Bill de Blasio

New York mayor Bill de Blasio is a fucking Provo loving American shitcunt.

This fucking clueless muppet not only had the murdering fenian cunt Gerry Adams over to New York as some kind of special guest but he declared St Patricks day in New York is now Gerry Adams day!!!!! What the fuck !!!!!! are Americans really this fucking stupid?

Gerry Adams is no fucking different to Osama Bin Laden you fucking moron who, if you don’t remember, organised the death of thousands of innocent people, in your fucking city!! Just like Gerry fucking did for 30 odd years.

The mind boggles and the piss boils .I wonder if this cunt de Blasio would think the same if he saw his Dad get shot in the fucking face on his doorstep one Sunday morning. I very much doubt it.CUNT

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De Blasio recently showed his support for the religion of homicide bombers by declaring, “I am Muslim”. You’d be hard pressed to find a politician more left wing than this fucker. He even makes Corbyn look like an amateur.

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  1. Fuck knows where this motherfucker is coming from. How the hell did the wanker get to become the mayor of New York?
    I expect he won’t be much longer.

  2. The people’s of New York deserve better in my humble opinion.

    Araggering how In so many positions of power and responsibility worldwide the person finally appointed is either not up to the job by virtue of being totally ignorant, corrupt, a psycho or a combination of these traits.

    • Not a new word, second paragraph should start with “staggering”.


      • Jesus Willie, I swear I’d just reached for me trusty old Collins English Gem Dictionary ! Fucking great word that… I’m adopting it.

      • Did araggered mean equipped with a sanitary towe, in the 19th century? Dick Fiddler will know.

  3. Another textbook example of how lib/leftism is a bona fide mental illness. The ability to double think and a penchant for major historical revisionism seems to be on the job spec for these types. I bet he’s got the full F Scott Fitzgerald back catalogue at home. I’d pol pot the fucking lot of them.

  4. Bill De Blasio (and Bloomberg before him) claim that New York City would crumble without illegals/immos doing all the jobs that no American wants to do (sound familiar?) like washing up and “bussing” tables, etc.

    No Bill, I would imagine that there are many American citizens who would happily do those jobs but for a proper wage.

    Point of fact is that (ultra rich) cunts like De Blasio and his business ilk are happy to pay “no questions asked” wages to illegals cash-in-hand (so no tax collected there then) to reduce their personal/business costs at the expense of American citizens’ quality of life.

    Tax revenues are woefully down in illegal immigrant heavy “sanctuary” areas but public spending costs are up because the illegals still have to be cared for and educated as they “enrich” the areas they ghettoise in less than a generation.

    The liberals immediately cry “white fear” [of change] but areas of New York City which were predominantly African American (like The Bronx and Queens) are now over 50% Hispanic which has had a direct impact on the lot of black American citizens.

    A similar story can also be found in other “sanctuary” states like California where Compton in LA – over 80% African American in 1985 – is now over 60% Hispanic, 70% of who do not have English as a first language.

    But it’s not just the big and famous conurbations of New York and LA feeling the brunt of immigration (whether legal, illegal or “dreamer”) impact, in 2000 the county of Hazelton Pennsylvania was less than 2% Hispanic and now it’s well over 50% Hispanic, again the majority of who don’t have English as a first language.

    However when you look at De Blasio (and Bloomberg’s) residences the areas they live in in New York are 87% white American.

    Similarly in Malibu – where all the illegal and immo loving tinsel town glitterati live – again 85% white American.

    So it’s all well and good for the liberal left and the liberal elite to clamour for more immigration and the rights of illegals to clean their homes, serve them Michelin star meals and valet park their cars – just so long as the cunts don’t live near them!

    This parallels our own liberal left and liberal elite “hug a peaceful” campaigners, safely tucked away in residences in The Cotswolds and Swanage, etc.

    Who gives a fuck if walking down Luton (or Bradford or Leeds or Rotherham) high street is more like a scene from downtown Islamabad, Tehran or Riyadh?

    Well let me tell you, I FUCKING DO!

    • Would LOVE to see Cotswolds overrun with slimes, even if they only did a day-trip by camel-caravan.

      That Parkyer-Bowels thing, I’m sure, would appeal to them – resembling the back end of a goat, as it does…

    • Not only is the original cunting righteous but the follow up comments…particularly these by Rebel…are righteous too.


  5. I thought all the support for the IRA had dried up on September 11th.
    Fucking mental that the mayor of NEW fucking YORK (scene of the largest terrorist atrocity in modern times) would support terrorism.

    After 9/11 or (11/9 In English money) the IRA lost all funding so they had no choice to give up the terrorism. Guess I was wrong. There are obviously still cunts in the states that support terrorism.
    How one of those cunts becomes mayor of new York is anyone’s guess.

    I actually thought that the politicians missed a trick after 9/11. They could’ve taken the upper hand due to the IRA funding drying up and demanded justice (justice for the 21 etc .. ) but surprise surprise they flapped about like wet fish and allowed murderers to escape justice.

    How many terrorist cunts just walked away? Then cunts like this congratulate cunts like Adams.
    Makes my piss boil.

    • And Project Fear using threat of renewed IRA violence to sabotage Brexit! No depths to which the cunts will not stoop.

      A border of some kind will be a practical necessity. How else will we be able to check the scum coming into the UK once we’re no longer part of the EU?

      • And the Schengen Area open borders has worked so well with terrorists responsible for Paris and Brussels attacks free to travel across Europe to Syria and back again.

      • Ah the wonderful Schengen Plan…..! Schengen was an arsehole at school, and an arsehole when he left school. He became a twat at age 22, and a fucking Bastard at 36. Now, in later life , he is one ginormous fucking retarded cunt!

    • Hey DtS,

      Allow me to weigh in on this. I think most of the support for the IRA didn’t so much dry up as it went underground.

      As I have said, I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and I could tell you stories about the Irish mafia and the stranglehold they had on city politics. It’s the same in eastern cities like Boston and New York.

      Their political power…i.e holding elected office…has diminished but their clout…their ability to reach and influence policy hasn’t. They are still courted by scum sucking, shit eating, bottom feeding politicians like diBlasio because of money and votes.

      Money in terms of cash…the untraceable kind. And votes..the fraudulent kind.

      • I served with some of your guys in “Desert storm/ sheild” (beter known as OP Granby) one of the many things that pissed me off was when they found out we were Irish Hussars the next thing to come out of their mouths was ” You are the IRA?” (very miss informed people)
        the list does continue with (on seeing the Gerboa) ” are you Australian?”
        and my major bug bear, will you fucking stop shooting at us! for fucks sake even with a black ^ and a high vis patch on top of the vehicle you still managed, what are we suposed to do. Done orange HI Vis vests every time we go into combat together?
        Please pass this on to your countrymen.

  6. Fuck me with the thick end of a ragmans trumpet !
    Is that what this Uber fat cunt did ?
    Gerry fucking murdering feinian papist niece shagging cunt !!!!!!
    Has the mayor taken leave of his senses
    Adams was chief murdering cunt of the prov IRA in Belfast – fucks me

  7. Comrade de Blasio! 😤


    And another thing…@%√&=π#)~)℅×$~(^#*…

    I could go on but to what end? The only real problem I have with this cunting is that it’s too short!

    William Warren Jr…aka Bill deBlasio…sets the bar for cuntitude so high that Javier Sotomayer couldn’t jump over it. Hell Sergey fucking Bubka couldn’t even vault over it. This world class cunt embodies everything that’s wrong with Democunts, progressives, liberals and leftists here in the states.

    The cunt is even married to a cunt…Chirlane McCrane. No that’s not a typo. She’s an Africunt/Americunt feminazi and alleged poet. She’s the author of “Homegirl: A Black Feminist Anthology”…so of course he’s appointed her to all the usual PC city government cuntstablishments…i.e. mental health…immigration blah blah blah.

    She’s such a cunt that after marrying the good Comrade she commented on her ambiguous sexuality by saying “I hate labels”. Somehow…against all laws of nature and decency these two managed to breed. Like the good card carrying cunt that he is, the Comrade Mayor publicly worries that his Obama-Markel like male offspring will be offed by the cops simply because of his melatonin enhanced complexion. Hey…here’s a news flash comrade…if the cops cap him…it’ll be because you’ve pissed them off so bad they had a pool going to see who could waste the little turd first.

    You see…the good Comrade Mayor hates the police. His race bating diatribes and policies has endangered officers and infuriated them to the point that they have publicly turned their backs to him on official occasions. In fact many claim it led to the execution style murder of two police officers in 2014.


    Christ almighty this cunt makes me so fucking angry I can’t even properly contribute to this righteous cunting. Believe me…where Comrade di Blasio is concerned…I / we have not yet begun to cunt!

    Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhh! Every time this cunt opens his mouth and starts spewing his cuntitude I have the urge to…

    🗣. 🔫.

  8. note “provos talking to peacefulls”, historic refrence semtex from czekoslovavia via Libiya.
    Do you not think they talk together, dont forget they used to trade hits with each other, The IRA has done hits for other organisations and vice versa.

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