Organised Religion

As Xmas is upon us again, I think it prudent to nominate organized religion for a biblical cunting.

To the even slightly educated, say IQ of 12 and above, religion is a swollen bag of bollocks.
Written by lunatics deranged by hunger or naturally occuring narcotics thousands of years ago, scripture is nothing more than the ramblings of an imbecile trying to make sense of the world around him whilst lacking any formulative or structured analysis.

Quite how the imbecile has defied natural selection and made it to the present day with faith intact is indeed a puzzle, but one that has been nurtured by the Cheerleaders of God.
Organized religion has carefully plundered all of humanity’s wealth and courage throughout the ages, nurturing the power they hold. Indeed, despite the best efforts of science and free thinking religion has prevailed.

Prevailed in its systematic creation of war, torture, famine, pestilence, suffering, guilt, poverty, murder and peadophilia. Indeed, almost every war of all time has religion as both it’s underlying cause and continued catalyst.

It is remarkable that anyone could take religion seriously, given the sheer number of times the christ figure has been replicated. And let’s not forget all that miracle shit.

Thanks to the organized religion, we as a spacefaring species have to share the 21st century with old testamenters and creationists from the bible belt of Americunt; creationist preaching in our school assemblies, promoted and backed up by a support organisation all of its own; and a plethora of banal celebrations etched into our society, including but not limited to, resurrection promoted through chocolate eggs and rabbits and of course – the dreaded christmas.
The life blood of mastercard.

I would argue that having caused the manifestation of the kind of stupidity that acknowledges a virgin birth, organized religion is also responsible for the existence of all other forms of stupidity such as the flat earthers, peacefuls, americunts in general, the fat acceptance movement, popular music and politicians.

Religion though is far from banal, it is actively encouraging evil. You need look no further than the pope himself inviting Robert Mugabe to the vatican (a destination unaffected by travel bans) or Mother Teresa writing to a judge pleading clemency and mercy for the accused conman who had stolen millions from poor people. Or even all of the peadophile priests still enjoying their freedom….

For creating all of the world’s problems, I encourage a vociferous cunting of organized religion in all its forms.


Nominated by Cuntflap

36 thoughts on “Organised Religion

  1. Nicely cunted cuntflap.

    Religion is indeed a cunt and society would be immeasurably better off without it.

    How anyone these days can believe that people in the past had magic powers is beyond me!

    Liked it when Richard Dawkins was in an interview with a Muslim journalist “I’ll do you some credit as a 21st century, educated, modern man you obviously don’t believe that Muhammad flew to heaven on a winged horse.”

    “Yes, I believe that.”

    Rolled his eyes, shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

  2. Agree totally but there is a serious Darwinian point. If you didn’t adapt to the religious norms (environment) in the old days your chances of surviving and reproducing were much diminished. This is still the case in Islamic countries who live in the dark ages. (all of them, actually) The Catholic stance on birth control is for the church’s own ends. Organised religion of all sorts has entrenched itself in all societies to perpetuate itself, and the privileges of it’s priests. There has to be a clear advantage in logic and common sense to change this and the religions will resist with violence which they will justify through their own moral standards.

  3. I jump at every opportunity to take the piss out of my Muslim neighbour.
    Only yesterday he was in the garden beating a carpet.

    I yelled over the fence..
    “What’s wrong Abdul…won’t it start..?”

  4. My daughter is a committed atheist, and let’s say, just a tad outspoken. Last year on Christmas Eve afternoon she said for us to go to church. Somewhat bemused I went along. We don’t have a vicar, I think he’s a chaplain or something. A likeable if somewhat doddery old chap. So he gives his service and my daughter stands up and says she wants to ask a couple of questions.
    He seems taken aback but says of course.

    So she says “Excuse me but what do you think the odds are that Jesus was born on Christmas day in year none? Its ridiculous. And don’t you just think the shepherds are a metaphor for drunk Liverpool supporters. And while we are at it, where in the bible does it say where Jesus kept his reindeer? It’s a load of old rubbish”.

    Then she walked out. I just wanted to die.

    • No offense to you C’n,R,but I think that is the most appalling behaviour. I can’t be doing with religion and have very little time for people who spout it,but to go to a church on Christmas Eve to deliberately cause upset is deplorable.

      • Would she fancy trying the same trick at the nearest mosque? That would be an interesting episode.

      • Didn’t you smell a tiny rat when she took you off to church? Never mind, you probably got what you deserved…

    • C n R, is your daughter still in 6th form, the disrespecting little madam.

      Apart from self gratification what on earth did she expect to achieve, especially as you said she placed her questions and left.

      At least have the balls to stay for the fight.

      Good grief

  5. I think when organised religion dictates government policy, law or any of the other rules we all need to adhere to in society, that is when I have a problem.

    I’ve stated a few times that whilst I have no interest in religion myself, I’ve always respected others’ beliefs as long as they don’t start preaching at me – then they get told succinctly to fuck right off. Believing in angels, elves, pixies and people who lived to the age of 940 is your choice; just don’t expect me to fucking follow suit.

    • Our jehova witnesses are nice. She is definitely MILF material and the man is very pleasant. We talk about the news, talk about Arsenal, he gives me a couple of pamphlets and bids goodbye.

      How do they get paid? Where does the money come from? Obviously there is a nation wide army of the cunts, how the fuck is it financed?

      • As a member, they are encouraged to give to the Church. last I heard it was about 10% of everything ( it could even be more ) Fucking pricey business this religion thing.

      • Yes Jehovah’s still tithe.

        One particularly abnoxious cunt I used to work with used to give 10% of his wages.

        Thing is, the cunt was a contractor, and so was officially on the lowest wage possible to avoid tax. The rest was taken out as dividends, etc., which his church never saw.

        I have absolutely no problem whatsoever in him mitigating his tax affairs as efficiently as possible but I bet the cunt was sat there in his little Church of the Nazerine all warm and comfortable while other cunts in his congregation on 4 times less were paying 4 times more.

        He was the epitome of cunt who I used to thoroughly enjoy winding up with my “Russell’s Teapot” chant! I was very sorry to see him leave, not in a work capacity (like most vociferous religious twats he was fucking useless) but because he was an easy wind-up on a cold winter’s morning.

        Nothing good has ever come from religion. The Christian church believes it to be the finest example of doing good and “God’s” work.

        The cunts at the top of the food chain are minted and the cunts at the bottom think it puts them in good stead for the (non existent) afterlife.

        So basically both groups are in it for themselves one way or another.

        So to follow any religion is to be selfish, either in this life or the (non existent) next.

        Religion is a cunt without a shadow of a doubt!

      • Jehovah’s Witnesses may be expected to fork out for the cause, but Scientology has them beaten all ends up. They make their brainless converts cough up everything they have and then force them to work for nothing except their keep. Serves the daft cunts right.

  6. What a load of retarded fuckwit shite that in this day and age, most of the world are committed to believing in some kind of sky fairy and some deluded nutter who sees and hears things that we can’t . I’d say that is the hallmark of a fucking nutter.

  7. A very pointless cunting. If people believe in something ,why not if it doesn’t hurt anyone? Most of the damage ,murder and mayhem in the world is nowt to do with religion ,just people who want more of their share of the pie.
    There are cunts that believe in Labour Liberal and Green, cunts that want to stop us eating meat or smoking or drinking too much ,cunts who really think this country going it alone will be a good thing, cunts who give grinning halfcaste runners knighthoods ,Christ in a basket the fucking list is endless.
    There are cunts so desperate for something to cunt ,they cunt everything leaving themselves the only thing uncunted, the cunts!

    • A lot of the grinning sheep out there love to have a bash at religion, following the cue of that cunt Dawkins, Harris (who looks like he hasn’t fully evolved yet), Dennett (I have a long beard so I must be intellectual) and ultimate smug cunt and fanboyed Christopher Hitchens – so much so that it’s become a religion itself. Seem to remember Socialism being atheistic, they just replaced killing for paradise in the next life for paradise in this one.

      • Socialism is just as much a religion as any other irrational belief system that flies in the face of practical reality.

      • Agreed and socialism is literally the new religion. The same people who were burning witches are the same people that protest free speech today, just stood under a different banner.

    • If people believed in something and just got on with it and didn’t bother anyone, that would be fine. But they don’t.
      According to stats there are more than four thousand religions in the world and they all have one thing in common – they think that they’re right and everyone else is wrong. If they were happy to leave it at that and carry on worshipping in their own fashion and feel smug about their superiority, that would be fine too. But they don’t.
      Each one of them thinks it’s their duty to show all the others where they are going wrong. And if they can’t be persuaded by argument, then they’ll have to be persuaded some other way.
      And that’s where the trouble starts.

  8. Can we cunt the censorship being carried out on this site? Never was like that in Dioclese’s reign, all of a sudden if you mention anything to do with race, it gets mysteriously deleted, as I’m sure this comment will.

    • I’m lucky because most of my comments are to do with “peaceful” cunts and luckily Islam (even though the ABBC would have you believe differently) is not a race, just a cunt religion.

      I have very little time for Africans (from north to south) but that has fuck all to do with their race more to do with them being cunts and perfectly useless at running anything.

      With all those natural resources the whole continent should be running the rest of the world but it doesn’t cos they’re all useless cunts (and more often than not with their hands out to gullible western nations).

      And all religion is a cunt because “…If people believe in something ,why not…” the problem is that most advocates rarely keep their make believe to themselves, Lord it over non-believers and a lot want you to join in with their mass delusion, or – in the case of “peaceful” religious cunts – want to kill you to death for NOT believing!

      Well the whole lot of them can fuck off!

      • I mentioned Enoch Powell the other day, nought actually to do with race and it got deleted within 15 minutes, not what I expect from this highly regarded site.

  9. Some one said we should respect religious beliefs. errrrrr no. it would be more correct to say we should respect someones right to believe any shit they like but don’t expect me to respect it. i’ve looked into ISLAM and its unmitigated bollocks, the puzzling thing is how intelligent Muslims can’t see it. good example given above about the flying fuckin horse.Islamic zealots are fond of citing great ‘ scientific insights ‘ to be found in the Quran. when subject to scrutiny they all turn out to be patent nonsense but no Muslim will agree with that because their big claim is that the QURAN is the perfect book and contains no errors . lol its fuckin full of em !

  10. Yes,the founding myth is a load of old nonsense, and I’ve seen it suggested that 90% of CofE vicars know it’s a load of old nonsense, but stick with it as a vehicle to promote the good, if doomed, notion that loving your neighbour is a workable basis for society. Face it, cunters, the pre-EU, pre -immigration, pre- Mariah Carey society we all hanker for was underpinned by the teaching of Christian doctrine in most schools. Whether or not there are Eyes in the Sky, resurrections from the dead or any prospect of an afterlife – and there aren’t – the ethical values of the religion keep the society together. At least until the greedy, unscrupulous and murderous get their hands on the creed. Which is human nature, I suppose.

    Religion isn’t a cunt on its own. Religion as redesigned by some of its cunt adherents often is.

  11. I think I stopped believing in God around the same time as I stopped believing in santa. Thankfully, my parents never forced me to believe in anything, learn and make your own mind up, which I am very grateful for. What I find hard to accept is that for some people, it either takes the thought of eternal damnation, or the promise of a better afterlife for them to behave in a reasonable manner. And even stranger, a lot of those cunts will still be cunts to people who aren’t from their particular sect. I heard that 83% of the worlds population believe in some sort of nonsense, and soon (thanks to the breeding policy of a certain fairy tale) that will be 90%, so the headline picture is accurate. The human race is de-evolving.

  12. Organised Religion is a corruption. Throughout the ages men have used it to justify their own twisted agendas. True “Wickedness” is an invention of man.

  13. Organised religion is a cunt but so is paganized religion, I recently decorated the tree for my mother but told her about the trees not so christian origins. I wasn’t gonna bother her too much about it after all she probably only has another 8-10 christmasses left in her before old age catches up and she croaks. So I stopped joking to her about it and will try to give her a good christmas this year

    The christmas tree not only is it not a christian symbol its origins are purely pagan mostly comprised of yuletide and modranicht. Not only that but there is a verse in the bible that warns against the adorement (decorating) and worship of trees seriously look it up

  14. The way I see it, all physical existence centres around the Spirit. The Spirit is impossible to pin down – it knows no bounds, neither physical nor moral, and is the direct creator of all existence, beautiful and ugly, with infinite in-betweens and endless potentialities, where all the wonders of the macrocosm and beyond are firmly embodied in the simple intricacy of *Steadman’s tiny teeth which are equal only to Melania’s trumped up gash and everything else through which the Spirit elects to manifest itself in physical form. I could go on, but the nurse is beckoning me back to bed.

    *The cat.

    BTW, nice to see Mrs May actually make a sensible decision for once, refusing Lammy & Co’s demand to appoint a peaceful panel re Grenfell Tower. There’s hope for the useless cunt yet, but too little too late for 2017, still COTY imho…

  15. If you need to believe in anything, believe in yourself. Until the likes of Jesus, God or any other cunt manifests themselves in front of me religion can fuck right off! It causes more trouble (wars) than it’s worth

  16. When you question the existence of anyone’s God they fucking go off like a fucking roman candle. But if someone said to me they believe in elfs and fairies (no offence Kravdarth) and I told em they were a fuckin loon they’d just laugh at me! What’s the fucking difference. If people didn’t fight over religion they’d find something else. If there was a God surely the likes of Linecunt, Blair, Izzard, Owen Jones, Russel Bland, Flabbo etc etc just wouldn’t exist so that fuckin proves it beyond doubt.

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