Steven Moffat (5)

Steven Moffat is a plutonium weapons grade cunt.

This hack has now claimed that people who voted for Brexit are having a hard time accepting a female Doctor Who because they do not have ”progressive” views.

He also claims that ”liberal” remainers are more comfortable with the whole concept.

No you fucking cunt, Brexit voters happened to be from all walks of life and both ends of the political spectrum. It also has nothing to do with why people hate this shitstained idea.

The fact that you and you cuntish ilk have spent every week since the announcement of your franchise killing bright idea justifying doing so should be an indicator that you and all the PC, pro femnazi, ”progressive” libmongs that you work with and all a bunch of stupid daft cunts.

You’ve taking a character that has in real life been a male form over 50 years and 1000+ or whatever the fuck it is now years in story canon male and making them a woman. You dumb fuck.

If I could, I would send a bouquet of black dead roses and a message congratulating you over bringing about a ratings killer and the ultimate final demise of a long time British sci fi franchise. If I could, I would message you for being a stupid daft cunt who is consumed by his own smug, self satisfied liberal cuntisness.

To you, and all the other smug PC cunts where you work, I’ll finally say this to you:

You all deserve to be beaten like baby seals by drunken sailors.

In the words of Jim Cornette, thank you, fuck you, bye!!!


Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister

135 thoughts on “Steven Moffat (5)

  1. Just fired up a few websites and checked out Sly News. Lead story has a big picture of that untalented stain, Ringo Starr. I got really, really excited thinking the story was to announce his departure from this earth. Unfortunately, my euphoria was short lived. The cunt’s been made a sir. Fucking cunty cunting cunt of cunts. That’s really pissed me off.

    • In a long list of Knighted cunts, Sir Richard Starkey is pretty far from the upper echelons of the true cunt spectrum and is infinitely more deserving than Nick Clegg because he did at least achieve something with his life.

      And, AND…he did get to marry my 2nd favourite Bond girl of all time – Babara Bach. Lucky cunt!

      • AND in favour of Brexit. Presumably the establishment turned a blind eye to that serious lapse in judgement.

  2. No 1 in a series….that probably includes the whole squad….

    What club would Sergio Agüero be playing for now, without Arab Oil Money 💰 ?

    Answers on a post card to any thick blue cunt you might know….

    • Real, Barca or PSG.

      Don’t be all bitter Norm, just because Lukaku is crap. Let’s be honest, Utd didn’t have to fight off many other big clubs to get him. What does that tell you? I don’t count Chelski because they’re not a big club and only got good once tbe Russian mafia bought them. Just sayin’. 😁

      • Nah… It’s just fun to boil the piss of Citeh fans…. They know that every foreignf hired gun they’ve got had never even heard of Man City until the Sheiks’ shekels were waved in front of them… And when they want a City related pundit for the telly, they go for Noel Gallagher…. Sums it up really….

    • Nothing makes me laugh harder than a bitter red who thinks that just because they don’t have a bottomless pit of money, that they aren’t still corporate sellouts. Never mind the fact they sold out to foreign investors who then raid the club of its profits while loading them up to the eyeballs in debt, no no no….every single blinkered plastic numpty will still swear blind they represent whatever purity is left in football. Biggest load of putrid garbage I’ve ever heard in my life. No wonder Man Utd fans are so bitter, deep down they know full well their club sold them out….what burns those idiots up inside is that they only got peanuts for it 😂😂😂

      • Was gutted when I nominated Glazer in the Dead Pool, but when he snuffed it, it was missed because the site was down for a few days… I know Fergie sold his arse to the Glazers and I think Mourinho is a cunt… But everyone acting like Man Shitty are the reincarnation of the 1970 Brazil side is also a load of bollocks… Before the Glazers United’s money mainly was down to gate receipts, while Citeh existed under clowns like Swales and Franny Lee Won Pen… All this ‘Best team ever’ shite for a team that has won fuck all.. Bury FC could have built a side with the petrodollars Citeh have blown… United have been morally bankrupt since Fergie (cunt) let in the American carpetbaggers…But those who want to canonise St. Pep and laud a team of mercenaries are also fucking cunts, so bollocks!

  3. Make the BBC subscriber funded and see how many people willingly pay for this pc agenda driven cunt gunge.

    Nurse cunting what. 4 part period battle coming our way.

    As relevant as Ringo Starrs knighthood.

  4. The epic cunt Lord Adonis blames Brexit for the East Coast railway bollocks. How desperate is the old fuckwit?.

    Adonis struts around having never been elected, except as a LibDem counsellor years ago. The great streak of shit has changed parties more often than he has changed his piss stained Y fronts

  5. The Dr. Who thing is just Ghostbusters all over again – “If you don’t agree then you are a bigot/misogynist/racist” etc. Never mind that many people don’t like seeing their beloved programs/movies shat upon for mere virtue signalling. The dumb cunts can’t even make their own series, they have to piggy back off a successful franchise.

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