Selective amnesia

I would like to nominate amnesia for a proper cunting, as it seems that if you are a woman born any time in the last 50 years or so you suffer from a rather debilitating version of selective amnesia in which you all of a sudden remember hideous sexual abuse and harassment when your memory is remarkably jogged by either an Al-BBC reporter or a lawyer.

It seems that 67% of women have suffered some form of sexual harassment and then “got on with their lives” completely oblivious to the fact that it actually was abuse until the witch hunter comes a knocking, at which point, sometimes many years later, they suddenly remember the trauma and abuse and start blubbing and claiming a ruined life for something they previously hadn’t given much thought about, the poor souls.

There was a time when we used to be able to say anything to each other in the pursuit of chasing the opposite sex, flirting it used to be called. It was innocent and both ladies and men used to do it in the hope of having it off with someone eventually. Now it seems any kind of historical chat up lines can be brought to bear as harassment and sexual abuse. Amazing that something only matters when its given a label and a price tag.

With flirting and sex now off the table it appears the human race is doomed to die out, good fucking riddance i say, cos a world without paying compliments, flirting and, gulp, sex isnt worth saving.

My overriding worry in all this is that in primary school in 1977 me and Mary Smith played “you show me yours and ill show you mine”, so its only a mater of time now…..

Nominated by Detective Sergeant Cuntstubble.

270 thoughts on “Selective amnesia

  1. I’d like to cunt jobsworth security guards, now being a lorry driver who has spent the last month working nights, I’ve started coming across these wastes of skin more often recently. Think they can treat you like a cunt because they have the power to open the gate, even though you have to go in because well it’s the job, I can’t deliver if he doesn’t let me in, wanker!

    Security guards and traffic wardens have a chip on their shoulder because they were too stupid to join the police.

    • I wanted to join the police force but failed the intelligence test because when called in for an interview I turned up on time at the correct building.

    • Or too fat, too old, too unfit or just cunts.

      Often exposes as ex forces who were cunts in their duration of service.

      You can also find them hiding in the bus service bullying passengers for their tickets etc.

      Wannabe hero to fucking zero shitebags!

    • Oh yeah they truly are cunts a perfect example of a little power corrupting absolutely. A similar annoyance is the requirement to wear high viz everywhere. I work a lot on airfields and no amount of high viz will stop a propeller chopping bits off my body my safety begins and ends with me, and my eyes ears and brain. I’m 56 and still intact I use ear defenders because of loud noise and safety glasses when necessary. If people can’t think of a risk and dress accordingly they shouldn’t be working in that environment as they are too thick.

  2. Pru Leith is COTY without a fucking doubt. She Twittered the name of bake off winner before tonight’s show. She has totally ruined my fucking life. I bought a coffee liquor from Aldi and was going to watch the show, and then look at my Rachel Riley scrap book. It’s all ruined now.

    • Ah well… At least Pru didn’t announce that it was another PC pet muslamist cunt like Nadiya… Wonder if this new winner will get the same amount of publicity, contracts, cash, and arselicking as the the BBC’s golden calf did when she was given… Sorry… When she ‘won’ it?… If the new winner is white and English you can be sure as shite that they won’t…

  3. This Weinstein thing is going to get more media coverage and outcry, more social media hysteria and sympathy, and more police time and money than all the grooming and paki rape cases combined…. We now live in a country that puts a celebrity slag who cries about some dirty old man grabbing her arse to gain publicity and money above innocent girls getting groomed and gangbanged by camelfucking human filth…. And anyone – mainly Twittermongs – who refer to these celebricunt slappers with nicknames like they’re their own friends and relatives – like ‘Gwyn’ and ‘Ange’ is a total cunt who should be gassed….

    • Oh, and if the lad who played the poove in Corrie isn’t guilty, and it’s just another slag trying to cry wolf or cash in, I hope he sues the fuck out of the cozzers for victimisation and those ITV cunts for wrongful dismissal….

      • That stupid IRA supporting fuckhole got busted for drugs I think she was legit setup tho obviously some big names don’t want her to speak out she probably did get raped tho..

    • And a lot of the slags have done sex tapes that seem to mysteriously appear on the interweb. Depending on how far in their career progression they are changes their reaction and the press coverage still doesn’t alter the fact they are filmed doing all kinds with boyfriends husbands girlfriends etc knowing if it goes on the cloud it will probably come out somewhere.

  4. Anyone see George Gently last night ?….What a crock, and a fucking rip off of Get Carter.

    • I agree… And that cunt Martin Shaw had the nerve to say The Professionals was shit… It was a million times better than that crap, and we all know that Shaw’s main beef was that Lewis Collins got all the best fanny….

  5. my lights will be off from 5pm to 9pm. any knock on the door will go unanswered. when did this American bollocks become so prevalent? as i’ve said before if it wasnt hyped up by commercial interests in would just fade away.

    • Ignore them here and your house gets egged.
      There’s house all over town with black splat stains on them that need industrial cleaning.

      Little cunts.

    • The arseholes who live around my house seem to know two things about me. One, I’m English and two, I’m a fucking miserable cunt who hates everybody. The first one is true and the second one is mostly true and comes in handy on nights like this. First year I was at my current house, there was a knock. In the six years since, nothing. The parents of the vile bastard kid population know not to bother unless they want a foul mouthed lecture about the trespass laws and why their shitty kids should be handing me back some of my property tax that I’m forced to pay, the majority of which goes towards educating their scum offspring. Kids – consumers of anything and everything. Producers of nothing useful. Get off my land. Cunts!

  6. What’s more sickening is that gay pressure groups are more outraged on the way he was outed as a turd burglar (quelle surprise) rather than the fact he tried it on with a minor.

    • Most poofs seem to prefer young meat. The only ones who seem to stay in “committed” relationships are the older,ugly ones who lack the money to attract fresh prey.

    • It upset Whining Owen Jones.
      Surely being outraged all the time must finally lead to some sort of outage…
      I live in hope.

  7. The yank cunt has been “out” for as long as YT cares to remember. Rather renowned in London theatrical circles when running the Old Vic.True wooftahs like a spot orf young bum but many admire from afar rather but alcohol and substances do lower the old sense barrier. Making moves on the object orf admiration is another thing entirely and moves into Freudian/Jungian territory. Sheer perv lust always a factor but ageing man trying to recapture the beauty orf youth viz Death in Venice in the frame. Do I hear a spot or Mahler every time the story runs?

  8. Would it be possible to nominate Debbie McGee for a cunting,this is the silly cow who is trying to keep her silly face on the telly or the news no matter what, she has a stretched face a neck like a lizards ball sack, her claim to fame is she was married to Paul Daniels before he popped his clogs and that’s fucking it,no one was interested then is certainly not interested now, the desperate attempts to drum up interest are a joke,for instance rumours speculating affair with younger dance partner… if unless he likes dust, mutton and oil of olay[who gives a fuck] next there will be a book or sleb get me out of here and all the other bollocks these ass nuggets can hang onto like a somalian refugee onto and empty Gerry can 50 miles of shore……wait for it her next trick primeminister…..

    • Im almost with you on that one mate…., excepting that on last weeks inverted leg spread I got an instant hard on visualising my specialty of yester-year….yes guys, the Piledriver.! The ability of any woman who can spread like that has got to get my vote anyday!

    • I’ll cunt her right in the……, cunt.

      Best trick that little freak ever pulled.

      Paul Daniels asks a member of the audience to come up and perform a trick. This guy comes up and says “I’ll need the help of your lovely assistant Debbie”, and he gets her to lie down on a table. The guy then pulls her skirt up, pulls her thong aside and starts pumping her doolally. After a minute, he turns her over, butt fucks her and then comes all over her arse and back before wiping the rest on her tongue. “Tadaahhh!” he says and Paul Daniels shouts “that wasn’t a trick”, “no” the man replies “but it was fuckin magic”

      (C) every playground in the eighties

  9. “Thee media” are attempting to wank off this golden goose for what its worth. I bet they’re well pissed off Julia Hartley Brewer isn’t giving them Fallon on a plate, though will still attempt to smear the hell out of the incident.

    This is depriving the public of proper news and is an easy distraction which they can now turn on and off as they please.

    Nothing more than a tool to help derail brexit. Them and the bankers are trying to control our lives and the destiny the country voted for.

    They tell us 75000 banking / financial jobs will go to EU in the event of brexit.

    Boo fucking hoo!, did the bank give two fucks about us when they knew the big crash was coming?

    I can’t see how these banks plan to survive in EU countries if we withdraw our funds and deposit in the banks that are remaining. It also stands to reason they will then thrive and prosper needing more employees to deal with the new business.

    Any business that sticks two fingers up should not be entertained or welcomed back for punishment in trying to thwart the country’s growth & future.

    Companies abandoning Britain for foreign shores are cunts and should be publicly exposed and boycotted.

    • So thousands of bankers / libor riggers / tax dodgers / rip off merchants are going to disappear in a puff of evil brexit smoke, my fucking heart bleeds. I don’t recall them being bothered when mining, manufacturing, fishing etc. etc. got the boot stuck into them and the former employees got told to jump on their bikes and fuck off and look for work…..they were too busy selling dodgy pensions and the like to give a fuck about the country or anyone else. Along with shite politicians and industry (!) cunts like Branson, Green and a host of others, they have reduced this country to a Del Boy economy. The lot of them are about as patriotic as Lord Haw Haw.
      While we’re on the subject of cunts, Ken Clarke, Nick Clegg and Lord Adonis deserve a rigorous and sustained cunting with a knobbly Blackthorn stave for going to meet Michel Barnier, to tell him what good boys they were in not wanting brexit and promising to do their best to derail it, the absolute traitorous cunts, they treat the public with utter fucking contempt which is a bit rich from people who are themselves contemptible.

      • Three of the UK,s biggest Cunts!
        Did Blair chauffeur them over to the reichstag??
        I love Europe but absolutely hate the bureaucratic cunt that is the EU!! Meddling, controlling Bastards….. These self appointed Cunts have no democratic mandate!! Just powers given away by quisling governments and rerun referendums!!
        Fuck U EU !

    • The constant noise coming out of Goldman Sachs CEO ( head whore) Lloyd blankfein is truly nauseous!! If you want to FUCK OFF to Frankfurt Cunt just go !! Stop telling ( threatening the Uk) with it…….
      unsurprisingly GS and Morgan Stanley were huge backers both vocally and financially of remain And have continued to stick their oar in since the referendum….. Will they leave London on mass? Don’t bet on it, just another load of hot air remain ( because it suits them) wank!…….

      • And of course we all know about that piece of Irish scum, Geldof, and his ‘gifts’ from Cuntman Sachs… No wonder the smellly bogtrotting gobshite was so anti-Brexit… Fucking Irish bastard…

  10. well I would like to cunt the “modern stress crutch”

    Most of you are pretty much non aware of my back ground, not that it matters because I am not writing mine kampf. cut to the chase a long time ago a lot of diazepam and a military shrink, then a total breakdown in civy street and a 3 month wait to see anyone because I refused medication.
    well fast forward to today (last year, and the year before) as a “stable” tax paying member of society who has dragged themselves up by their boot strings, I find myself running a small part of a retail organisation, I have an assistant (dogs body) young chap mental age of 9 physically 28 years old, he lives with mummy and daddy who supplement his poor wage due to lack of attendance.
    well to cut to the chase, sado was jilted by his girlfriend last year and this had a profound effect on him, making him not turn up for work, come in late ect and just when I was about to fire his little arse, he pulled the “mental health ticket”, he had “stress” no medication required, just a good rest and talking therapy. so I sat and watched his social media profile as he went fishing and went to festivals in holland, but could do nothing as it was “stress relief” and pretty much what the doctor ordered.
    I find myself thinking of the time it took me to see a mental health consultant when I was doing my damndest not to kill myself or anyone else going through a system choked with wasters like him.
    However the sun shines upon me, because although we must respect other peoples mental health issues, They in turn must respect the terms of their contract, on this occasion shit for brains has left the nest to cavort with a single mother again publicised on their social media, yet has failed to report in sick, a letter is winging its way to his parents house now asking him to attend work, it is so sad that I have to use a contract technicality to fire a piss taking little shit who has been absent from work for almost a quarter of the working year under the guise of stress!
    So on that I would like to cunt the fuckers who sign people off from work for stress! and not tell them to grow up.

    • Current employment law makes it incredibly difficult for the employer to get rid of piss taking time wasting lazy bastard employees. A girlfriend leaving is a pathetic and inexcusable reason to sign someone off of work for any length of time and it should certainly not be left up to a doctors discretion to sanction something so trivial. In my humble opinion all doctors should be working from a set list of clearly defined guidelines provided by the BMA with which to work with. This should make life easier for both the doctor and the patient (saving a visit and valuable doctors time if the lazy bastards “excuse” is not on the list).

      There must be hundreds of small companies up and down the country with fucking useless cunt employees that they just cannot get rid of. Larger corporations will also have the trade unions working against them,

      The amount of work hours of productivity lost to this country because of lame piss take excuses must run into many millions each year.

      Lets face it, most people in todays world suffer from stress in one form or another- however the vast majority are usually strong enough mentally to able to deal with it.

      As someone who was given leave by my employers in London (and after reluctantly being prescribed anti depressants by my doctor for a short while) following the death of my young wife leaving me to look after two daughters under ten years old, I can totally accept that there will be times where people struggle and need professional assistance however these instances should be reserved and given only in genuinely and exceptionally difficult and justifiable circumstances, for a limited time and not dished out to all and sundry. I was asked by my doctor to provide documentary evidence of what I was telling him, which out of courtesy and fir the sake of good order I also passed to my employers.

      Like you for what its worth I also found it extremely difficult to get any help re counselling (this was back in 1999), decided we could not wait months so had to go privately. Really the system was of little help when we most needed it, despite having paid in to it for the previous 23 years. In an ideal world I do feel that those who have paid into the system the longest should be placed at the front of the queue, and that those who have not should have to wait. Sorry, have gone off track a bit.

      I am told that nowadays kicked out lazy bastard ex employees are able to find a replacement job relatively easily as their potential new employers are not given the true picture (ex employers are often reluctant/scared to give a bad reference fearing legal action). Plus once gone they will become someone else’s problem.

      Certainly as an ex employee of said lazy bastard you should have the right to tell their next potential employer that they are a lazy fucker and to avoid at all costs.

      Anyway, wish you the best of luck going forward..

      • Some great points, though wouldn’t put much faith in BMA guidelines – BMA are massive cunts.

      • I became aware that my thick cunt of an employer was taking on a woman I had worked with before at another place. This cunt was a complete nightmare,always going sick,complaining to the Union about trivial things,accusing people of discrimination etc. Despite my warning, the cunt got taken on and sure enough less than 2 yrs later,when they had taken about 10 months of sick leave, the company had to pay them off with £30k or be taken to a Tribunal. By contrast some other cunt who can actually do a days work gets a written warning for being five minutes late one day. Gets on my fucking tripe it does.

      • “During his brief time here he performed his duties entirely to his own satisfaction. You would do well to get him to work for you because I couldn’t… “

  11. Massive thread! ! Some epic cuntings!! As usual ISAC delivers the goods…… Made me laugh thru a shite few days…….. 👍👍

  12. another cunt in a van mowing people down in new york
    they really do stoop to some low levels these cunts
    im in no way a fan of cyclists but surely just screaming gerrof the fucking road you cunt is suffice

  13. If the muslim terrorist in NewcYork was foreign born it only goes to show that POTUS is right..Oh, don’t forget it was Obama’s idea!
    God bless the President and God bless America

    • Anyone have NYC in Spot the Jihadi? Getting grimly familiar and Trumps tweets will be epic, any judge who blocked his travel ban needs fucking lynching.

  14. I think I did but can’t remember???

    I just hope POTS does a Crusade on their ungrateful asses!

    • Mind you if ozzy osbourne was allowed free rein and was on with the late great lemmy obviously when alive and anyone of our esteemed cunters such as Norman, Birdman, Dioclese or any of them to be honest now that’s an episode I’d watch and replay over and over

  15. Labour woman says she was raped by some labour big wig (not an MP) in 2011, for some reason she never went to the police, I assume she will now?

    • I’m still curious as to why that Chooka Amoona dropped quicker than a Weinstein interviewee’s knickers from the running of labour leader.

      All for it, then couldn’t distance himself quickly enough?

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