Hate Crime

Apparently misogyny and ageism are now going to be considered “hate crimes”. So now that entails calling someone an “old fart”. FFS.

Nevertheless they say misandry is going to be added to the list as well. That would basically put all feminists behind bars. I really do hope that misandry is turned into a hate crime so then we can start turning the “liberal” left’s own PC bullshit against them. Anyone who talks about “toxic masculinity” should be reported.

However, in the long term, these -isms and -phobias for everything need to be rolled back and, preferably, scrapped so that decent people don’t have to live in fear of being prosecuted for saying the wrong thing while REAL criminals continue to act with impunity.

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41 thoughts on “Hate Crime

  1. Here’s what I simply cannot get my fucking sub-normal head around.

    Why. Why the fucking fuck does anyone CARE if some prancing, flouncing woofter liberal is offended in the first place? What exactly is so heinous about someone being ‘offended’? Why are bodies, services and institutions making it such a massive social prioriity to protect these snowflake scumcunts from being offended???

    Just carry on regardless, FFS! If someone is offended, tough fucking shite. Obvious offences like threatening harm or death towards someone, then fine, prosecute that. Challenge someone by all means if they make a personal comment. But criminalising or otherwise legally implying crimes under this banner of namecalling and hurty words is just a continued eroision of the gumption of this country.

    It feels to me like both sides seem to feed off this whole ‘offenderati’ phenomenon. Snowflakes love the attention and the feeling of power to dictate how society behaves, purely to prioritise the few instead of the many; but equally, many on the right love to repeatedly show exasperation and bemoan what they cannot say.

    The answer is to fucking IGNORE these cunts. When I hear someone comment “oh great, now I can’t say the word ‘man’ can I”… this is just as fucking infuriating as the crap spouted by the PC gestapo! It’s giving credence to the bollocks infesting our social discourse! Say what you want (without threats) and fuck the consequences!!

    If you want to call that student a ‘scumcunt effeminate manchild preening towelhead twat little bollocks’ then be my fucking guest. And tell them that ISAC sent you!

    • Good point Empire…..
      I am probably one of those cunts that bemoans the fact the left have turned every fucking syllable into a potential visit from plod….so i take your point and will now give not a fuck about offending them

      I think this is where ” progressivism” takes us…..how far do you progress and where do the cunts stop? They dont stop untill your taken from cradle to grave wrapped in the nanny state

      Fuck them

      Oh and happy “Betrayal of Britain” day

    • If I’m ever going to be arrested for ‘offending’ somebody I’ll make damn sure the cunt gets a kicking as well.

  2. I am a Cunt and so are most of my work mates.
    But one of them is a ginger cunt another is a four eyed cunt, plus there’s a fat cunt.
    There are no female cunts in our workforce.
    Does this make us old farts hate crime specialists.

  3. Rather than get annoyed at all the PC nonsense that emanates from idiots, start laughing at the cunts. There’s nothing better than laughter to counter their inane stupidity (except, of course, calling them cunts, which is sometimes a little counterproductive). Keep up the good work fellow cunters – I’m off for a spot of lunch and to throw things at the television when the news comes on.

  4. Orwell would have recognised Hate Crime for what it is: a political contrivance to extend police powers to arrest ANYONE on ZERO grounds.

    Dislike Willie Stroker’s views on East European criminals? Arrest him for Misogyny (glancing at any woman in the street).

    Cunts posting on ISAC are serious criminal by default.

    Look what happened to those pathetic idiots who burned that effigy of Grenfell.

    We are being softened up for a crackdown on anyone who refuses to tow the Libtard line.


  5. All this shite is like ‘ telling teacher ‘ for adults. If someone offends you , either ignore ’em , tell ’em to fuck off or twat ’em.
    Some young buck called my father in law ( mid 70’s ) a fucking old fart a while back. For his trouble he got a twatting , as he was lying on his back in the dirt the FIL said ” not bad for an old fart ” and left him whimpering.
    Just one of many to bite the dust over
    the years , mother in law just rolls her eyes, seen it all before.
    Now it’s run, hide and tell.
    As an aside, there’s a programme on channel 4 on Sunday about Tony Martin. The dialogue is verbatim from his police interviews.
    He had the right idea.
    Good afternoon.

    • Its almost even worse because its like when you ask for help as a youngster and the adult cunt says “who started it?!” after you finished telling him or her jeremy smacked you for no reason but adult cunt takes mongy jeremys bullshit side of story and says jeremy said you tripped him even tho its a fabricated lie out of thin air

      I guess i really did start it because I had the audacity to ask for help from a fencesitting retard referee

  6. The scum, thieves, crims, illegals, burglars, muggers, scammers, Pikeys and all the rest of the vast underclass must be laughing their bollocks off.
    The fucking uselessly led, right-on Police have put more resources into Facebook crimes and this horseshit than crimes against real people. For fuck’s sake some fucker of note must stand up to it? I am not holding my breath.

  7. I am an old fart, and proud of it. Also a complete cunt as I hope you will all agree. Anyone denying your right to bring these disabilities (LOL) to my attention by any means and with any degree of nastiness short of physical violence will be severely cunted or worse.

    I have my own conspiracy theory on this: introducing frivolous legislation on non-issues – qui bono? Lawyers, of course.

    Hatespeech doubleplusungood, eh?

  8. I hate vaginas with no pubic hair. Is that a crime? I have to trawl through dozens of porn websites every day looking for something to wank over, and I am continually confronted by bald cunts, many of which I find offensive. Who wants to see a crack with what looks like a nose and two ears sticking out of it? Stop this shaving mania for christ’s sake. I don’t want to become a target for the Thought Police but enough is enough.

  9. As far as making misandry a hate crime, well I’ll believe it when I fucking see it. But you know what, if/when it is, I can’t wait to be ‘offended’!!

  10. I am offended by snowflakes being offended. Once they make clear their offence has been caused my being offended goes completely off the scale. Clear?

  11. Hate Crime is simply inspired by the missing extra verse from that John Lennon song

    “Imagine no opinions…’

  12. When I come to power repeal of all hate crime laws and the egregious affront to freedom known as the Communications Act of 2003 will be right near the top of my agenda.

  13. It’s like the “Are you a whack Job?” advert where some soy NPC bloke bemoans the usage of the term “Man up!”.

    And so if some fucker uses that term at him or within earshot then he can report them for “hate crimes”???

    Personally I think the cunt should man up and shut the fuck up!


  14. I used to hate mincing gays, peacefuls, fat bastards on mobility scooters and cold coffee. Of course it was only a matter of time before someone grassed me up to the thought police and I was sent
    for Correct Utterance Nomenclature Training for 6 months.I must say that the re-education process was successful and since being released from CUNT I love cold coffee.

  15. if you hate everything and everyone (like me) are you guilty of hate crime…..
    Or just misunderstood
    1984 her we come ….. but the revolution will come from the proles.

    • I wanna mention my opinion on this but the problem is my unpopular opinion might be considered a hatecrime in itself to some, so I won’t. The future of wrongthink is a beautiful uptopian nightmare isn’t it?

  16. Can we all phone 999 and report a vile hate crime committed by Treesa May, who so obviously hates the electorate ? With her obnoxious facial expressions, could even get the charges upped to “aggravated.”
    S. Yorks plod might turn up and confiscate her dodgy footwear.
    Treesa OFFENDS me, I’m going to have to run off into my safe space, and whack one out over a pic of Penny Mordaunt…

    Here’s hoping for an imminent leadership challenge.

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