Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Shitney to Hobart yacht race.
Three weeks before boxing day the tediously repetitive media onslaught about this elitist wank has started.
Hearing these old money cunts and their trust fund rent boys bleat about their $100 million dollar tax write off yachts shits me unto tears. I most sincerely hope their fleet and numbers are thinned by any or all of the following;
A tsunami,
An asteroid,
An old Axis Japanese / Imperial German sea mine,
Off course Somali pirates or,
Vainglorious Cunts one and all.

Nominated by Shackledragger Cunt

10 thoughts on “Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

  1. Yes and the winning cunt comes up the Derwent at 3am

    You’d think they could hold off until a decent hour like 9am so we can get up and see the winner coming in.


  2. Sounds like the fucking Boat Race over here,Shackledragger. The BBC push it as if the whole nation was enthralled,they even wheel that appalling pissflap-pirate,Clare Balding out to talk to the “crowd” which consists of a bunch of Chinless Wonders braying away while their simpering,vacuous girlfriends try to avoid getting Balding’s fist shoved up their Oh-so-well bred boxes.
    In fact, I’ve never met a single person who gives a flying-fuck about the Boat Race. A race contested by two teams of mainly American semi-professional rowers masquerading as Students while representing two hotbeds of over-entitlement, Gayness,traitors and general Wankers.
    The only time that I regretted not watching it was when one of the boats sank. Personally I’d have liked to see a fleet of little boats and pedallos swoop on the bobbing “students” and beat the Cunts to death with their paddles…see if Balding managed to take her tongue out of whichever Gemima or Henrietta she was lezzzing up behind the men’s toilets and give us her faux-posh views on that.

    Fuck posh Cunts in boats….they all want Titanicing.

    • Sir Philip Green should enter the Pensioners’ Fund to Somalia yacht race….Hopefully the Cunt would win.

  3. A race of three weeks of mind numbing non action , run for the benefit of fuckers who have too much time on their hands.! Reminds me of that long gone Whitbread Trophy Round the World shite !

  4. I would love Godzilla to ascend from the watery depths and just give these rich boaty cunts merry hell! A few tossed boats; some heads bitten off; bodies squashed, lots of screaming and shouting as old ‘Zilla gives it large – and all in front of the TV cameras!

    However, knowing that Godzilla doesn’t actually exist, the next best thing would be for a school of “person eating” (can’t say man-eating anymore) Great White sharks, ripping these same boats up and doing bloody murder to the cunts on board.

    Hours of fun and gore for the whole family!

  5. Another fun maritime pastime up for revival is commercial whaling, as the japs say fuck the joking ban that they didn’t really observe, and resume their love of murdering stuff to extinction. They say raping the sea is culturally important to them, so fuck what anyone else thinks. Seeing as they are well overpopulated, such a market should see whales extinct by Thursday next at the latest. I suppose they are running out of dolphins and sharks to slaughter.
    Recently, Tojo has been waving his little cock around, saying they need a bigger military to protect them from North Korea and the Chinese, who let’s face it, they have history with. Their defensive navy is bigger than our supposedly offensive navy, and they are buying new aircraft carriers and aircraft for both land and sea. And, as prime minister Abe no longer hides the fact that they feel no shame for anything that Japan did in World War Two, perhaps we aren’t far from a pearl harbour rematch. At least Nanking two. Cunts.

    • It’s all looking a tad 1930’s, isn’t it?. *checks watch* Hey, just about time for another financial train crash, too!

      • Yep, we are coming out of the too far left phase, and heading for the too far right period, which seems cyclical. Glad I had my best years during the relatively slack period between 1960 and 2010.

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