Litter Louts (2)

I’d like to nominate litter louts for a right royal cunting.

My dear old grandad always used to say that a dog shites on its own doorstep because it doesn’t know any better. You’d expect that people would know better, but sadly not. There are thousands of brain dead mongs everywhere who’ll ruin any public place, be it a street, a park, a beach, a motorway, a playgound , whatever, by burying it under a pile of their cans, bottles, food containers and other assorted shite.

These arsewipes should be herded up and slung into concentration camps. Hitler might have been a total cunt, but he wasn’t ALWAYS wrong. Cunts.

Nominated by Ron Knee

32 thoughts on “Litter Louts (2)

  1. Totaly agree Ron, litter bugs are scum of the first water should have a hand lopped off for a first offence. Selfish twats to a man why would you want to desecrate such a beautiful country. King cunts of the litter bug clan, travellers.

    • Hard to be a litter lout when your entire herd is basically just a mobile shitheap. They are the litter and should be incinerated or shipped off to China on a barge.

      • Yeah, and the fuckers should be boiled down for glue as soon as the ship’s docked and they can be offloaded to the nearest factory

    • MY dog does HIS shites in special places on his walks, always where he knows no other CUNT is going to tread in it. He is a right good lad.

  2. You can, quite rightly, be fined for a discarded fag end. However, if you are a Traveller you can desecrate wherever you want and the council will sort it.

    Cultural, I suppose.

    • Our cash strapped council could easily recover the massive deficit if only they patrol one street in town, which has an abundance of Easyern European cafes, “restaurants” and barber shops.

      All frequented by gangs Eastern European men who stand around in groups shouting and always discard their fag ends on the pavement.

      Filthy, annoying and unwanted cunts who I wish would just fuck off back to where they came from.

      Good afternoon.

  3. While back was walking across Thirsk cobbles after work looking a bit scabby. Passed flash car whereupon posh bint threw her fish wrapper out of the passenger window. As you do I picked it up handed it back and said sorry you seem to have dropped something. She went ape shit, called me a jumped up chippy little Arab and hubby was about to come out and defend her ‘honour’. Fuck me. Don’t want to bore, but this pair weren’t Wayne and Waynetta. I think the thinking is littering keeps the plebs in a job. Arrogant cunts.

  4. I regularly see fly tipping on my morning walks in the countryside. There are distinct categories:
    Pikey filth.
    Cowboy builders or house clearers
    Thoughtless feral boozers leaving their trash in the woods. Kids I suppose.
    Designer water bottles discarded in the middle of nowhere.
    But the type that puzzles me is the normal household stuff – vacuum cleaner and carpet today seen in a ditch, that it would be much easier to take for free to one of many council tips rather than driving into the sticks along a rutted track and risking vehicle damage.
    Stupid Cunts.

    • Having worked in Waste Regulation for years I came to the conclusion that it’s a scatological thing. Yep, the cunts could easily ring the Council to take their mattress, but they get a cheap thrill from leaving their spoor, their shit to desecrate the countryside. They’ve simply left their mark. An aside, once had gyppos park up on old landfill site. Workmate, old cop, toddles up, they get arsey. He says no probs, stay as long as you like, just to let you know the site is leaking noxious and explosive gas and if you don’t mind getting gassed or blown to smithereens then carry on as you were. Gone in 60 seconds. Funny that.

    • Somebody at Nike should get a medal for this. Appeal to the younger, snowflake market who will flock to buy the brand to virtue signal their arses off. At the same time billions of pounds worth of free advertising in newspapers, tv, radio and soshul meeja all over the world. Pure fucking marketing genius.

    • Someone recommended selling that shit online for a couple of dollars.
      Work best to harm the brand.
      Kaepernik is a giant fucking cunt off the first water

  5. Another thing, back in N York’s had a fucking nine mile cycle ride to work along country road. What a fucking eye opener. The entire roadside strewn with one shoe, always one shoe, blouses, knickers, Johnnie’s, wankmags, McDonalds shite even tho the nearest one was 15 miles away, beer cans I mean fucking everything but mostly vodka bottles chucked out by the Polskis driving along. Still, nice to know someone’s enjoying themseves.

  6. Corona bottles, a knobend cat piss beer, drunk by cunts that prove they’re cunts by leaving them everywhere. I’ve been caught and let off for street drinking because I’ve held onto my empties until I find a bin. These cunts should be put in the paddy wagon with Clarence the horny native, bottles optional.

  7. I work on the refuse and you get some dumb cunts who don’t no the difference between what is recyclable and what’s not. I mean used nappies in the recycle bin with food and other non recycle waste. These cunts get warning letters off the council but still fill there bins with shit. 90% of the time these are the cunts that live in bed sit land who rely on us workers to pay for them to live. Utter cunts

    • Councils are arrogant bastards with all their rules about charging for rubble to be left at a recycling centre, not allowing pedestrian access to them (why the fuck not!?), charging extra for garden waste, getting people to put their waste in different bins then shipping it all to “China” (yeah, right, don’t they realise they dump it all in the sea?)… I could go on. People get royally pissed off so dump their crap at the roadside. It really isn’t surprising…

      • I walk stuff into my Rubbish Tip and always receive a mouthful of profanities from a Waste worker. Same conversation every time, “You can’t walk dat in ‘ere, mate.” No car,I say. “Then phone up the caaancil and they’ll pick it up.” I tell them I won’t pay £30 when I only live ten minutes away. Same conversation, like a script.

        Anyway, once I asked why I can’t walk it in and they replied that it’s to prevent Traders pulling up 100 yards away and walking their shit in.

  8. The Dutch have the right approach to these cunts. Any littering activity at all and you get an on the spot fine. It’s something we should do here.

    • Great idea but how the fuck do they actually police it? We’d need at least 200,000 fucking stormtroopers to deal (that’s ‘deal’ as in ‘deal’, if you get my drift) with the cunts that dump rubbish over here; the fuckers are everywhere, like a plague of fucking locusts.

  9. You shouldn’t need threats of punishment to stop you throwing crap about and fucking everything up. It’s the way people are brought up, or dragged up as it is these days. Throwing rubbish about is just something I wouldn’t do if only for the shame I would feel if anyone saw me.
    But when I was kid you didn’t have “rights”. You were a fucking kid and kept your gob shut and did as you were told. If I dropped something in the street and an adult told me to pick it up I wouldn’t have said “fuck off you old cunt, fuck off peedo.” I didn’t even know what a “peedo” was. You can put a litter bin every five yards and cunts will still throw their shit on the pavement. If you want to stop that you need a completely different society. We live in the i’m all right and fuck you Jack society and that’s the way it is.

    • You’re right about the bins, Fred. At every bus stop (at least where I live) there’s a litter bin, yet cunts still literally would rather dump rubbish at their feet that walk the length of themselves to put it in the bin. Some cunts even seem to revel in the fact of chucking their crap over a fence or in the street instead of putting it in a bin, as though they’re trying to make some sort of statement about their own antisocial nature, or some sort of protest. I genuinely do not get it.

    • “It’s the way people are brought up…” Dead fucking right it is.

      For my parents not using the bin was virtually a hanging offence. Same at school – punishment guaranteed by default if a teacher spotted anyone dropping anything on school premises. On one occasion a whole class was kept in until the culprit owned up to a sweet wrapper or something discarded in the classroom.

      This country is finished.

  10. Top draw cunting.

    Visited Swallow Falls in North Wales this summer and the amount of rubbish at the foot was appalling.

    This place, in the heart of Snowdonia looked likely had just been visited by hoardes of Festival goers who who just left 3 days worth of their crap and pissed off back to whichever university shitehole they claim to study at.

    Fucking made me sick to see it. And it wasn’t as if there were no bins either.

    Self absorbed cunts

  11. I was on the way to work one morning and I saw this girl, about 12, in school uniform standing on the pavement haughtily looking around as if she owned the world. In front of her was a woman, presumably her mother, down on one knee and tying her shoelaces up.
    Jesus fucking Christ!!
    When I was that age, firstly I wouldn’t be seen dead with my Mum in the street. That marked you out as a poof. Secondly, if I had asked her to tie my laces she would have ripped the shoes off and smashed me round the head with them. Then she would have rubbed my face in the nearest dogshit.
    Kids are basically selfish fucking animals. They have to be taught how to behave properly. If it’s not the parents doing the job then some architecture student will do it for them.

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