Andrea Leadsom

BIG cunting incoming for MP Andrea Leadsom.

Turns out she was the one behind former Secretary of State for Defence, Sir Michael Fallon, being fired from his position yesterday.

The reason?

He once put his arm around her. And on another occasion, quipped that, when she complained of having cold hands, “I know where you could put them to warm them up”.

That’s it. That’s all it takes, folks. A reputation ruined and a political career on the rocks. For that.

Fallon, in my opinion, is something of a cunt and not really that appealling to me as a Tory voter. I also think he is incompetent and very much disagree with some of the defence policies operating around cuts and associated. But no-one deserves to be dragged through the coals for that.

On the flipside, Julia Hartley-Brewer, when asked about a time when Fallon touched her knee, dismissed the incident as ‘laughable’. That, to me, is the proper reaction. As an aside I’m beginning to think that JHB is the perfect woman.

Leadsom of course has shown her opportunistic tendencies before, attempting a smash ‘n’ grab raid for Tory leadership in the wake of the pig fucker’s confusing departure. This cunt clearly will do anything to further her career and even worse, has helped prove that men don’t need to be given a fair hearing before a dismissal or punishment for an admittedly clumsy, but ultimately harmless crude remark.

I’ve had females in the workplace say far worse to me and others than that level of comment. Until the last few years, I thought nothing of it, but Leadsom, like so many others, constantly serves to remind us how damaging opportunistic cunts can be when they use the guise of sexual victimhood to apply to any unwanted attention.

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  1. Would it be possible to give a monumental cunting to cold calling telesales cunts, at the moment I am being plagued by pakis trying to sell me google space WTF, so my business can be at the top of a google search page, the problem is now my customers cant even get through on the fucking phone because of fucking fresh pesh from Bangladesh[ who says his name is Daniel ,yeah right ho] keeping my phone engaged all the time.surely these cunts must know when they re not going to get a sale, but they keep on plugging until you run out of patients and tell them to fuck off………so cunting for telesales

    • Id like to rip into those zombie fucks and fat special awareness challenged slags, (even cunts on bikes) that causally stroll up to the zebra crossing and fucking push the bloody button without even bothering to even glance at the state of the road.
      There’s nothing fucking coming you twat, the road is totally un busy you moron except for me in my blue van FFS. These cunts are the real cunts in this world, totally unaware of other peoples needs around them and most likely couldn’t give a shit ether. These cunts are cunts.

  2. If I can be arsed I usually follow their opening gambit by enquiring as to how much wonga they want to borrow. If that doesn’t do the trick I move in for the hard sell PPI treatment.

    One cunt spent over 5 minutes trying to get a word in edge ways to convince me I’d misunderstood the nature of his call, silly twat.

    • Had one call the office repeatedly this week. The admin lady was getting pissed off with the ill mannered cunt, so next time he called I took the call.

      In my best Michael Bates Rangi Ram voice, I told the cocky fucker to quickly explain what he wanted, which he didn’t. I just managed to call him a clever dickie before the cocksucker gave up and hung up.

      Next one gets my SA Cornelius T Wallace III treatment with the threat of a Durban necklace.

  3. Just happened to have LBC on in the background today … some article on awkward, uncomfortable sexual innuendo chat and ‘touching’ from colleagues and even worse from bosses and many in the management chain at the workplace ….all being now highlighted in all walks of life since the Weinstein and Westminster revelations …
    Surely, o’ surely, there must be a queue a mile fucking long of (female) Virgin air-hostesses and ground staff in a position to nail that lecherous fucker Branson. How many publicity photos is that cunt in, when he’s scooping some poor unexpectant member of staff off their feet … hands everywhere like a fucking octopus.
    There must be a disgruntled ex member of staff out there willing to fuck him over … and there must be acres of incriminating photographic evidence. Cunt.

      • The Cunt Branson has probably paid out a lot of hush money, but please God let him be the next Jimmy Saville and wind up in Choky for a long time.

  4. Ugly cunt like that should be gratefull for any attention she gets

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