Marrakesh Political Declaration

This is essentially an EU sanctioned free movement agreement between all member EU states (including the UK cos we’re still part of that rabble – and probably always will be) and most African nations, dressed up in migration/development speak.

This basically means than any cunt from any African shithole who merely makes it to the EU (whether refugee, asylum seeker or economic migrant) should be gifted passage and any dissenting voices quelled.

Obviously – as a bi-lateral agreement – the same is true of all refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants from the EU into those African countries listed in the declaration.

Well how very noble of them because the UK will be absolutely empty once millions of Brits decide to migrate to Burkina Faso, or maybe Mali, or maybe Chad…

Do they think we’re fucking mad? There’s only one way this thinly veiled “free movement” agreement is going to work and that is to basket case Europe further.

Even after all of the opposition to middle-eastern and African migration across most EU countries – at least over the last year – they, the EU, still went ahead with this ridiculous declaration on 2nd of May this year.

The EU is scared shitless and their only saviour is to import – literally – a boat load of Africunts into Europe who are dependent on the state and who will vote in favour of EU puppets to keep them in their paid for, easy ride existence in Western Europe.

Here is the declaration itself (it’s short)

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29 thoughts on “Marrakesh Political Declaration

  1. It really does look like they actually want to start a war as a way of hitting the reset button….

  2. A comment courtesy of Mr J G Fields taken from another website:

    If we are leaving the EU why bother to sign a
    declaration that is irrelevant to our nation in the future?

    This is just another clue that Mrs May has
    no intention of honouring the Brexit referendum.

    • About time the Maybot got decommissioned and someone like JRM took over. I don’t agree with the guy on everything but at least he’s a staunch Brexiteer – and right now that’s what we need.

  3. Extraordinarily well cunted.
    This may well have something to do with various official and unofficial visitors to assorted African dictators and the signing of co-operation agreements. One of those visitors being a Tony Blair, who has embedded his Institute’s suits in several African governments. Please find fuller details of countries of interest to Blair and his current squillionaire best mate Naguib Sawiris (who lends him the family Bombardier Global Express for African trips, and sometimes travels with him) for the last 3 years here, and on preceding pages:

    Sorry again, Mods, but I don’t think the full depth of the cunt’s iniquity is yet realised by most.

  4. It’s a conspiracy..there,I’ve gone and said it. I don’t care if people think that I’m some swivel-eyed,tin-hat wearing maniac, I honestly believe that there is an organised and well-executed plan to totally change the demographic make-up of Europe.
    There can be no other explanation. Nobody in their right mind could honestly believe that allowing hoards of uneducated,diseased Africans to overrun Europe is for the benefit of the indigenous population,there must be another reason. These immigrants bring nothing positive,they merely bring strife,dishonesty and a backward step on the Evolution ladder.
    No wonder the EU was so keen on it’s own army. It could then “bring into line” any dissenting countries and inflict it’s “For the Greater Good” ethos throughout Europe,at the point of a bayonet,no doubt…after all,they’re only doing what’s best for people too stupid to understand their Great Plan for the benefit of…..who?
    The vanguard of the Scum Army has been financed,shipped and established a secure position already. The main body is currently being given passage and assistance by a traitorous “Elite” whose plan is going like clockwork.

    Fuck them.

    • Remember that shadowy organisation from the film Hot Fuzz? Well, that’s basically the EU times 100.

    • Just watch any coverage of gimmegrants at a European border and it literally is Romero’s Day Of The Dead come to life. Hordes of mindless parasites clamouring around the fence with no drive other than to break through and feed off the population within. And once it’s all gone… well, they don’t care about that because they don’t have the capacity of thought.

  5. Have sent the following request to Nigel Farage at LBC.

    “Dear Nigel

    Please could you raise the subject on your programme about the 2018 Marrakesh Declaration (as I suspect most people will not be aware of its existence), and the future implications this may have on the UK.

    Also, is this something that was agreed on our behalf by the European Commission or did it require our governments specific agreement?

    If the latter, as we are leaving the EU why bother to sign a declaration that is irrelevant to our nation in the future?

    Perhaps this is just another clue that Mrs May has
    no intention of honouring the Brexit referendum.”

    If aired my name will be revealed and my ISAC cover will be blown, however feel this is a small price to pay for the hopeful exposure this will generate.

    Incidentally, tried unsuccessfully contacting Nigel via his direct contact link, and his MEP link, each time I received a “504 Bad Gateway” error message.

    Big brother perhaps?

    • Just managed to send a direct email to Mr Farage for his comments.

      Received a personal response from him a few years ago so utmost respect.

      • Nice one Willie. The more people know about this shit the better. We can only hope it will awaken more to how this wanky government is betraying us all.

    • I think Nigel only uses 1st names when reading out emails etc, so it might be awhile yet before you’re unmasked Mr G. Bloom….

      Nigel on 7-8pm (Freeview TV channel 732).

      • Update: he’s not on tonight!


        Next on Sunday 10-12am & next Monday-Thursday 7pm…. hopefully.

      • Live broadcast, Suckdick got an unusually rough ride – a lot of angry people demanding answers – well worth a listen if you didn’t catch it earlier.

  6. Just what Europe needs more disease ridden shits that have no intention of working here. Most will no doubt be muslims which means yet more terror threats. The leaders of Europe haven’t a bloody clue

  7. Now, fellow cunters: I have given this matter a lot of thought and have come to an educated, researched and very balanced response:

    I thank you.

  8. You know, I’m always skeptical of the whole Great Replacement stuff simply because some very nasty people believe it and I don’t want to go into the realm of conspiracies, but when you look at stuff like this it becomes harder and harder not to believe it.

  9. I have to agree with Mr Fiddler. This is not a result of stupidity or incompetence but a long term plan by the power elites.
    They want to turn us into a mass of individualised worker ants with no national, geographical, family, or even sexual identity. This makes us easy to control along, of course with the fear. Fear of unemployment, fear of the feral criminals, fear of climate change, fear of old age, fear of the Ruskies, fear of the Chinks , of whoever. Remember 1984 where they all sat down for the “daily hate”, the object of the hate changing from one week to the next?
    Half of us will be controlled by primitive superstition (otherwise known as religion) and the other half by mindless TV pap. And, of course, we will hate and fear each other because of it.
    The elites living up on the hill will be well away from the morass of shit down below.
    This is the future Ladies and Gentlemen and we are walking right into it with our eyes wide open. Still, we’ve always got Love Island or some celebrity cooking contest to keep our minds off it.

    Don’t forget to vote…..if it makes you feel any better!

      • Absolutely ruff

        Do as I did… smile..get your wee bit of paper go in the cubicle….write Cunt CUNT CUNT UTTER CUNT next to each candidate…fold said paper, leave , smile at person at table..pop paper in box

        Enjoy ice cold lager at local

  10. About time. I’ve been hoping to move to the Central African Republic for years. After a few years I’ll come back to Britain and get stuck into a bit of gang raping and stabbing innocent civilians for a tenner and a knock off Casio watch. The government will cover up my illegal activity and the snowflakes will have my back all the way.

    • If so do you think they will keep sending us everyone’s £2 a week so we can get some drinking water?

    • So rebroadcasting your YouTube clip wasn’t good enough?

      And you just included your name in your comment. If you’d included a link in it as well, you’d have solved your own gripe.

      You just can’t please some people 😕

      • Time of the month dear? A little tetchy aren’t we. Its usually the polite thing to do when using someones content, i see now that social etiquette escapes you. My mistake.

  11. The UK tax payer could pay for a Hilux, fit it with a 50 cal. Fucking cool set of wheels. You could become your own warlord. Possibilities are endless.

    All paid for by someone else.

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