Deluded Fucks

Nomination: Deluded Fucks.

Is it me or is the whole world (or just the internet) absolutely full of deluded fucks who see reality as they want it to be rather than how it actually is? I give you…

1/ Deluded fucks who think they are women when they have a Y-chromosome. When a person is suffering from anorexia, you don’t play into their illness and shout ‘put down the fork, tubby.’ Yes, there are a small number of people who suffer from gender dysphoria but the amount of attention this issue receives is completely disproportionate to the number of (genuine) cases.

2/ Deluded fucks who think I should ‘celebrate’ their sex life. Fuck that. Even more deluded are the people who expect me to pay for their sex life.

3/ Deluded fucks who think supporting the brutal neoliberal international order erected since the mid 1970s is left-wing. The same deluded fucks who think a 300,000+ yearly increase in population has no effect on house prices. Demand and supply is racist!

4/ Deluded fucks who think the special circumstances of the second half of the eighteenth century that enabled a small group of rainy islands in the North Atlantic to become the world’s leading power can be replicated in the twenty first century. Twats.

5/ Deluded fucks who love to slag off Judaism and Christianity but praise a younger and more aggressive version of the same bullshit ‘religion.’

6/ Deluded fucks who think reading a book and disliking the contents is the same as hating the people who CHOOSE to follow the sordid teachings of that book (or, more likely, have those teachings imposed upon them).

7/ Deluded fucks who claim to be feminists and scream the place down about the ‘injustices’ suffered by multimillionaire (mostly white) Hollywood actress whilst ignoring the misogyny, FGM and forced marriage inflicted on (mostly nonwhite) women throughout the Middle East and South Asia.

8/ Deluded fucks who think an endless scrap over a worthless strip of desert on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean between two sets of religious fucktards is the most important geopolitical issue in the world today. To the mouth breathers obsessed with this non-issue, what about Abkhazia, Transnistria or the Sahrawi Republic? But then, most of them couldn’t find the Isle of Wight if presented with a map of the world. (Please note: this is an endorsement of neither side in this dispute. I simply don’t give a fuck).

9/ Deluded fucks who go on about ‘international law’ (an entirely fictitious concept) when going on about some refugees but switch to talking about ‘morality’ when the Refugee Convention of 1951 becomes inconvenient to their desire to rescue migrants on boats in the Channel.

And finally…

10/ Deluded fucks who think spending 20 minutes venting their spleen on the award-winning website ISAC will have any effect on anything.

Nominated by Cunt’s Mate Cunt

56 thoughts on “Deluded Fucks

  1. Great pic, is this an Owen Jones Brighton Beach dream sequence or the Brexit negotiations team we sent over to the cunts in Brussels?

  2. Well 10/ does certainally have an effect on my blood pressure…..
    I think my head would’ve exploded by now if it wasn’t for ISAC.
    Every time I turn on sly news or the beebistan I feel it rising. I feel my palms sweating and my head vein starts to throb.
    20 minutes on ISAC and I’m ready to face the world again without wanting to murder anyone. Well not at for a while anyway…..

    • Its a soother alright Deploy. A bunch of cunters who love their county and are tired of being raped by political parasites, ungrateful gimmigrants aided by luvvies/SJW’s/libtards.

    • Indeed, I would probably be in prison by now for attempting to blow up Cuntminster without my vital daily dose of ISAC.

    • (And I should state for the record I didn’t see DtS’s comment saying basically the same thing before posting mine).

      • I wear a Dickies steel toe cap boot on my right foot and a stiletto on my left. I shave my right leg and half of my head.

        Ohh I’m so confused, don’t try and appease me by saying I’m normal.

  3. On the subject of rubber boats and the cunts that ride them…
    “We need to do more”
    “Lives could be lost”
    “The government have lost control”
    FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!
    BBC fucking news…. listen…..

    • “Lives could be lost” – I stopped giving a flying fuck years ago.

      “The government has lost control” – Has anyone noticed?

      • The comment that the government has lost control implies they had it to start with.

        The current government is woefully inadequate and negligent in absolutely everything it does, and absolutely everything it doesn’t do that it should.

        In other words a fucking shambles of a cunt government which may well be remembered arguably as perhaps the worst in recent times.

  4. I generally agree but take issue with point 10 – if it wasn’t for ISAC I would never have heard of half of the scum being cunted and, I suspect, my life would be better for it. Not that I have any intention of leaving now.

  5. Thought I’d check out Cunts Corner to see what it’s like compared to this – seems OK but definitely a lower class of cunting to here. And donations and having to set up an account to post – really?

    • I have a look from time to time and what always strikes me is that many contributors seem much more interested in ripping into each other than doing a bit of cunting. Don’t know if it’s ‘faux’ in that it’s part of the site’s style, but they genuinely seem to loathe each other. It detracts from the point, and lowers the standard a lot. On here we get much more wit and acerbity imo, and much more of a tongue in cheek approach.

      • Yeah that’s what I noticed – we’re much more of a friendly community on here even when there are disagreements and for the most part we all get along. Any behaviour like that starts up here and Admin quite rightly brings the hammer down – they seem to just use the cuntings as an excuse to tear each other apart.

      • Yea there does seem to be a lot of trolls and cunts on there.
        It’s nowhere near as good as ISAC.

    • Just found a comment from one of them in the spam filter. If that’s what they consider a high class of cunter over there then I’m certainly happy to be a part of this site instead.

  6. That ‘ worthless strip of desert’ holds all the major sacred sites of the three great monotheistc world religions. Anyone who thinks that the fight for who controls it is not important is deluded.

      • The best cure would be some badly aimed nukes….
        If a few “go astray” all the better.
        Just keep trying until we get it.

      • I was thinking exactly the same thing – dial up a circular error probable of 1,000 miles and keep tossing the MIRVs in to the basket.

        You can’t go wrong.

  7. I believe we will leave the EU in March. That’s how fucking deluded I am.

    And is anyone deluded enough to think that there would be peace and light in the Middle East if Israel didn’t exist?

    (Yemen. Libya. Egypt. Syria. Iran. Saudi. Kurdistan. Iraq. Kashmir. Gulf States. Somalia. Not much Zionist input there. They seem to hate each other as much as they hate Jews and the West.)

  8. With all due respect CMC, I think you may be somewhat deluded re: 10/. I refer of course to the ‘ISAC effect’.

    According to chaos theory, the things that really change the world are the tiny things. In chaos theory, the ‘ISAC effect’ is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

    Example: a Cunter vents his spleen on ISAC for 20 minutes. Subsequently Leave win the EU Referendum by 1,269,501 votes.

    I rest my case.

    • That must have been a Dick Fiddler rant on ‘the darkies’ or ‘Roma benefit scroungers’.

  9. Regarding number 4 – no deal wouldn’t mean reestablishing the Empire. It would just mean being free from EU control – which is a very good thing. Very few of us I’m sure expect to reach those heights again even though many on this esteemed site no deal.

  10. Waiting 41 years to change my vote on the EU, could say that was deluded but patience is a virtue.
    Just hope it wasn’t wasted.

    Roll on the 29th March

    • Christ – I missed a bit …
      The look in the eye as you try and put forward a reasonable argument….. the ‘intelligence’ is totally lacking as it looks forward into blank space as it plays with the girl’s hair with teeth looking like a bad fix on that other four eyed cunt who’s name I can’remember

      • Guy Verhofstadt……(bad teeth) is the cunt I was thinking of – took me ages to find the bastard as he is so irrelevant.

  11. We have a Social Security System that allows fuckers to make choices like this. No S. S. then every fucker just gets along without all of this fuckwittery

  12. Call me honking baws. Out means oot. Fucking peacefulls in a dingy get more respect than us cunters

  13. If these people are in so much danger in France maybe we should just invade and ‘rescue’ the fucking lot of them. Anyway, we’re told the EU is perfect so why do they want to come to ‘little England’?

    • In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re still part of that ‘perfect’ EU…. 🙂

      And the gimmegrants, unlike us, are not deluded enough to think we’ll ever leave it. Besides they don’t give a fuck either way, they know what mugs we are – no other country in the EU hands out free healthcare, housing and benefits like we do. And for a bonus, most of them understand enough of the language when it suits them.

      Why wouldn’t they want to come here?

  14. We’re all deluded. If we weren’t we wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning.
    I get up so as not to blow my cover.
    God I’m bored.

  15. On the subject of delusion, I’ve been looking into flat earth theory. Not because I think there’s something in it, I’m trying to work out why the fuck anyone who can dress themselves believes it. Not only are they dumb as fuck, they think they are intellectually superior for believing in it. Then again, most bellends who believe in conspiracy theories say things like they are ‘woke’ or call non gullible cunts sheeple, just because they cannot see past all the mountains of verifiable evidence and take the word of some swivel eyed prick on YouTube. Cunts.

      • They have an answer for everything. Well, not real answers, but more bullshit nonsense and fake as fuck pseudoscience which could only convince the fuckwits who will believe any old crap.

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