Andrea Leadsom

BIG cunting incoming for MP Andrea Leadsom.

Turns out she was the one behind former Secretary of State for Defence, Sir Michael Fallon, being fired from his position yesterday.

The reason?

He once put his arm around her. And on another occasion, quipped that, when she complained of having cold hands, “I know where you could put them to warm them up”.

That’s it. That’s all it takes, folks. A reputation ruined and a political career on the rocks. For that.

Fallon, in my opinion, is something of a cunt and not really that appealling to me as a Tory voter. I also think he is incompetent and very much disagree with some of the defence policies operating around cuts and associated. But no-one deserves to be dragged through the coals for that.

On the flipside, Julia Hartley-Brewer, when asked about a time when Fallon touched her knee, dismissed the incident as ‘laughable’. That, to me, is the proper reaction. As an aside I’m beginning to think that JHB is the perfect woman.

Leadsom of course has shown her opportunistic tendencies before, attempting a smash ‘n’ grab raid for Tory leadership in the wake of the pig fucker’s confusing departure. This cunt clearly will do anything to further her career and even worse, has helped prove that men don’t need to be given a fair hearing before a dismissal or punishment for an admittedly clumsy, but ultimately harmless crude remark.

I’ve had females in the workplace say far worse to me and others than that level of comment. Until the last few years, I thought nothing of it, but Leadsom, like so many others, constantly serves to remind us how damaging opportunistic cunts can be when they use the guise of sexual victimhood to apply to any unwanted attention.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

95 thoughts on “Andrea Leadsom

  1. People who don’t recognise the Brexit vote, calling for democracy in Spain…..Yeaaah, those fucking cunts…

  2. Fallon must be mad or blind to make any sort of rum remark to a saddlebag with eyes like Andrea Leadsom anyway…. What a piece of work she must be… Some people look attractive but are rotten inside, while others are ugly inside and out… As Han Solo once said: ‘And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!’

  3. The media is pushing all this shit and the government is being forced to go along for the ride, giving up anyone who pops up. Will be interesting if Corbin boots anyone.

    For all we know if she asked him where to warm her hands, he may well have suggested something acceptable….its the thought that counts!

    Please, please, someone have something on that Gavin Barwell cunt!

    Why haven’t they rooted out all the peados linked up with the ones at the ABBC or are we starting with woman abusers first?

    Next stop…House of Lords.

    • Certainly Bob. Barwell pushed through a thinly guised paper outlawing discrimination against persons holding a public post/office with a significant mental health history, and included in the occupational inclusion Mp’s. ( Meaning any psychotic deranged fuckwit with a forensic history including kiddie fiddling can still sit as an MP. ! ) Interesting.( most of the MP’s are right fucking nutters )

      Said fuckwit was found to be guilty in electoral fraud by the Parliamentary Standards Committee , by London Plod refused to prosecute him as there was ” no evidence ” ( funny that…the committee had tons of it ??? just sayin )

      Widely held to be a snitch by his fellow MP’s he is regarded as the classroom wanker and the cunt you cannot trust. Cambridge graduate ( says it all ) and chairman of some student rabble ( ffs)

      So..! Im with you on this one Bob….this is a spunk bubble worth keeping an eye upon!

  4. I dont think leatherface quite underatands her voter base… It certainly isnt the purple headed feminazi’s, cock mutilators, snowflake fannys, twatter mongs or right on slebs- its people who find these spurious accusations with accompanying trial by meeja just a little distasteful. On the flip side though, i really hope that video of the tory getting pissed on by 3 fellas is Michael Gove….

  5. Parliament needs to be called for an emergency session to pass legislation to make it illegal to make public any form of sexual harrasment with regards Andrea Leadsom . God knows how many sick days have been lost to the economy by the thought of having her hands in ones underpants.

  6. So why did Hartley-Brewer feel the need to raise the subject?

    Oh, wait, she’s on the TV and radio alot, in no way linked to career enhancement…

    She got Fallon sacked and is reaping the rewards, no matter how “laughable” the incident was.

    Publicity hungry whore cunt.

    • As far as I can determine, she didn’t bring it up – the Tories/others knew about this story and she was asked aboit it. At least that’s how I understand it, I could be wrong.

      In any case, that isn’t what he was suspended for – Leadsom saw to that.

      • Agree TECB, it was others present at the dinner party when it happened who originally reported incident to Tory whips or whoever. Julia H-B entirely blameless, could not have been more honourable.

  7. I bet he wishes he had asked her, “Do you like chicken madam. Yes? Well suck on my cock – it’s fowl”. At least that would be worth “resigning” for.

  8. Who the fuck would want to warm their hands on that reptile,she looks like going to the dentist would be more fun…..this fucking historical sexual abuse bollocks has got out of hand,it means some silly bitch with a neck like a lizards ball sack can accuse any bloke of anything at any time past or present and without any kind of proof this is taken seriously WTF, what happened to innocent until proven guilty, why don’t all these women make an issue out of it at the time when there is likely to be some kind of proof…….cuz most of the time nothing happened, or sexuall comments were the norm then, or it would have meant she didn’t get a part in a film, or it would have been bad for her career or bloke wasn’t rich and famous when it happened so nothing to gain……im sorry but I think if there is no evidence years later or the guy is now dead you missed your chance bitches think of someone else to accuse or even wait for something to actually happen and the go to the police at the time not 20 years later…

    • Extremely well put. Why are most of these women coming forward mank? Why are we going back decades? As for justice, it most certainly is guilty until proved innocent. It’s a right pisser.

  9. Have never really given Leadsom much thought, except she’d probably have made an infinitely better PM than Theresa May. I am however surprised to hear that in her present position she has the power to hire and fire senior Cabinet Ministers, especially for such trivial reasons. Had previously assumed it was only in the gift of PM to exercise that particular power.

    ‘Question Time’ especially nauseating last night – Owen Jones re: Westminster hysteria actually said, quote:

    “If the government of this country turns a blind eye to sexual harassment, what message does that send to the rest of the country, when male violence against girls and women is so rampant…they have to set an example to show sexism and misogyny has been consigned to the scrapheap of history forever.”


    Bullshit. Talk about virtue signalling gone mad!

    PS: Fallon was/is a smarmy, vacuous, shifty Cunt – good fucking riddance!

  10. And if you believe ANY of this bullshit about Fallon, more fool you.

    It was beyond obvious right from the fake Julia Hartley Brewer “story” that Fallon was employing the old McAlpine tactic of putting out a story that could easily be dismissed/discredited in order to distract from the real story. What the tabloids (and the Whips) have on Fallon is so utterly bizarre that I can’t begin to imagine how they’ll phrase it. Needless to say, senior cabinet ministers are not sacked (and Fallon WAS sacked, contrary to his resignation letter) because they put their hand on someone’s knee or put their arm around a fellow cabinet minister.

    And before I’m accused of sinking to Spivey’s level, I think I may have mentioned before that Mrs West’s brother is a civil servant on the Brexit team and has the ear of various ministers.

    • I’m trying to imagine what ‘utterly bizarre’ could mean? Were other species involved for instance? Pleeeease?

      • Very intriguing… after looking at the redacted list, the only weird ones left are the fella who likes a perfumed derrière, and the one that states ‘odd sexual penchant’.. which is a bit open ended, but they are both Cabinet Ministers and not MP’s. I’d have been shocked if Boris wasnt on their tbf. In fact, if he wasn’t on the top spot I’d consider the whole list fake. The list seems to be very pro-eu – Fallon, Garnier, Rudd, Green, Halfon, Menizies – All Remainers… Perhaps this a well planned coup to both remove the remain element from the tories and to nobble bonking boris in one swift stroke.

      • Get in there Kwasi…
        A Truss and Rudd sandwich probably isn’t as appetising as it sounds. I had no idea she was dIvorced.

      • Odd sexual penchants… Indeed. Wasnt hard to find trawling pinterest / twatter and reddit (although admittedly probably chinese whispers). Wtf…
        Hislop told a porky tonight on hignfy saying “someone” wasnt on there… Et quod sic. All the usual suspects are though. Suprised about a couple but some of this stuff already been alluded to in the papers for years (fox / werrity). Mostly just run of the mill affairs though, id be a hypocryte and a liar if i said id never fucked a female colleague (unmarried – both)…

    • @Fred West

      There has never been any suggestion that Boris touched or brushed up against anyone’s knee as far as I know.

    • I think my post about Fat Boris’s indiscretions may have been removed for fear of legal ramifications. I won’t repeat any of it, but I’d just say that everything I wrote was already in the public domain. One issue was raised in Boris’s infamous interview with Eddie Mair, another issue had been detailed in the diligently researched and scrupulously sourced book ‘Brexit Boris: From Mayor To Nightmare’ (an excellent read, and has NOT been the subject of legal action from Johnson’s lawyers either), and the third issue is on ‘The List’ which is circulating online.

      • Let’s hope your comments are reinstated once the IAC lawyers give ’em the green light…

  11. It’s not my place to judge if someone is ugly or not, but its been alleged that when Leadsom went for a medical, the proctologist stuck his finger in her mouth…

  12. Leadsom, absolute cunt…

    Julia Hartley-Brewer, absolutely wants pumping hard from behind!

  13. I already feel like a potential criminal around young ladies. What’s it going to be in future artificial insemination, welfare mums, fatherless kids and heavily taxed highly frustrated straight men. It’ll be okay for the deviants

  14. Been thinking. I spent 25 years in manufacturing industry, before going in a different direction, and every cunt gave as good as they got. Men, women, it was just banter with a light flirtation. Totally fucking innocent, and gave everybody a laugh, no-one got hurt. I left 12 years ago and now realise none of that would now be tolerated. It’s a great shame really, we are expected to behave like gender neutral robots. I met my wife at work but I don’t think I would risk asking her out nowadays. Troubling times.

    • Too true. I met my wife at work, so under all this new puritanical age, that would never have happened without one or both of us getting sacked. As for Leadsom, thank fuck she didn’t get to be PM, because if she can’t tell some old letch to fuck off, what good is she? Snydey cunt. No more telling some dried up old hag that she looks nice as a good deed, that’s for sure.
      This bullshit that is gathering pace is only going to cheapen real sexual assault, as cunts try to equate getting a saucy comment with actual rape.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if desensitization is the real goal here. If your in touch or you’ve seen the latest Paul Joseph Watson video you’ll know that Paedophilia is already going that way on the far left. The real power brokers behind it all have only the best psychologists working hard for them behind the seans.

  15. We appear to be in the midst of another full blown Moral Panic. This sort of bullshit is nothing new.

    The Govt, career politicians, commentators and opinion makers, having run out of easy ‘fool the public’ pain-free solutions to our urgent virtually impossible to solve issues, have gratefully latched onto the latest media bandwagon frenzy (Weinstein vs. slags) to distract and smother the infantile, snowflake electorate under a slag heap of sinister trivia. Talk about ‘Fiddling’ while Rome burns!

    Another cunting due for Humanity at large anyone?

  16. A few months ago I extolled the wonderful virtues of techno which includes the music genres of (ambient techno, classic techno, dreampop, trance,IDM,EDM pacifically speaking) what were fellow cunters response?! Hate, disgust and mean spirited accusations like “titslapper you actually listen to that shite” or “techno is outdated and repetitive” and etc just pure hate and ignorance directed towards me.

    Well I for one would like a technostate in the future or the better terminology would be a techno enthostate where techno would be endorsed and all other musical genres would be ethnically cleansed and properly killed off. Some might say titslapper thats techno-fascism. Well I don’t bloody care! techno is coming back in a big way and I will be at the forefront of that.

    Do you believe with the TechnoFührer and us in the final total victory of the Techno people? Are you and the Techno people willing to work, if the TechnoFührer orders, 10, 12 and if necessary 14 hours a day of Techno and to give everything for Techno victory? Do you want a total Techno? If necessary, do you want a Techno more total and radical than anything that we can even imagine today? Well do you cunters, fucking do you!!

      • At least someone agrees with me… When I establish world peace using techno and our alien overlords come to greet us. I will make a plea to kill all dissenters and traitors of techno Rap, eurodance, grindcore, heavy metal, lily allen and ed sheeran music will be killed off once and for all! mankind will finally be free from oppression Hail victory!

    • Fuck me Titslapper, what the fuck are you on? Stick to real ale and curries. Listen to some Squeeze, Beautiful South, Who etc and see the light.

      • Squeeze?! haha more like squeeze a big poo out my arse! that band had like 5 decent songs lets not forget jools “the cuntback” holland was in that shite band, Fuck them!

        I have not heard beautiful south so can’t comment Cunstable. As for what I’m on? life! my dear boy Life! I’m truly enlightened and totally conscious of my surroundings and the worlds problems that plague us. A deer in the woods a few weeks ago when I was walking through it greeted me and allowed me to pet it this is highly unusual event very rare to happen. It knew my spirit was pure that is all I will go into right now

        “Stick to real ale and curries” No you stick to your ales! drinking has plagued blighty as said by the honorable Sir Stoke. As for the curries I will be making indian butter chicken this afternoon actually and it will be extremely tasty I make a indian butter chicken that is just out of this world Yum yum

    • Like you TitSlapper, I too have been a teetotal dope fiend for many years now. But you’d have to subject me to the Dexter treatment before I’d endure another dose of Techno!

      Each to his own though – you probably wouldn’t get off on the Hendrix/Stooges/Alizee/Throbbing Gristle soundscape I’m currently inhabiting…

      • I’ve overdosed on hendrix fucking overhyped guitar player he was more a guitar stuntsman some of his stuff is good tho, Stooges obviously Iggys best stuff.. Throbbing Gristle on the otherhand isn’t half bad, the album 20 jazz funk greats actually greatly added to what we now know as techno, industrial music helped popularize it

        When you think bad techno your probably thinking eurodance or one of its crappier offshoots. You don’t even have to dance to techno just let the soothing rhythms and beats wash over you

      • With respect, anyone who thinks Hendrix was over hyped either
        A. Never saw him live. He doesn’t come over on record
        B. Can’t play a guitar themselves so doesn’t appreciate the complexity and techniques he’s employing
        C. Both the above

        I wish I was one tenth as good

      • Much appreciate your reply Chas C – Agree 100% re live playing – I saw Henrix in 1967 on a package tour with the Walker Brothers of all people! Not top of bill then, but Hendrix was mesmerising, nothing had been witnessed or heard like that before.

        Since then I’ve accumulated 125+ gigs on CD/tape – even on a bad night the man never fails to astonish & inspire.

        Disagree with you slightly re studio recordings: Are You Experienced, Electric Ladyland phenomenal! His influence cannot be overestimated.

        However, admit to listening to the live stuff more – genius on fucking steroids.

        Appreciate your comments too TS, will check out the link provided, cheers.

      • Not knocking hendrix chas perhaps I was a bit harsh guess I was talking while in the heat of passion. I’ve heard enough of hendrix to know his style I’ve worn out my copy of Are you experienced but your right tho I don’t know what he was really like live in concert cause his best stuff had to be witnessed. I’ve heard some really sloppy live stuff of his the best live album I heard was a bootleg called Killing Floor live at L’Olympia Theatre.

        Its a shame drugs killed hendrix who knows what else he was gonna do I appreciate guitar playing can hardly play a lick myself tho honestly speaking but really getting into keyboard, synth based music lately

      • Drugs didn’t kill Hendrix. At best he choked on his own vomit after a heavy night out. At worst he was murdered by his greedy grasping manager in hoc to organised crime.

  17. Nomination: Boozed up Blighty

    So Parliament once more is fingered for “inappropriate behaviour” and alcohol is made the culprit. Have staggered meself from function to function and can confirm the joint floats on a subsidised booze filled haze. The Mother orf Parliaments is a gin soaked old whore now setting the standard for national behaviour. Have motored after midnight through this fair land steering me old Bentley around groups orf slaughtered fillies, knickers doine, arses in the air and puking in the gutters, their ardent swains legless and incapable.
    We now have bred an inebriated and knackered Blighty that cannot hold its liquor and that is a national tragedy.

    • This alcohol degeneracy can be changed good sir. I quit my alcohol addiction using techno, mdma and pot. It can be done 2 months clean from all forms of alcohol and I’ve saved alot of money doing so just saying…

      • Rather be a boozed up degenerate than a fucking techno freak. It’s only e’s and spice that can make that shite bearable.

      • Most ecstasy rarely even contains the real mdma its usually loaded with impurties and junk that will fucking kill you. Also no one should be dancing in a hot environment on mdma and the ingestion of lots of water can kill you as it increases bioavailability of the drug Lots of fake ecstasy sadly passes off as real E and young ones take it and they die, yes very tragic indeed

  18. On par with Leadsom is the Damian Green accuser Kate Maltby. A hand that she thought ‘might’ have brushed against her knee and a suggestive text saying she looked good in a corset after whoring herself around on social media wearing one to highlight some bullshit ‘women’s issue’.

    No doubt the usual cunts are bouncing up and down working themselves into a lather of attention seeking hara-kiri at Westminster. Labour are no better, Corbyn and the perennial unflushable turd that is Shami Chakrabarti argued against ISAC’s new best friend Jared O’Mara being suspended for his various misdemeanor’s before leaving to promote her new book on gender equality.

  19. Ian Brady buried at sea? Fuck that!

    Yet another flagrant waste of public money. What do the dim cunts think black wheelie-bins are for? Cunt authorities wouldn’t know how to budget effectively if it bit them on their bloated stench infested arses.

    • The bleeding heart cunts should have took Brady’s carcass to Heaton Park and put it on the bonfire on Sunday night… Personally? I’d have just flushed his ashes down the bog, shitting on them, naturally….

      • At last! The final, perfect solution. Trust Norman to come up with the answer. But who’ll take any notice?

        I’ll tell you who.


        FUCKING NO-ONE! That’s who.

        Clive Lewis back in the frame for groping…

        For fuck’s sake, can’t we get back to sorting more important issues, like cunts whistling on TV & Radio adverts for instance?


  20. Can I have Kevin Spacey in the suicide game please (instead of Owen Wilson)?

    Ditched by his agent and publicist today, lots of forthcoming work cancelled, police investigating claims of sexual assault.

  21. Has anyone noticed that “techno is a big pile of dog wank” is actually an anagram of “a big pile of dog wank is techno”. I think that proves it.

  22. Maybe we need to cut this cunt some slack, after all ….she is a mum. Maybe that’s not going to work this time.

    Where & when is this all really going to end? Who is going to pay for all the enquiries and any legal costs?

    I’m waiting on someone claiming they were “looked at rather suggestively” and the media taking them up on it.

  23. The ever reliable LBC reporting Grenfell cunts will be traumatised Monday by the fireworks. Oh please, surely there is some dis-accociation here.

    • Stress etc didn’t stop many of them jumping around at the Notting Hill Carnival though, did it?

      Fraudulent scheming cunts and no way should our governments or charities compensate or gift anyone who our government didn’t even know were here in the country.

      That’s just a starting point.

      • Yes, a ‘second bite at the cherry’, for the Cunts not quick enough to claim trauma first time around. I’ll bet many fuckers were looking on with envy, cursing they’d missed the boat on a claim. Not now … there will be queues outside the North Kensington health centres on Monday morning with .. ‘delayed trauma’.
        If no Cunt had mentioned this potential delayed trauma pish due to the fireworks over the weekend, nobody would have batted an eyelid.
        Let’s make a rod for our own backs, why not !

  24. This current witch-hunt (which is a term today which is offensive to feminists – even though during that era many a man was burned at the stake/drowned for being warlocks and that group term includes them, but no one cares about men anymore, I digress…) is the only story across all media stations because the accused are predominantly from the hated middle-aged white man sector of society.

    No one gives a flying fuck about them, naming them (before proof), nor how tenuous the claim may be.

    Contrast this with the blanket-ban, easily forgotten stories of where “peaceful” cunts have mudered countless innocent individuals and they’ll bend over backwards not to name them, identify them as “peaceful” and persist in their refusal to state it as a terrorist attack – which once proved to be a terrorist attack is immediately downgraded as a one-off “lone wolf” attack by a misguided person. There just coincidentally happens to be lots and lots of “lone wolf” attacks all sponsored by ISIS.

    The ABBC covered the NYC attack for exactly one day and not one program was interested in discussing the West’s endemic “M” problem. Not one show.

    So then we have knee-gate which the person involved at least has said it’s a load of old bollocks. This has been covered for almost 3 days solid now by the ABBC and you also have Louise and Dan on the breakfast show wringing their hands. Then Victoria Derbycunt with a full on discussion about it and again in the Daily Politics show.

    How is that remotely even-handed reporting across all stories?

    A (non) story such as this is like manna from heaven to the cunts because it means they can blissfully ignore issues such as the “M” problem and feel free to name and shame – whether warranted or accurate or not – because their target is the hated middle-aged white man. A sector which pays the lion’s share of taxes and for which has no representation or standing in their own country anymore.

    I’d also like to know the exact body count from Grenfell you cunts! What too soon? Get bent!

    Had the fire befallen an office block of predominantly hated middle-aged white men it wouldn’t have even made the “And finally…” section of the news on the ABBC. Fucking cunts!

  25. Len McCluskey is a brainless fucking rat faced cunt. I’m certain he’ll have had it a few times on here but I just saw the ultra cunt’s face on the television and was immediately overcome with the urge to projectile vomit. It’s not even the abhorrent, hypocritical bullshit he spouts and believes in. It’s his rodent like features; his unkempt shitty polyester machine washable suit that doesn’t fit the fat cunt; his ability to make me feel like I need to bathe after just hearing the cunt’s name. The only medicament I can think of for the illness brought about by this worthless, grimey looking cunt of the ages would be to find him and beat him to within an inch of his life and then set alight to the bloody mess that remained. That would be far too quick a process for any real justice to be done so feel free to fill the comments with suggestions on the correct method of the cunts demise. I don’t even need to start on the trot or communist nonsense bouncing around his tiny mind. He already looks and smells like he’s spent the last 30 years working a strip farm in Siberia with no sanitation or running water so I can’t see what difference it would make if he and his micro-penis pals got their way.

    • I think you let the cunt off lightly.

      Sheer genius, one for my IAC scrapbook, thanks!

  26. While all this is going on, what’s that cunt Priti Patel been up to sneaking off to Israel for quiet chatter without even telling the blonde bufoon?

  27. Theresa May has drawn up a new code of conduct. Why don’t they just hire a witch finder General to hunt down any male with a sex urge. This is unbelievably absurd, their all falling over themselves taking the moral high ground.

  28. Fallon should be investigated for substance abuse not misconduct. Youd need to be on some serious gear to find this cunt remotely doable.

  29. The public and just people in general need a good cunting.

    Woke up this morning like any other day but the wife was acting a bit of a cunt, she went on a “girls” night out last night so no doubt that’s something to do with it. Cunt.

    Driving to work down a narrow road with parked traffic each side when a big ugly 4×4 pushed its way through with no regard for any rules of the road. Worse still, it was one of those fucking ugly fake Nissan Cushcunt 4x4s. People who drive these seem to be horrible drivers. Cunt

    Got to work to be told to go to Manchester because some other cunts dad had carked it and they needed cover. People driving like cunts on the M62. Manchester full of awful peaceful types and fat dagoes. Got there to discover the work I’d been sent to do was completed already. CUNTS

    Travelling back on the M62 and on the radio was some cunt bint who was bemoaning the fact that bullying at school has stopped her ever having a job…something about a made up thing called ADHD which stemmed from her school reports saying she was a dishonest little tart and she didn’t try hard enough. This all happened thirty six years ago and she’s never worked a fucking stroke because of it. The final irony? her son also has this bullshit thing which means he’ll be another parasite on society for the rest of his life. Cunts both and lying lazy cunts at that.

    Called in the supermarket on the way home. Had nothing I wanted because some unemployed or ancient cunt had already had it earlier. The trolley demanded a pound just so I could push it around on its ancient casters and the fucking checkout girl was a miserable fucking bitch with all the charm of laboratory dog after a head swap operation.

    I intend to go home and get drunk as a fucking lord and forget all these cunts exist to make my fucking life a misery.

    • I wish I could offer some words of solace. My mantra is try your hardest at everything you do, I think you should apply this to the getting drunk bit.

    • Posts don’t get more moving than this one. Cheers Spanky – another one for my growing IAC anthology of genius!

    • I’m sure you’re well in control of what’s required to refresh you Spanky but why not try copious amounts of Tanglefoot ale washed down with Jamesons. Works for me every time.
      Have a nice evening.

    • Manchester must be twinned with Cardiff…
      I feel very much the same, you have all my sympathy.

      At least I have a good training post starting on Monday.
      Sweeping up on a building site; vital on the job experience…
      Now I know why I’ve got a basic ECS card, and am doing a level 2 electrical installation course.
      Hoping that something else might be on offer there.

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