The Customs Union

The Customs Union requires cunting. Definition below:

‘A precondition of the customs union is that the European Commission negotiates for and on behalf of the Union as a whole in international trade deals such as the World Trade Organisation, rather than each member state negotiating individually.’

This is what is being forced on us by the Remoaners.

So – no UK trade deals and staying shackled to the EU. This is not a ‘Leave’ vote this is a betrayal of that vote.

The Customs Union is a bureaucratic nightmare of the EU’s making and staying in it is against the wishes of the majority and giving in to those that ‘know best’.

Fuck the Customs Union, fuck the EU and fuck the cunts who are bent on overturning the referendum.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

42 thoughts on “The Customs Union

    • Mavis renaming the ‘Customs Union’ the ‘Customs Partnership’ is about as convincing as Labour’s scam idea of replacing ‘Free Movement’ with ‘Easy Movement’. But then, they take us for idiots, so only par for the course.

      • And we are not leaving the EU, its a Gwyneth Paltrow style ‘conscious uncoupling’.

    • I remember reading the booklet Scameron sent me pre referendum and while absorbing the fear, I remember the booklet making me aware that voting to leave would also mean leaving the customs union as a consequence of the country voting to leave.

      We all knew exactly what we voted for which ever way we voted

  1. Off topic.

    After watching Amber Rudd today being questioned by a parliamentary committee thought I would find out a bit about her history.

    On Wiki it says that Amber Rudd has been in an on-off relationship with fellow Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng since 2009 or 2010.

    Fuck me sideways, had no idea.

    • I know right? Before finding that out I thought she was a full on dyke!

      • Is that not Justine Greening?

        Didn’t smell any trace of the Captains Pie until she got recently ousted and the press were staked outside her house to catch her going for a pre rug munching jog. Suppose even a girl has to work up an appetite.

    • Didn’t Kwasi’s parents come over on the Windrush? Could be a conflict of interest issue lurking in there somewhere…maybe the debacle was Rudd’s cack handed way of getting Kwasi deported! Always knew there was something sinister about that wet dish rag. Kwasi needs to mind his back.

  2. When will these thick cunts get it into their skulls that big businesses never voted for Brexit ….THE FUCKING PEOPLE DID !!

    Even those who were threatened that their very jobs may be at risk due to slowing of GDP voted to get the fuck out. These people of course don’t have what the vast majority of remainers have….A fucking inferiority complex which developed some time in their youth which doesn’t allow them to stand on their own two feet and brace the change. As for GDP, one great answer came from a normal worker in the north who worked at an EU plant responding to the elitist cunt that came to threaten them .. ” Your GDP will fall you mean ? ”

    and that’s it, that cunt can see that any GDP is redistributed to the asset holders and London based asset management elite , while our wages stagnate , so fuck your GDP. He was sniggered at I’m sure by the champagne quaffers, but his grasp on Wealth distribution is a lot more comprehensive than most of the political fuckwits that doom scenario us to death.
    Now I’m not advocating some socialist paradise takeover of wealth creation post Brexit, god forbid those cunts but there has to be a move to higher wage to productivity link. Reducing the fucking vast import of cheap labour is a fucking start , but the lazy bastard home grown cunts better be aware, training is coming your way and theres no cunt to blame now for sitting on your hole for years.

    As for the customs union , the fact that people cant see its a fucking tool for moving cheap labour / money and selling of debt products ( mortgages/loans etc ) to a massive market of goons who are regulated to fuck in our choice are fucking blind

    i better stop now……. blood is boiling

    • Exactly.
      It’s funny when they say THE economy will take a hit.
      THE economy? THE economy?
      YOUR economy more like.

      I can’t afford to live in London anymore hence the move up north. Electrician isn’t exactly a minimum wage job but I still can’t afford it.

      I’ll be a Yorkshireman soon.
      What do they say …
      “If it’s not from yarksire … It’s sheiyytte.”

      ….wonder how long I’ll be here before I get my head kicked in.
      Can’t wait.

    • Spot on, the gaffers were sent out to bully as were the union knobs by red Len & co and they got a two finger salute for their part in project fear

  3. The Customs Union is rapidly becoming the favourite in the steeplechase of cunt known as ‘Let’s Stay In The EU’, all the usual suspects are signed up to it, using the Irish border as the vehicle for their anti democratic action. The cunts.
    In other news….. The eurocunts are planning on cutting the UK out of aspects of the Galileo project , which is the planned European alternative to the current GPS system .Britain has invested over a billion in this project and is taking legal advice. Apparently we are more than capable of developing our own system, which is what I think we should do, fuck the petty eurocunts. We should just tell them to fuck off.

    • May wants to fire the Irish border back to Juncker & Co as their problem as we are leaving, it does border on an EU country after all.

      Worst case scenario and we leave with no deal, we can heavily patrol people passports at Scotland & England ports and start charging an entry fee to non GB people like Turkey. Claw back the costs for beefing up our ports with more staff for intensive checks to be carried out.

  4. Staying in the cuntstoms union is staying in the EU.

    I liked the idea of London going independent.
    I’m moving away soon and I’ll be glad to see the back of the place.

    Let’s turn the m25 into a fucking great wall.

    • DTS

      Can I come too?

      If it were not for my 13 year old son at High School would have rented this place out and moved away to sunnier climbs a while ago.

      Cannot bear how those in charge of running this once great country think so little of it nor of the indigenous population who live here.

      • Rent out?

        You would find your house full of peacefuls when you returned years later, installed by Commie Cunt Catweazle

    • Big BZ for that one DTS – Londonistan should be made a City state funded by the slopes, Asians, Ruskies and non doms who own every brick and slate. Is it right that Branson and co pay less in UK income tax than the blambo who is cleaning the steps of his Londonistan properties pay? A cull on the non dom rule too – mostly applying to those cunts with Knighthoods. Branson, Dyson. Reg Dwight, Harry Webb, Connery, and the Star trek cunt. Why are they allowed to walk the pavements of our country but contribute fuck all to its upkeep. The Whingerush cunts should be fucked off too. They knew that their visas needed updating decades ago and did fuck all about it. They had some cunt called Winston (fucking ironic named after the greatest Englishman who ever lived IMO) on TV last night and he had to be prompted for every fucking answer. He repeated it was unfair and he demanded compensation (uppity jigger cunt) for his pain and suffering. Not as much as our indigenous are suffering paying out compo to every cunt who has shed a tear or had a bad nights kip. The meedja cunts are struggling like fuck to find anyone who thinks they have been hard done by. If people had taken notice of Enoch the cunts would be back in their mud huts flogging ganja to tourists. CUNTS

      • It seems cunts calling hotlines set up are post windsurf cunts following instructions from Lord Grenfell and his pet whale. All calling in concerned to clog up the system and make things difficult.

        They need to drum up some ones who never came at all to lie and claim they was here for years hence pressure to scrap checks & testing. Apparently still none known to have been deported or held in detention centres so far. Seems they can’t find any cunts so far but cunts sacked for absence, time keeping, stealing etc will claim sacked due to ethnicity instead for compensation.

        Watch the fraudsters flood out like Tetley from a tea bag, just like Grenfell brought out the best in those poor people.

        DEPORT ANY FRAUDSTERS for life including any simple attempts.

        I’m waiting on the 30 year old kids from the Calais jungle trying to pass for Windrush pensioners instead of 12 year olds. Some grey hair dye should do it.

  5. We could form a committee to tell the corrupt, shitty, little nest of maggots we’re fine, actually. It should be called:

    EU ➡ Customs Union No Thanks.

    Hmm. Perhaps we could abbreviate it, somehow.

  6. In a way I’m looking forward to the fucking mayhem and fucking anarchy that will occur if these cunts think they can pat me and 17.4 millon others on the head saying ‘yes yes dear boy, we respect your opinion but in this case just go back to your pigeons and social clubs and drink a glass of beer and leave the complicated stuff to us. Good man’. That is the day my membership of this society ends. You want me to be a cunt then I’ll be a FUCKING CUNT.

    • When people in other countries had to rise up and challenge their corrupt governments, other countries and ours armed “the so called rebels”.

      I wonder who will arm the next country who needs to challenge their corrupt government?

      Maybe steps have been taken recently to warn such a country from assisting already?

  7. Didn’t Alfie Evans dad stab a 14 year old when he was 17 and the reason he’s not in the nick for murder is because Alder Hey patched the lad up and saved his life? Yet the cunt now has the nerve to call Alder Hey murderers?! And who said irony was dead?Total cunt and quintessential classic vermin….

    • Absolutely fucking shameful of those utter cunts protesting outside Alder Hey. What the fuck it has to do with any cunt who knows next to fuck all about the complications of the case for the poor kid is a fucking disgrace. It was noticeable that pre Jeremy Kyle there was no cunt there. They only turned up once they had managed to change out of their pyjamas after 12. Fucking embarrassing.

      • Agreed, Kendo… The judge presiding over the Alfie Evans hearing has told the Court of Appeal that his dad Tom Evans has sought to privately prosecute doctors for conspiracy to murder. According to reporters at the court, Tom Evans has been talking about private proceedings to have three named doctors charged with conspiracy to murder in the case of his son….. Tom Evans is typical vermin and opportunistic filth… This is all about ‘compo’ like it usually is… And that mob is a disgraceful shower of cunts…Completely deluded and led by the nose by dodgy lawyers.. That fucking mob is a disgrace with its talk of “execution plans” and “lethal injections”…. The sort of pointless excrement who bang on prison van windows…. Scum!

      • If we took a poll outside Alder Hey I wonder how many of these cunts would be
        A. Pro life
        B. Catholics
        C. On benefits
        D. Labour voters
        E. All of the above

    • I’m afraid the Da is a CUNT for looking like one (or both ?) of the Gallaghers.

      Liverpule need more diversity – more Italian footie supporters…

  8. BBC News

    Still fucking banging on about this Windrush bollocks. They are fucking loving it.
    One thing is for sure…..The Dudd needs sacking RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!

    • The Windrush fiasco will have been worth it if it leads to the resignation of Theresa the appeaser and Rudd the DUDD. Brexit blocking cunts.

    • She is an utter cunt but if she goes, so would the two previous cunts if not more and thats handing the keys to Catweazle.

      At least she is remaining robust on the stance towards “illegals” which is pissing off Flabbot & Co who want to let any cunt in who will vote for them.

      Rudd has offered to put things right and waive costs or refund if paid already and that should be the focus. Catweazle & Co are the ones keeping it going with the help of our fine media outlets.

      We will still be hearing the cunts at Christmas about it even if all cases resolved. At least there will be a break in the media reporting for the upcoming Grenfell 1st Birthday as they will be busy interviewing the poor cunts still in hotels refusing perfectly good housing while the compo meter spins frantically.

    • Flabbott just got a ten plus minutes slot on GMTV being interviewed by arch leftie Suzzanna Reid to spout her usual racist bollocks about the suppression of the blacks by the white supremacists and how the cancer of anti semitism must be surgically removed from the Labour party.

      Well, you could start with your boy friend Corbyn darling!

    • No doubt about that, she’s a loser. Er and that jellyfish-woman.

      Isn’t Diane Abbott the shadow Home sec ??! And Bum’sRush is the ideal smokescreen when Liebore is (not) dealing with anti-Jewish sentiment within its very rank ranks…

      I wonder if the useless cunts could all “pair off”, and board the Ark to Oblivion asap.

  9. Yvette Cooper preaching the plight of a customs union after Brexit in parliament now.

    Love the contributions from SNP cunts,particularly Hosie (jug eared cunt ex boyfriend of the fairground gonk Shona Robison) who are spouting the lines around the consequences of Britain turning it’s back on the EU…our largest trading partner & neighbour.

    What were the SNP going to do in the event of Scottish independence to England who is Scotlands neighbour and largest trading partner?

    Rebuild Hadrians wall and close them out. Hypocrite cunts have a short memory and do not speak the wishes of the Scots electorate…cunts!

  10. And typically, Evans has come out all holier than thou and ‘offended’ over criticism of his heinous past… You know, the usual shite: ‘Attempted Meydah?!! I didn’t do nussin! Anywayz, it wuz years ago! I wuz a kiddee! It woz Chelsea fanz! Frig off! Calm down! etc’….

    V e r m i n !

  11. Stella Creasey is due a right cunting, far too much drivel from those snowflake chops, particularly claiming the leave voters are the traitors?

    Look up treason on your technology, you self confessed geek!

  12. Sick of the SNP cunts and their 62% to remain while also pinning hopes on the Ireland border issue ensuring they get their own way.

    Don’t forget folks, Krankie & Co are wanting another independence referendum (already denied by May last year) following brexit which I bet they claim May agreed to when telling her to take a hike.

    They stand to gain more from leaving a UK in the EU than one that his left the EU and the clowns are in denial that in remaining in the EU would entitle an independent Scotland to continued EU membership which Juncker & Co already dismissed.

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