue government next time around.

    The worm is turning, fuck ’em!

  10. I’m waiting for the lone wolf statement from that useless oily piece of shit Andy Burnbum who will do anything to further his own career……CUNT

  11. I’m bloody sure that I read this MCB filth want blasphemy against Islam introduced here. Insulting my religion is like insulting my mother. You wouldn’t like that if I did it to you would you? I swear no Muslim is capable of grasping basic logic.

  12. This whole ‘peaceful’ thing will obviously end badly if not in utter carnage but hey, at least Bliar and Mangledbum got to ‘rub the Tory noses in diversity’.

    • Although it is true that I don’t live all that far from Manchester, I would like to state unequivocally that I have no connection with the food establishment in question or the perpetrator of this latest peaceful demonstration.

  13. The cunt is being held under the mental health act. It isn’t anything to do with religion….. I couldnt stop laughing….
    The anti terror mob are only involved because luckily witnesses and video have the cunt shouting the ali baba shit.

    The cunt is a peaceful, it is obvious to a blind man who has lost his stick….

    When is this country going to get tough, 3000 on a watch list, 20,000 of interest, take off Tommy Robinson and that leaves 22,999 fucking peaceful cunts that want to or might want to fuck us over.

    • Yeah so unlike Darren “stupid cunt” Osborne who got 43 fucking years for indirectly causing some old cunts death this piece of human excrement will probably get a short term mental health committal then some nice compo,so unless someone dies when he may get a short custodial the cunt will get away with a deliberate of definitive terrorism.

    • But Tommy he’s the real threat, not the peaceful gang. Fucking useless fuckers can’t see the problem that’s right under their nose.

  14. I used to have to go to school with these cunts when I lived in Leeds. Half of the enricher spawn could barely string a sentence of English together.

    When I was lucky enough to be moved to one of the few remaining white bastions I realised how far behind I was from the other kids because of course we can’t marginalise the brown peaceful folk for the sake of my education.

  15. “I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.” Quran 8:12

    “Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your command, so that you may strike terror into the enemy of Allah and your enemy…” Quran 8:59-60

    “When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. .” Quran 9:5

    “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you” Quran 9:123

    “Muhammad (May God shrivel his testacles)is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another.” Quran 48:29

    This is the fucking Death Cult we are up against.No reasoning with them,No concessions,No live and let live bollocks.No more mosques to be built in Europe.Europes 20,000,000 peacefuls to have it spelled out: Practice your mumbo Jumbo in private,dont mix superstition with politics else there will be 20,000,000 less cunts chanting “Alan Snackbar” on our streets.Cunts.

  16. Always fascinates me how some ethnics, like Chinese kids, do really well at school, whilst others, being subjected to the same waycism, do badly. It couldn’t possibly be to do with some fucking attitude problem could it? Perish the thought, obviously all whiteys fault.

  17. It’s about time the British Transport Police started shooting these bastards dead instead of trying to arrest them and then getting stabbed themselves People who carry knifes and endanger innocent people going about their lawful business have no rights once they stab maim and injure innocent persons just shoot them on the spot for what they are virmin

    • My thoughts exactly after the menezes shooting I’d hate to know how many people would be killed before the old bill finally realised the scale of death they are facing are shot the cunt /s.
      Gun toting coppers look good at airports, train stations etc but unless they are like Yankee coppers that will shoot for even the flimsiest reasons and worry about the consequences afterwards after all in America if I was a copper I’d be on edge all the time. Well its time our police acted the same.
      To paraphrase the late great Colin Mcrae ” if in doubt take them out”

  18. The graun is saying that the perp was known to mental health services. So I thought, it’s ok for you to reveal details of a yet unconvicted alleged Crims health ‘status’. If say, someone were to reveal an alleged rape victim had a significant mental health ishoos problem, presumably that would be fine? Definitely not an Allan’s snack bar, no, no, just a random nutter. God I despise that rag.

    • More MCB fuelled propaganda.

      The Groan and MCB have past collusion form.


      • Al-Groan were also the only paper to support press regulation when that infamous bill was discussed a while back too. Yet we’re the fascists? Pfft.

  19. It reminds me of that well known international news footage of that bloke holding that woman hostage a few years ago. A police rifleman waited his chance to act, and at the right moment, shot the fucker square in the face and no doubt sprayed the back of his head over the shopfront behind him. One of the comments was something like “I wonder what was going through his mind?” to which a reply came “7.62mm High Velocity, I think?”. Classic.

  20. I always have my candle at the ready. Nothing like a good vigil to show those desert rats we mean business.

  21. All the cops had to do was slot the bastard. Now we have to fund his legal aid, medical bill, compensation claim for being held down on a smokey bacon flavour crisp packet and so on upto the keys for a brand new housing association bungalow plus motability car when he has done a little bit of his two month sentance. Cunt is made for life, one thing that is guaranteed is that once such a cunt enters the system the system is like the conveyor belt on the generation game; keeps on giving.
    Fuck me I would swim the channel to get some of the action on offer in UK. One thing that does puzzle me is how come so many of our visitors have spent thousends to get here then go straight on the benefits?. Surely they must have some money if they can cough up €5000 for a place on a leaky canal cruiser. Also if you have passed through x number of safe countries you aint a refugee your a cunty illeagal and should be fucked off back to France. Notice to Government and Southall sisters whatever and Lieberty if you are in UK illeagally you know it and your taking the piss. So shove your spaswad super cuntplaint right up your collective arses and really do something for dear old Blighty. Make this the year we collectivly cry “enough of your shit”

    • I was actually amazed that Sajid Javid said what most logical people are thinking, which is “if you are truly seeking asylum, then why aren’t you stopping in France, which is quite safe” ?
      Well, I guess it WAS safe until all the gimmiegrants got there, but anyhow, FINALLY someone in the Government gets it. Unfortunately, we then have all the howls from the Human Rights organisations saying how “as human beings they have a right to choose what country to seek asylum”. Hmmmm, well they certainly have worked out what country is stupid enough to give them a free house, benefits, cushy life. France are having nothing to do with them and are no doubt delighted that they are all setting sail to come over to Blighty. And now they have got a free taxi service to help them across, thanks to our patrol ships.
      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe boats should be sunk and people left to drown, I mean after all, I’m sure there must be SOME women & children on at least one boat in every hundred, amongst all the men…..sorry, I mean ‘teenagers’. But they should all be stuck on a boat and shipped back to their land of origin, immediately, which is mostly Africa.

      • Youd think Saudi Arabia would be first choice for any peaceful refugee,a country 110% Muslim,the Mother and Father of Islam ,the birthplace of their Prophet Mo (May God piss on him) and all round Mecca for Peacefuls. But nope,none of the cunts want to go anywhere near the place,preferring decadent,liberal,fun loving Europe instead.What a cluster fuck of complete hypocritical cunts they are and what a bunch of wanker mugs Europe has degenerated into.

      • Very good point, could be due to the fact that most Arabs are not that keen on their fellow travellers. See them as a form of cannon fodder for Allah or something. Note also that when a natural disaster occurs in a peaceful country the Gulf states are not in the forefront of the relief funding usually America and UK are to the fore. Always keen to sponsor the odd mosque or three.

  22. A new political party is required in the UK to address and reverse the assault on British values and cultural norms. The latter include tolerance of different religious beliefs but this should not extend to mute acceptance of the rejection and destruction of our way of life. We have a monarch who is head of a Christian church. I am not in the least religious but recognise that religious belief and practice brings rules for living life that benefit wider society.. for example Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism etc are based on love and respect for others. The exception, of course, is Islam. This vile religion is based on violence and hate. I’ve said it here before and CuntsR-Us gives just a few examples of what I mean above (nice post CRU). It is no good employing the rules and laws of a civilised society when addressing Muslim cunts. They do not understand and cannot employ logic or reason. They do not and will not accept that non- Muslims are anything other than inferior beings to themselves. Islam means “submission” (to the will of Allah). No place here for reason, logic, debate, compromise or tolerance. Just do what it says in that so-called “holy” book of theirs. There is no free-will only obedience to the words of an illiterate paedophilic goat fucker who claimed that Dog spoke to him in a fucking cave. The asylums used to be full of these headbangers. I have lived and worked amongst peacefuls. on the surface some were pleasant and smiling but at one time or another they would all try the “save your soul convert to Islam bullshit” and every last one of them would turn on a fucking sixpence and spit in your face as I found out during the first Gulf war. They are the greatest danger to our country. Never mind Putin, Kim, Hitler or Attilla the fucking Hun. This Trojan Horse will see off our society unless something is done NOW to stop them. That needs a new political party that will amongst other things proscribe the practice of Islam in the UK. It needs to do other things like make benefits available only to UK citizens, scrap Human Rights legislation, reintroduce the offence of Treason and the death penalty. I haven’t had time to think through other things that need to be done. I’m sure my fellow counters can fill in the gaps. I’m too fucking old to actively start a new party. Guess I have to rely on the Tommy Robinson’s and the younger generations – those that haven’t been lobotomized by the so-called fucking education system in this rapidly becoming a shit hole country.

  23. Agree with just about everything you advocate fimbriations excepting we must proscribe the practice of Islam in the UK.The cunts should be free to privately worship their own version of Bullshit,just like the Christians,Jews,Hindus,Sikhs etc.What they arent allowed is to violently claim that Islam is the only version of Bullshittery permitted and all other fairy tales must be destroyed.Thats when the State must fall on them like a ton of bricks and if they persist in their delusion the leaders of the cult hunted down,and extremist mosques and mullahs permanently eradicated .If foreign Islamic states complain then we will ship them all our muzzie nutters and they can all live happily together in an infidel free islamic paradise.

    • Agree CRU. For brevity I didn’t qualify “proscribed” but meant the public practice of Islam and its prohibition in the school curriculum. In private the peaceful s would be able to do what they like within the law.

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