Justin Levine

A Cunting for paraplegic athlete Justin Levine

now , old Squinty was perusing the cuntfest that is the BBC tonight , for the same reasons Putin must watch CNN etc ,to have a brief adea of what your enemy is spewing forth to the masses at the moment….when I came across footage of man dragging himself through Luton Airport by his arms , legs flailing behind him. Now for a millisecond auld Cuntwood thought ” why the fuck is this happening in this day and age”…but alas , the BBC has outcunted itself along with Levine.

So actual story is this…. Levine gets off a flight and finds that his chair is left behind, a self propelling chair. Thats fucked up and pretty shitty , but hey shit does happen, what to do ?
Luton Airport offers him a standard wheechair that his comapnion pushes him toward baggage/exit…Levine is humiliated….how dare they offer him a chair he cant push himself. Also , this chair might lead to “pressure sores” as he cant manoeuvre in it . Pressure sores , from about 10 to 20 mins use ???… anyways , he decides , with his friend filming , to drag himself , legs swinging left to right like a pair of suicidal windscreen wipers , through the airport.
This is where it gets interesting and his cuntishness is fully exposed. he gets onto a baggage trolley outside , one of the wee pull along things, and drags himself to his taxi. Now the sight of him , please cunters, google it , is of his arse hanging out of a luggage trolley while he drags himself like a fucking desolate indian slumdog cripple whos found half a shopping torlley in mumbi’s shittiest dump. This is the expose….. hes all offended by the standard wheelchair but making a cunt of himself out of sheer offendedness is just fine. hes suing Luton for damages

The BBC are cunts to headline this like it was news when all along its another snowflake offended cunt looking for sympathy. This has nowt to do with paralymic athletes and everything to do with the fact anyone can be acunt no matter if able /disabled/poor/rich/black/white/male/female/left/right

BBC are cunts and so’s Levine

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

20 thoughts on “Justin Levine

  1. If I’d been in the airport I would’ve found a broom from somewhere, and done some of that fast sweeping they do in curling immediately behind him…

    That would’ve made the news….

  2. Saw the cunt on the news. His point was that there was only assisted wheelchairs available which took away his independence. Reasonable, but how would he use an aircraft toilet independently? There should be give and take to accommodate but he was just being a cunt.

  3. I’ve got nowt against cripples,but some of them can be demanding fuckers. I understand that they are crippled and things are never going to be easy for them. That doesn’t mean that they have the right to act like Cunts and demand that everything is geared around their needs.
    This particular Cunt was just acting like a spoiled brat. The airport did everything that it could to help him,but Oh no, nothing was good enough. Better to make a total exhibition of himself.

    Some of them demand to be treated like normal people,but aren’t above using their disability to their own ends. It’s not anyone else’s fault that they’re crippled,yet some of them seem to believe that everyone else should almost feel some sense of guilt and make special allowances for them.

    I must admit that I struggle with “empathy” and so probably aren’t the ideal person to comment,but they say that they want to be treated like everyone else,and I have the same lack of empathy for everyone who struggles, I’m afraid.

    Fuck Off.

  4. The way everybody just ignored the petulant brat rather restored my faith in the mass of solid, dependable British cunts.

    Unless you are totally deaf it was screamingly obvious what was going on. If the airport authorities had just said “oh just fuck you whining mong” and fined the cunt for smearing shite and filth all over the seat in the plane, I suspect the roar of approval would have been heard on mars!

    What ever happened to good manners and perhaps a bit of humour? A letter to the airport if composed with a bit of intelligence would perhaps have been more effective.

    But that’s the Britain this old cunt was brought up in, not the shitty nappy that these “woke” snowflakes have created.

    Just because you’re a cripple doesn’t mean you can’t be a supernova of cunt that it is simply impossible to have any sympathy for.

    This bell end wasn’t helpless, the massive cunt filming could easily have pushed a fucking wheelchair a few hundred yards.

    Cunt, pure and simple

  5. Admirably cunted, Squint.
    As you point out, a cunt’s a cunt, however the cunt tries to dress it up. This is nothing more than petulant exhibitionism, and I hope his claim gets shat on from a very great height.
    And of course Al-beebra’s cunted itself again in the process. I wonder who was ‘on hand’ to do the photography?

  6. He competes in disabled Marathons. So, in a sense, he prepares for this eventuality everday; developing his upper body strength. He really he should have treated the whole ordeal as ‘light exercise’.

  7. This spaz is just a cunt plain and simple.

    A fair few years ago we were travelling with a toddler. Stansted managed to completely lose the fucking pushchair (never to be seen again). It simply didn’t cross my mind to make the said infant man up to the situation and drag its way through the terminal building leaving a snail trail of shit and piss in its wake – perhaps that is where I went wrong in life, it is all now someone else’s fault and compo claims.

  8. When doine there orn yer spaccy arse why not earn a few cuid by cleaning and polishing the floor and oi – wash those fucking socks oit you cunt.

  9. When I read this story it reminded me of a very unpleasant cunt I used to work for years ago. Just to show his contempt to everyone else because he had an outsize chip in his fucking shoulder he would take his fucking false teeth out and leave them on his workbench, where he knew we could see them. He thought he was being clever and superior, but he just made himself look like an idiot toddler with false teeth. This arsewipe I suspect wanted to *shock* people, and must have been very upset that he only got 15 seconds rather than 15 minutes of fame.

  10. Useless cunt should stop arsing about and take a leaf out of Joe Swanson’s book!


    P.S. I howled at the “broken windscreen wipers” dig.

    P.P.S. Do raspberries beat “peacefuls” in the victimhood/virtue-signalling stakes or does “peacefulness” still reign supreme?

    • There should be a league table of the entitlement brigade. We know trans cunts trump feminist cunts, but where do raspberries fit in? This is the site to sort it out. Anyone up for the challenge?

  11. Reminds of the old humour
    “mrs Levine can justin come out to play a game of war”?
    “now brickbat you know hes paralised”!
    “that ok mrs Levine we can use him as a sandbag”
    “mrs Levine can justin come out to play”?
    “now brickbat you know hes paralised “!
    “thats ok me and the lads got a wheelbarrow and we are off up to the quarry”
    Self infilcted spastic

  12. I saw this cunt last week on the news and once again my boot was seconds away from being lobbed at my shite Alba TV, but it narrowly escaped when I could stand no more and turned over to watch some tosser showing middle class knobheads houses for sale. My first thought was ‘that is fucking disgusting! No wheelchairs available at an airport for the poor sod!’, then when I watched the whole story I nearly threw up my digestive.

    What a pathetic, obnoxious, ‘look at me, look at me’ tosser.

    It was nothing but a ridiculous, opportune way for the fool to get his mug on the news and make a whole lot of fuss over NOTHING. As Nurse Cunty, I was thoroughly disgusted that the cunt was spitting on the privilege of having a wheelchair to cater for his needs during dire straits when millions of people in poorer ‘cuntries’ have to drag their arses EVERY FUCKING DAY because they do not have access to mobility equipment. He just wanted to make a PC point, whilst looking like a prize tool at the same time.

    Ok, so his super duper, space age, fuel injected, rocket propelled, state of the art bollocks was not taken off of the plane……shite happens, but to make a big fucking deal on ONE OCCASION about having to be pushed in a standard wheelchair is ludicrous. He has full independence every other day as a norm, but he could not just swallow his pride for one day??

    What an utter tool. Someone should have bunged him on the luggage conveyer belt and said ‘there’s your ride, Sir Cunt!!’

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