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Saturday Night Live are cunts…
A show that, of course, should have died a death years ago… Gone are the days of Murray, Chase, and Belushi and the satirical stuff they were good at… In their day anyone, and both Republicans and Democrats were fair game and that’s how it should be on a comedy show… But now Saturday Shite Live is merely a libtard propaganda vehicle… Democrats are never figures of fun and Obama and (especially) Kilary are untouchable… All they ever do on this pile of libfuck crap now is (attempt to) take the piss out of Big Don and his family…. Every single fucking episode is Trump, Trump and more Trump… These snowflake fucks claim the moral high ground, but they don’t actually have any… SNL is now planning yet another ‘Anti-Trump Special’ featuring the obligatory libslag, Skanklett Johnansscunt, that Alec Baldwin cunt, and -wait for it – Stormy Fucking Daniels… So, these libmongs despise Big Don, yet they’re willing to work with someone who not only fucked him, but fucked him for money?! They are typical leftist turds. who would be pally with Jack The Ripper and Ghengis Khan if they said they hated Big Don… Cunts!

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  1. Comedy, in General, is now moribund due to the liberal arsefucking set.

    There is so much material around now for comedic hi jinks. The problem is that so many areas are now no go.

    SNL – a festering pile of dogwank.

  2. Totally agree I like Bill Bailey but went to a warm up show of his in Portsmouth last year and it was Brexit this Trump that yadayada. Had already bought tickets for his show two weeks ago but just couldn’t bring myself to go and when I asked my missus she said NO I was very disappointed with him last time so don’t want to go.
    So all you libtard SJW so called comedians we ain’t all lefties so alienating us will hurt your revenue stream. Also just take the piss out of everyone that way we all feel included and surely that’s their motto “inclucivity”

  3. Snl and all the other formulaic “comedy” chat shows all seem to be one big smug, pompous, self-congratulatory, back-patting lefty love-in.

    Reminds me of that old southpark episode with the hybrid car drivers who love the smell of their own farts. Say what you like about southpark but they take the piss out of everyone.

    • All that’s missing from that picture is Diane Fatbot closing her eyes in total smugness.


      • McIntyre-round-the-neck will have the last laugh.

        I bet he’ll write a ‘comedy’ routine around this, which will ultimately earn him another wheelbarrow stuffed with £50 notes. Though it’s nice to see the smile knocked off his dial if only temporarily. Grinning cunt.

    • The number of crimes carried out by criminals using mopeds in London has increased by 30 times in five years.

      Data obtained by the BBC shows a jump from 827 offences in 2012 to more than 23,000 in 2017.

      Police insisted they had not lost control of moped crime (!!!!!!!!) but “there was more work to do”. Bit like the government not losing control of immigration (“we do control our borders”) or the Met not losing control of stabbings/shootings in London.

      Apparently when a normal member of the public is targeted by criminals on mopeds it is usual for them to be told that because of the high volume of incidents there is nothing the police can do (in other words fuck off, not interested).

      This does not appear to be the case however if you are a wealthy third rate “celebrity”, and in which the police appear to be pulling out all the stops.

      • Moped vs Range Rover. No competition. If it was me I would’ve just run the cunt over, and I mean it. I actually did it for real when someone started kicking the side of my BMW while I was stopped at traffic lights, and after I did it I looked in the rear view mirror and the men in the van behind me were cheering. Ever since I got beaten up in McDonald’s, just because the queue I was in moved faster than the one my attackers were in, (They actually had the incident on cctv by the way) I’ve just completely lost all respect for the police. That uniform used to command respect but not anymore.

      • The few experiences I have ever had with the police in Suffolk and surrounding areas have been on the most part fairly positive however can appreciate this can vary depending on where you live.

      • Cressida Dick totally out of her depth saying today moped related crimes on the decrease!!!!

        Michael MacIntire said today he experienced a horrible ordeal.

        Now he knows how I feel when I accidentally stumble across his comedy routines.

      • Cressida Dick would be out of depth in a paddling pool.

        I could mention olive-oil, but I’d probably get hard labour – picking winnits out of Flabbot’s arse.

    • Be interesting to know the demographic of the moped felons they actually manage to catch??

      Just saying…

      With “enrichment” comes all of the gifts.

      No doubt the Casio McKintyre was wearing will become a £250k 24 karat gold Rolex on the insurance form!

      Best day’s work he’s ever done!

  4. It’s exactly the same over here. The election of the Donald and Brexit have finally caused the masks to slip and exposed the Left for what they really are: just sanctimonious, hate-filled bullies.
    To paraphrase Mr Fiddler,

    Fuck them.

  5. The campaign to get rid of the Tango Man began the day after the election just as the campaign to stay in the fucking bastard EU began the day after the referendum. Strangely enough the cunts over here who cry about Trump ( like it’s any of their fucking business anyway ) just happen to be scumbag remoaners. So they not only object to democracy in their own country but in other people’s countries too. Well, at least they are consistent.
    Still , if they carry on sticking their tongues up the snackbar arse there won’t be any election results to cry about anyway.
    I don’t think they’ll like it though when women are being raped in the streets and gays and trannies are hanging from lamp posts.
    Still, at least they’ll discover the true meaning of raaay-sism.

  6. First, I agree that what is now mainstream comedy is hopelessly formulaic, largely unfunny, and concentrates on easy targets. But second, Trump’s the one in power, not Hillary or Obama, whose time has gone. And it’s entirely justifiable to go for him rather than them. That said, we know he’s orange, wears a small dog on his head, has tiny hands and is a not-too-successful corporate monster. It doesn’t need saying again and again. I’d be going for the crew of cunts he has invited to help him, personally.

    • There’s plenty of stuff they could do on that evil cunt Mike Pence come to think of it. The snowflakes attack Trump for being socially conservative et al but compared to Pence he looks like Owen Jones.

    • @Komodo, that would be a good point were it not for the fact these sorts of shows fawned over Obama when he was potus and even had him on as a guest a few times.

      • Fair point, but let’s face it, Trump has never made any attempt to ingratiate himself with the media, and could only expect fair treatment in the ideal world which this isn’t.

    • Windbag Kinnock was never in power, and neither were Steele and Owen… But Spitting Image never let them off the hook just because they were the opposition to Maggie’s government…. Kilary is satirist comedy gold, but because she’s adored by these Hollywood liblards she is viewed as untouchable and off limits…The Clintons are arguably the most corrupt people in US politics, but the libflake cunts of Saturday Shite Live don’t like to mention that… They despise Big Don yet the deify the Clintons… That’s the difference between one sided propaganda and satire…

      • If Trump hadn’t gone to such pains to alienate the media, I’m saying – consciously and presumably with intent – the media wouldn’t have it in for him. And, besides, there’s no shortage of rightwing outlets damning Hillary for all they’re worth, regardless of the fact that she’s completely irrelevant now. Think the Dems will let her stand again? They’d be mad to.

      • And, of course, those SNL mongs went very easy indeed on Obama when he was President…. There were certainly no impersonations of him and his family by anyone… Could it be cos he black?….. Right on libfuck hypocritical cunts….

      • Not seeing a lot of satire regarding (Stadtmauer-) Kushner’s ethnnoreligious identity, either. Another place no-one is allowed to go, eh?

  7. A bit off topic, but…

    A new survey has found that less than half of young English cunts (18-24 yr olds) are proud to be English, and one in ten is embarrassed…

    Ok, I know it’s verboten to mention his name, but I think it’s time we took a tip from Hitler’s March 1945 ‘Scorched Earth’ directive to Albert Speer, stating Germany be made one vast wasteland in the event of the war being lost.

    For your reading convenience I have adapted (below) said unibollocked one’s directive to suit current UK circumstances:

    “If the Brexit is lost, the nation will also perish. This fate is inevitable. There is no necessity to take into consideration the basis which the people will need to continue a most primitive existence. On the contrary, it will be better to destroy things ourselves because this nation will have proved to be the weaker one and the future will belong solely to the stronger European Union (Germany). Besides, those who remain after the battle are only the inferior ones, for the good ones have been killed.”

    Fair do’s? Well that’s the way I fucking feel this morning.

    Another apposite quote while we’re at it:

    “What luck for rulers, that men do not think…”

    Not convinced he ever said “Ken Livingstone is a loyal National Socialist.” though.

    • And now over to Tom for the weather.

      Bill Hicks.

      Seriously Ruff Tuff, nail hit squarely on the head.

      Must go, have to help paint my next door neighbours gates.

    • I’m surprised it’s as many as less than half. In London it would be less than 1%.

  8. Never seen it (thank fuck) but I’ve heard it’s not exactly Monty Python

  9. I’m sick of comedy these days, total play safe and target the latest lefty cause.
    I like Frankie Boyle but some of his stuff is a bit right on nowadays.
    They are mostly posh wankers these days who after telling there friends a few jokes whilst on their gap yah’s think they are like… So funny.
    Fuck off you cunts.
    As for female comedians I think I’ve only ever genuinely laughed at a Jo Brand joke, there are more female comedians than ever now and they are shit. Fuck off.

  10. So McIntyre got mugged.
    You have to admit that was funny.

    Funnier than his jokes anyhow.

  11. Fuck the libtard MSM, people are turning that shit off and electing Trump as president in the important ratings war. Snowflake cunt liberal agenda will cease to exist outside the media bubble soon.

  12. Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola “often has problems with Africans”, says ex-Blues midfielder Yaya Toure…. Join the club, Pep… The whole of Great Britain has had a problem with Africans… Ever since that satanic cunt, Blair started letting them in in 1997….

    • Yaya is a total soft cunt, didn’t he threaten to leave cause Citeh forgot his Birthday. Now he is past it he decides to start bitching, What a bellend.

      • Now saying he will play for any of the top clubs,United included, for £1 a week, just to prove to Pep he is still good enough to play in the prem. I thought all prem players were on a £1 a week, or have I been bull shitted again?

  13. Stupid little slag… PTSD?! She fucked off on a private jet while her fans lay wounded and dying… Thick as pigshit attention whore jailbait cunt…

  14. Stupid little slag… PTSD?! She fucked off on a private jet while her fans lay wounded and dying… Thick as pigshit attention whore jailbait cunt…

  15. One recent SNL sketch saw Skanklett Johansscunt (yawn!) saying ‘My dog is a Trump supporter’… Said mutt barked (in that That’s Life ‘Sausages!’ style) ‘Snowflake!’ every time Johansscunt asked it a ‘political’ question… Typical Clntonite bollocks, of course, but it was quite a good idea though…. A dog talking to another dog….

  16. Has to be said the Yanks do better stand-up… Don Rickles, Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, and now Doug Stanhope…. Billy Connolly was very good in his prime though, and so was Jasper Carrott… I also saw Warren Mitchell live as Alf Garnett… Superb actor, thorough professional and a top bloke…. I also have relatives who knew Harry .H. Corbett when he was brought up in Manchester… They say what a nice lad he was and how he could easily have done a routine on his own… I can see that in the monologues he got to do in Steptoe and Son…. A great show, that was….

  17. Apart from Alec Baldwin’s take offs ( which I can really laugh at) the show is just not funny.
    For me it highlights the difference between American and British humour… British humour is much more witty and wide ranging, American comedy is very often just mean and shallow.
    I’ve never been able to get through an entire episode of SNL in the forty odd years I’ve been over here, the PC makeup of the cast pisses me off .
    They have to have a black, a fatty, a queer or an empty pop star in their sketches and most of them are just embarrassingly bad.Throw in advertisements every seven minutes and in the States that’s your recipe for success.
    But, as so many have said, the luminati like it, so somehow it escapes cancellation.. heck they even show reruns of shows that should never have been run in the first place.
    Jeez I just realized I never used the word “fuck” or “cunt” in this reply , must go now as they’re bringing my medication

    • Couldn’t agree more, Paul… The amount of Viz style fat slags who have gained film roles because of Saturday Shite Live in recent years is just ridiculous… Of course it’s all down to that ‘Big is Beautiful’ bollocks and all that Femstapo PC crap…. But cunts like Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, and Rebel Wilson just aren’t fucking funny, and they sure as shit ain’t attractive either…. As for big name cunts like Scarlett Johansscunt? Well, she is (for the moment) shagging one of the SNL cunts… Fuck me! She’s gone down more times than Leeds United….

  18. Very late in responding so apologies if I cover something someone else has already covered.

    Saturday Night Dead has not been relevant in fucking decades…plural…more than one decade. Back in the day…the 1970’s…it was cutting edge, socially relevant, hip, cool, hilarious, take no prisoners entertainment. Much of it was pure genius and possibly even Divinely Inspired. They even had great musical talent…much of which recently got Cunted in the decrepit old cunt stars thread.

    They took no prisoners in political humor with Dan Aykroyd brilliantly lampooning both ex Presidential cunts Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. Chevy Chase’s Gerald Ford was more than a bit off the mark but his News reading was brilliant as well.

    After the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players left, they just simply started sucking libtard ass. Today their obsession with libtard ass continues as the entire show is now a giant colony of anal seeking parasites…living entirely inside the collective libtard anal community.

    Unfunny libtard cunts!

    • General Custard and I are singing to the same choir. The people they hire now are chosen because they fit the demographic, not because they are funny. Watching even a snippet of it is like getting a flat tyre on the motorway. Fucking garbage!

  19. UK Gold are currently repeating the classic Perry and Croft comedies like Hi De Hi and Dad’s Army… But they will not repeat It Ain’t Half Hot Mum in case it upsets all the weren’t even born then snowflake wankers who will scream ‘Racist!’ when it actually wasn’t… That is how wartime India was and the British officers get the piss taken out of them just as much as the ‘damn natives’….

    I always loved the Granada comedy The Dustbinmen… Rarely seen outside the Granada region, it followed the antics of four Manchester Council binmen…. It featured many Coronation Street actors (including the big names) and starred Graham Haberfield, who in contrast to his mild mannered Street character (Jerry Booth) played a psychotic and anti-social Manchester City fan…. Mary Whitehouse despised the show but I loved it…

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