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Yes it’s here. The social event of the decade for the right on, politically correct, and publicly virtuous extroverts of the British middle classes – Trump is coming, and it’s party time!

What’s not to like? You get to spend the day in a tribal throng making yourself feel good shouting at the straw man with golden hair erected by your peers. You can walk tall, knowing that you are better than others who don’t join in, those ignorant folk suffering from Stockholm Syndrome at the hands of the evil oppressor with the orange face.

Then when you get home you can read about how you are a part of a movement making the world a better place, you can see it on the TV. Look there I am! I am making a difference!

But suddenly the mist of self-aggrandisement clears. Who is this over-confident and self-righteous person really? What is really going on here?

For those of us who know, that sad truth is that hordes of people are protesting Trump because they don’t actually know what’s going on. They don’t know that conservative or traditional social values are very important. They want to believe that it’s a simple and easy thing to do what’s right, that they can go on a day out with their friends, write a few meaningless and shallow platitudes on a board, and that they are doing something worthwhile. But it’s much harder, and much more complicated than that.

Should they be pitied? The mostly childish and spoiled self-righteous gangs of what can only be accurately be called bullies fighting a cause created by self-interested rabble rousing champagne socialists? After all they are mostly young and mostly relatively ignorant. Maybe their heart is in the right place – after all didn’t most of us have more left wing views when we were younger? Maybe they should.

But the unfortunate reality is that they will be painted as the righteous in the pictures of the mainstream media. They will be described as the ones that care (while all the time they don’t really understand what taking it seriously actually means). Yet they will be the ones acting like cunts, trying to overturn by force and occasional violence the democratic and political process that has caused Mr Garrison to take office, and subsequently visit this country as a head of state. They have to believe that over 50% of voters fit the caricature of the selfish white person or gullible fool that has been created by their media stars and heroes.

It takes a lot of effort to understand the world, and a lot of humility. You won’t see this in the eyes and behaviour of most of these Trump protesters that we will soon be seeing on the telly and in the papers. What you will see is what can only be described as a bunch of morons, mindlessly following some bullshit narrative that has evolved from the inane chattering of the prosperous-enough-to-have-to-pretend-to-give-a-fuck classes.

Maybe not all of them are cunts, but a lot of them are, and most of them will appear to be cunts while they trawl the streets like zombies protesting something that they barely, if at all, understand.

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  1. Great nom CRW and you’ve kind of touched on the nub of the issue: the far-left and liberals continuing this outpouring of rage and hatred towards Trump is simply their little confused minds, unable to process the quick succession of ‘populist’ voting decisions such as his victory, Brexit and numerous wins or close calls for right-wing parties across Europe.

    Trump has become the symbol for snowflake rage the world over and many of them don’t know why on Earth they are rallying against him.

    Reason: He’s a greedy businessman!
    Answer: Find me an ex-prex who wasn’t!

    Reason: He’s despicable towards women!
    Answer: He had an alleged affair and was taped talking like a jock. That’s it. The Obamas wined and dined Harvey Weinstein during the era when Hollywood claims ‘everyone’ knew what he was up to. Bill Clinton abused his power to co-erce and fuck interns.

    Reason: He’s racist!
    Answer: He wants to stop illegal immigration and control the people flowing into the US, something successive POTUS’ have failed to do for decades.

    Reason: He’s a complete fucking despot and unfeeling hater of children!
    Answer: Trump is yet to declare an illigitimate war. Trump is yet to sign off drone strikes killing scores of civilians abroad. Trump is yet to imprison and punish scores of his own people. Trump has no tangible blood on his hands. Oh, and if Mexicans don’t want to get separated from their children, don’t cross the fuicking border illegally – comprendez, por gringo?

    Let’s be clear here – plenty of what Trump says is indeed bollocks. But there’s enough of what he is implementing that makes me genuinely believe he is putting American interests first. And what is wrong with that? He’s being pilloried as a figure of hatred for the shitcunt, knifeable sections of the left-wing media.

    So watching him troll the legions of strop-throwing lefties is glorious; long may it continue. You are welcome in my country anytime, Donald. Extra points if you call Theresa an unfathomable cunt over dinner.

  2. Brilliant cunting but for one minor flaw – it’s not over 50% of the US electorate who voted for Trump. Shilary won the popular vote by around 3 million votes.

    • Although moot in terms of meaning sod all to the election of president, the ‘popular vote win’ can be attributed entirely from California. She won that state by more than 4million votes.

      That is precisley why the US election voting structure is as current, to prevent a monster result in one state dominating everywhere else.

      • From what I understand, if every californian vote was erased, hilary’s 2.8 million lead would’ve flipped to a 1.4 million trump lead nationally.

      • California. That’s the state where lefty millenial tech workers are resigning from companies such as Google in protest at military contracts. Trump was voted in because the electorate is sick of lefties. He is buffoonish but hasn’t put a foot wrong.

        The Clintons were crooks; Nixon similarly. Millenials are ignorant of this stuff.

      • I recently read one article where Hillary was referred to as Felonia Milhaus Pantsuit.


    • Bit like our system then? Over here more people vote against the winning candidate in a Parliamentary seat than for him/her but that doesn’t matter because it’s first past the posts.

      One party gets less votes than the other? Doesn’t matter. Over here it’s the number of seat won, in the USA it’s the number of electoral college votes by State that counts.

      Popular vote? Don’t make me fucking laugh. Think referendum.

      They don’t like Trump because he does what he promises and fires people who defy his instructions. What the fuck is wrong with that?

      • @Dio

        Out Founding Fathers believed in a Democratic Republic as opposed to a pure Democracy. They were concerned with the tryanny of the majority. In our PC world that sounds strange. But they knew the dangers of band wagon mob rule.

        For the President and the President only they set up the Electoral College to ensure that people in states with small populations would have the same say as people in large states. (Also the reasoning behind each state having 2 Senators.)

        They knew then that each state would have it’s own differant and unique character. They wanted these differences reflected and protected in the national decision making process.

        Look at a map of Trump’s electoral victory. It’s quite revealing.

  3. Let Ceausescu visit;
    Let Putin visit;
    Let the Head of China visit;
    Let the Head of Saudi Arabia visit;
    Let the Head of Qatar visit;
    Let the son of Hirohito visit;
    Let Pinochet visit;
    Let Gerry fucking Adams visit;

    However, don’t let Trump visit because he said, “Grab ’em by the pussy!”

    These wretched morons are bereft of any morality and astonishingly uneducated when it comes to history and tyrants. They are similar to the cretins who wish to deny democracy and are akin to an enemy within.

    • And the Queen will be just as gracious to Trump as she was to the others, many of whom she couldn’t stomach. It’s the office that you respect not the person that holds it. She understands that.

      As for the ‘blimpers’, they’re just a bunch of rich self serving cunts…

      • I reckon the queen actually quite likes Trump in reality – well, at least his policies anyway. By all accounts she’s a rather conservative person.

    • And who can forget Blair licking the shiity arse of Gadaffi while WPC Yvonne Fletcher’s family and the families of the Lockerbie victims looked on in disgust and horror… But the right-on PC cunts didn’t bat an eyelid… Yet they are throwing their toys out of the pram over Big Don?… To borrow from Partridge (Alan, not Andy): Scum… Subhuman scum…

      • Coogan is a Remoaning Corbynista cunt. And if he’s not anti Trump I’ll eat my Alan Partridge DVDs…

    • Don’t forget the Pope, the leader of a cult that habitually sweeps institutional child abuse under the carpet. Then again, our “leaders” don’t seem too bothered about dealing with the industrial-scale abuse that’s rife in our country, do they?

      • The Pope, yes. In fact, any religious leader will have blood on their hands (sacrifices, war, infibulation, etc) and they’ve been wined and dined over here like royalty.

        Popes are the worst, though. Hateful, costume-wearing, sinister, brainwashing, child-worrying Nazis.

      • What really boils my piss is that he’s regarded as a head of state, which means the good old British taxpayers (whether or not of his – or indeed any – denomination) have to meet the cost of his visit.

      • Yes but apparently they have a separate fund for that kind of thing so it’s not like the NHS would have got it anyway. Seems a lot though, how much do other countries spend on our visits? Maybe it all equals out – I never feel a Skype conversation is the same as meeting someone.

  4. I’d be interested to hear from the General and the other yanks here what the American perspective on these protests is.

  5. I suspect most of these people are simply useful idiots rather than being genuinely evil. The genuinely evil ones are the higher ups like Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison and even far left ‘comedians’ like Amy Schumer.

  6. Guys you have to love Big Donald – snub to nicola Sturgeon ( who ) !!!!!!
    All the Wee Diddy members of our Wee diddy parliament – non entity cunts that jump up and down and play government
    Best of all Wee Patrick Harvey of the greens ( a gay) and I quote
    We shouldn’t let him land Air Force One at Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire because the Scottish Government ( scottish people own it ( bought for a £1)
    Thing is my Wee homo pal Big don signed an agreement in 2014 with said airport to use it as a hop on hop off for his planes and helicopters for his golfing hotels
    Daft wee silly Faggot go back to counting fucking windmills

  7. Appropriate cunting. I feel utterly ashamed that this balloon shit was ever allowed . Says a lot about London and the cunts who run it.
    The fucking hypocrisy is breath taking. He might be a cunt but he is the elected head of a key ally. Unlike the majority of the murderous cunts who visit and get the full royal bollocks with not a peep from these right-on pathetic cunts.

    • Never thought I’d say this but I’m praying one of our young aspiring architects of london gets trigger happy, and shoots the balloon down.

    • They’ll stop at nothing to run this country down (even further) and sabotage our chance of a decent trade deal, hoping to bang yet another nail in the Brexit coffin.

    • But we’ve got a cunt – literally and figuratively – running THIS country so what’s the big deal with a cunt running the USA?

      And an even bigger cunt running London.

      It’s on the job spec isn’t it? “Do not apply with a cunt factor of less than 9.5″…

  8. I’ll put it in the appropriate thread…

    I see all the baby snowflake cunt Trump haters are out… I can only hope a few get their heads cracked by the old bill in the next few days… “But,but he’s a bad man!” Fuck off, you absolute fucking flutes…. Viva Big Don!

    The US embassy has also taken the unusual step of issuing a warning to American citizens in the UK to “keep a low profile” during the visit of President Donald Trump….

    There are fears that demonstrations over Trump’s three-day visit to the UK, where he will meet with British Prime Minister ‘Appeaser’ Theresa May and HM Queen Elizabeth II, could turn violent…. The largest demonstration is expected in central London on Friday where a giant “Trump baby” balloon will fly close to Parliament after being given the go-ahead by Mayor of Londonistan, Suckmuzzydick Khan…. The idea of Americans having to hide themselves in London is both crazy and disgraceful…. This is supposed to be Great Britain: open to all kinds of ideas and opinions – even ones with which many disagree….. The so-called ‘liberal left’ in Suckdick’s London really are the lowest of the low and they are no better than Hitler’s followers were in 1930s Berlin… Disgusting fascist cunts….

    • Excellent cunting CRW….
      And some brilliant posts by the usual suspects ….
      I’m actually embarrassed by the antics of suckdick and the so called liberal left , they bring shame to our country and haven’t got the intellectual capacity to see what utter fucking hypocrites they are……

      Sky attack dog Kay burley is interviewing Owen Jones who has gone into rant mode! Blaming trump for absolutely everything ….. CUNT!! Jones never ever listens to anybody else’s opinions, definitely one of the most bigoted pricks in the U.K.

    • There’s that famous quote – often misattributed to Winston Churchill but most likely birthed by Huey Long – about the fascists of the future being the antifascists. How right that quote was.

      • @OC

        That quote; “Sure we’ll have fascism here. But it will come as an anti-Fasicism movement.” has been attributed to that world class cunt Huey Long. Along those lines he also said; “If facism comes to America it be on a program of Americanism.”

        A repulsive, rabble rousing, Major League cunt of biblical proportions he got what he deserved…a fucking bullet!

        (Actually, he deserved the noose but in the absence of due process got the next best thing.)


      • I always laugh how the left try to pretend that fascism and the Nazis were right wing. An all powerful state that controls where everyone is allowed to work and all aspects of your private life and total government control of all industries and private businesses. What exactly is right wing about any of that? Of course then they point to the whole genocide thing which is apparently a right wing policy despite all the world’s worst genocides being carried out by left wing totalitarian governments…

        They’re just too fucking stupid to see that all of the world’s worst dictators have been able to attain their power thanks to left wing policies that give the government total power but they think this time it will be different. Stupid cunts.

        Previous left wing politicians in this country like Blair might have been cunts but at least they weren’t dangerous cunts like Corbyn. A man who thinks men like Stalin and Castro were great leaders, it just scares the shit out of me how popular he’s become because history shows us time after time where giving governments too much power gets you. An extended stay in a very comfortable gulag.

      • Spot on Mad Jack!

        A long term stay at the Gulag…a zyklon b shower or a bullet in the back of the head.

        Flushed into the sea, gold teeth removed and a bill for the bullet sent to the family. Nice touches by the far left.

        “My two favorite philosphers are Mao Tse-Tung and Mother Theresa”. – Anita Dunn White House Communications Director for Barack Obama 2009.

      • Corbyn strikes me as just being naive. McDonnell is the really dangerous one.

      • If by naive you mean he supports unconditionally those who seek to do our country harm whilst imagining he has our best interests at heart, then you may be on to something…. assuming you wanted to be charitable. Which I don’t.

        A thick useful idiot is how I’d characterise the cunt. And yes: dangerous.

    • Don’t fucking start me on Hitler’s tactics in 1930’s Germany because they’re exactly the same tactics being used by Momentum’s Labour Party in the 2010’s as far as I can see…

      Crowds flagging at rallies? Bus in some of your own.
      Demonstrations against your policies? Move in some thugs to break it up.
      Needs some votes? Promise people things you ain’t gonna give them
      Don’t like the referendum? Mount a legal challenge
      Want state control? Nationalise everything in site

      Next stage : Find a group to persecute that nobody likes. Perhaps Brexiteers will do? Or business leaders? Or politicians of the wrong ‘colour’? Must be a few more I haven’t thought of.

      We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing…The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end.” – George Orwell, 1984

      • Also, Hitler whispering to the middle class “vote for me, I’ll protect you” whilst whispering to the working man “vote for me, I’ll protect you” resembles Steptoe working both side of the Brexit vote.

        Additionally, Hitler promised everybody masses of money (although Adolf had industry whereas Steptoe will just tax everybody or go to the money trees in his magic orchard).

  9. And, of course, most of these Big Don despising ‘protestors’ are stupid and toxic wimmin… Celebrislags, Social media whores, entitled snowflake students and otherwise… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… It will be wimmin that will be the fall of the civilised world… Welcoming raping and murdering peacefuls? Wolf whistling (a compliment) as a ‘hate crime’? Savage hysterics and aggression when abosutely anyone disagrees with them? Femininity and beauty dumbed down and (they hope) abolished? Glamorous women demonized? ‘Time’s Up’ and ‘Me Too’ misandrist feral lynch mobs? Offended by everything and to blame for nothing? Spreading anti white and anti-male propaganda via cunts like the BBC that would put Goebbels to shame? Treating transbender cunts like Bruce Jenner and Munroe Buggerdoff as real women and betraying their own kind? It won’t be the bomb, it won’t be Islam, it won’t be AIDS… Daft and vindictive wimmin will be the earth’s downfall my fellow cunters….

  10. It came as no surprise to find that Owen Jones was one of the organisers of this shit show. My guess is the Trump blimp will drift aimlessly, far to the left, before throwing a tantrum and storming off.

  11. Khan is a fucking disgrace. The cunt is supposed to be running London not fucking it up with demos against a democratically elected head of state. He can stuff his balloon up his peaceful arsehole the fucking wanker.

  12. The same cunts having this Trump tantrum will almost certainly be the same kind who complain about austerity and police cuts, with thousands being drafted in from across the country,it will be a free-for-all in the provinces. The irony will be lost on these banner toting fuckwits as they are being babysat at our expense.

  13. I saw the Trump motorcade drive through Camden Town a couple of hours ago, complete with outriders, SWAT team and goons. No sign of a baby blimp. It gave the locals something to gawp at.

    Trump, seeing the litter-strewn streets, blambos and sand people must have been wondering if he had landed AF 1 in the right country. Those of you familiar with Camden Town will know exactly what I mean.

    • Camden Town? Fuck me, the only white people you will find there have pink and green hair , are covered in tats and have their heads weighed down by all the ironmongery in their face.
      It’s like a fucking freak show in the middle of Baghdad.
      Welcome to London , Donald.

      • Camden is now a tourist attraction with foreign-run stalls by day, and a nightmarish drugs ghetto owned by Albanians/ Somalians/ Romanians / Jamaicans/ Polish cunts by night. The only humane thing to do would be to slaughter everyone and cement the whole flea-infested, junkie pit from Kentish Town to Primrose Hill.

      • Indeed and then drop an incendiary device on top of the whole fucking mess. Job done.

  14. Former British ambassador to the US, Sir Christopher Meyer was brutally attacked yesterday.

    He has been doing a lot of media about how important the Trump visit is.

    Police say it looks like a robbery. If they say it is it must be. Not a hate crime then?

    • A mugging? Victoria station at 2.45pm? Nothing stolen?

      Total bollocks. That was no mugging.

  15. I have not seen the Democrats this angry since they had their slaves taken off them. KKK inventing scum.

    GOD BLESS 🇺🇸

  16. I just found out that a pro-Trump supporter is going to unleash a Suckdick Khunt baby balloon.

    • The crowdfund for the Sadiq Khan balloon is now about £600 shy of it’s £50k target. The comments page is priceless too. I hope the evil little cunt is aware of it.

      • Just checked this out. Delicious. I bet the Khunt will try to stop it getting off the ground.

      • You are right Paul but I reckon he comes out of it looking a total tit either way…the more he goes on about it the bigger a wanker he looks. I was pleased to notice how many US citizens had donated, also interesting to see Chinese,Indian and Jewish surnames there.

    • Best thing about this balloon is that because the slimy twat endorsed the Trump “protest” balloon he has no recourse in not endorsing his own!


      Even better is that they’re trying to work the pig angle in as well!

      Good, about time Nadia had a bit of pork on the menu!

      Hopefully he’ll have his Londonistan stabbing implement ready as well to give the full effect.

      The “Trump” crowd funded balloon has been in the global press for nearly a month and they’ve gotten 30k, the Sadiq “Bus Driver’s Son” Khunt balloon has been on fringe YouTube channels like Paul Joseph Watson, etc., for 4 days and it’s nearly hit the 50k mark!

      Dear Politicos who read this site,

      There is a reason why the globally advertised and endorsed “Trump” balloon took so little in a month, whereas Ayatollah Khan’s is almost paid up in less than a working week, that’s because the majority of the decent folk of this country welcome the Trump visit and our long-standing relationship with the USA.

      Whereas we loathe that little ineffectual “carbuncle on the arse of humanity” khunt Khan because of the arse he’s made of the Kalifate of Londonistan (which is incredible seeing who were the utter bozos who preceeded the little cunt)!

      Also take note: London is NOT England nor the UK! Folk outside that spunk-bubble of shite actually like our American friends (including a “breath of fresh air” President as opposed to 16 more years of the Clinton/Bush stitch-up – did you not know it was supposed to be Killary for 8yrs, then Jeb for the next 8yrs, then Chelsea then which other next Clinton/Bush spawn of Satan is in the stitch-up seat …).

      This is why you – you politico cunts -are failing so miserably. Look outside that “culturally enriched” sphincter within the M25 and see the real opinion of your spineless twat selves.

      If that doesn’t immediately urge you to commit Hari Kari then at least it should give you pause for thought.

      We also don’t want you exporting ex-politico cunts to our northern cities either like that “looks like a schoolboy caught peeking in the girls changing rooms” looking cunt Andy Burnham!

      Fuck off Cuntminster! Start taking note of the *real* folk of the UK instead of fringe cunts like transexuals and murdering “peaceful” twats (and funding their 8 kids free ride on the nashy) or fear an uprising the likes of which have not been seen in this country since 1642!

      Fucking cunts!

  17. CRW has it thoughtfully and exactly. But if only Trump had any more understanding of what he is doing to international politics than the protesters!

    Quite apart from which Trump demonstrably loves any publicity he can get. Being abused by thousands of wet libtards is just what he needs to boost his supporters back home, so the whole thing’s counterproductive. The logical response to Trump, if you disike the cunt (and I do) is to deny him the oxygen of publicity while bearing firmly in mind that everything he says and does is in his own interest first, America’s second, and the rest nowhere.

  18. This week my ISP has been intermittent due to maintenance. It pains me that I’ve been unable to respond in a timely fashion.

    This cunting is absolutely righteous in content and analysis. Hats off to you CRW. You fucking nailed it. 🎩 🔨

    That goes for my fellow Cunters who have commented so brilliantly…Empire…Norman…Dio…Capt Mag and a host of others. (To whom I offer apologies for not mentioning you geniues by name. But believe me I read and admire your remarks.). 👏

    There isn’t much I can offer as most of it’s been said so perfectly. But to OC’s point…as an American…I’m simply annoyed by this juvenile, virtue signalling show of dis-respect.

    Why just annoyed? There is so much anti-Trump vitriol here in the states that I suppose I’m simply used to it. CRW (and others) perfectly described the type of cunt involved so who gives a fuck what they think or do. They’re cunts.

    From my perspective…Tump is doing exactly what those of us who elected him want done. He is driving out establishment Republicans (RINOs) who were (and still are) a big part of the problem. He’s reversing the tide of Obamunism that threatened…and is threatening my great nation. He is securing the borders and removing illegals…many of who are criminals. He’s appointing Judges who respect not re-invent the law. He’s trying to address (what are perceived to be) unfair trade practices resulting in trade imbalances. He’s pulling out of the Paris Climate Change farce. He’s calling out China. He’s meeting with North Korea. He’s asking allies to pay their share of joint burdens. There’s more but…

    Whose protesting him? A Mayor who turned a once great, world class center of politics, business, finance, and culture into shitholian infested dangerous slum? A bunch of phony libtard celebrislags? A dishonest, corrupt liberaly biased press?

    Trump is carrying out his mandate. Can you say the same for May?

    As a nation we have a lot of flaws. But we treat visiting heads of state and other dignataries with the respect their office dictates and provide the security they as representatives derserve. We treat them with basic courtesies even if they…like Khrushchev, Castro, Chavez or countless others are mudering scum. For Christ’s sake we host the fucking UN! No other country in the world…save maybe Switzerland could do that…and they couldn’t absorb the costs we do.

    In the end I’m annoyed and I guess a bit angry. But hey…to quote the illustrious Mr. Dick Fiddler…Fuck Them!


    • Leaning against an open door General as far as I’m concerned.

      Donald Trump – like him or not – is exactly what mainstream politics needed to show the US (and the world) that western values, cultures and concerns actually do matter.

      The notion of nation/sovereignty does matter.

      The citizens of the USA matter more to the USA than the “rest of the world” flotsam seeking to take advantage of it (the same being true of UK citizens in the UK).

      When the Presidential candidates were announced and Donald Trump’s name appeared, only one person – Ann Coulter – said she believed Trump would win in the public eye because she felt that Trump was the only candidate speaking for “real people”.

      She was of course ridiculed and shunned at such at statement but my, my, my how tables swiftly turned as vote after vote whittled down the opposition until only Killary was left.

      Well it was a foregone conclusion that Killary would win by 99pts because no “sane” cunt would vote for Trump right! RIGHT…!!!!

      Well the tears of bean-flicker Rachel Madcow, Cenk Uygur and Anna Kasparian as the result was announced was as priceless as watching the treacherous shits in the AL-BB-CERA eating a shit sandwich following Brexit.

      The thing is none of the political establishment realise, or are even prepared to consider, that maybe the ordinary Joe in the street doesn’t want his town to resemble Islamabad, Tijuana, Mogadishu, Caracas, etc., nor to have to pay the eye-watering taxes to fund their upkeep as the money they make (on top of state handouts) is off the books and therefore not taxable = zero state contribution for access to education for their kids, medicaid, etc.

      However do they learn from their mistakes, do they fuck! Instead of trying to solve where THEY went wrong with massive public dissatisfaction, then instead try to hamper President, villify him and attempt to do anything to derail his service to his people.

      They simply need to look in their virtue-signalling magic mirror to discover the real reason for their failures.

      • Leaning against an open door? Damn I’m clueless. I’d like to buy a vowel please. 💵

        Either I’m meeting no resistance or I’m about to fall in. 🤔

        By the way in my earlier post I meant geniuses…plural…more than one genius. As I have said before, auto correct is a tool of the New World Order and my key board is possessed by the Devil. 💻 😈

  19. @Rebel

    I’m a fan of your posts but I’m not sure I get the opening line. You’ll need to explain that one to you if you will…please. As for the rest of your post…I concur. You’re pretty much spot on.

    I voted for Trump. I held my nose and marked the ballot without a moment of hesitation. I think he’s an idiot in many ways. His public feuds on Twitter seem childish to me. Some of his remarks are sopohmoric and border on juvenile.

    His actions as our Chief Executive are dead bang, right on the money and I fully support his policies and what he does.

    Midterm elections are critical. History shows the incumbent President’s party always loses seats. How many will be the key. If the Democrats win enough to take control of the House of Representatives they will try and probably (almost certainly) impeach President Trump.

    If Republicans keep control of the Senate, Trump will (probably) be acquitted and remain in office. If Republicans lose control of the Senate…I don’t know what will happen. History shows both impeached Presidents…Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton survived trial in the Senate…albeit by 1 vote in Johnson’s case.

    Trump is exactly as you describe him and that makes him the enemy of the powers that be. If the Republicans gain seats in the Senate (a distinct possibility) and minimize their loses in the House…President Trump goes into the next 2 years and presumed re-election campaign with voter mandated power like no President in our recent history.

    (Leaning on an open door? 🤔. Still not getting it.)

    • It means I’m in total agreement General, i.e., the door (to your opinion) is already wide open to me so there’s no need to hold it open for me to go in (to your opinion).

      Slightly different wording but means the same thing as this:

      I’m surprised it’s not a term you know over there. The Aussies & Canucks know it.

      Either way the protests and (especially) the mirth in which it is being covered by the UK (un)popular press is totally disrespectful of the office held by Trump, especially when the US is our closest ally.

      The fact he’d likely receive a warmer welcome Iif he were to visit Moscow or Pyongyang is a fucking disgrace!

      • Goddamned internet down again! After a full week of maintenance it was supposed to be faster. 😤

        Thanks Rebel for the clarification. I feel like I should’ve known that. (But I didn’t.).

        Maybe I am the dumb cunt some people tell me I am? 🤔

  20. Apparently a couple of years ago Caitlin Jenner was in London for something and after his/her visit, the met police were seeking somebody relating to a hate crime.

    Said hate crime being that some bloke shouted at Caitlin “Hey Bruce! Get ya dick out!”

    I’m glad that there are still some people in the UK with an un-pc sense of humour.

  21. Is Sadiq Khan the biggest cunt in the United Kingdom An absolute asshole total disrespect to a US President regarding giving permission to the flying of the Trump Blimp in Parliament Square You Mr Khan need to wind your neck in and respect Mr Trumps Office you silly little prick

  22. Emergency cunting for anti-Trump protesters. Judging by the photos on twatter the march seems to be a toxic mixture of foreigners, university snowflakes, femicunts, labour politicians, vegans and Owen Jones. All we need now is Gary Lineker to turn up for this to be proclaimed the biggest gathering of cunts known to man.

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