Food banks

If spongers spent less of their benefits on tabs,phones,drink and tattoos,they wouldn’t need go to food banks.

There’s one in my area currently appealing for Easter eggs,,wtf? Why the fuck should some tubby pram-face be provided with free chocolate to stuff down it’s greedy maw?

I’ve seen programmes where people go to these foodbanks…first they stand around outside,smoking and talking on their mobiles,before going in to be given bags of groceries. They then come out to sneer at any fresh vegetables or pasta or anything that may take preparation,before waddling with their squalling brats towards the nearest McDonalds.

Fuck them.

Nominated by Dick Fiddler

40 thoughts on “Food banks

  1. The only thing that matters is being able to satisfy the sympathetic urge …

    “Ahh the poor darlings. It’s all austerity etc.”

    It doesn’t matter about facts and personal responsibility, no as long as there is somebody to feel sorry for and be angry at people better off then you about, let’s stoke the resentment and sentimentality so we can sell “news”.

    So people ACTUALLY BELIEVE that without these foodbanks people would die at the hands of another. That our country contains such extreme poverty. But that’s bullshit as we all know.

    Tax credits and benefits for families are more than enough to survive on, (I know I’ve experienced it), and if you want more, get a fucking job like everyone (decent) else. And don’t have kids if you can’t afford it or manage it moron.

    As for those without dependants, I have lived on or just above the minimum wage for nearly 20 years with no problems. Sure I can’t afford to go out all the time but I can have a car and have enough disposable income. Live within your means, it’s what grown ups do.

    Let’s face it, those who think these foodbanks are necessary and not an indulgence do so from hidden and deceptive motives. Everyone knows that pity doesn’t help the needy, but what matters is the need to pity someone, not actually help them.

    Nice cunting, agreed, foodbanks are cunts, and with special mention to those who use them to make them feel superior to lazy good for nothing people because they can publicly pity them. Urgh it’s like secret emotional prostetution.

  2. Here is a wild and crazy thought that I’m just going to throw out there:

    Perhaps if the useless cunts who go scrounging around food banks were to get a fucking job, they wouldn’t need to use food banks.

    There, I said it. Que condemnation from the leftards for criticising the lifestyle choices of the feckless and terminally stupid.

    • Even if they had a decently paid job, a lot of said cunts would still be mooching free food so they could spend their money on something more exiting, like an Elf on the Shelf or two.

      Budgeting and responsible money management are alien concepts to these people. Besides, they were brought up to spend and borrow to the hilt in order to give the illusion of a booming Economy under Blair & Brown & Cameron. The chickens are now coming home to roost.

      Food banks, and those that run them and the scroungers that take from them are all, nevertheless, cunts.

      Great cunting Mr Fiddler – fuck ’em!

      • Exciting – not ‘exiting’. Fuck!

        Wish they would exit, mind you. A decent cull wouldn’t go amiss.

        Dignitas – not coming to anywhere convenient near you soon!

  3. Almost without exception, poor people are poor for a reason. The reason being that they’re ill-bred oafs and knuckle-dragging scum. I despise our indigenous council filth almost as much as the pork-avoiding medieval barbarians that infest northern mill towns. Me? Bitter? Fucking right. Getting beaten to a pulp on a regular basis 30-odd years at school for being “posh” (ie being able to use words of more than two syllables) tends to colour one’s opinion somewhat.

    • When you consider that money is simply a byproduct of service (or falling out of the right cunt at birth – but that’s not important here), then poor people are poor for essentially not making themselves useful.

      Sooooo, fuck em!

  4. Repent ye who hast been beaten by the greedy stick
    and must admit the time i had 3 packets of powdered potato cold water and salt and only enough petrol to get to get the next job because i had spunked me money in Laaandon
    Berlin and thank the fuck for the bahnhofs mission slept in my battered ford fiesta and had 3 meals a day until i became a two bob millionaire and decent digs

    • And i forgot at train stations they drop tabends to catch the train and some have lipstick on the filter but a packet cig papers and cig stumps
      never went a miss

      • Ah the memories – scouring the streets at 2am in search of half smoked tabs! Would be worth a bob or two these days…

  5. what ever happen to toxic shock synrdome
    Recycled jam rags and oil of allergy bullshit

  6. Forgot to add that most of the people who run these food-banks are either virtue-signalling,sanctimonious pains-in -the -arse or religious nutters looking for the chance to spread their propaganda to a thick/desperate collection of got-nowts.
    Soup kitchens may have been necessary once,but I honestly don’t think that anyone with children these days would fall through the benefit net to the extent of not being able to afford to buy food for their children. Adults without children should fucking well get off their arses and do something positive. The mentally-ill and homeless have access to social services too,so food banks are just a distraction that helps them to avoid any self-reponsibility.
    I think that it’s like sending aid to Africa,it just encourages them to become totally dependent on handouts. Neither work nor want.

    Fuck them.

  7. Before I found ISAC I was short on cunts to rage at, not that there weren’t cunts to froth at the mouth at, just that I had a limited portfolio. Finding the massive cunt bank that is ISAC was a revelation, it meant that cunts previously unknown to me were exposed and at the mercy of my uncontrolled rage. I can now work myself into fits of apoplexy 24 hrs a day as the members of world cuntdom are deposited in this wonderful cunt bank called ISAC for my personal delectation. Thanks you Cunters.
    Food banks ? Fuck all to do with me.

    • Nice one Jack.
      I have been travelling and unable to access ISAC for four days. What a fucking relief it is to know that this inspirational site and the erudite commenters, with similar grown-up views, are in this world.
      Plus, it’s good to vent your spleen at some daft cunt or two, or three. Oh fuck what am I talking about, all of them. Cunts.

  8. Someone I know along with everyone else waiting at a bus stop was approached by one of these worthless shits trying to sell the contents of the bag they’d just scrounged from one of these places. Presumably to get to the pub, whilst those at the bus stop had to go to work.

    An absolute godsend to workshy cunts, these places just promote the ability to spend benefits money on booze, drugs, etc while the rest of us work to fund their cuntish lifestyle.

  9. I believe our lefty friends call this ‘Secondary Poverty’

    It’s essentially where the fat, the feckless and the long term useless scum have just enough hard earned benefits to live above the poverty line but instead choose to spend their cash on non necessities such as Chav Stamps, Mobile phone top up’s, Tabs, Lambrini and Multipacks of Black Leggings from Pri-mani resulting in living under the poverty line.

    The term was first coined by a member of the Rowntree family in the early 1900’s so as we can see the long term useless really have learnt nothing, I think that’s down to the interbreeding?

    Great cunting/ sermon Dick, especially as it’s delivered on Easter Sunday, and as the Lord said to his flock, fuck them.

    • The weak shall inherit fuck all.

      If you watch a nature program, the biggest predator or the biggest male gets the best prey/females and produces the most progeny. Are these lefty cunts telling us that we Humans are so different? Does central heating and double-glazing take away our natural tendencies.

      For the fuckwits who have inadvertently wandered onto this site thinking it might be porn; the answer is NO.

  10. Top cunting DF,
    What this encourages is lack of responsibility, When I was living in Bristol for a while in an area full of new type middle class hippies my next door neighbours (Romanian couple with abaaaaaht 5 kids and living in a 2 bedroom house) were in the local food bank ‘Collecting’ their food. Point is why come here with 5 kids and not work and be a leach on society? I don’t blame the kids as they cant control or be responsible for their parents and I cant blame the parents that much either as its the system that is fucked. This food bank is like papering over the cracks on a fucked system that has been left to get out of control and the influx of Romaniacs, Poles, Somalians etc in recent years has added to the pile of cunt. Its similar in way to tax credits where the goverment top you up because the cuntpany you work for dont pay enough. Im not having a go at anyone who gets tax credits as at least they are working and also its not their fault this and several Goverments before cant seem to get companies paying employees the right wage. What a pile of cunt with a smiling Somalian sitting on top.

    • Ps. The Romanian cunt I used to live next door to mentioned above smokes abaaaaht 40 cigarettes a day. Taking the piss or what eh.

      • He also drive’s a decent motor, used to have loads of nicked wires in the back garden they all seem to wear Nike footwear as well. Thats why I cannot blame the tax dodging rich cunts because when you see where they waste money in this country and who they give loads of it to for free it makes you not want to pay any tax.

    • baw cunt my home town and the village idiot has left sorry right
      our council estates were the best childhood a little cunt could ever ever have top pubs full of hard bastards and dirty old sluts
      from old soldiers and nutters and lunaticsytube my home town

    • At least Romanians are a bit cheaper – cunts never seem to use soap, in my experience.

  11. Most of these people aren’t actually that poor.. just really fucking thick. Used to know a lass years ago, always on the beg, pleading poverty with 100 gold mark in her handbag. Running down the local parking shop on benefits day to buy a bottle of oil and a sack of taters for the fortnight. Its literally all she fed her 2 kids.. chips, chip sandwiches or mash and gravy. I would have only been 13 at the time, but it was quite obvious that youve gotta be pretty fucking vacant if you’re spending more money on a single days coffin nails than you are on a fortnight’s food shop you’re a total fucking failure at life, and your kids will likely become utter fucking mongs too. I’m a lot older now, but was proven right a few years back when I found out both of the offspring are finally getting 3 squares a day (at her majesties pleasure). There should be a mandatory sign in all of these food banks which reads ‘You can go no lower than this so fuck it and fill yer boots… the only benefit you could ever bring to society is the day you get sterilised, enjoy the beans’

  12. I go down to London occasionally to stare at the big buildings and tug my forelock outside Buckingham palace. I nipped into a food bank for a bit of a look see. Disgraceful. Hardly any of the food is organic and apart from Cherie Blair getting something for Tony’s tea, the customers were of a very low order. Islington deserves better.

  13. The solution is simple:

    1. We stop pointless immigration.

    If you really are a doctor, a scientist or a minted businessman looking to invest your moolah in the UK then please feel free to come and with open arms.

    If you’re some chancer from the EU given the right to travel here for no reason whatsoever, please feel free to fuck off.

    If you’re a grabby, lazy Africunt who thinks it a right to be gifted housing & benefits for doing fuck all (like our own Kyle scum) just because you can make it here, please feel free to fuck off.

    If you’re a “peaceful” – irrespective of how many of your “family” members have invaded our country – please feel free to fuck off!

    Let’s start reducing the Demand side of the equation.

    2. Put idle cunts to work.

    You see the big argument against (1) above is the ridiculous leftist argument of: “But who will do the jobs that no one else wants to do!?!”

    Er, how about the lazy cunts who neither work nor want and who have managed to milk the system for over 3 generations! That’s who!

    The left then decry: “You can’t FORCE people to work!” Fine, we just stop their benefits.

    I work for myself and let me tell you “some money” Vs “no money” is a great work incentive. Why else would I tolerate working in a “peaceful” shithole like Lutonistan if there was no monetary incentive?

    Grandfather (admittedly in his 40’s), daughter in her 30’s and granddaughter in her 20’s all on the bens and all passing “scamming the system” down through the generations, so it self perpetuates and gets worse as each generation breeds more scumbags than the last.

    You will work. You will work for the Government, sweeping roads, clearing out bedpans, maintaining public toilets whatever it is you WILL do it and you will be paid for it. If that doesn’t suit then feel free to find an independently paid role. Either way it’s win-win for HM Govt’s coffers.

    The double bonus is that overpriced Govt cleaning contracts (that exist purely to grease the palms of Whitehall cunts and local Government cunts), etc., could be fucked off because we’ll use our newly found public service workforce to service public establishments. Another win-win for HM Govt’s coffers.

    The triple bonus of this being that if every cunt works who’s expected to work then it will be a huge deterrent to cunts wanting to come here for a paid-for free ride! Another win-win for HM Govt’s coffers.


    Within one or two generations we could reduce a vast amount of national debt and allow infrastructure to catch up with demand.

    People would have a newfound sense of self-worth (breaking the cycle of benefits fuelled self-pity) and affluence would increase.

    We might even be able to reintroduce student grants (for Science and Engineering type studies – Sociology, Art, “Beyonce Studies” and the like can all fuck off o’course as they’re pointless).

    Wouldn’t that be a great place to live again??? There’d be no need for food banks or any of that shite, just a positive outlook on society and feeling better off in the arse pocket. You know, a bit like the 80’s (who the leftists hate – fuck ’em)!


    Alas there is one major flaw in my cunning plan: it is born of common sense, and no party, irrespective of colour actually consider common sense to be a good thing anymore, not when political correctness and virtue-signalling is much higher on the priority list.

    Ah well, one can dream I suppose.

    • As you rightly state Rebel it will never catch on, primarily for the following reasons:

      1) It will not cost anything (in fact it may even save the money).The government are generally opposed to saving money unless wasting it on Ne’er-do-wells or fucking immigrants or their translators

      2) The feckless cunts would rather turn to crime than do a decent days work

      3) It may restore some pride and self worth to those currently on benefits however imagine that most do not have any and are of the opinion that the world owes them a living. Such as:

      4) It is a logical, common sense answer. And the current government does not respect, recognise or understand logic or common sense.

      • I just read that link,Willie….pure fucking scum. They should be sterilized. Breeding like rats,no jobs, handouts,sue the NHS…..but the fucking worst aspect is their sheer arrogance and sense of entitlement…just expect other people to pay for them and their repulsive brats.

      • The last thing the cunts in charge want is the lower orders, or indeed any of the indigenous population, regaining any pride or self worth.

        That would be racist, or fascist, probably…

    • One has to accept that those in charge really have no desire to sort any problems out whatsoever, after all what is in it for them if they do?

      Thus nothing of any real benefit to the population will be done.

      Secondly, of course, we now have millions of people that will vote for more free stuff so anyone attempting to get elected on the premise of taking responsibility for yourself, get off your arse and go and work or indeed promoting a lose the ‘entitlement’ attitude that so many people have is on a hiding to nothing.

      It will get worse and worse, the only option for us sane people is to stash cash (preferably outside the EU, because when it goes tits up you WILL have some or all of it confiscated), live frugally, move as much work as you can either online or remotely (or both) and have a plan to get out sooner rather than later.

    • The Poles have a saying. ‘There is no work that shames you’.

      Which is why 90% of the ‘sausage rolls’ that come here are making a decent go of it. Short term pain, for long term gain.

      I find it embarrassing that twentysomethings can come here from the former Eastern Bloc and find paid employment inside a fortnight, when our own home grown fuckwits would rather sit at home smoking weed and breeding for more handouts.

      I am the stepfather to a useless piece of shit that doesn’t get up before 6pm and still expects it’s washing done, ironed and folded and dinner cooked by the time it has scratched it sac and spent two hours in the fucking shower (usually breaking something on it’s way through the house).

      Fuck it. This is a cunting all of its own.

  14. I remember many years ago listening to the radio and on it was a section dedicated to national pride, as in the newspapers that day were the following items:

    1) A woman who had seven children with seven different fathers

    2) A family who were on benefits winning in excess of £1m on the National Lottery, and within a year had blown all of the money and were applying to go back on benefits again.

    Doesn’t it make you proud to be British?

    • Remember Michael Carroll? Won a fortune and spunked the lot. What an absolute arsehole…

      • Affluent area my arse!

        The Cunt was from around my way when I lived in the UK, he was just too thick to keep hold of the cash, he would pay one set of pikeys to protect him from another set of pikeys who split the cash and robbed him blind.

        Splashing the cash at every opportunity, cars, meals jewellery for his hangers on until it all ran out.

      • Its the ‘area’ bit that is somewhat off.

        His old house is just off (literally just off it, a busy as fuck road too) the A47 between Narborough and Swaffham just up from the banger racing track.

  15. Most of the scum who mither food banks have Sky Sports, go to ‘Maccy Dees’ and spend a fortune on their ‘lotties’, scratchcards, mobile phones, and booze and fags… These cunts are vermin, simple as that…

  16. I have just seen Owen Jones on the BBC News channel ( – rewind on iPlayer to 2pm.) Do you realise he hasn’t been cunted for FIVE DAYS? Cunt!

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