Hope Not Hate

A clusterfuck of “refugees welcome” lefty apologist, rabble rousing, SJW cretins posing as a legitimate charity headed by a humungous wanktoss chancer arsetrumpet, supported by virtue signalling celebrities and political figures.

Their agenda is to spread fear amongst the minority communities by publishing made up statistics regarding hate crimes, to change law through fake news and call anyone who wants to control immigration a racist.

Nominated by Cuntspack of Notredam

43 thoughts on “Hope Not Hate

  1. Just made the mistake of looking at their twatty website – what a bunch of leftie wankers. I don’t think they will be sending Tommy Robinson a Christmas card though……..

  2. Do they include the statistics for black on indigenous population, or indeed peaceful on indigenous population race hate crimes?

    You know, the ones that make up the majority of violent assaults, rapes, muggings and murders.

    How about peaceful on peaceful honour killings.

    Black on black murders due to disaspek (innit blud) or being seen in the wrong postcode whilein possession of expensive clown shoes.

    Did they include them?

    If not, they fucking should do. Considering the non indigenous population seem to be disproportionately represented within the prison system.

    Muslims hate blacks and see them as inferior. Blacks hate muslims, because everyone does. African blacks hate Carribean blacks and vice versa. Etc etc.

    We, the indigenous population didn’t ask for third world scum to come en mass, infest our green and pleasant land and play out their fucktarded, petty tribal grudges on our fucking doorstep.

    So, Hope not hate. Get your pets to fucking behave while they are here in our civilised country and more than half the problem will disappear.

    You stupid, ignorant SJW, virtue signalling, cultural marxist cunts.

    • I could not give one single fuck about black on black and peaceful on peaceful killings – the government has got this one spot on – let the cunts get on with it if that’s what they want to do.

      • PC, the Government MUST act more quickly and more irresponsibly on this matter, such as handing out guns and engineering organised shoot-outs for culling.

      • I think the idea of organized culls is a great idea. Imagine, a pleasant Sunday afternoon cull in the ghetto’s, we could take a flask and some sandwiches! How nice.

      • Tee-shirts, fridge magnets, key rings, we could even make little snow-storm shakies for Christmas.
        “Merry Christmas” from Is.A.Cunt.

      • Great idea, check out ‘The Purge’, a great film with some powerful dialogue, lots of ‘bang bang bang boom’ and ‘fuck you mother fucker’ lines.

        My favourite bit is where this bloke gets a big fuck off gun and legally blows away as many cunts as he can in the 12 hours the Goverment allows.

        Oh hang on a minute, that’s what the whole film is about.

    • “ people in this country are horrified by the toxic nature of our political debate “ says HNH founder nick lowles? By toxic don’t you just know he’s talking about immigration!! And when he uses the word “people” I presume it’s cunts like him and his motley crew that are horrified!!
      Horrified that after years of open door immigration the MAJORITY of the U.K. feels enough is enough!!
      Knowing that they cannot win a reasoned argument they decide to throw In the lefts favourite and completely over used words RACISM and FASCISM to stifle any real debate! , looking to label any dissenting voices as racist!
      Most sensible people have now realised that its a far better idea to control immigration and borders than leave it to luck!
      My HOPE is most people see these Cunts for what they are…

    • Social Justice Warriors @moggie 😉
      AKA – someone who will get out of bed every morning looking to be offended or will be offended on your behalf if you aren’t.

      • Thanks for that, I’ve noticed it before but never thought to ask what it meant. These cunts appear to have taken over this country, especially in the media.

      • This country is full of the perpetually offended.
        You can’t say this, you can’t say that.
        Fuck that, what happened to free speech.
        Most of the time it’s not offensive in any way, too many soft cunts.
        Great Britain should change it’s name.
        PC WORLD fits the bill, that’s where we live now….

      • Brilliant JRC, thou never spok’st a truer word in thy life, old Gentleman…

        (David Garrick 1759)

      • Any cunt who tells me I can’t say it as it is is going to get a mouthful of reasonable debate followed by a fist.

      • The good old fashioned way of settling any disagreement moggie63.

        Forced to agree with you.

  3. A monstrous pile of monkey wank. If you click on their website, a pop up asks you for your email address so they can bombard you with their brainwashing ballbaggery.

    Cunts like these won’t be happy until technology comes along to scan the minds of the public to see if they have any adverse views of others who hail from certain shithole from the corners of the globe.

    Cunts one and all.

  4. Lord Adonis, the one bald cunt you don’t want to see , was on the telly again this morning whining about another referendum ( again ). It never ends. Fuck off you tedious fucker are you trying to bore us into submission ?
    As an aside, this cunt looks the type that would dress in women’s clothing and go wandering on Hampstead Heath with a tube of KY jelly in his handbag with the aim of servicing the ever growing LGBTQFYDGXZ community.

    • I was thinking to myself only the other day that I may consider nominating men who dress up in women’s clothing.

      Remember a few years ago driving around the outskirts of town seeing two of the fuckers about half an hour apart and wondering what the fuck is going on in the world.

      It was so obvious on each occasion that they were men in skirts and fucking high heels and ridiculous wigs that it was laughable. Both tall, walking like most men do, and each had stubble with too much make up.


      • They were cops you cunt! Out to honey-trap kerb crawlers with dubious tastes, or those with inferior eyesight to yourself. Lucky escape there Willie, I won’t tell anyone.

  5. Did have a chuckle this morning when I noticed that those 2 dykes who adopted a stack of black kids and paraded them crying on tv in front of the feds and at Bernie Sanders rallies managed to drive off a cliff this morning. Darwin at its best.

  6. What a bunch of cunts. Not only are they cunts, but they’re also cunts with influence. They pressure businesses not to publish or sell any newspaper/book that isn’t left of Karl Marx. Who do these pricks think they are, telling the rest of us what we’re allowed/not allowed to read. And why do businesses give in to a minority of far left shitheads.

      • Oh for fucksake not everything that is bad in the world automatically equals fascism m8. You know, It could just as well be designed that way. It could also be called communism, democracy or even capitalism….

        If you look into history its called Totalitarianism and has no political allegiance

  7. I know fuck-all about these cunts but perhaps their energies should be put into examining the hate and violence within the ethnic communities.

    • And the so-called “victim minorities” might well ask themselves exactly why they are so despised…

      That thought never seems to have entered their shrunken heads.

  8. I see that massive cunt, James O’ Brien is at it again… Former BBC toady and LBC’s resident totalitarian leftist libfuck shows his true colours by demanding the BBC no longer air the views of right wingers…Nice to know that the little cunt is coming out as a Nazi …..

    • This is the thing I don’t understand. Do they really not know that they are massive fucking hypocrites, or just don’t care? Or do they believe, as I do, that the youngsters nowadays are so fucking thick, pliable and full of themselves that they make Pavlov’s dogs look like self-thinking ultimate street fighters.

  9. Ever since the community con artist entitled his manifesto “The Audacity of Hope” liberal scum have appropriated the word for their nefarious goal.

    Anytime any cunt uses hope as a tool of social justice you can be sure there is fuckery afoot.

    As for hate…that’s another fucking word used in the Liberal Inquisition….

    NOBODY expects the Liberal Inquisition!

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