Steven Moffat [2]

Steven Moffat is still a ginormous cunt…

The pube headed one has now told Doctor Who fans who have complained about the all new feminazi PC lady Doctor to ‘Shut the hell up!’…. The arrogance of this wankstain is astounding…. Openly refers to himself as the ‘Showrunner’ of Doctor Who… Not even the infamous John Nathan Turner did that… Moffat also seriously believes his convoluted PC obsessed dogdirt has made the show better and that every event or story in history, time and space featuring blacks, gays, wimmin and lezzzas is plausible…

I wouldn’t blame Capaldi one bit if he decked this smug self satisfied spunkbubble, for ruining the chance of a lifetime and destroying a TV legend into the bargain…

And that Gatiss is a cunt and all….

Nominated by Norman

I’m praying the new ultra PC doctor Who takes a huge ratings hit, Moffatt is a 24 carat cunt, nothing would please me more than to see this once brilliant TV programme spectacularly bomb!….
Watch the shit stains over at the guardian and the not so big up the new series of DW for all their worth….As a poster said In a previous thread ” you can tie a bow around it but it’s still a turd”….

Nominated by Quislings

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  1. Am going on a cuntfest tomorrow slamming a few incredibly narcissistic remainiacs.Have had a shit week at work so will not hold back.Unlike an MP though you cunts can have a vote of no confidence in me and I will resign.How is that for democracy?Also for the record Penny Mourdaunt is a milf who is free to assist my penile development across all nations.She was on a show called splash and she can make me splash anytime :p

  2. I would have a threesome with Penny Mourdaunt and ProtoPatel.Both sexy women of mature years;)

  3. the catholic church are cunts
    they have refused to let a memorial to the dead from the enniskillen bomb be placed on their land because it has a single poppy on it
    i fucking truly fucking hate the kiddie fiddling nonce cunt terrorist harboring fenian cunts rotten to the core that church fucking shit cunts

    • The Catholic Church ( and all other churches ,mosques etc ) should be confined to room 101.

      On this particular issue ( Enniskillin ) it actually does not surprise me. The Catholic Church were ( and still are ) pro Republican, and were very active and complicit during that time known as the “troubles”.

      In any “gathering” along the falls road, the first bead drawn was on the priest. They were the cunts you really had to watch! Near to them were likely to have been armed men and women. The priests provided cover, and were often arms carriers.

      I never fired on a priest ( we were ordered not to ,even if arms were seen ) and I’m glad I didn’t because today the witch hunt against serving soldiers and vets continues at a rabid pace.

      So, I will join you my friend in cunting the fucking parasitical kiddie fiddling cunts of the Catholic Church, and take some comfort in that one day soon, our peaceful cunts will take over, and the Catholics Church will be no more!

      They,re all cunts!

  4. I mentioned Donald Trump at lunch yesterday. Well, you should have heard the hysteria! It was if I had the plague. Well guess what, cunters: I will bang on about him all day long and the monarchy and being a tory and a Zionist.No one will ever silence me!

    God save the Queen!
    God bless America!
    Long live the State of Israel!

    • That’s well dodgy, I agree… Not the sort of thing that would have happened in Sir Matt’s time… Still only a wanker would have married Posh Spice…

  5. Old Pubehead will no longer be ‘Showrunner’ (I know, what a big headed cunt!) after Capaldi’s final episode this Christmas… But I’m still dreading the next series…The PC crawling to the libmong Femin SS with the woman Doctor, the ludicrous costume that might as well have ‘Lezza’ printed on the back, 70s Leeds United tracksuit style, the box ticking Parky Stanley and Darkie box ticking companions, the white middle aged bloke as comedy relief/putdown fodder… And the new ‘Showrunner’ is the man who cast David Tennant as Jimmy Murphy in a crappy ‘drama’ about the Munich Air Crash… And Tennant is as much like Murphy as Woody Allen is like Arnold Schwarzenegger …

    I’d have preferred the lads who did Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes to take over Doctor Who… Philip Glenister as a Gene Hunt type Doc, John Simm back as The Master, and Keeley Hawes as top TARDIS totty…

      • Loved it when I was younger, and I like the 2005 Eccleston ones… I suppose it’s a lad’s thing… A childhood favourite and boyhood hero ruined by PC wank… What pisses me off is the ABBC cut Schools & Colleges programmes years ago, but they think – they have the arrogance – to believe they have to ‘educate’ what they see as ‘ignorant white English people’ by corrupting and sanitising what was once just good old fashioned heroes and villains entertainment… Now the show has to mention gays and lezzas in every story, men are constantly put down and are the butt of ‘jokes’, and ‘ethnic minorities’ pop up everywhere, even if they weren’t actually there historically… And the final insult: turning a male character who has been portrayed by 15 different men suddenly becomes a woman because it’s now seen as ‘wrong’ for a man to play the part after 54 years… That about sums it up…

        And you’re right… It is now shite… Very shite…

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