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‘Grow up and get real’. Thus spake our illustrious Attorney General Geoffrey Cox recently to MPs demanding the publication of the government’s full legal analysis of Mrs May’s Brexit ‘deal’. Cox refused to allow full disclosure. ‘It’s no use baying and shouting’, Cox told the Commons. ‘What I’m trying to do is guard the national interest’.

Methinks I detect the scent of a very large rat. Followers of the Brexit shenanigans will know that a summary of the advice has already revealed that some UK laws can still be overruled by the EU post Brexit. Oily Robbins has also admitted that the UK has not won the argument on frictionless trade, hence the woeful ‘backstop’ proposal.

You claimed, Mr Cox, that your actions were ‘in the national interest’. Well, this is indeed a decision crucial to the interests of each and every one of us. How exactly is it ‘in the national interest’ to deny potentially vital information to the country’s elected representatives in such a situation, not to mention to the citizens who pay your hefty salary?
Here’s what I think. I think it likely that the full text contains more information and opinion that is very unpalatable to the government, and potentially very damaging politically to May and her ‘deal’. I believe that you don’t want this to see the light of day, so you tried to use ‘the national interest’ line to keep it buried. If the advice was so positive for the government, I venture to suggest that you’d be falling over yourself to see it published in full.
Still, whatever information the complete document actually holds, and whatever your motives were, you’ve failed anyway.

For the first time in our history, MPs have voted that the government be held in contempt of Parliament on the matter. Your hand has been forced; Andrea Leadsom says the full assessment will now be released and indeed it must, or there will be absolute hell to pay.

I hear that you’re a very able man, Mr Cox, potential Prime Minister material. In all honesty, I have to say that to me, you looked like a shifty dissembler, a man prepared to deceive and deny by hiding behind a smokescreen of bluster. You sure as hell acted in SOMEONE’S interest, but I have my doubts that you were acting in the NATION’S interests, and you insulted our intelligence when you resorted to this flimsy ploy. Contempt of Parliament? I reckon your actions demonstrated contempt for THE PEOPLE. Well I’ve got contempt too.

May I therefore respectfully suggest sir, that you fuck right off? In the national interest, of course.

Nominated by Ron Knee

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  1. Brilliant post Ron ! Ithink that sums up exactly how the Nation feels this morning, and to think that only two Tory MP’s had the bottle to go against the motion says it all. Leadsome and that loathesome turd Gove particularly should be removed from office immediately ( in pieces ),

    • Hi all . .
      Yep watching Mrs Mayhem’s speech last night she just carried on as normal?? fucking weird that . . . I had visions of her & all her cronies hanging for this but I was wrong. . business as usual

  2. Woke up, logged on, navigated to ISAC only to be greeted by one slimy “I wish he was dead” cunt, in Tony Blair; followed by this slippery little shitstain in Mr A. Cock!

    Has put me right off my brekkie of a sossie sarnie


  3. It’s just more “hinder and hope” obfuscation on both sides of both houses, especially as some lickspittle EU legal cunt has identified that the UK could legally just choose to stay in the EU as is, and without interference by any of the other EU countries.

    The thing is, this has always been the case and both sides (the EU and the UK) have known it from day one.

    The reason why it was never mentioned in the early days and weeks of Brexit is because had they done so, we would have told them to simply fuck off.

    So we have 18 months of interference by the overt remainers and subterfuge by remainers in leavers clothing.

    This is all designed so that now, when everyone is sick to death of the whole fucking thing, anyone now saying: “Orrrrrr, orrrrr, we could just stay in??” – we no longer bat an eyelid.

    And through apathy, contrition and no real appetite for procrastinating any further, we stay in by default and the single-most greatest betrayal of democracy ever witnessed across humankind will be complete.

    Only because we are so worn down by it all, they’ll spin it like they did us all a big favour!

    May’s deal MUST fail!

    May MUST go!

    We leave on WTO rules (and play hardball with the bullies)!

    There is NO remain option!

    That time has passed.

    • “Campos Sanchez-Bordona, European Court of Justice (ECJ) advocate general, told the EU’s top court it should allow the UK to withdraw its notice of intent to leave the bloc.

      Although his opinion is not binding, the ECJ tends to follow the advocate general’s stance in its final rulings.”

      Interesting that “his opinion is not binding”….so,presumably we could go crawling back only to discover later that “Surprise Suprise” the ECJ rejects his ruling and they actually can alter the terms of our return retrospectively.

      I know that I posted this in the Blair thread,but I,for one,wouldn’t put such an action beyond the EU. If we are forced into withdrawing Article 50, there should be cast-iron guarantees that we will not be “punished”,and not just vague “tends to follow” words about the legal position if (when) Article 50 is withdrawn.

  4. In laymans terms…….we are fucked.
    I was once proud of this country, now I couldn’t give a fuck.
    This debacle has to be one of the most embarrassing for any party that has been in power and May has been the most treacherous weakest leader this country has seen ( Blair is and will always be a bigger cunt in my eyes, but that is another story).
    The EU have run rings around our negotiators and they have made us look weak and feeble.
    Looks good for the future doesn’t it…….PM Steptoe…….Home Secretary Abbott…..
    Cunts, cunts, cunts……

    • Ah don’t be too hard on ( sucks) cox BMP it’s easier to forget £400,000 of income than you would imagine 😂
      He’s just another fucking turd in the swamp…….

      Just watching all of the referendum denying cunts in parliament is making me feel sick!! Since the vote in 2016 many have wilfully blocked Brexit as they would never agree with it no matter what may had delivered , watching Keir Starmer talking about labours 6 tests for Brexit is always particularly irritating ( full SM access and full customs union etc ) of course that’s called remaining you disingenuous cunt!! these deceitful bastards only allowed the proletariat to vote believing it was a forgone conclusion for remain and never had any intention of delivering it….
      It’s been nothing more than an elaborate hoax………
      BOE cunt yesterday had the cheek to state all his post referendum project fear predictions had been correct ??
      Black is definitely white in modern Britain…….
      ( sorry to have deviated on post I’m just so fucking angry!!)

      Excellent cunting RK…..

  5. As the prospects of the UK ever leaving the EU become more and more remote , it’s all smiley faces on the goggle box news channels this morning .
    Fuck off you cunts.
    Good cunting Ron.

  6. Democracy in action in the “Mother of all Parliaments”.

    Don’t make me fucking laugh.

  7. This sweating bucket of lard is probably crapping his massive shitstained pants now his legal bullshit has to be published in full. Hopefully, it’ll show that the fat turd “misled parliament”, i.e. lied his flabby posh face off, and he’ll be dealt with accordingly. Personally, I’d set fire to the fat cunt, but he’d be like one of those tyre dump fires that burns for years. Fat remaintard wanky cunt.

    • Don’t be cruel …….. give him some company , herd him and all his colleagues and the cunt Lords into Westminster, lock the doors and torch the place.
      Year zero , that’s where it’s at.
      And I know.

    • What’s the betting a few ‘insignificant’ words will go astray when the ‘official’ legal advice is published in ‘full’? I wouldn’t trust that pompous cunt Cox as far as I could kick the fat fuck.

      Meanwhile it looks like the ‘holiday season’ is coming early for Corbyn and his Momentum brownshirts… they’re no doubt popping the champagne corks and laughing their black polyester socks off.

  8. ‘The mob is always moral’. GKC. Contrast the bullshit in parliament with what has happened in France this week. Nigel Farage has quit UKIP saying -‘There is room for another Brexit party’. We don’t need another Brexit party. We need mobs on the streets.

  9. There is going to be more than 40 hours of debate this week. Then a Meaningless Vote will take place. There will be impassioned contributions on both sides. But MPs are guaranteed a Meaningless Vote. ‘How many of the same opinion say aye?’ ‘Aye’. ‘How many to the contrary?’ ‘Nay’. And the Meaningless Vote will have been taken. It doesn’t matter who wins of course because it is Meaningless. But we can go back to our constituencies and pretend we live in a Democracy.

    • …and in the meantime they sign the Marrakech Agreement unhindered while everyone’s eyes are on the Brexit football…

  10. The one and only Green mp caroline lucas was on bbc breakfast with her silly little smug smile, she looks like a cat that has just found the cream
    Utter smug CUNT.

    The more I see all these snowflake cunts the more I like Trump……

    where are our leaders with a pair of balls?

    • You are right, the smug remoaner cunts know they are on to a winner. They can see the finishing line and know they are nearly there.
      Fucking cunts. They won’t be forgotten.

    • A little off topic, but in response to your comment on Trump. As soon as he was elected I said this is actually good for America, yes he’s a baffoon, but he’s a hugely successful one. He also doesn’t mince his words, in fact he puts them on Twitter. He is a genuine business man, who wanted to build a wall as a statement rather than as an actual border. To say, American citizens should come first. I mean there’s controversy in regards how he had to win the election but don’t tell me Wife scorned wasn’t using dirty tricks. Americans voted for Trump because they were sick of the usual lying, fake, self indulged, self interested wankers they had before. We should take a leaf and say no more to these fucking bullshit peddlers in suits. Not one of them has the British publics interests at heart, there’s no selfless acts in our parliament, it’s all to polish their own ring pieces. Rant over.

      • All I’ll say is that Killary spent $1.3bn on her election campaign in total, had every news agency apart from Fox in her back pocket, and had every cunt in the Glitterati set backing and promoting her.

        And she STILL lost to a man who didn’t spend even a 10th of that on his campaign, who the lamestream and elites hated, and who stood on an “unelectable” campaign of immigration and putting Americans first.

        That tells you two things:

        1) How hated Killary must be.
        2) How the elites have lost touch completely with the ordinary American public.

  11. What a pile of Amateur dramatics this old ham was – BOOMING deep voice one minute then sotto, convincing voice the next. It was like watching a Gilbert & Sullivan:

    “I am the captain of the Pinafore, 🎵 I am the monarch of the sea. I am an obfuscating cunt, 🎵 Vote this shit i-nnnn!”

  12. Forensically brilliant cunting Ron.

    Bleedin’ obvious all along the legal advice was unhelpful to the government but what most bemuses me is that this sort of detail invariably emerges anyway because of FOI, changes in political party running the country, or sheer hatred of a predecessor.

    It’s clearer than ever that Brexit won’t happen. This failure to honour the Referendum and national humiliation is a catastrophically shameful episode in our political history and will have far-reaching repercussions for democracy. It makes me want to shit on every ballot paper I ever complete and stink out the Polling Station.

    It’s guaranteed that Catweazle will soon have the keys to No 10 and the Tories will be wiped out by 200 seats and be consigned to oblivion for at least a decade.

  13. It’s like the final act of a Wagner opera. Loud, OTT, interminable, boring, and you know the ending anyway so why did you bother paying for a seat?

    We. Are. Fucked.

    • Roll on Treesa’s “Selbst-Liebestod.”

      I hope the bitch dies in most appalling agony.

      Sod her.

  14. Thanks to each for the kind words re. my cunting of this slippery fuck. It makes me feel a little better to know I’m not alone as I watch all these slimy cunts selling the referendum result down the river. As Komodo says, we’re fucked I reckon. This could turn out to be the biggest political betrayal ever.

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