José Mourinho (2)

José Mourinho is a cunt. Again.

Not content with playing the dullest football the Premiership has experienced this year, he wants to blame everybody else for losing the FA Cup final.

Of course it’s not his fault, it’s everybody else’s. His team of spiritless cunts have talent, yet he prefers to instill an attack so impotent, so bereft of dare and beauty that he might as well have castrated the whole sorry bunch of spoilt millionaires.

Furthermore, why does his peremptory loftiness constantly receive the kiss-arse treatment from reporters? “José, how do you feel, José, was it a penalty?” The piss-poorest, most unctuous “journalism” I’ve witnessed, simply to flatter this egotistical, waxy turd of a man.

He had a meltdown at Chelsea, he had a meltdown at Real Madrid. Let’s hope this cowardly cunt’s next one is imminent. If not, take some fucking responsibility for your drab, craven style and drink some cement, you oily, stroke-faced, parsimonious cunt.

Nominated by, Captain Magnanimous


33 thoughts on “José Mourinho (2)

  1. Maybe this is just me but from what I’ve noticed Jose gets repeatedly shat on by the media whilst the likes of Pep, Pochettino and Klippity Klopp are lavished with praise – and two of those managers haven’t even won anything. His football is without doubt incredibly dull but I do think his shortcomings at United get magnified by the media precisely because of his (not entirely underserved) reputation.

    • I think you have answered yourself.He acts like a cunt so they treat him like one.

      • That’s why I said it isn’t exactly undeserved. But a bit like with Trump I do think the negatives are exaggerated a bit because of such a personality. I’m probably not making my point particularly clearly but I hope you understand what I’m trying to convey.

      • I do,and I think your analysis is spot on. But if you set yourself up somewhat,there will always be someone there to oblige.

    • I disagree. I think the Media give him a superbly easy ride. Why is it “José” all the time? It’s the same with “Boris” for old Johnson. Why the matiness? Call them by their Surnames or call them “Mr.Cuntbucket” but stop the over-friendliness.

  2. Great first stint with my lot at the Bridge. The return, not so good.
    Lost the plot, boring football.
    Has an air that he’s bigger than the club.

    Cue Norman….

  3. Apologies Cap for going off topic so quickly, but just bin exposed to Prime Minister’s Questions… Row upon depressing row of virtue signaling Liebour cunts, all wearing NHS ‘70 badges, as if they owned the entire box of frogs.

    Then again… fair do’s to them for the supercharged privatisation and PFI projects instigated under Bliar & Broon, so perhaps they do.

    As for football – in the words of one of our greatest, most highly esteemed Cunters, “I know nuffink abaaaatt it!”

    • I see there is more stories of NHS brutality in the press over cases where patients allegedly choked to death having been served food prepared in a manner not appropriate for the conditions they were being treated for.

  4. Used to like Mourinho when he first came to the UK.

    Sharp witted and cutting. The Wenger “specialist in failure” was a classic which pissed Wenger off big time. I suppose that was the point.

    Cannot really be bothered with the “mind games” expression the media seem to churn out, often for no obvious reason, only for Alex “the purple one” Fergusson, and Jose “the special one”.

    Mourinho and Fergusson (and Wenger in his latter stages) are incredibly bad losers, acting like egocentric spoilt petulant children whenever something does not go their way- to the point of either not seeing the decision in question, blaming everyone else or blatantly disregarding the conclusive evidence presented.

    Whilst a while ago this was deemed to be acceptable and tolerated, feel most people are bored with this type of behaviour, and IMHO that Mourinho and managers such as these are complete cunts.

    Give me the realistic and honest straight talking Mauricio Pochettino, Sean Dyche, or Roy Hodgson any day.

    • Being a United fan myself I can’t bring myself to criticise Fergie, but Dyche is brilliant. Whenever Southgate ends up leaving the England job (thinking a bit far down the line there I know) he should be the next one to take the post. Any manager who can get Burnley, of all teams, into the Europa League deserves a shot at the job.

      • Fair enough re Fergie.

        Spurs supporter myself and very much enjoy their play and manager. Shame we have not won any silverware!!

        Ageee about Dyche, think he will make a brilliant England manager. To be honest liking Southgate more than I thought I would.

        Disappointed about big Sam, but his own stupid fault.

      • Yeah Southgate is definitely winning me over. You can tell he genuinely cares about the job – unlike some managers we’ve had in recent years (cough *Capello* cough). Playing a lovely style of football under him as well.

      • Shame Brian Clough was never given a chance, would have been interesting to see what he could have done.

      • The best England manager we never had. Revie was basically the 70s Capello.

  5. I know fuck all about football, but this guy comes across as a bit of a cuntish spunk-bubble!

    That is all

  6. I don’t care what he’s won as a manager, good manners cost fuck all, the man is a rude, self important shithouse who acts like some sort of god. When his team wins it’s because of him, when they lose he claims he’s being stabbed in the back.

    He only seems to last 3 seasons so this is probably his last at United unless he actually delivers a trophy like the league or Champions League.

  7. Don’t know or care about football but isn’t he the ‘Special Needs’ one?

    • Spot on Cuntstable.

      His special needs equate to about £1.25m a month,

      Nice work if you can get it.

  8. I thought i’d cheer you cunts up with a good news story.
    Quadruplets have been born in a London hospital for the first time in 13 years!
    So welcome to the world for
    Ahmed and

    Isn’t that nice?

  9. The Indian bloke who runs our local curry house is aptly named, as he suffers from a severe bipolar disorder..

    Mahmoud Swingh….

    • Very much appreciate your recent lighter, more jovial posts JR.

      Keep up the great work.

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