Social Justice Wankers [3]

Social Justice Warriors.

Social Justice Wankers. What a tedious, shrill bunch of obsessive drones they are. You’ll no doubt have met one or two of these perpetually offended paragons of virtue in your time, or at least followed their nasty antics in the meeja.
You know the type. They espouse a radical ideology founded in identity politics and their notion of ‘victimhood’. According to their warped mindset just about anyone in society can be identified as a ‘victim’, as being ‘oppressed’; gays, women, transgenders, ethnic minorities… Who’s actually ‘the oppressor’ then? Well you’ve guessed it, it’s white, heterosexual males.Yes white straights, you’re ‘privileged’.The perception of ‘privilege’ does indeed seem essential to the wanker mentality of intimidation. It’s their big stick to beat you with, and they’ll demand constant remorse and contrition from you as redress for this shameful state of affairs. Comply and you fall into the trap; for these cunts it’s all about control of the agenda and control of YOU.
Don’t waste your time trying to engage with these ideologues. You’re either with them or you’re against them, and there’s no room for compromise. Conform to their rigid orthodoxy in thought and action or they’ll come at you, and it’ll be hard and mean. Failure to comply means that their Orwellian Newspeak will be coming your way. You’ll be judged and found guilty of being ‘phobic’ against somebody or everybody. You’ll have committed ‘microaggressions’, ‘hate crime’ or ‘cultural appropriation’. They’ll call you ‘regressive’ if you’re troubled by the notion of ‘gender fluidity’ and can’t be compelled to accept odd sounding personal pronouns. Defend your right to your own opinions and the freedom to express them and they’ll shriek ‘fascist’ in your face.
Yes, SJWs are very determined shriekers. They’ll scweam and scweam and stamp their little feet for all they’re worth in order to shout you down. If they don’t succeed they’ll try to stop you from voicing an opinion at all, and they’ll justify this with a piece of ‘no platform for racists and fascists’ sloganising.
The supreme irony where SJWs is concerned is that they embody the very traits that they purport to condemn. They’re bigoted, dogmatic, irrational, authoritarian bullies who can’t even comprehend that their demeanour alienates people and damages their own case. Next time one of these imbecilic loonies bristles at you to ‘check your privilege’ I suggest that you call them out on their bullshit. Laugh in their face and invite them to ‘check their own smug condescension’, then tell them to take their neo Marxist psychobabble and FUCK.RIGHT.OFF. Believe me, it’ll trigger them into full on Owen Jones meltdown mode. Enjoy!!

Nominated by Ron Knee

44 thoughts on “Social Justice Wankers [3]

  1. The only way to deal with obsessives and monomaniacs – SJWs, vegans, godbotherers of all (same) kind – is to laugh in their faces. Attempting to debate with them merely fuels their self image as persecuted holders of the Truth (capital fucking T, ya cunt).

  2. SJW’s the are scum of the earth, along with the pieces of shit they pretend to care about. A marvellous cunting.

  3. Absolute spot on cunting Ron,hit it bang on the head,CMC has got it right too. Don’t rise to these cunts provocation, laugh in their face, and tell them to FUCK OFF!

  4. I’ve seen clips of these seething bulldykes, usually ranting about Trump, and I find them hilarious. Genuinely funny. They often have blue hair and gnashing teeth due to their bellicosity and disbelief that others could have a different opinion. They’re often filmed loudly moaning to the sky as if theatrically grieving a recent family death.

    I could watch these belligerent cunts all day.

  5. And now one has got her own show on LBC ! Step forward the delightful not in the least annoying, oh soooooo caring, perpetually offended Miss Afua Hirsch. Tune in , see how long you can stick it for. 5 Minangkabau is my max.

  6. I fucking hate these cunts, it’s all about the minority, we the majority have to adapt and change to suit their agenda…. well fuck off!!!
    I have no interest in fucking deviant cunts and if they want to cut their cocks off or have one sewn on fine but do it quietly, eat what you like but keep it to yourself…. ethics can just fuck off, bum bandits and rug munchers do your own thing but stop parading around the streets you cunts.
    And illegal migrants fuck off back to shit hole you crawled out of!

    • What’s amazing is that bean lickers and turd burglars are very quick to defend the peacefuls in debates and protests. It’s because they lump themselves into the “minority” jerk circle, which means they are oppressed by the evil, cis-gendered, straight, white male.
      Yet in the sand countries, homos are thrown off buildings or the sides of mountains, or killed in another no-so-creative way for their sexual preference. If the towel wearers had their way in this country, we’d be forever stepping over splatted poofs and dykes on the high street. There is hardly any fucking logic left in this country, and most of it is probably on this site!

  7. And yer celebrity SJW is just hilarious… Live like fucking emperors, act like total cunts with ‘ordinary’ folk, are usually whores that happen to have film or record contracts, have had more powder than Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith combined, and yet they have the fucking hubris to make out they’re arsed about anyone else in the world and that they are great thinkers with political ideals… Of course I’m talking the likes of Skanklett Johansscunt, Madogga, Kunty Perry, Emma Twatson, Slagelina Jolie, and Ariana Grande-Cunt…. Since when did being a slag make you Bertrand Russell, eh? Fuck off….

    • “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wise people so full of doubts.”

      (Bertrand Russell)

      • ‘I’m really fed up with so many quotes being attributed to me on facebook memes’
        – Bertrand Russell

        ‘Same goes for me’ – Mark Twain

        ‘Qvit Vhining you pussy! At least ze unvashed know who you are!”
        – some obscure Kant.

    • Have you considered tweeting on the death of June Whitfield Norman? You’ll have to keep up with the eulogising. Rory Bremner-‘she was a trail blazer….”BBC controller of comedy…’the go-to comedy actress of the 70s and 80s’. It was June Whitfield for God sake. I think she herself would be appalled at the eulogising.

    • I know you’re a Doc Who follower Norman, and like me, you’ve probably found the SJW moralising of the last series to be as welcome as a pain in the balls. It got so bad that I posted a complaint about bias to the Beeb; got waffle back but wrote again asking for a specific response to my concern that it was foisting ‘identity politics’ on us, using public money. I still await a response. BBC are acting like cunts with our money.

      • Funny that after one series Snowflake Jodie and her right on gang are not going to reappear until (they say) 2020… So the success story all those Grauniad and social media mongs keep going on about is nowhere near as successful as they say it is… If the Beeb have got any sense they will axe the Susan Hampshire impersonator and the cast of Different Strokes and bring the Doc back as a top bollocks actor in the Eccleston mould… But of course they haven’t got any sense, and they’ll probably replace Whittaker with a female darkie Doc… Which has probably been their plan ever since Tennant fucked off…

  8. Sjw’s are the reason I like trump so much.
    He’s like kryptonite to the cunts…..
    And Tommy Robinson. They hate him so much, but they’ll never go for him. They just stand there and shit themselves while he laughs at them.
    ….bunch of soy boys and stroppy bossy girls with no brains or common sense.

    I love the way that they’re all walking contradictions too!
    Anti fascists that behave just like fascists.
    Pro civil rights unless someone has an opposing opinion, in which case they should be dragged off to the gulags.
    Cry about wimmun’s rights and gay rights while supporting Islam which subjugates gays and wimmins.
    Support free speech, unless it’s not the speech that they approve of.
    They support democracy, unless the vote doesn’t go their way, in which case the vote should be re run until the plebs get it right.
    They support a free press, but only if the news reports anti right wing, pro left wing, pro Islam bollocks.
    They support inequality in society and want to stand up for the poor, but they’re all rich cunts that fucking dispise the poor and take every available opportunity to subjugate and protest against the working class.
    They’re for wimmin’s rights but they’re quite happy to allow thousands of working class white girls to be groomed, extorted, blackmailed, drugged, gang raped and in some cases also hooked onto heroin and forced into prostitution. Just coz the perpetrators are p@kis.

    Total cunts.

  9. We have allowed our masters to break society, family and cohesion by their application of ideologies, extracted from the arse of some educated fuckwit, dead for fucking centuries.
    We are now cowed into submission as we have no strength. There are no threads to keep this patchwork falling apart, they have all been severed long ago. Bring on revolution. The only way forward, is backward

  10. Personally I’ve got mixed feelings about loathsome SJW cunts. On a superficial level, I find their broomhandle-up-the-arse persona hilarious. More seriously tho, I think their agenda is insidious and very dangerous. It’s about control; their control of language, attitudes and behaviour. We need to fight back wherever we can imo, because at the moment, these cunts are forcing the pace, and they’re winning. Freedom of speech and action is at stake.

    • Evening Ron. Disagreeing with your own nomination either shows the ultimate in tendentious reasonableness or, pure madness.

      I used to be certain that I was a bit schizo but now I’m in two minds.

      • Know what you mean, Cap’n. It’s hard to rationalise on this one. These cunts make me laugh like fuck. Then I get that ‘hang on a sec, they’re fucking serious and they’re after us’ moment. I don’t know whether I’m pissing myself laughing or out of fear.

      • If there were an SJW Greatest Hits compilation, I’d buy it. There must be a round-up of their best bits on yoochhob. I shall have a scurry around.

  11. ah right. it was a list detailing Mays agreement with the EU. These are items 9 and 10. 10 just an’t be correct can it?

    9. The Mandelson Pension Clause: The UK must promise never to tax former EU officials based here – such as Peter Mandelson or Neil Kinnock – on their E.U. pensions, or tax any current Brussels bureaucrats on their salaries. The EU and its employees are to be immune to our tax laws. (Article 104)

    10. Furthermore, the UK agrees not to prosecute EU employees who are, or who might be deemed in future, criminals (Art.101)

  12. Great cunting. Trouble is you said two of my trigger words, Owen and Jones which for some reason massively increases my blood pressure and turns my thoughts to repeated punching of said twats jaw. Can’t think why.

    • Thanks SH. Jones is without a doubt the epitome of cunthood, but his juvenile outbursts are a source of great amusement to me, and in a way I treasure him for that. I’ve put a cunting up for him which will no doubt appear in due course. I’m surprised that the arrogant little twat hasn’t had more doings on here.

  13. Apparently now the cocks with frocks are having tantrums cos real wimminz dykes don’t want to have sex with them. Apparently they call it the cotton ceiling ( yeah me neither, something to do with knickers) they say that said lezzas are bigoted vagina fetishists. True as I’m here. We are truly down a fucking rabbit hole.

    • I watched a video on youtube from some wassock earlier. Apparently (according to he/she/it; honestly not sure) everyone is absolutely free to date or not date whoever they want. However if you’re a bloke or a woman who just doesn’t want to date a trans, no offence intended it’s just not for you, you’re transphobic.
      Spock like logic, I’d say. I’d also add FUCK.RIGHT.OFF.
      The rabbit hole is the size of the fucking Grand Canyon, and getting bigger all the time.

      • You know Ron, it’s serious. I’m 58, my millennial victim feminist daughter wants nothing more to do with me because I disagree with almost every thing she says. It’s a Civil War. She genuinely is shocked that an old cunt like me has the breathtaking cheek to disagree with her. Sad really.

      • Cotton ceiling, cissexism, a dyke not want to play with tranny is phobic about something. Might as well drink myself fucking daft; I find a certain solace in a bottle of bush mills and I’m to busy trying to negotiate the lounge to give an airborne act of copulation.

  14. This evening, I stumbled across a box of birth, death and marriage certificates in my mother’s house. They were from my father’s side of the family. Normal, decent, working class folk who grew up, got married and went about blameless, normal lives. My paternal grandfather was in a protected occupation during WW2; nonetheless, he was a firefighter in the Manchester blitz and had some stories to tell. My parents qualified in their trades/professions and they, too, got on with their blameless lives. My Mum (surviving my Dad) has a good deal of money in the bank. Not because she was a slave trader or imperialist or capitalist but because they simply saved hard for their retirement, tightening the belt when necessary.

    My point? This generation of SJWs are just spoilt, middle class brats who have it so good they have time on their hands to protest about utter irrelevant crap. The decline of this country began with Tony Blair and their management of the UK.

  15. I really miss the SJW crowd a great deal. The scope on my rifle is defective.
    Nothing but a crew of unicorn-haired, gender confused moral crusaders, who happily bleat-on about being a full time “victim” of some shit. Get to cunt, you rainbow-mopped bunch of cunts. They can’t decide whether to be a clunge-gobbler or a shit stabber, or both?

    Gender neutral my scrubbed arse. Male, Female…or “Other”? What in a bag of salty fuck is Other? “Boys can have periods too”. Fuck off. “Oh, but biology doesn’t suit my agenda”. No…but being a homegrown cunt clearly has. Go wank off your unicorn in Narnia, you spacehopper fucks.

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