Australia’s shame

The Australian Cricket Team are cunts, aren’t they.

Win at all costs, even if it means cheating. How embarrassing to see a grown man blub in front of cameras in a desperate bid to salvage sympathy for his own team’s hoodwinking tactics.

I don’t know whether to be amazed at the transparent, pantomime contrition endeavouring to pull at Nationalistic heartstrings or the sheer fuckwittery at attempting such dirty shenanigans on a pitch surrounded by copious amounts of cameras!


Either way, Shit Off you honeyfuggling Convict cunts.

Nominated by, Captain Magnanimous

Aussie blubbers
Another day another Aussie cunt sobbing and blubbing. You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh your bollocks off at the pathetic cunts. You cheated. You got caught. Now show some fucking dignity instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

Cricket has a long history of bent, cheating bastards. You are just the latest to be caught. Fuck off back to Wagga Wagga and show some self control you wingeing sorry cunts.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

25 thoughts on “Australia’s shame

  1. W.G. Grace wouldn’t have wept, he’d have told everyone to fuck off whilst demonstrating the sound of willow on skull.
    Blubbering convict cunts.

  2. It’s the breeding
    We shipped out lying cheating cunts
    200yrs later ……….
    Not even the common decency to hold hand up admit it and fuck off never to be seen or heard of again
    Kangaroo fucking Cunts

  3. So much for the image of the tough “Crocodile Dundee” Australian male…just a bunch of Nancy-boys bawling their eyes out like pre-pubescent schoolgirls at a Take That concert. Utterly embarrassing for them and anybody forced to witness their mewling and sniveling.
    Any man crying in public (or private,even) should damn well pull themselves together. Bawling and crying never helped anything. Pure self-indulgence designed to attract sympathy. Crying is for women and young children,and even then it shouldn’t be encouraged.
    Australians are,on the whole, a bunch of wankers. The ones I’ve met seem to spend their time yammering on about how great Australia is…well if it’s that great,why don’t they Fuck Off back there instead of sitting over here boring everyone titless with their yobbish behaviour. Bunch of gobby Cunts.

    Fuck them.

  4. Is anyone really suprised, especially as ball tampering is almost a national pastime in parts of Sydney….


  5. We might winge as the felons from Wollabooga like to constantly remind us but at least we dont BLUB ! What a load of old crybaby cunts

  6. “Flying doctor to Wolaboonga base, over”
    “Come in doctor,over”
    “We need 5 gallons of water for the cricket team , over”
    ” cos the twats are dehydrated from all the blubbing , over”

    • What nauseating tripe! Why did I click on it.

      Oh fuck, here it comes…Hup, hup , hup, Bleeeuurrrghhhhh!

      Cunting fuck, just puked on the cat…..BB cunting C

      • Apologies Dick.

        Could not help myself.

        Plenty more to come on this story in the coming weeks.

        Why the BBC thinks that anyone gives a flying fuck is totally beyond me.

      • I’d wager that the flowers will last longer than the marriage.
        She’s no spring chicken so expect a sprog within a year, with bookies giving short odds on the name Duracell….

      • It is, I think, the Al-Beeb’s way of “pandering to Brexiteers.”

        Libtard spunkbuckets.

    • Goddamnit! I’ve just spent the last couple of months working my wife’s fingers to the bone making those mooching cunts hundreds of lovely flowers out of used toilet paper.

      Had hoped to save the taxpayer a bob or two. Fucking waste of fucking time.

  7. Bloody cry-baby virus. Those Russian diplomatic bags have an awful lot to answer for.

  8. I nominated that Mersonesue blubbering heap of kangaroo jelly, Smith, a few days ago… What a soft fucking cunt he is…

    • That Smith booing had me laughing like a drain. What a fucking cock.

  9. The only tears I want from these cheating cunts is if I rubbed a raw, crushed Trinidadian Scorpion chilli in their fucking eyeballs! Especially that Warner cunt!

    They should’ve banned all the cunts as they were all complicit. Any cunt on the Aussie who says different is a lying cunt, end of.

  10. Thick cunts’ll be easy meat for a bit of sledging if they ever take to the international crease again. I’m sure the England cricket team have already had a brainstorm of suitable ideas just in case. Whinging pommes!! Cheeky thick Aussie wooftas.

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