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Dominic Grieve. I need to say very little and you will no doubt agree with me. His motion to give MP’s a vote on what happens after Treason May’s shitty deal gets voted out the door, basically has killed off any chance of no deal, in fact he’s basically killed Brexit because the fucking snowflake cunts in the commons will vote to revoke article 50.

Democracy at it’s finest, give you a vote, tell you that they’ll honour the vote, completely fuck up negotiations, start to shirk at the mess they’ve made, plant a seed of retreat, continue to fuck up selling their shitty negotiated deal, throw their hands up in defeat and say sorry, pretend it never happened.

Fuck you Dominic Grieve and the rest of you twat, non democratic, lying, backstabbing, arsehole MP cunts.

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    • I wish his party in Beaconsfield would deselect the raddled old cunt, who looks just like one of those dodgy vicars who used to populate the inside pages of the News Of The World.

      People like Dame Keir Starmer are so up their own arse you expect them to make trouble, but an ex Conservative minister?. There’s the rub probably – the old wankstain is probably miffed he is no longer *important* and his consolation prize is to exhibit himself on TV poncing about in his Max Factor, pretending to still have his finger on the pulse. He will never find the pulse where he keeps his finger.

      I feel sorry for the undertaker who finally has to make the old motherfucker look lifelike.

  1. Here’s a new one on me ……..SPECIESISM ! Apparently you should not use phrases like “flogging a dead horse” or “take the bull by the horns” as it discriminates against other species. This is all part of “evolving language” in the “social justice awareness world.”

    Fuck a duck.


    • So I suppose the expression “ a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the nightclub “ is banned then?
      when will this madness end?
      According to grieve he’s not trying to sabotage may or Brexit ? Ah that’s comforting to know…… CUNT😡😡

      • One in Kate Bush is worth two in the hand when I was a spotty youth.

        But she probably stinks of cat piss these days.

    • I have always taken issue with anyone calling Blair a snake, as this is grossly discriminatory against snakes. For the same reason, I cannot call the proponents of this idiocy soft, pallid maggots burrowing in the decomposing entrails of a once-great nation.

      Fuck them.

    • Actually proposed by a vegan group.

      Now there’s a fucking surprise!

      Another minority fringe group lording it over the majority with bullshit ideas born of too much bastard time on their hands, in between sulphurous farts!


  2. Grieve and his ilk are everything wrong with this country and epitomize the total and utter sell out of the British people. The betrayal for me was expected ….what annoys the fuck out of me more is the assumption were too fucking stupid to see the establishment stitch up. The deliberate shit sandwich deal/ the EU court saying on the very 1st debate day we can call whole thing off/ the vote to kill any no deal/ the daily drip drip drip of take shit sandwich/ remain in the EU people’s vote ( anyone with a brain can see it should be shit sandwich or leave on wto) but no… a la’ Goebbels…..keep saying it and say it loud and people will start to believe it.

    Complicit in the betrayal of their country:
    The commons
    The lords
    The CBI
    The mainstream media
    The education system and academia
    The bank of England
    The Scottish government
    The Irish government
    The law courts
    The civil service

    I’m no great wit or wordsmith but in my mind …to take a lend of a famous quote from our past ….is say this


    • That just about sums it up SC …….
      A major piece of absolute chicanery is going to happen today with release of the Brexit papers……..
      A stitch up deal designed to fail…….

    • You forgot to mention the prominent Leave politicians, including UKIP & Nigel Farage, and other influential Brexiteers who have allowed Treasoner May and the Remoaners to get away with blue fucking murder since the morning of June 24 2016.

      A plague on ALL their houses!

      • I’ve changed my opinion on Farage. Either he’s been threatened with another plane crash or he’s more interested in his own personal agenda. He had the chance and fluffed it really.

        Tommy.. tommy tommy robinson!

      • Your right Chunky, Nigel Farage is one of those cunts that causes big trouble then walks away leaving everyone else to shovel up the shit.

      • Morning Ruff Tuff, UKIP and leave campaigners have kept very quite during this debacle. Ive lost faith in Nigel Farage He’s been spending most of his time lately denouncing Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson and talking about starting a new UKIP Party.. Perhaps UKIP told him to fuck off ?
        Because of bias mainstream Media / despicable Politicians and Leave campaigners inability to take them to task We are now the laughing stock of Europe if not the World. What a fucking shambles.

      • Afternoon Fenton. Agree, though to be fair to Farage he did initially offer his services to the Government after the referendum, but they wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole.

        He also offered to be a go-between with Trump, but that’s another story…

  3. Grieve’s motion can’t actually stop No Deal, it can only advise the Government that Parliament is against a No Deal outcome.
    The motion is not binding on the Government because it is not legislation. It does however put the Government under increased pressure.
    In the event that the Government cannot get Parliament to endorse their deal, whatever that turns out to be, by March 29th next year, the current legislation defaults to No Deal.

    • I agree RTC. Treason May can go for a protracted walking holiday for a few months (preferably along a large number of unprotected cliff edges) and the job is done. All the remoaners in Parliament can huff and puff but there is fuck all they can do – only the Executive can propose new legislation.

  4. I imagine anyone with the power to influence a decision (should one ever occur) who looks remotely like a no-dealer has long been subverted by business interests. With expensive lunches, during which it has been explained in the friendliest manner possible that the revolving door from Westminster to an afterlife of paid speechifying, multiple directorships and ‘advising’ banks will cease to revolve if the free flow of money in one direction and cheap labour in another encounters ripples in the stream.

    No Deal is a dead duck. Capital beats democracy any day of the week, though it rarely has to be so offensively obvious about it. It pains me more than I can say, but the May compromise is the only remaining way to detach ourselves even partially from the EU. Failing blood on the streets, anyway.

    Successfully sidelined for the duration of this hopeless exercise, has been any realistic discussion of immigration from outside the EU. Which would not be addressed by leaving*, and which remains the elephant in the room.

    *If we left the French would build a highway surrounded by security to convey African new arrivals directly from Marseilles to Calais, where they would be issued with boats and just enough fuel to reach Kent. Just pour rire.

    • We already have effective unilateral control of immigration from outside the EU. If we choose not to exercise it, that’s our problem.

      It’s only EU immigration we have no control over, and still won’t have in reality if May’s fudge goes through.

      • I don’t deny it’s our problem. But ‘effective’ control? When, how, who by? Last year saw a 14-year high for non-EU immigration. There will never be effective control. For that we need the means (underfunded and stretched) the motive (lacking as cheap labour is Good For Business) and the opportunity (eg to make the perfidious Frog etc send their illegals back where they came from instead of Calais). Don’t buy ‘effective’, sorry. ‘Cosmetic’ would be better.

      • My point is that it’s up to our elected Government what they do about rest of the world immigration, not the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

        You could argue we have no ‘effective’ control over anything, so why bother with Brexit in the first place? I won’t be bothering with it anymore, the political establishment has well and truly fucked us over, which is what I predicted would happen before I voted, but we live in hope.

      • My point was intended to be only that the whole Brexit shambles has very successfully sidelined half of the immigration issue – a prime reason for the Leave vote – for two years. While the media have been weeping floods of tears over the sad plight of non-EU migrants…whom we are being primed to accept. Because they’re even cheaper.

        I have a nasty suspicion that I should have paid more attention to my dear old Nan when she told me to be careful what I wished for…

      • Indeed – the Brexit shambles has sidelined EVERYTHING.

        And, as the Carpenters would put it, “we’ve only just begun…” 🎶

  5. I know that this will be like a red rag to a bull to several Posters,but Fuck it……

    I know that hindsight is a hell of a gift,but did anyone seriously believe that we were going to get the Deal that Gove,Johnson and Farage were touting pre-referendum? They promised the World in the belief that they would never be called on to actually deliver it. They surfed a wave of jingoistic nostalgia for when we could tell Johnny Foreigner to Fuck Off, and some deluded belief that the EU was just going to roll over and let us dictate terms…of course they weren’t. Why would they?

    “Big business” rules countries these days,not elected Officials,and Big Business didn’t want Brexit….no way that they were going to allow !7 million voters in the U.K. upset their Pan-European experiment. Hence the last two years of relentless fudging and dissemination of real and imagined difficulties until we near the end-game. I don’t believe for a minute that we will be allowed to leave on a No-Deal basis,I think that it was always designed to come down to accepting a shitty Deal or No-Brexit deal.

    I also don’t particularly blame May for the shitty deal,she was, I believe, actually trying to deliver some form of Brexit. However she never had the power,position or desire to deliver something that was unobtainable…the La-La Land Brexit dangled by Johnson et al.

    We can rail against individual politicians with every justification. They have all lied from the start. “Brexit” was undeliverable. However,after Cameron,through his own hubris and arrogance,called the Referendum and got the result that nobody expected,I believe that it was immaterial who actually was tasked with delivering the undeliverable. I suspect that The Tories would have been rather pleased to actually have lost the last election and handed the whole Poisoned Chalice to Labour,only to ride in on a White Charger when the inevitable meltdown occurred…unfortunately,for them,it has worked out quite the reverse and we now have the unedifying prospect of Corbyn and Abbott riding to our “rescue”.

    Having given up on the prospect of a meaningful Brexit,and believing that a No-Deal Brexit is not an option,I hope that we can,indeed,return under existing terms. Better to be “in”,with a seat at the table,than “out” while still beholden and ultimately ruled by them.

    Humiliating,demeaning surrender, I know. However,if nothing else,Brexit has shown us the value of “Democracy” in this country,and,indeed,opened our eyes to our own position in an increasingly Globalised world.

    “Your Vote Counts”…..does it Fuck.

    • I broadly agree but what really angers me is that nancy boys like Fry, Mangeldbum, Duncan, Greening, Streeting and Bradshaw, know it all darkies like Lammy and Umunna and ponces like Blair, Clarke, Adonis etc to have the last fucking laugh.

      The rot set in with Farage when he joined that fucking awful LBC shower – fame (of a sort) and easy money for the visually challenged.

      I never expected the heaven some of the more swivel eyed politicians suggested, but I did expect them to at least honour in part the democratic vote.

      I would still only vote UKIP and I would tell any representitive of LibLabCon to FUCK OFF of my doorstep.

      • You think LBC is bad? You don’t know the meaning of “bad” till you’ve tried ABBC Radio 4….

    • Never believed anyones promises of what could be and I didn’t look for them.

      For me it was purely on principle of governance, and that has to be the foundational pillar of our nation – intra and inter national government will always fail so long as there’s visible and invisible borders. Plus should we wish to revolt its easier to get to Westminster than Brussels.. leaders need that fear of imminent death by mob to keep them in line.

      I did believe they would try to fuck us. All that remains now is to burn it all. We’ll see the end of modern society as we know it in the next 100 years anyway.. all that matters is founding and governing principles for the next iteration.

      Fuck it.

    • I agree, in so much as this was the direction we were always headed once ‘negotiations’ started on a ‘deal’. Any sane person, would say “nope, negotiations just lead to uncertainty, which negatively affects the markets and the value of our currency, the least damaging route would be to leave with no deal, announce the leaving date as March 2019 and use the next two years as a period to allow businesses to adapt and develop strategies going forwards”. If you had the economy to heart the whole time, you’d want to create the least amount of uncertainty, markets like stability. Brexit didn’t cause the pound to slump, this circus of no one knowing what the fuck is going on did.

      But alas, MP’s will say it’s now too late for no deal, as there’s no time to adapt. May’s deal is literally the worst case scenario, so that won’t happen. They’ve left us with no other option. They’ve made it so remaining is now the only choice, because if we’re stubborn and leave regardless, on May’s shitty deal, we really would be fucking every Brit over. Well played establishment, well fucking played. Just like chess, we could move the queen to take that knight but in return we’d lose the game.

      Mavis, although yes didn’t have a chance, was put there to fail, it was her job to fail, I’d be surprised if she wasn’t in on the whole thing. She needs to go and soon. The only positive thing that can happen is if a brexiteer replaces her as PM. But let’s be honest, it probably fucking won’t be. And if Catweazel wins a GE, we can expect more woes. A second referendum, that has several leave options and one remain will mean remain wins, and because the majority of Britain can’t do maths, they’ll blindly believe it was all fair. I’ll have to listen to remoaners hark on at how they were ‘right’, like listening to flat earthers, vegans, Mumsnet……. sorry for the pessimism, but I’m done. I give up.

    • Agree… although should point out that Gove, Johnson and Farage were never in any position to promise anything, they had no power.
      Failing No Deal, Remain would indeed be better than May’s deal, which was no doubt concocted by the powers that be to bring about the disastrous circumstances we find ourselves in today.

    • Not a red rag so much as a reasonable description of the current position. The realistic alternatives are indeed Remain and something like May’s incomplete surrender. Incomplete, because it offers at least some disconnect from the EU. Which is not a sustainable organisation. If as we may think, the whole farce has been set up to keep us in the EU while pretending to respect the referendum result, the most embarrassing action possible would be enthusiastically to support the May deal. If adopted, the lack of input to EU decisions resulting from that would be a very good source of grievance, and a basis for working to extricate ourselves completely.

      With the greatest respect to a fine mind, capacious quaffer and a superb shot, DF, I think surrendering is short-termist, and gives the EU the wrong impression – that they can get away with this kind of shit.

      As this tinker’s caravan of an issue creaks towards the inevitable second referendum – if it even mentions No Deal, the ground will be well prepared by then for us to reject that – I very reluctantly advocate voting for the May compromise. Otherwise the last two years have been a monumental waste of everyone’s time.

      • Afternoon, K.

        ” I think surrendering is short-termist, and gives the EU the wrong impression – that they can get away with this kind of shit”…..the trouble is,they’ve as good as proved that they CAN get away with it. I believe that accepting May’s deal very firmly places us at the lower table,a second-class nation who accepts their edicts,but without any voice or input. At least a return to the position PreBrexit gives the illusion that we still have some influence and voice.
        The last two years won’t be considered a waste by the E.U….they’ll consider it a salutary lesson for any other country thinking of dipping their toe in the water,and they’ll have firmly put the U.K. in their place.The days of demanding rebates and “handbagging” are firmly over, May-Deal or Remain Deal. From our point of view,the last two years will least I hope,opened peoples’ eyes to the reality of our position as an independent nation,and as a people who believe that our vote counts.
        Must admit that I’m not so sure about the EU being an unsustainable organisation. It may be forced to adapt and change face,but the basic structure will remain, I believe. It truly is “too big to fail” and won’t be allowed to,no matter how much discomfort it may cause to individual Countries or Peoples. At the risk of sounding like a tin-hat devotee, I believe that the “EU” is a front for something far bigger and more insidious,and the “Men behind the Curtains” are far too well advanced in their plans to fail now.

      • “At least a return to the position PreBrexit gives the illusion that we still have some influence and voice.”

        A completely transparent illusion IMHO. I understand your viewpoint, and the reasoning behind it. I almost agree, in fact, but not quite. Aiming to assert your national influence while at the same time handing over your national identity seems illogical to me. I would rather admit I’ve been maneouvred into a shaming compromise than admit I and 17.4 million others have bowed to the will of the superior power and repented of our stupid error.

        Practicality – you’re probably right, the only available road is towards the globalist hell in which every facet of the twolegged production unit’s life is programmed (and monitored) to feed equity into a few bank accounts.
        Principles – not so sure. Flawed they may be, but I’ll stick to mine for now.

        You always make me think, damn you…

      • I could NEVER envisage the fourth reich softening its approach, or admitting to any mistakes.

        They are full-steam-ahead-federal-states-of-Europe
        teracunts, and will trample on anyone and anything.
        But the terminal stage of Coudenhove-Kalergi sickness may just fuck them up too, I hope.

        I am seething…

      • Afternoon Dick – if May’s deal (or similar) goes through, they will at least have our £57billion+ to play with before going tits up and heading for South America (or wherever it is Nazis go to retire these days).

      • Afternoon,RTC….I don’t think that they’re going anywhere. That’s the trouble. Wishful thinking to imagine that it’s all just going to implode and we’ll just go back to The Good Old Days. We’re way too far down the road for that, I reckon.

      • They certainly won’t be going anywhere soon if they get their grubby mits on our equivalent of 6 years NET membership fees!

        PS: The “Good Old Days” are gone forever regardless. I harbour zero illusions on that score…

      • ““Big business” rules countries these days,not elected Officials,and Big Business didn’t want Brexit….no way that they were going to allow !7 million voters in the U.K. upset their Pan-European experiment”

        Exactly why I stopped putting my faith in leaders or politicians they are all compromised cunts acting their parts.

        “I also don’t particularly blame May for the shitty deal,she was, I believe, actually trying to deliver some form of Brexit” Me neither but for wholly different reasons she was a compromised cunt from the beginning she never wanted a brexit to begin with she is pro eu always was and hates the people who voted brexit as it ruins her going ons in the eu political arena Also anyone find it ironic tony blair spoke in her favor? because I don’t

  6. Or the camel in the room. The backstop. So you have a lorry stopped at the border. The back stops because of the economic power of the EU. The front cannot go forward because the UK is economically weaker. Northern Ireland will not be allowed to go forward as a punishment for the UK not stopping in the EU. The lorry will be told back up. Simple economics. In the tug of war the EU is stronger.

  7. Wow. This is really not the Great British spirit I am reading here.

    Early capitulation is not an option and we must try to see this through.

    I voted leave and I WILL LEAVE. Anyone like to join me?

    Goodbye for now.

  8. The bloke from the Carry on Films An utter traitor to his constituents who should now deselect him from parliament All these MPs who act in defiance of there constituents who voted to leave the EU should be deselected from office as MPs they work for us not us them I would have thought they would have remembered that after the expenses scandal apparently not? All these Brexit blockers who defy the will of the people should be banned from Parliament full stop

  9. You can see how well this has been played, by the conflicting ideas of what is now the best way forward on a website that is stoically for a hard brexit.

    If they’ve managed to get us questioning what to do, they have indeed won. As any one on the fence will safely be back in the remain pen now.

    I saw Oliver Letwin on BBC news earlier say that the plan b is for a Norway style brexit. Basically remain in the EU, but without a voice. He even managed to keep a straight face when he said, ‘that would still deliver on brexit, like the people want’. Cunt. He even admitted he was a remainer but then blew his own trumpet that he had done a lot of work to help the government and brexiteers alike.

    I honestly now don’t know what to do, no deal for me is still and always was the only positive way forward, but the MP’s who, with yesterday’s Grieve motion, now have all the power going forward are pretending that no deal isn’t even an option.

    On a positive note, after the demonstrations in France, the government has agreed to temporarily stop the increase of tax on fuel. To prove violence is an option and a successful one at that. Maybe we should learn from their actions and should the smug faced, backstabbing, remainer MP’s drag us back to the EU, we don our high visibility vests and petrol bomb Westminster.

    • You might or might not want to look at this, which outlines the Norway position as it might apply to us.

      Much as I love the No Deal ideal, I can’t see any way of getting there, and even if we did, there has been zero planning for it. It’s too late. I really hate to say this, but the increased participation in the process demanded and obtained by the HoC means that there is now no possibility whatever that No Deal will ever fly. Or not until the Guy Fawkes de nos jours makes a damn sight better job of it than his predecessor. And I’d help him with the fuses.

  10. On Big business controlling politicians the same could be said about the backstab from Trump recently on him backing down like a bitch in his silly trade tariff talks with china. The whole point of the tariffs in the first place was to generate more american jobs, more american made products not more chinese products made by the chinese. Politicunts aren’t principled they say big promises out of their big floppy lips and then the big lies start falling out of their big soggy arse because they can’t back themselves out of their lies

  11. They’re no doubt banking on all those cunts who say they’ll “never vote again” sticking to their word.

    I will ALWAYS vote – even if it’s just to spoil my ballot paper – with ALL CUNTS scrawled across it! Illusion democracy may have become, but generations of cunts fought and died for our right to spoil our ballot papers.

    PS: think I require some heavy medication.

  12. Let’s say we just “stay in”.

    I wonder what would happen if 17 odd million decided that they had not been represented by the Government, when theirs was the binding majority.

    I wonder what would then happen if – without representation – they decided that they therefore were no longer liable for taxation?

    Most folk are PAYE but we all get lumbered with an ever increasing Council Tax charge for a decreasing council service.

    I wonder what 10 million (assuming a lot of Brexiteers co-habit with their spouses, etc.), multiplied by £150 avg Council Tax fee, removed from the Treasury each month would feel like?

    No taxation without representation so’s to speak. It would be justified, would it not?

    If it’s all about the money, then we really should start to target the money.

    We can march on Downing Street until our shoe leather has warn through and they won’t give a fuck.

    We can go “Yellow Jacket” on them a’la mes amants dans Paris. They’ll beat us down, using the military if necessary, we will eventually cessate, and they won’t give a fuck.

    However, if we hit them in the arse pocket, we might get their attention??

    I’m sure it could be argued – given their dereliction of duty – that it would not be illegal??

    Even so, a couple of month’s worth of Council Tax would provide a nice crowd fund to bring a 17 odd million person class action against HM Govt.

    Just saying…

    • I’m with ya rebel.
      I’ve already written to my MP, an enthusiastic and keen leaver btw, expressing a very similar point.

      If this legal and democratically held vote is not recognised and the will of the majority not enacted as per the referendum question, I.e. Leave, then going forward there is no way that the house of thieves and scum can represent me or pass legislation on or for me to be held subservient to anymore.

      Ive also said to him that further withholds on taxes would be next and despite the views of some here I believe there is potential for a fight brewing and some form of civil disobedience in the offing.

      I’d encourage fellows Cunters to contact their own MPS and do similar. Try the pen first, the sword can follow.

  13. Dominic Grieve is a Squidward looking treacherous cunt. He will be instrumental in destroying the Tories for good as millions of us up and down the UK will never forgive nor forget their fucking betrayal .Democracy has been killed by cunts like this wanker.

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