Sports Cunt of the Year

Er… Who the fuck are these cunts?

Sports Personality of the Year – one of the most high-concentration gathering of cunts you’ll see ‘twixt this world and the next. I agree with many others who suggest the awards should be renamed – perhaps ‘De Facto Cunto’, ‘2017s Biggest Cunt who Runs on Grass’ or more simply ‘The Sporting Cunt’s Cunt’.

If you even care, the nominations for this year have been released (see how many you can identify in the above picture)

This is one of those seismic events where the cuntitude is exhibited on so many levels:

1. Hosted by the Al-BBC

2. A large hall packed with a vast array of overpaid, over-inflated egos

3. The title of the fucking award. The shortlist is always picked based upon achievement, so why the fuck argue semantics on it being the ‘sports personality’ award? What’s ‘personality’ got to do with big-mouthed virtue-signalling dour cunt Andy Mugray winning it three times? Alternatively, just make it genuinely about personality – nominate people like that snooker player who said all the Chinese are cheating cunts, or the pub-league darts player who can fire an arrow at the treble 20 directly from his arse.

4. Clare Balding wheeled out to bark her way through proceedings with all the finesse a Tourette’s sufferer on acid

5. Gary Lineker. A man whose cuntitude speaks more volumes than Franklin W. Dixon’s Hardy Boys entire back catalogue

6. The usual intersecting VTs foisted upon viewers affording coverage to the flids, the minorities, the wimminz and all the other sports which you either shake your head at in disbelief or laugh uncontrollably at the shiteness of

7. The annual mass-fellation of Usain Bolt

SPOTY is a an enormous festival of monumental cunt, by monumental cunts, for monumental cunts.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

90 thoughts on “Sports Cunt of the Year

  1. Most sportspersons, or ex-sportspersons turned Al Jabeeba pundits, I happen to see interviewed on th idiot lantern appear to have the personality and charisma of a piece of roadkill festering by the side of the North Circular Road.

    Take Lineker, Ian Wright and Andy Murray, for good example. Three cunts for the price of one. I really cannot think of one UK sportsperson with anything one could describe as owning a personality.

    As for that Quorn munching cunt Usain Bolt. Now he is a Cunt D’Or.

    • I agree Paul, they might be able to kick a ball or run round a track but personality definitely not. When these thick cunts speak they all use the same mantra . They say basically and at the end of the day a lot.

      • And “obviously”. Which is appropriate because most of what the cunts say is indeed blindingly obvious to even the most senile spasticated blind cunt who might have the misfortune to hear such an interview.

      • That cunt on Radio 5 who does the commentary is useless… Not the fat shouty Irish cunt (although he was/is a massive cunt), but the cunt who did the Manchester Derby… He kept saying things like ‘and Manchester (long pause) City have beaten Manchester (long pause) errr United…’ It seems the inept cunt didn’t know which team was which… And that Robbie Savage is a thick twat who can’t even pronounce the word ‘Manchester’… The chav’s Bee Gee keeps saying ‘Manshster’… He really is as stupid as he looks…

  2. Apologies it isn’t Usain Bolt on the Quorn ads, it is Sir (snigger) Mo Farah.

    Easy mistake; they are similar shades on the RAL chart and possess the characteristic African, misshapen heads.

    Oh, and they are both cunts.

  3. The BBC are total cunts. One of their candidates for the “Overseas Personality” is one Tom Brady.
    Now I suspect most of you have never heard of this cunt but he is quarterback for the New England Patriots and the most hated cunt in American sports.
    Last year he was suspended for a quarter of the season for knowingly using under inflated balls in a play off game, thus giving himself a better grip on the ball. So he is a convicted FUCKING CHEAT!!
    Obviously the BBC must know this but obviously they don’t fucking care because they think the audience are ignorant fucking plebs.
    What’s next….a Lifetime Achievement Award for Lance Armstrong?

    • That’s only if Ben Johnson’s not in the running……
      or maybe that South African running woman who looks walks and talks like a man, and allegedly has a cock not nipping in….

  4. It’s the nominations make me laugh.

    Lewis “tax dodging, not shagging Nicole whatshername so clearly a bum bandit” Hamilton is going to win it, but best stick in a swimmer and a couple of birds. And a person of ethnic origin just to look PC.

    Fucking ABBC are twats.

  5. It would be great if Hamilton wins. Then we could watch one taxdodger handing the trophy over to another fucking Taxdodger. That would sum up this country,and the cunting BBC, perfectly.

    • Hamilton is in my opinion a complete twat.

      Throws his toys out of his very expensive pram like a spoilt child whenever he does not get his own way or whenever he feels his team mate is receiving as much attention as he is.

      Clearly driving the best car so expected to win which makes for a very boring and somewhat foregone conclusion.

      Went to the British Grand Prix several times to watch the greatest driver Senna, but have now given up even watching Formula One on tv. Too safe, too predictable, too boring and the teams with the most money can afford the best and fastest cars. Last motor racing I went to was back in 2010 at the Fujiyama circuit in Japan. A great day out and the girls were simply out of this world.

      Hamilton nowadays is nothing more than a fucking big head with stupid hair wearing sparkly spangley girls jewellery pretending to be humble but failing miserably every time.

      Fucking tax dodger living the high life who has decided to vacate these shores for financial reasons should not be considered for BBCSPOTY until he grows up and does the right thing morally.


      • I think the safety in F1 is better due to a driver dying every other week back in the days, although I don’t agree with the cockpit coming in next season. I’m a McLaren fan by the way but surely F1 is about having the best formula and that obviously means a massive budget. Ferrari get the most money but have managed to produce shit cars until this season, every Champion has driven the best or very nearly the best car. You can’t deny Lewis’ talent and speed, saw him at Silverstone a year or two ago and he smashed it. If I earned his wages I wouldn’t pay the stupid tax here either, I’d rather live in a tax haven and give very generously to charity than give it to the government to pay off the EU, and give it away in benefits to the hoardes of Somalian, Romanians.

      • BAWC

        Cannot disagree with most of what you say.

        Sadly I do remember the terrible tragedies in previous decades, the apparent indifference to and seeming disregard to driver loss of life by the sports governing body. Clearly something needed to be done to stop these needless deaths happening. Senna was a leading voice in driver safety whilst he was alive, and his sad death also contributed to improved safety for drivers.

        Do agree that Hamilton is a great driver but feel he should only be nominated for overseas sports personality of the year due to the fact he has now chosen to relocate overseas.

      • Very interesting discussion there B&WC and WS.

        I used to be a fan of the old racing in the era of Jackie Stuart and other racing greats ( too many to mention )

        Big money killed the motor racing, and the emergence of formula ( although as you rightly say, safer ) racing, was a marketing tool to make a Global Brand.

        Stirling Moss was a boyhood hero of mine, and any old cunt out there who can remember Jeff Duke ( motorcycle ) will understand the heddy days of drama and courage. Ah1 Those were the days.

        I just cannot get excited about Lewis Hamilton and the modern brand of narrow tracks. I have only ever seen Hamilton on the TV. Personality? Nah, he hasn’t got one! But he does tick the PC box.

      • Agree with you Asimplearsehole regarding the tracks most especially Abu Dhabi are totally shit designs which don’t allow overtaking which is the whole point of racing. They need to drop these or redesign the cunts. Silverstone, Spa, and Suzuka are top tracks.

  6. Hondootedly the most embarrassing collection of mislaid personalities ever gathered together for self abuse. Linneker whose facial hair is now nicely tailored to make him look the cunt he is, and Balding who walks like the fire extinguisher she uses for a dildo has wedged itself in the darkness best never spoken of, are significantly short of personality except the sort that puts my TV screen at risk.
    The shortarsed little wank Hamilton will piss it of course and together on the podium with the aforementioned scrotal sacks will be enough to make me watch a rerun of the Sewing programme ,or just go down the boozer.

  7. Talking of nominees for SCOTY, Chris Froome is looking like another ‘jiffy bag’ recipient. Amazing how many road cyclists are suffering from respiratory problems, eh??

    Side cunting for mono-browed shitcunt Salma Hayek, the latest to reveal a decades old Wankstein-related incident; apparently he threatened to kill her and subjected her to a stalking campaign.

    I guess all those endless photos of her standing smiling side by side with him and featuring in his films was all under duress, eh?

    • Funny you say that TECB, after Kate beckingsale came out , sky TV we’re doing their guilty as charged crap but used a clip of last years Oscars, there was beckinsale draped all over Harvey, years after the alleged assault? I actually lol……

      • This is why, at the risk of being proven wrong, I’m calling out these accusations as requiring monstrous doses of salt or even just outright bollocks from cunts with axes to grind.

        I can understand victims keeping shtum after an abuse ordeal. I can also understand people suddenly following the leads of others when one is brave enough to speak out.

        What I don’t understand is when these actresses continue to be seen/work with these Hollywood sex cases even after alleged incidents took place; further, jovial photo ops and even singing their praises at presidential rallies. That’s what makes no sense.

        Throw in major cunts like Meryl Streep and Rose McGowan who have distorted this crusade into their very own egotistical use of online validation (Cunt McGowan using the #RoseArmy, anyone?)… for every legit claim of assault, there are another 5 opportunistic shitcunts who either regret their slutty youth on the casting couch or need to get themselves back into the limelight.

      • Really spot on comments on this one TECB. As a retired FME, the victim NEVER revisits the scene of the crime, and will AVOID the perpetrator at all costs.

        Body language holds the key. As Quisling rightly observes “draped” over Wankstain says it all. Bullshit!

    • Shut the campus down and fine them £700,000… All payable to Black and White Cunt for the upset this has caused me. Racist bastards.

    • Article in Telegraph today saying Bank of England may drop the title Old Lady of Threadneedle Street as it’s not gender neutral. It’s a fucking building, what could be more gender neutral than a building?

      • Surely the French will be fucked with … la and le …. don’t know where I’m going with this, but surely leads to a world of pain for political correctness. Les Cunts,…

    • Saw this last night. At this point, I can only assume that the offenderatti want media exposure; even if it tells the world what utter axewounds they all are.

      A massive cunting for the UCL campus for actually apologising.

    • Apologised to those who interpreted it as an offensive remark??
      How about explaining to them to stop looking for racial/ offensive remarks in fuckin absolutely everything you stupid Cunts!!

  8. No TV, thank god. Nothing makes me prouder of that decision than to come here and see the clouds of superheated urinous steam emitted by those who evidently do watch the thing, and, worse, get involved by it. That said, if the entertainment featured should give its worthless award to a competitive pushbiker, when the sun returns my local B road will be obstructed by yet more lycra-clad, shaven-legged, silly-helmeted, traffic-delaying, after-dark-unlighted, randomly-manoeuvring, nonsignalling arseholes being smug in pairs abreast or larger groups on their carbon-fibre and platinum exercise modules.

    It’s too much to hope that the award will ever go to a motorcyclist, but that would be my preference.

    • No Komodo – motorcyclists are very noisy and dangerous cunts who need to be culled more actively than they already are.

      • We just love that reaction. Especially when we are exploiting the diagonally striped motorcycle lane.

      • Hear what you say K, but I don’t drive. Am merely a sad, aurally terrorised, pedestrian.

        Off topic – Grenfell Tower memorial this morning: what a massive virtue signalling Celebrity Cuntfest!

      • Hear what you say too SB. And I’ll stick my neck out and say that the majority of bikers do as well: anyone who survives the first year after passing that is. Noise is a symptom of mechanical inefficiency…but being audible helps a lot when overtaking drivers who do not use their mirrors. I’m torn on that one.
        I am considerate to pedestrians (even I have to walk sometimes) but sadly the younger idiot on his pathetic 125 from which the baffles have been removed…been there, done that, very sorry.

      • Cheers K, you’ve nailed the cunts perfectly, on their pathetic ear-splitting mopeds or whatever, often with L plates…thought decibel levels like theirs would have been against the law. Probably are. Fucking cuntry.

        All this coming from a cunt who used to ride a Lambretta…

        Millions of cunts out there, regardless of mode of transport.

    • Yeah, then cyclist cunts careering around with one or no hands on the handlebars while they chuff away on their steroid inhalers.

      They should get done for not having a hands free device.

  9. Froome is a cunt and not even a British cunt. In a mountain stage of the Tour, the year before last, while everyone around him was dying he shot up it like he was on a motorbike. It looked very suspicious and the French have hated him ever since, booing the cunt on every stage this year not something they normally do even though they are French and born cunts.
    All this asthma bollocks doesn’t surprise me at all. Obviously he won’t win, just in case he gets exposed in the next few weeks and makes the BBC look like the cunts that they are.

  10. Anthony Joshua does seem to have a personality. What I can never understand is boxing sells out stadiums, but what sort of view do the cunts in the back row get? Surely better to pay Sky £18, and buy a litre of Co-op brandy.

    • A litre of Brandy? Fucking hell if I had that I wouldnt make it to watching the fight. Id be staggering abaaaaaht like Id been punched by Anthony Joshua.

  11. I’d like Rea to win it, I ride a bike myself and done a few track days, scared the shit out of me when a British Superbike racer testing his bike blasted past me at warp speed, he wasn’t even one of the top guys either, takes serious balls to race a bike and maybe a screw loose like that Dunlop lad on the Isle of Man.

    I like Boxing but Anthony Joshua is a fake, that personality is so manufactured it’s laughable “Mr Humble” he was jailed in 2009 and had to wear an ankle tag when released, he also got sentenced to 100 hours unpaid work for possession with intent to supply as well. Now he’s in videos lifting cars so a kid can get their ball and helps little old grannies across the street. At least Tyson Fury doesn’t hide the fact he’s a cunt.

  12. See uma thurman trying to get ” onto” the whole ” wankstane ” thing !!!!!
    Pulp fiction/ kill bill hmmmmmmm
    Now i def wouldnt be surprised if the director/ producer /actor of that was in some way involved in spreading a little love all over her or at least down the back of her throat !!

    • “Pulp Fiction/Kill Bill” – none other than Cuentin Tarantino.

      It is well known that Tarantino has a raging foot fetish and has repeatedly included such scenes in his films – getting up close and personal himself with Salma Hayek’s pieds in ‘Dusk til Dawn’.

      Really just a matter of time before the accusations begin en masse against Tarantino; what with him being a close friend of Weinstein and a creepy cunt to boot.

      • It’s strange that these actresses suddenly recall how traumatised they were.
        Usually about the same time their bank statement shows fifty million dollars…

  13. A cunt from previous years that is epitome of SPOTY cuntdom, is that right-on ginger Tintin turd Greg Rutherford who only came to national attention for winning gold on ‘Super Saturday’ when any jumper in with a shout was having an off day. Probably best know for spitting his dummy and threatening to pull out when Tyson Fury was included on the shortlist only for the Al Beeb to persuade him to stay.

    • I fucking despise Greg Rutherford. Won gold with the worst winning jump Olympic history since 1964 and capitalised on a true nadir for the event.

      He’s since made a royal cunt of himself on many occasions; claiming he would be one of the best sprinters, belittling fellow British jumpers, the aforementioned Tyson Fury virtue signalling and pretty much begging publicly for more money from sponsors.

      A lot of people bang on about 2012’s ‘Super Saturday’. As far as I am concerned, it was just wall to wall cunts. No-one has managed to successfully milk a gold medal like Jess Ennis-Cunt, and Farah’s cuntitude is well-documented.

      Rutherford is, quite literally, a 24-carrot cunt.

  14. My favourite year for Sports Personalty was 1991 when it was won by four times World Angling champion Bob Nudd. The BBC shat their pants and said the rules ( which they made up on the spot) had been broken because a voting campaign had been organised by The Angling Times.
    I say Bob was robbed and the BBC cheated him!
    I say justice for Bob and fuck the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation the cunts!

  15. As an ex racing cyclist 🚵‍♀️ and someone who insisted Lance Armstrong was cI wan I am a bit loathe to defend Froome but i’ll Have a go. Pro cycling is a very very hard sport, the toughest I would say. The amount of training involved means that they are always on a knife edge between being incredibly fit and totally burnt out. Froome has suffered from asthma all his life, it’s not like he pretended he had it just so he should take salbutamol. The day of his ‘dodgy’ sample in last years Vuelta he was leading overall. The leader of the race is tested every day, so he’d have to a bit of a cunt to be taking illegal amounts. Also there is a lot of doubt as whether or not salbutamol actually has any performance enhancing benefits.
    I really really hope he’s clean. I think he is but I’ve been wrong before.

  16. Speaking of the BBC. I want to do an emergency cunting of those left wing fucksticks. So today, I turn on the TV, strangely feeling the need to watch repeats of Homes under the Hammer and The Bailiffs are Coming, only to find….a fucking memorial service for the Grenfell Tower victims. Now, I don’t know what time it started, but I’m typing this at 10.55, and it’s been on for at least half an hour. It doesn’t finish until midday. FUCK…RIGHT…OFF. I’m sorry those people died, I really am. But I’m fucking sick of the BBC expecting me to feel sorry for those people, when they don’t give flying cock’s fuck about the cop who died in the Westminster attack, the people who died on the bridge attack in London, and the 22 dead in the Manchester Arena attack, or those who were injured. Why? Because most of those victims weren’t the BBC’s favourite type of people, non-white immigrants.

    The BBC refused to screen a memorial event at the re-opening of the Manchester Arena, they’ve NEVER said a word about the dead cop since he was murdered by an adherent of the Religion of Peace, but Grenfell? They never shut the fuck up about it, especially if there’s an opportunity to accuse the Tories of murder. Well here’s a fucking fact that the BBC conveniently forgets, a few years ago, Corbyn voted against a bill that would have made it law for all tower blocks built before 2007, (Grenfell included), to have proper fire suppression and cladding in built into them. The bill was defeated. So, does Corbyn have blood on his hands? YES, and not just for Grenfell.

    Thanks to Corbyn, and aided by the BBC, Grenfell Tower has a become a political weapon, to be used against the Tories at every opportunity. What really galls me, is that you just know that few people in Labour, or the BBC even think about the people who died there, when using their “weapon”. They don’t give a fuck.

    FUCK YOU BBC. FUCK YOUR FAR LEFT, PC, AGENDA. My wish for the new year is that the BBC has a sudden attack of sanity and clears out ALL the lefty parasites who are infesting it. I know it won’t happen, but I can dream.

      • Great post QDM – Devastating point about Corbyn voting against bill that would have made it law for all tower blocks built before 2007 to have proper fire suppression, etc!

        Do not read newspapers, but have not heard/seen that extremely revealing bit of info reported on TV News. What a MONUMENTAL CUNT Catweasel is! Just a matter of time before our first Commie, IRA supporting soon to be PM gets a comprehensive cunting here again…

    • Of course Obrien is having multiple orgasms over this shit fest. The LBC person on the site is interviewing some cunts. It’s obvious they all speak English as a fucking second language.

      And, really, is this the best use of the PMs time? Since when did six months become significant? I wouldn’t be surprised if they make June 14 a bank holiday

  17. Balding is a tuppence licking cunt who totally destroys the nations largest dog show.

    She ruins everything she gets her hands on and is a good example of a total waste of licence payers money.

    • Shame there’s not a category for Britain’s ugliest most useless mutt!!!
      She’s one of aunties chosen ones!! The Cunt……..

  18. Message to James o Briern who is broadcasting live today from the Grenfell tower area.yes we do actually realise it was an horrific disaster.

    • Or lows depending how you want to look at it…..
      Virtue signalling is reach pandemic proportions……

    • I would love to see his face if, during a moment of great fortune, the call-in line delay/cut-off button stopped working at the exact same time someone roared that message at him.

  19. Whoever wins it will either be black or wimmin, guaranteed…. And watch Smarmy Lineker slime around like a human slug, when usually he can’t be arsed ‘doing Sundays’ on MOTD2…

    • I was going to post Lineker, but reckoned someone would beat me to it.

      Ole Jug-Ears is such a cunt I’ve forgotten what sport he plays…
      Pocket billiards, Cuntitch ??

  20. Just when you thought Grenfell couldn’t achieve any more depths of cuntitude, well they’ve smashed it. There were lots 2 generation and 3 generation occupancy. Well, they’re gonna give a house to each fucking generation. I’m absolutely speechless. Can’t wait for some human rights lawyer to bring multiple cases where every multi-generation occupancy in the country gets a house, regardless of location.

    Happy happy happy.

    • Holy fucking chariots of faeces.

      This must be karma for how violently I laughed at Sweden for bending over and being fucked so vigorously by their own enrichers.

      A house for each generation. Let that sink in. A house. In London. For each generation.

      I was going to type more, but the pissboiling I’m experiencing right now is causing me to seize up.

      • Must be one hell of a lot of piss boiling around the country today! Though not enough to make a cup of tea, according to the ABBC…

        Greens should add it to their loony list of renewable energy sources.

    • I heard some ITV twat describing Toksvig Towers as Dickensian…

      I suppose we should just be bloody grateful they weren’t emptying piss-pots from the fourteenth floor…

  21. Yep mentioned this the other day, surprised it hasn’t caused More of a stink, errr well i’m Not actually, no politician is going to risk complaining about this.

    • I sincerely hope they check the right to be here for all of the cunts. That might cut down the number needing to be re-housed. Becoz of the generation thing, the number has almost doubled to 210

  22. I think I heard that anyone not here legally will be allowed to stay and anybody found to have been subletting will not be prosecuted. I think its all under the ‘ they’ve suffered enough ‘ heading. I suppose it would be a bit cunty to disagree with that?

  23. Talking of sports cunts, what about that eggheaded knob, Alan Shearer?
    The daft cunt said at the weekend, ‘No doubt Man City are one of the best teams ever’…
    But how does not actually winning anything (yet) put the Gorton Globetrotters on a par with Real Madrid 1950s, AC Milan 1988, Brazil 1970, Ajax 1971-1973, Liverpool 1977-81, Arsenal 1971, Spurs 1961, Bayern Munich 1974-76, Manchester United 1968 1994 and 1999, and Everton 1985? That Everton side from 85 alone would have shat on Man Citeh 2017 from a great height… A team with a financial cushion like no other in the English game has a good run and they’re all spunking over it? Even the Man City side from the late 60s to mid 70s (Lee, Bell, Summerbee, Book , Corrigan etc) was better than this lot… Shearer is talking out of his arse on this one…

    • I find it a rarity for ex-players to have the intellect to put current results into proper historical perspective.

      Alan Shearer. A man so fucking boring that he could have made the tabloids for indulging in a one-in-the-bed romp. Just a reminder too that he is one of the most highly renumerated ‘presenters’ on the BBC payroll. Just let that sink in for a moment.

    • Agreed, Alan Shearer is cunt, but, but, he did boot Neil Lenton in the face. And then Lee Bowyer pushed the fenland fuck over the sidelines. Even though Lenton was wearing the Leicester shirt, it was joyous to watch again and again and again……..

  24. Talking of sport, that ageing old has-been footballer David Fuckham has got himself in the papers again, this time with a photo of his baby niece, all long golden trinkets of hair and blubber (the baby doesn’t look much better either). Unusually he isn’t dragging that fuckwit slag of a wife with him. He is like that great oily heap of shit Tony Blair in arranging publicity for himself. If either Blair or Fuckham farted they would call a news conference. Both are as thick as pig shit and twice as nasty.

  25. I am surprised channel 4 have not jumped on the bandwaggon and offered an alternate sports award, made up of tax cheating dope taking cunts and those who claim to be British sports persons but in reality, were born in some other country

  26. No cunting from me for AJ and Johana.

    Our resident malteser-head, USA residing, Quorn eating, Somali pirate cunt, yep fair game, go for it! 😁

  27. For fuck`s sake, change the fucking title. Look, most of these sporty cunts are genuinely great at what they do because they were born with a natural talent. Unfortunately, none of them possesses an actual `personality`. Hence, the title `Sports *Personality* Of The Year` needs to be revised. How about `Sports Cunt Of The Year`?

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