David Beckham [7]

**Emergency Cunting**
David Beckham

Just back from the newsagents, where I was confronted by the sight of Beckham’s smug, self satisfied face plastered across the tabloids after dodging a speeding offence on a technicality. Just pay the fine and stop acting like such a rich, fucking smartass prick.

What an absolute bellend. Him and his stick insect missus are a match made in heaven; the perfect pairing of utterly despicable cunts

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40 thoughts on “David Beckham [7]

  1. Him, his missus, his arrogant fucking kids and his clever “Mr Loophole” lawyer all deserve to be struck down with all the diseases under the sun – cunts the lot of them.

    • We shouldn’t ignore the role the authorities played in all this – they couldn’t even issue a speeding ticket without fucking up!

      Had the moors murders happened today, Brady & Hindley would likely have got off on a technicality. Look at John Worboys. The justice system in this country is a joke… just like every fucking thing else.

    • Totally agree. God must have been asleep when this total, moronic, egotistical, slimy, lying piece of shit was born. He has had an incredibly lucky life, but the stupid little twat still feels hard done by. We all know he’s cheated on his misses, but fuck me, who wouldn’t! Her bleeding face would send anybody into depression. Guy is an absolute tool of the fucking highest order! I’ve an idea, we’ll all create a new award, specially for him. Hopefully the royal family can invent a new one for him. I suggest ‘conceited ungrateful nasty twat’. Initials say it all.

  2. Hopefully this’ll be an end to his hopes of getting a Knighthood. That’ll fuck his pig-faced Cunt of a wife right off.

    The man is a fucking disgrace.

    • I’d accept his nomination for Knighthood, but only if the Queen bestows him with the title ‘Sir David Vajazzle’.

      Fucking trendy cunt.

    • What really pissed me off about this motherfucker was that his lawyer Nick Freeman normally charges his clients £10,000 a day, but in the case of this greasy bleeder got charged at a basic rate which might have been as low as £7 an hour/day. Why do cuntish lawyers prop up people who can well pay when they wouldn’t even give a fuck off to an ordinary man or woman who found themselves in trouble. If Beckham pleaded poverty he should have put his wife on the game and made his gormless sons rent boys (one of them already looks as if he is).

      Beckham is a disgrace to *sport* just as Freeman is a disgrace to the legal profession

      • The scumbag lawyer would doubtless have jumped at taking the case for the publicly alone… worth £millions to that crooked class of cunts.

      • It’s not just the rich who benefit (or lose) in the justice game, cunto. The whole shooting match is set up to favour, to one degree or another, various groups (including the rich, peacefuls, LBJFKGTIs*, wimmin, SJWs and ‘celebs’) while treating the rest of us like the proverbial turd in the broth.

        Imagine, if you will, if Wayne and Waynetta Chav from Dag’nam had left their kids alone and unattended in a holiday apartment in, say, Benidorm whilst they necked a couple of fishbowls of Sangria at a nearby British theme pub in the company of their mates from the Jobclub. Imagine also that little Estrella Chav had been taken by person or persons unknown from said apartment whilst ma and pa were at said boozer.

        As we all know, the outcome of that would have been that the press would devoted page after page to the vilification of Wayne & Waynetta whilst the UK authorities (not least social work) would have been all over them like fleas on a tramp when they returned home.

        But what, I wonder, would have happened if a similar fate had befallen the child of Mr. & Mrs. Respectable-Professional who’d met some equally respectable friends at, say, a tapas bar for a pleasant evening’s discourse? Would the press and authorities not have treated them in the manner described above? And if not, why not?

        Answers on the back of a self addressed postage stamp, please.

      • Yes, I see the McCunts are doing their annual round of “meet the media and give us more cash to help us find Maddie” bollocks.

        They’re probably a few mill short of a new house, hence the begging bowl again.

      • I’m sure I read that we’ve forked out just short of 12 fucking million on this case. I know the world’s mad, but the kids fucking dead. I know it’s awful but again and again where are the fucking grown ups? Someone for god’s sake take the McCanns aside and say look, it’s over. I’m sorry, but it just is.

    • Don’t think even a peaceful would debase his body with shit tattoos.

      Although there’s no direct mention of tattooing in the Qur’an, Muslim scholars who claim tattooing is a sin support their view by pointing to hadiths such as one in Sahih al-Bukhara narrated by Abu Juhayfah that declares:

      “The Prophet cursed the one who does tattoos and the one who has a tattoo done.”

  3. Well David obviously hasn’t learned his lesson about speed, that’s the second time he’s been along in a week.

  4. I especially hate his kids given that they always do the old “Don’t you know who I am?” or “My dad is David Beckham, don’t you know!”

    Fuck knows how the Beckhams are still millionaires! Posh Cunt hasn’t got an original idea in her fucking head, but instead just drops her name on some fucking £4.99 dress that some Chinese or Indian kid sweated over for pennies, and all of sudden its worth a grand!

    Its a really fucked up world when a useless cunt like her, and a scrounging smug little shit like him can be worth as much as they are for doing next to fuck all!

  5. What a cock pig , surely cheaper to pay the fine than the obviously expensive legal bill that could have run into thousands, proves the man’s a prat.

    • With all the shite this is causing it could probably be the most expensive speeding ticket the world’s ever known. HOPEFULLY.

    • Yeah well the law only applies to little people. Leave aside that if they’d banned him he could have afforded an army of chauffers on call 24 hrs a day to take him anywhere. And the tatts. King of fucking chavs.

    • Ah, but that’s not how Beckham, his ilk and their advisors think.

      People like him can neither do wrong nor be seen to have done wrong, with the exception of those whose ‘fame’ is built on having a bad boy – or the wimmin’s equivalent thereof – image.

      Or to put it another way, it’s all about marketability. Anything that has the potential to tarnish the ‘talent’s’ lustre has to be shut down or (at worst) mitigated, and at that level spending a few grand on a lawyer is chickenfeed in the grand, money-grabbing scheme of things.

      So whilst Team Beckham will have to put up with a few days of adverse press, the easy dismantling of the Crown’s case has enabled old Davey boy to walk off into the sunset in the knowledge that it’ll all blow over much quicker and more completely than if he had pled guilty or gone to trial. And that, cunters, is good for business.

      • If he’d simply paid the fine without fuss the issue would have barely scratched page five, let alone page one and TV News for days on end.

        He couldn’t have emerged as a bigger cunt if he’d tried.

      • No question about his credentials as a cunt, RTC.

        He should have taken his punishment, but with status (justified or not) comes a belief that the law no longer applies. As I should have made clear in my previous post (but didn’t), ego walks hand in hand with commercial considerations.

        It helps, of course, that we are not all equal in the eyes of the law; the reality is far, far removed from that. As a prime example of this, look at how Ted Kennedy was treated in the aftermath of the Chappaquiddick incident. Had it been Joe Blow from Kokomo rather than the sole surviving Kennedy brother, you can bet your top, middle and bottom dollars that the matter would have been handled very differently indeed.

        Something is rotten, but the stench isn’t confined to the State of Denmark.

      • He may have won in the High Court, but he’s made damn sure he lost in the court of public opinion… and that coveted knighthood looks further away than ever now, so all in all not a bad result imho.

  6. I wish there was some enterprising soul that could take that smug picture of Cuntham and turn it into individual sheets of toilet paper! It would make going to the bog for a dump so much more entertaining!

  7. I know there’s a question of degree here, but as far as I’m concerned this puts Beckham in the same class as O J and Pistorius, proving that you’re above the law if you’ve got enough money. No Lady Beckham for Posh after this. She will not be pleased!

    Mrs D reckons he was more concerned about the points than the fine, but that ignores the fact that the fucker can easily afford a chauffeur.

    And anyone who pays £1,300 for a bottle of plonk has to be a cunt…

    • At least it puts a new spin on an old joke;

      What’s the difference between a Bentley and a hedgehog?
      With the Bentley, the pricks are on the inside.

    • At least Beckham still has something in common with Manchester United: a reluctance to pick up three points…

  8. How this adequate at best footballer (Giggs, Kanchelskis, Hill, and Coppell were miles better than this cunt) and piss poor Lee Sharpe impersonator ever got to be so ‘big’ I’ll never know… No looks to speak of, zero charisma or mystique (unlike King Cantona), classic thick as a donkey’s dongler footballer (‘Take each game as it comes, Brian’), and -let’s be honest – something poofy about him (the fey voice, the stupid hair-dos, fucking sarongs!)…. Of course, marrying a Spice Slag and the new Yoko Fucking Ono made him a demigod in the eyes of the tabloid excrement and the Britscum masses… But, seriously, two plug ugly and charisma-free cunts like these two treated like they are the modern Taylor and Burton? At least those two had charisma, could both act, and Liz was the fittest woman on the planet in her prime… But an Andrei Kanchelskis stand-in and a poe-faced skeleton from a crappy girl band who can’t sing? Just shows how low standards have dropped and how the scum, instead of the cream. now rises to the top…

    And I want to shove his ‘brainy specs’ down his smug fucking throat…. The little turd thinks those glasses make him look distinguished and intellectual.. When in actual fact they make him look like what he is: a sinkhole sized cunt… Little cunt thinks he’s George Michael… But at least Michael had some sort of talent… Beckham is a weapons grade Mount Rushmore sized cunt….

    • Lol!
      May we infer from this that the Beckhams aren’t on your Xmas gift list Norman?
      (unless it’s a dog turd rolled in glitter, of course)

    • Absolute asswipe Beckham not fit to lick George Bests boots You are an insult to Man United fans Worldwide We fucking hate you smug talentless cunt

  9. I’ve often seen/heard…’fans of Posh and Becks’. What fans?
    What do they do exactly?

    I don’t know anybody, and I mean anybody who doesn’t regard them as a pair of irritating, worthless cunts….

  10. So sad that an English “Legend” has had to suffer such ignominy. But every cloud has a shit brown lining as messers Beckham now appear as even bigger cunts.

  11. Smug arrogant cunt who thinks He’s above the law One rule for normal people and one for these twats who have wealth and can challenge the law then make a mockery of it.Tax cheat ardent remainer and gold plated cunt let’s hope sensible people high up will block any chance of a knighthood for this wanker Why would you want to knight this faggot a good kicking is what he needs

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