Theresa May (16)

While I’m on the subject of Brexit saboteurs, I feel I should once again cunt Theresa ‘The Appeaser’ May. Her white paper on what SHE thought Brexit should be was a load of shite. Contrary to what she and her lackey’s claimed, it did not, in any way keep faith with what the majority of the British electorate voted for in the referendum. She is an ignorant, arrogant, dithering, dictatorial twat, who only listens to those who tell her what she wants to hear.

Her latest act of twattery, has been to side line the newly promoted Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab. It seems that after making a couple of pro-Brexit statements, May didn’t like what she heard and has decided that from now on, as she did with David Davies, SHE and Oily Robbins will be negotiating with…sorry…capitulating…to the EU. To me, what’s she’s done is a public statement that she has no confidence that Raab will do what she wants. What makes it even worse, is that she didn’t even have the decency to tell Raab to his face, in private. He only found out about it while he was in the middle of a select committee grilling.

If I were Raab, I would not have resigned immediately, I would have publicly told May that she could shove the job right up her arrogant arse, and announce that after the summer recess, I would not only be sending a letter of no confidence to the 1922 Committee, but that I would be devoting every waking hour to seeing her removed from Downing Street. As I’ve said before, May is as much a leader as I am an astronaut. Her refusal to carry out the will of the people, couple with incompetence, and her lies and attempts to fool the public, have rendered her unfit to hold the office of Prime Minister.

She has had TWO YEARS to get us out of the EU, and all she has to show for it is a white paper that I wouldn’t even wipe my dog’s arse on, never mind my own. What’s even worse though, is that she has the audacity to claim that it keeps faith with what we voted for, when she knows full well that it doesn’t.

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  1. Treason Maybot needs to go. I know that means risking Corbyn in number 10 but that’s a risk I’m willing to take if it means getting her out. Literally anyone besides the Labour front bench would be better than her now – even Boris.

    • Actually, on the subject of Boris he’s written some great little bits in The Spectator about May, EU and the Chequers deal in their diary section this week. Regardless how he does as a politician he’s certainly a brilliant journalist.

      • I do like Rees Mogg but looking and sounding like a 1920’s Eton Headmaster does him no favours if they are to win back millennial’s and the Labour heartlands oop North.

      • I’m not so sure. Mogg treats everyone he speaks to like an intelligent adult capable of having an adult conversation about things no matter what walk of life they come from. Even when some dumb kids start just trying to heckle him he tries to politely talk to them and address their complaints. That’s a level of respect for the common plebs that you just never see from other politicians. Even cunts like Corbyn who pretend to me men of the people don’t do that, all they want to do is shout meaningless empty promises into a microphone while slagging off their opposition because they view the public as dumb animals. I honestly think that the more people see of Mogg the more they will come to like him because of the genuine respect he shows them. And of course he’s very good and witty on his feet in any debate unlike May who didn’t have the spine for such a thing.

      • 100% with you there MJC. If it wasn’t for his bizarrely posh image and his extreme religious views on abortion /rape /incest, he’d be a shoe-in for next Tory leader.

        At least he had the gumption to give straight and immediate answers to the difficult questions re abortion put to him, unlike that dissembling wimp Farron who wasted weeks of his party’s precious campaigning time failing to answer legitimate questions re his views on gay sex.

    • I wouldn’t take Corbyn as PM, he’d be even worse… Abbott The Hutt Fenian McDonnell, Chippy Darkie-Lammy, and Saddam Suckdick Khan in major positions of cabinet power?! An entirely pro peaceful cabinet? The first transbender cabinet minister (that ‘womens officer’ circus freak Jezza is so fond of)? More hordes of human filth from the usual places (Africa, Eastern Europe, peaceful shitholes) let in and favoured? More mosques and housing for these cunts? Nah, I wouldn’t…

      • And Jihadi Sinn Fein Jezza would probably give that pompous, preaching, tut tutting, sponging cunt, Malala Yousafzai a cabinet place too… And probably that daft Nadiya cunt who was gifted Bake Off and all, come to that….

      • Labour are pro Peaceful by default.

        Pro Peaceful, pro LGBTQXYZ, pro Pikey… not the warmest of bedfellows I’d attest.

      • There are approx 300,000 Jews in the UK… compared with 3,000,000+ Muslims.

        No brainer when it comes to whose votes Corbyn & his anti-Semite cronies are keen to appeal to.

  2. Agree QDM
    Tried to keep faith early on with her with some of her speeches but they turned out to be bullshit. She has to go. I just wish 17.5 million vote UKIP even if it’s with there nose held and just once to show these fuckers. Donald trump conducted a free trade deal with juncker the drunker in 1 fucking day at the white house but we can’t do it in 2 years? Even after bastard barnier says 80% Was done all of a sudden after the white paper wad produced???

    Traitor fifth column cunts mate and they are fueld by the remoaning pathetic cunts who have no balls. Shame

  3. She was bloody useless as Home Secretary too. No wonder they parachuted her in to No. 10 just in time for Brexit.

    I do wonder if she would have been more effective as a leader if she had been more fortunate in the baby department, as gross as the thought is.

    • Wonder what would’ve happened had we got Lesdsom instead. Certainly wouldn’t have been any worse.

      • It’s because of her as Home Secretary that London has now become Londonistan and peaceful infested crime riddled dump, and places like Grenfell (cue BBC choir: ‘Gre-en-en fell!’) and its ‘lovable’ inhabitants are legion… OK, Satan Blair and that Dour Brown cunt started it, but Appeaser May had since 2010 to sort it out, but instead she made it worse and indulged these ‘vulnerable’ peaceful scum… Suckdick Saddam Khan may be the fly on top of the Londonistan turd, but never forget who helped create that massive, stinking, steaming turd in the first place… Our very own Prime Minister….

      • Don’t forget that cunt Major. He’s the prick that signed the UK up to the Treaty of Maastricht without having a direct mandate to do so from the electorate.

  4. She’s a weak, sell-out cunt who needs to be replaced by someone who actually has the interests of the British people to heart.

    It’s that simple.

    Otherwise we end up with triumvirate of shite of Compo, MacDonnell and Abbott by default.

    Christ! What a waking nightmare that is!

  5. Off topic. But am listening to Majid Nawaz on LBC. Why the fuck is this bloke actually a Muslim? Every time I hear him he points out what’s wrong with Islam and I agree with everything he says. He’s now having a go at Imran Khan who is only doing what Islam tells him to do, ie being a ‘good Muslim’. What exactly are the good points of Islam Mr Nawaz?

    • He’s a secular Muslim, born into a Muslim family but not a believer or practitioner. As a result he understands the psychology of the cunts from the inside. Always an interesting listen.

  6. Excellent and just cunting QDM
    Totally agree with everything said , raab really should have done one and publicly given the hunchback the good news!, I suppose the only reason he didn’t is the fear of collapsing the government and letting in catweazel amongst other things.

    I saw a story that bojo has been speaking with Steve Bannon so something could be about to happen, it’s hard to believe this utter farce can continue without challenge as the U.K. negotiation team appears to be EU rent boy Robbins and the hunchbacked Trojan horse, if the curtain isn’t quickly dropped on this pantomime I can see may throwing her hands up and telling us all she tried her best, could have, would have and if only then rolling over on the people’s vote thus deliberately killing brexit by sabotage……

    The other thing that really hurts is those utter Cunts over in Brussels must be laughing their heads off at the sheer incompetence of our government……

  7. Although I agree that May is a disaster,I don’t think that anyone else would have done any better. The public face of “Leave”, Johnson and Gove,couldn’t find the reverse gear quick enough when they realised just what was involved in trying to deliver the “Brexit” which they had so blithely promised. Farage seems to have disappeared from view too.
    I voted “Leave”,but now accept that a Brexit opposed by the “Establishment” and big business is never going to happen. We can rail against it,and justifiably so,but no matter who is in charge,it’s not going to happen,although I accept that we’ll get some watered-down version,laughably going under the heading of Brexit.
    Defeatist I may well be,although I would say that I feel just as betrayed as anyone else on here,eventually it comes a time to accept that the “people who matter” are not going to risk their own cosy existence by pushing through a policy which they believe will harm their interests.
    May was tasked with selling the “plebs” a shit sandwich,it could just as well have been any politican,they would not have been allowed to deliver the Brexit that we thought was on offer.
    People should realise that politicians in this country no longer serve the people,they serve themselves and their paymasters. We have,for the last 2 years,been lied to and patronised by people who believe that we are too stupid to realise that we are no longer Masters of our own destiny.
    The Establishment don’t believe in Brexit,Big Business doesn’t believe in Brexit, the Civil Service,who are the ones who really run the country, don’t seem to believe in Brexit, so what chance of it being delivered?
    May is indeed a Cunt,but she was set an impossible task…to deliver a Brexit that she didn’t even believe in herself.

    Fuck them.

    • May has a strong track record of promising the earth and never delivering on anything. Fine words, no action… or does the complete opposite. No conscience, cleverly conceals her sociopathy. She’s a past master. That’s why the establishment chose her.

      • Never fear; when she inevitably resigns, she’ll end up in the House of Lords as some fuckwit Baroness for Notre Dame- laughing her fat arse off on her £300/day expenses; and then doing the lucrative lecture circuit talking about how to be a useless cunt to an audience of other useless cunts at £60k a throw!

        She doesn’t give two fucks about Brexit, just like that other cunthole, David “I’ve fucked up here!” Cammeron

      • Whatever she ends up doing once she’s ousted, I doubt it’ll be anything high profile. She doesn’t strike me as being especially money driven… at least not in the Blair sense. She’ll always be well enough off though, with her multimillionaire husband and all that.

        Still a massive cunt. Could be Cunt of the Decade!

  8. Excellent observation Dick.
    I did wonder if May was not going to show her hand untill the right time, well she has now in all it’s pathetic capitulation. As you say Dick it will never be delivered in full, far from it. Peter Hitchins believes Blighty is in Pre Civil War mode. Well I dont know about that, but I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen this country so divided.
    If there was a second referendum I still believe us Brexit voters are the silent majority, but what would happen is Soros and other cunts would finance it and it would be dirty with blatant vote rigging in favour of remain

    • It was rigged in favour of Remain last time. The process still is. Brexit means Brino, full stop.

    • Hard to have a civil war without weaponry. The fuck do we have? Kitchen knifes and spud guns?

      I agree with his assessment that this country is essentially a basket case nation ripe for social and economic collapse, and that anyone young enough to do so should be heading for the exits.

      • Keep fucking about with what’s left of the Forces, and a military coup becomes conceivable. Our politicians have demonstrated that, collectively and individually, they are incapable of running a pissup in a brewery (despite indications that most of them live in the Commons bar). The Forces are being told to do more and more with less and less…but they have the guns, and the OR’s know all about the politicians.

        Imagine this country with a clear chain of command, discipline and some strategic expertise. No, I can’t. But I can dream.

      • Yeah, it would be great to be ordered about by an unelected minority.

      • If the army upper class elite are not currently imbued in the ways of the politician, they soon would be after seizing power.

        There’s a reason why we’ve never been partial to military dictatorships in this country… though I have to say it might be worth it just to watch the snowflake millennials crying at the sky…


      • The upper echelons will go – they’re mostly waiting for sinecures in the arms industry rather than taking any active part in the proceedings beyond weakly protesting against the latest round of cuts. Peter Principle, and past their sell-by. Colonels and below know this. It’s the colonels who usually take over in such circumstances, and Forces discipline is much less forgiving of office politics, too.

        Now all we need is an Oliver Cromwell. A man can dream.

      • I am praying that the Forces still more or less have a “traditional” backbone that would stuff the libtards.

        They are about the only people I have any faith in any more.

        I have emailed an embassy today, seriously considering returning to a non-eu country, where the citizens are EXPECTED to do rifle practice regularly.
        All I have to do is to win the lottery and become financially independent.
        GB is just boiling my piss permanently. Cannot see that any sort of return to common-sense “normality” is possible.
        Things might get so bad here that I could claim political refugee status. Who knows ?

  9. All those people who hated Maggie and slagged her off… I reckon a lot of them would now give their high teeth to have the Iron Lady back in charge of Brexit instead of the diabolical Appeaser Mavis May (‘Oooh! I don’t really know, Derek! What would Rita say?’)….

    • As soon as she started showing signs of serious Euro-scepticism the Establishment gave her the boot.

      • No doubt the LGBTQIA(P – it’ll be next) fringers will be up in arms – all 6 of them in the UK – will get a fortnight’s coverage from the AL-BEEB resulting in the headmaster of the school resigning (to be replaced by a transexual head mistress formerly called “Dave”).

        The 14yr old transbender getting his own show at the Palladium, and – whether shite or decent – will be exclaimed as the best show made in the last million years by the Groaniad.

        Who knows, in 6 months time he could be doing a “Welcome Home Jihadis Beatles” concert after the spineless Home Office incumbent of the time grants them a full pardon (with compo).

        Yes that’s how fucked our society is!


        Start worrying about the majority Cuntminster, you have been warned.

  10. Thing is, Appeaser May doesn’t even have any sort of self respect or dignity… Even Hitler knew when it was time to shoot himself…

  11. Some of the shit plaguing us now is a direct consequence of the traitorous things she was up to as Home Secretary. Banning stop and search, letting in untold 1000’s of marauder’s while claiming to cut them, stripping the UK border force to a Dads Army level effectiveness, not bothering with exit checks (manifesto promise), directly involved in the E-Borders fiasco and collapse. By 2013 alone the backlog of asylum seekers had doubled, deportation had dropped significantly and the number of people point blank refused entry was down 50%… She is a globalist, a neoliberal, arch europhile and should not be trusted under any circumstances. Everything she does enhances the replacement and enrichment agenda. And all of this is in contrast to a labour government who apparently stand up for the gimmes and ecomigs. She is a liar, and she’s not on our side.

  12. This on the BBC Sport website:

    ‘There will be less away fans at the Old Firm derby this season, and Celtic aren’t happy’…

    Less?! Don’t they mean ‘Fewer’? And these are the UK’s flagship media channel?! Fucking illiterate cunts as well as anti-white, anti-men, and anti-British cunts…

    • In pedant mode I hate it when Linekunt and his ilk say: “Yeah he played ‘good’ today didn’t he.”

      No, but he played “well” twat.

      Reginald Bosanquet must be spinning!

    • The Al-BBC and Celtic (for whom the phrase ‘hate the Crown, love the half crown’ may well have been created) make for comfortable bedfellows, both being ignorant, anti-British cunts amongst other things…

  13. Piss sufficiently boiled. If any of those teachers had allowed my daughter to watch a drag act without my explicit permission I’d have nailed them all to the nearest wall. I take it that thing sitting next to it used to be his dad…
    Just because you approve of something doesnt mean I do you trainee science experiment.

  14. Put him in a Siberian circus and let him rot forever… Fucking little attention seeking narcissist look at me I’m different freak son of a bitch cunt….

  15. Absolutely revolting. The little pervert should be thrashed and taken into care.It’s obviously trying to infect other children with it’s illness.
    No sign of a father,he’s probably quite correctly topped himself due to the shame. The mother is a pervert and deviant who has encouraged the child to try and corrupt other children. She should be thrashed too,and then charged with encouraging gross indecency involving a minor.
    His schoolmates should also be thrashed for not tormenting this disgrace to the point that he reconsidered his life choice. The nasty little bender wouldn’t have minced his way around for very long if I’d been in the vicinity,and,as such,his teachers should also be dismissed for not making the Sodomite’s life unbearable until he renounced his filthy lifestyle… be fair, I’m rather suspicious of most teachers too…what kind of a grown man wants to spend his days surrounded by yowling brats?…A hidden agenda with most of them, I suspect.

    This is what The Gays have long been working toward…a lowering of the age of consent . They don’t just want acceptance,they want to be free to molest children. Anyone who thinks that The Gays are only after acceptance of the Gay lifestyle is mistaken,they are after an acceptance of pederasty.

    • This enterprising young man will no doubt go on to market his own designer label clothing and he’ll probably be wearing nappies by the time he’s in his early twenties.

      • He was probably born with the wrong body. Our cash-strapped NHS should step in and help him transition.

        I think I was born in the wrong body too. (Should have been Charlize Theron!) Doubt I’ll get state help…

    • Again DF, amen. I say the same to my missus all the time. I don’t know about wrong, but there’s something seriously not right woth a fella that wants to be around screaming little brats all day long. I could barely stand my own, let alone someone else’s… there an angle somehwere.

  16. Can we have a special section for those very special kind of ultra cunts who manage to pass 20 cuntings? Because Maybot will probably have reached that point by the end of the year.

    • A special niche in the wall might work. Enshrine the cunt, with artefacts beloved by the cuntee, pehaps, like leopard print shoes…

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