Stephen Fry [5]

A roly-poly frightfully important duckie cunting for the portly old cunt who thinks he is as *important* as he is clever and funny.

How appropriate that at the tackiest royal wedding of the 20th/21st century this heaving oleaginous, coarse, dime store Oscar Wilde bugger should turn up with his *husband* thirty years his junior to prove that the Queen Mother is still with us.

He is surely the Hyacinth Bucket of modern times, the keeping up with the Joneses , slimy social climbing wankstain who thinks that no *important* event can occur without his obese presence, and is given a certificate of gravitas by it. He is the David Frost of his day, another up his own arse *entertainer* who thought he was better than he was – a minimally talented turd with the gift of the gab and a PHd in arse-licking

In a way I feel sorry for the *husband* half his age, half his weight, probably overwhelmed by Daddy Steve’s great sense of self importance. The poor little fucker will probably be squashed to death in an unfortunate face-sitting accident, when the elderly lavatory blocker takes his next Viagra (or whatever other pharmaceutical product he inbibes). Then again marrying a 19th century funster, a Poundland Wildeian in gaudy plastic, was probably only done for financial security. Even so, the poor little cunt has earned it, waking up next to that sweating festering rancid bucket of lard every morning. Looking at old slubberguts wobbling in his fancy waistcoat, let’s spare a thought for the poor Eastern European minimum wage bleeder that has to clean the lavatory after Fry has pebble-dashed it today following his over-indulgence in oily exotic food yesterday as he stuffed his cakehole at the tax payers expense. If he had farted yesterday the whole bunch of cunts would probably have been in danger. I would just like to feel assured that the bog attendant is offered breathing apparatus as well as counselling for PTSD.

Why can’t comedians (if that what Fry actually is?) be more down to earth like Sid James or Ken Dodd?. Fuck this posturing old pansy. The only funny thing he ever did was run away from a West End play after the first night because of *mental health problems*, the truth is the pompous old cunt had one moment of self awareness and actually realised what an untalented oily heap of shit he actually is. It must have been a fright for him to realise that a paying audience don’t clap when they are told to,
after one of his *hilarious* bon mots as he was used to with his TV shows. A pity his meltdown didn’t happen at the Glasgow Empire in it’s heyday. Many “fuck off’s” accompanied by hurling cans and other debris onto the stage might have made the motherfucker leave the stage for ever.

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

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  1. Everything on Q.I is written fir him but he passes it off as his own knowledge. Nonetheless, he was good as Jeeves.

      • What happens if a member of BBC staff decides that, no, they’re rather not sport an ‘ally’ badge? Approbation, compulsory re-education (now where have we heard that one before…), sacking, public execution?

  2. He looks like a Public School Headmaster , having caught a sixth former smoking behind the bike sheds, is escorting him back to his study for a damned good thrashing.
    Oh the swish of the cane against those pert little bum cheeks ! What a jolly good time one is going to have!

    Filthy fucking pervert.

  3. Disturbing… that boy in the picture looks an awful lot like a 15 year old me… except my hair was a luscious auburn… and the nose isn’t quite right either.

    Apart from that you’ve said it all Mr Boggs!


      • Oh fuck, not another cryptic cunt.
        Have you been on the railroad gin again Cap? It was hard enough having to decipher some of the General’s comments… at least he had the excuse of being an Americunt.
        An explanation would be appreciated…

      • No gin yet.

        Quantum Physics because it could be a leap from your body to your 15-year old body, and puff because… well, it’s Stephen Fry, isn’t it?

        Hope this clarification isn’t too opaque.
        Your humble servant.

      • Ha, I thought it might be a reference to Quantum Leap!

        Fuck me Cap, it would be great back to be back in that 15 year old body, wanking 24/7…

        Oh the mamaries!

    • You knew your past would catch up with you Ruff Tuff. I can see it now, Stephen fry looking down on you , sweating and grunting while he’s giving you a right royal bum full. You only have your self to blame for the pickle you got your self into.

      • I’ve long suspected you were a peeping tom Fenton. Get your money’s worth did you?

        Quite disgraceful.

      • Oh I did Ruff Tuff. In the words of Alexis Kanner in The Prisoner. THANKS FOR THE TRIP DAD.

  4. Outrageous how this Gaylord fucker is still active in our society. The man is a manic depressive unfunny, shit ugly butt faced cunt of gigantic proportions.
    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at anything the Bumboy has ever said. In fact if he was the last man on earth I would prefer to bugger a chicken.

  5. You’re a woman with a beard Ruff Tuff I’m convinced. In fact (in my wildest imaginings) I believe you look like Dana International…you know her…she represented some place in Eurovision…

    • How many more times do I have to tell you Miles?

      I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or mistaken for a woman with a beard!

      I will however own up to not having had a shave for ten days.

      Be seeing you…

      • I really dont know Ruff Tuff, Alexis Kanner was number 48 and Leo Mckern was number 2. I still watch it now and so does my 33 year old son who is obsessed with it.

      • I haven’t seen it for awhile Fenton, but remember in the final episode (Fall Out) that number one is revealed to be number six – he literally unmasks himself!

        Patrick McGoohan: “The whole point of the series… certainly the whole point of the last episode… is that man is a prisoner unto himself.”

        “What is the most evil thing on Earth? It’s the evil part of oneself that one is constantly fighting with, until the moment of our demise…”

  6. “Sir, he was dull in company, dull in his closet, dull everywhere. He was dull in a new way, and that made many people think him great”.
    Apologies and a nod to Samuel Johnson
    Buggery is not an attractive pastime for anyone unless its drink fuelled and your missus finally agrees to an attempt at her chutney locker. I caught an episode of the “Four in a bed” about rival B&B’s vying for a best of the week award on channel 4. Two humping great lumps of lardy arsed sweaty cunts were “married” and ran a pub / B&B. On a day at a farm they voiced their distaste at the smell of “cow poo” without even a hint of fucking irony. The thought of them two having a quick bang musters up images of two rhino’s fucking, Fry and his boy on the other hand conjure up no images at all – bestiality is the closest descriptor. The boys Dad must be so proud of how his son turned out.

  7. ‘Dime store Oscar Wilde’

    You are in fire with your recent cuntings Mr Boggs. The standard to which all the rest of us cunts should strive.

  8. I could never watch that QI shit as it features two of the creepiest, smuggest, oiliest cunts on the TV…… Big Fry himself and and that simpering little dicksplash Davies, who’s arse Fry obviously lusts after.
    I always imagine these two leaving a trail of slime behind them wherever they go.
    Needless to say, they are both filthy luvvie remoaners.

    • You forgot that other twat – Sandy Toxic: A voice like a power drill and a face like Jools Holland’s lesbian uncle.

      • The cunt has coined a living from Auntie Beeb . Done fuck all from her early rug munching appearances to today. Like the Dimblecunts. Lived high off the hogs back that is the unashamedly lefty cunty self serving overstaffed overpriced thieving lying BBC. North Korea is more upfront. The top “stars” and its vastly overpaid overrated directors and governors live in SW 1 postcode, educate their kids at Eton and Harrow but God forbid they should have to explain why cunts like Linemepockets and the ginger cunt Evans command such eye watering salaries for fuck all “talent”. The condescending attitude of Dimblecunt on QT has cost me more than one cuntbox replacement. To avoid the wrath of the licence tax payers he set up his own company to avoid the BBC the palmface ire that would ensue if they knew how much filthy lucre goes to the grumpy old cunt and his equally cuntish brother.

    • I went to see QI being filmed about ten years back. (I was going out with a vegan teacher at the time, you know the type, leftie, borderline lesbo, zero sense of humour, actually once asked me with a straight face ‘what’s wrong with being a black lesbian?’)

      Anyway one of the panel was Terry Wogan.

      He told the filthiest joke about anal sex that I very much doubt went into the broadcaster version.

      Fry was obviously a massively full of himself cunt.

  9. Fry was mildly amusing in “Fry & Laurie”, and was quite funny in the odd cameo appearance in “Blackadder”, but quite frankly the bloke is an overrated, attention-seeking, approval-junky asshole

  10. A National Treasure who is married to a very youthful looking husband….or what would have been called in less enlightened days, A shameless Sodomite and his bought -and -paid for Catamite.

    Fry is a Deviant. He was expelled from his Public School. Don’t know why,but I’d guess that Boys, Forced and barely- legal would be the key-words in a Pornhub search for an example of his tastes. He then went on to be locked up for 3 months for stealing a credit card. I bet the prison showers had never seen a keener washer,or a more slippery bar of soap. It’s just lucky that it wasn’t (a) Young Offenders that he ended up stuck in, he’d have probably refused to leave.

    This is the man who is worshipped as some kind of National Treasure. He is no such thing,however he is an example of what happens when the Deviants are given free rein. They attempt to normalise and advance their true aim…the lowering of the Age Of Consent. Just look at Fry’s “husband” and try and say that he doesn’t resemble a young boy. That is why Fry “married” him,his youthful appearance. The Deviants’ ultimate aim is the abolition of the Age Of Consent. They have no morals,they seek only to spread their Deviancy and Corruption from The Cradle to The Grave.

    In any “normal” society a man like Fry would be vilified and shunned,but this country is so in thrall to The Deviants that we allow them to spread their filth,treating them as “Heroes” instead of the insidious threat that they really are. We have allowed ourselves to go from “As long as it’s behind closed doors” to a position of Deviancy being the norm and,apparently,something to be celebrated in public and foisted on to any remaining doubters willing or not.

    I suspect that Fry fled from that play due to other reasons than those given when he suddenly developed a dose of “stage-fright”, perhaps he’d been “witty” with the wrong victim and feared exposure? A lot of Deviants in The Arts share the same peccadilloes and cover for each others’ crimes. I suspect that Fry is well-known in certain tight rings who share aspiring theatricals between themselves.

    Fry is nothing but a greasy,fat Pervert who should be thrashed through the streets before being sent to a Reeducation Camp where his mental problems could be worked on by professionals. It would be to his benefit,the public benefit,and a lot of “barely-legal” ringpieces if this Degenerate was taught the error of his ways.

    Fuck them.

    • I thought the Deviants sounded much better after Paul Rudolph replaced Mick Farren on vocals.

    • The story I heard was that he came on to Rik Mayall, and Rik told him to fuck off.
      Good old Flasheart…

    • Always a pleasure to read your retorts Dick – should you ever decide to sail off and settle elsewhere – give me a call. I could live, thrive and survive in Fiddler Land. Fiddland (has a bit of a ring to it Dick) would have just the best constitution.

  11. He was a member of the Cambridge Footlights which seems to be a byword for cunt, with alumnus including Pointless twats Armstrong and Osman, Sandi Togsvig and David Baddiel. National Treasure? Psh, like the Elgin Marbles does any bankrupt Third Word eurotrash crapheap want to claim him back?

  12. That spotty little shit is Fry’s ‘Husband’?!
    Fuck me, and I thought Ol’ Dirty Bastard was some sort of rapper….

  13. cunto above. JRM’s putdown of David Dimbleby; ‘Eton was that?’ ‘That’s right, I was at school with your son’. Priceless. Worth paying the license fee for that one moment. The funniest thing I ever heard on QT was actually from an audience member. They were discussing Robin Cook moving his new mistress into the Foreign Office apartments. ‘but what will happen when his looks go’. Uproar.

    • Just read your riposte Miles – yes, JRM suckered Dimblecunt right into that one. One of his finest retorts.

  14. WCB and DF have got this luvvie fucker sussed. He’s a dangerous deviant who would have us believe he was a celibate homo until the boy bride slipped his ring on and a band of gold too. He’ll eat any amount of P.I.E. the fat greasy bastard. I was going to say I’d like to shit in his Sugar Puffs but rather would really love to see him have flying lessons off a tall building. He’d be a gargantuan pizza on the piazza. I hope he gets bum cancer.

  15. Memorable only for his somewhat innacurate portrayal of the Iron Duke in Blackadder III.

    “Our regimental crest Your Highness.
    Two crossed dead frenchmen, emblazoned upon a mound of dead frenchmen”

    It’s rumoured that Ben Elton was horrified by the TV audience cheering on Wellington and Lord Flasheart as he had written both characters to be shocking early examples of “toxic masculinity” to be despised.
    Tells you where the little twat was coming from…

    • Ben Elton is a little turd who is about as funny as the Black Death…. The first Blackadder was great… Which – coincidentally – Elton had nothing to do with… But the fourth and final series is one of the most overrated pieces of tripe ever put on television…. Piss poor lines (‘ We’re in the most sticky situation since Sticky the Stick Insect got stuck on a sticky bun’), Hugh Laurie shouting ‘Hurrah!’ on cue, and not forgetting that fat fruit Fry going ‘Baaaaahhh!’ every five minutes and saying ‘Poo Poo’ about fifty times in two minutes…. And the much hyped and celebrated ending was schmaltz in a bucket and a forerunner of the ‘sensitive’ snowflake cuntery we get today… It’s a comedy, but all of a sudden at the end it isn’t?! They’ve been making a joke out of the Great War (including death, firing squads, wounded men, and shooting animals) for a whole series, but suddenly at the end they don’t?! What a load of bollocks! The only good thing in the final Blackadder series was Rik Mayall as Lord Flasheart…

  16. Fry is a lanky, bent-nosed bag of shit. There is something of the predatory Gaylord about him. I simply can’t stand the arrogant, simpering tosser.

    I bet he is the stone as opposed to the sponge. Widening the circle of his young male friends is something he likely cherishes.

    He likely uses his 20 stone of thrust behind his micro-mushroom when in reaming mode. With each inward thrust on the just past juvenile stage ring, his pushes are likely punctuated with gasps of nonsense such as “nyaaaa, tish and pish, tummy rubbish, cloacka sniffscratch and worpledrom” etc.

    • Your colourful story telling really pulled me in there PM. Feel like my imagination has now been defiled and soiled somewhat by the spectre of this bloated windswept cocknose.

  17. what annoys me about that photo is the impression Fry thinks he is creating: ‘ look at me, this is all perfectly normal, nothing odd about it at all’. and we are all supposed to now think the fuckin same, if we happen not to, then we are some of fuckin ‘phobe’. sorry Steve mate, you think what you think, i’ll think what i think.

  18. Fuck it, yes I would, I’d shit in Fry’s Jordan’s Country Crisp with Tangy Raspberry and fart in his Twining’s breakfast blend because he’s a CUNT!

  19. TOTALLY unrelated to Fatboy’s activities above, but The Telegraph says:
    “European Commission is putting paedophiles’ privacy ahead of fightling online child abuse, charity heads say.”

    Gosh. Now, I wonder just who might be benefitting from that. Rumour has it there are some pretty dodgy Belgian politicos around… One of them really even looks the part.

  20. I bet Fry’s ‘Hubby’ now has an arsehole the size of the Mersey Tunnel…
    The things some people will do for money, eh?….

    • Fry probably has a small todgerr norm seeing how fucking fat he is, though after a few of those anal fisting sessions i’m sure it looks like the inside of a overripe plum

  21. I just cannot except that a man has a husband… The whole concept is absurd and an affront to common decency.
    It really doesn’t bother me if 2 blokes want to live together but don’t bring marriage and raising children into it . Let’s keep it behind closed doors .

    • Its even more absurd fenton when you realise that god hates sodomy and the idea of a homosexual relationship So why do you want a priest or pastor to validate your gay wedding?!

      Its just to troll the christians and belittle the concept of marriage basically I think, they are plenty of neo pagan type gay ceremonies but they want to rub it in other peoples faces

  22. Fry is a repulsive individual and a pervert of the highest order, imagine the fuck face this gigantic slob pulls when on it’s vinegar stroke, it’s the stuff of nightmares! Enjoy your sham marriage Fry because my bet is that your equaly disgusting rent boy will soon become sick of sucking on your gnarled old cock, and with any luck it will result in you making a trip to your local hardware store to buy some heavy duty rope and I’m sure that one of the many Boy Scouts you have interfered with will have taught you how to tie a decent knot.!!

  23. Great cunting WC boggs I seriously read half of that thinking dick fiddler wrote it funny stuff almost had me pissing me self

  24. Fry recently had a talk with Jair Bolsanaro and said it was “one of the most chilling confrontations I’ve ever had with a human being”

    Well thats what happens when you talk with other people who have different opinions you silly fat fucking poof! They aren’t going to parrot the same ideas back to you because you want to hear it blardian link here 4 those interested

  25. The old truism-‘The exception proves the rule’ and when the principle is broken ‘The exception BECOMES the rule’. That is wht has happened. The Deviant or Deviancy (the exception) has become the norm or normal (the rule).

  26. I bet Fry is like that character, Daddy, from the League of Gentlemen in his boudoir persona. .

    “Daddy controls your breathing”. I bet the sordid old pervy cunt has an auto-erotic asphyxiation machine wired up to his bed so him and his young male friends can take it in turns to literally choke the living shit out of each other for shits and giggles.

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