Prince Charles (8)

Emergency cunting for Prince Charles,
He feels the need to speak out about the Oceans being polluted for the sake of the next generations…
How about all the carbon footprint you and and your family and the staff and empty most of the year properties you ‘own’ cause? What an utter cunt, talk about being a delusional cunt.
Get on your private plane with your private chef and fuck off you cunt.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt.

Old jug ears has once again shown his razor sharp understanding of world issues.

He has praised Somali pirates for the explosion in fish numbers off the east African coast’s failed state. Eco warrior Charlie will have the fish in the Indian Ocean waving Union Flags and hanging out the bunting once he is crowned King. At the same time the salmon, trout, grouse, partridge, foxes and deer of Scotland are perhaps not so keen when he, his family and their entourage of hangers-on are visiting, murdering the fauna and tearing up the countryside for their jollies and japes.

While the fish off the Somalia coast celebrate, since the ‘poor’ village fisherman have found ‘alternative sources of income’, Mo Farah’s abandoned countrymen, Ethiopians, and Eritreans either must starve more than they usually would, make the long trek to Europe for a new life (and millions have) or join the pirates. Why toil away fishing for a few dollars a day when you can make thousands a day from the high seas or enjoy benefits galore in the E.U dreamland of free cash and houses?

Since the year 2000 some enterprising modern day Jack Sparrows have converted their little fishing boats into mini Bismarcks with the help of a few AK47s, RPGs and Uzis. Their prey, the huge unprotected cargo ships carrying hundreds of billions of dollars a year of cargo from Asia to Europe. All they had to do was hijack the ship, hold their crew hostage and demand a multi-million dollar ransom. This was Somalia’s real life version of Monopoly –  with ships instead of hotels in Mayfair – pass go, collect millions and do not go to jail. This game has cost the global economy a mind blowing $12 billion a year (World Bank 2012) over the years, disrupting trade routes, funding regional war, disrupting the lives of locals and helping displace huge numbers of people to Europe. By 2013 it had largely stopped thanks to the Russian and Indian navies patrolling the seas and private security on ships. Unlike the Royal Navy’s meagre attempts in the past to not open fire, the others took a more ‘guns-on’ approach to the problem.

Just this year, the Somali pirates never having bothered with the traditional skull and crossbones ensignia of centuries ago, now seem to be working with the modern black flag meisters of ISIS by moving all sorts of weapons and supplies around for them.

After this epic faux pax by jug ears of supporting thieving, murdering cunts for the sake of some fish, there is no need to fret since the British monarchy will no doubt be assured of longevity and any wavering monarchists need not switch allegiance to the Republican cause.

Republicanism will not stand a chance with Charlie and his equally gifted sons having their hands on the reins of the reign. Charlie boy is a future monarch with his finger firmly on the pulse………..of a corpse.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.


69 thoughts on “Prince Charles (8)

  1. Charlie boy really cares. He always has taken an interest in environmental issues, so nothing new there then.

    To praise the Somalian Pirates for their ( unintended ) contribution to improving the local environment, was surely intended as a ” joke”. Charlie may well regret his statement, but something tells me he is too thick to realize his stupidity.

    • What A Simple said above.

      The shitrags will gleefully take any quotations that dribble from old Lugoles straight out of context.

      That said he is a supremely silly old cunt without a clue or any sense of irony given that his own lifestyle creates a carbon footprint bigger than Sheffield.

      • Its the same with her Madge being Patron of the RSPCA or William and Harry fucking off to Africa months at a time to save the rhinos, Phil the Greek alone shot dozens of tigers in India back in the 50’s. Every year at Sandringham, they go to the church service sing ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ then on Boxing Day, break out the 12 bores and shoot the fuck out of anything that moves.

      • Apparently he tried to get Blair to not ban hunting by telling him that is was a romantic pursuit, and good for the environment. Blair was more turned on by large scale human slaughter, so he told old dumbo to get fucked.

    • I wonder if the jug eared cunt will be welcoming any Somalians into his boil-in-the bag Ye Olde pretend village Poundbury in Dorset. What a fucking weird place that is!

    • I think its impossible to work out who is actually related to who and in what capacity with the Royal family. Dubious parentage all round methinks.

      It seems implausible that Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward have been produced by the same two parents.

      • That’s the problem with Harry dating the Yank actress. First time it’s not in the family.

      • They don’t care who Harry dates because he’s not one of them anyhow. The Hewitt blood flows in that ginger monger’s veins.

      • Queen Val opened Sellafield, 10 months before he was born. Born with a RediBrek glow and a boat that looks like the LuftWaffe had a few goes at it.
        As MJ sang, they don’t care about us.

  2. In that flick with Tom Hanks with Somali pirates, was it that they weren’t allowed firearms or that they weren’t allowed to use them?

    Hopefully that’s all changed now so that any “boarders” can be repelled efficiently and affectively?

    Is is there a fear that the AK wielding, grenade throwing “fishermen” would soon be classed as such in order to attract compo from the world Bank idiot fund which pays terrorist millions in compo because someone had the audacity to incarcerate the cunts for being, well, terrorists?

    Q: What do you call a thousand Somali pirates at the bottom of the ocean?

    A: A good start!

  3. Apparently Charles was said to be livid last week after discovering the true nature of some breaking news..
    “Monarch Collapses”…

  4. One of the biggest families of benefits scroungers on earth. Thick as shit. So a cunt who doesn’t even dress himself, squeeze his toothpaste and quite possibly has his arse wiped for him thinks his happy clappy homeopathic opinions matter.
    For these cunts to talk about the environment or conservation beggars belief. How many palaces, cars, aircraft, trains do they have at their disposal? How many staff? Possibly thousands all told. And are these palaces heated by fairy breath? Vehicles and plains fuelled by lentils?
    How much land do the fuckers have? How much land is owned by descendants of illegitimate offspring of Charles 2nd and the rest. None of it bought and paid for.
    Drop the lot of the fuckers down a pit.
    And the president Blair argument doesn’t wash. It would be 1 elected president and family and perhaps 2 residences. Not hundreds of entitled fuckers in multiple palaces. And for a fixed term. And if we are thick enough to elect a cunt like Blair we deserve him. We don’t have a choice with the German incumbents, shipped over for political/religious reasons way back in the 18th century.
    Parasites all.

  5. Do they turn the heating off at Windsor Castle, Balmoral, Sandringham when they aren’t there? I bet they fucking don’t. Their trouble is they think we are all as thick as they are. Almost every public utterance he makes emphasises what an out of touch cunt he is.

    • They claim they can’t as humidity etc would fuck up the paintings and tapestries with mould and pish tales like that.

      • Plus, old piles like the above probably take two months to get up to a decent temperature.

        Surely Bovis must build a house called “The Windsor” or summat like that. Would save a lot of dosh all round. Might even be provided with a deep freeze and a patio…

      • It has been reported that Edward is very keen on the disciplines found within gymnastics.

        His particular favourte rumoured to be the the mens’ rings….

  6. But just pause and think if Charlie and Camilla had spawned children? What kind of hideous freaks would they have been ?
    Yes we all know the Windsor’s are an ugly inbred family but I dread to think what kind of raspberries would of come out of Camilla’s hole ?
    If the truth is known they probably had to sign a declaration that they will never unleash kids into the world.

    • I think Charly would describe his and camels offspring things as Monstrous carbuncals on the face of the Royal family.

  7. Can’t believe that sanctimonious Green cunt Jonathan Bartley hasn’t been cunted yet!?

    Along with that smug, holier than thou Caroline ‘gob wide enough for 10 fat cocks’ Lucas, the Greens must rank amongst the top echelons of monumental cuntage of all time!

    Never known a Green who wasn’t an utter cunt, in fact.

    • On the subject of “gobs wide enough”, is it me or does Sly’s Beff Rigby look like she’s been force fed a few at a time and left rather stretched?

      • Beff Rigby… now you’re fucking talking! I’ve wacked many a sly one off before tea with Beff on the News at 6.

      • Apparently Security check Lucarse’s distended gob for peacefuls whenever she enters the Commons. Suggest someone also plugs the poison pumping out Bartley’s bunghole.


    • Just caught the cunt on the news. What a deluded bellend. Havent seen him before but he clearly is a cunt who doesn’t let facts get in the way. The Greens are responsible for all that is good, apparently. Pity Brighton is such a fuck up then. Takes a bit of the shine off the sandal wearing flat earther.

  8. Hopefully the crown in the picture above is the only one that makes it on to his head. A balloon for a bufoon.

  9. Just listened to Radio 5s council house hour. I know it’s difficult to tell on the radio but I don’t think any of the cunts were white English, and they were complaining that they wanted to live in London, Oxford or Brighton. Don’t the BBC realise how divisive this sort of subjects are? Any sympathy they were hoping for goes right out the fucking window.

    Off topic, so sorry.

  10. I feel sorry for him having to raise his two sons with no mother bringing a second wage into the house.
    I feel sorry for him for missing out on promotion, year after year.
    It also cant be nice to grow up in the same houses with a racist father.
    And the thought of birdman rooting his niece must give him endless sleepless nights.

    Poor guy needs our sympathy and devotion, not a cunting.

    What would his mother say?

    • I think Mummy would say

      “Get orf the pot and stop whingeing, you littlebollox.”

  11. Any man who can declare that they wished to be Camilla’s tampon is a raving lunatic. I’ve had some pretty peculiar thoughts in my time,but I’ve never wanted to be a sponge for a raddled old bag’s heavy menstrual flow….Enough to put you off black pudding for life.
    I don’t have much time for the French,a cowardly,back-stabbing nation of ingreates, but they had the right idea when it came to the Royal Family. I’d happily guillotine the whole crowd,apart from Princess Pippa. She’s the only Royal with any class…We could have her instead of that President Blair moving himself into The Crystal Palace..The Cunt’s just waiting for the Queen to croak’n he’ll be in like a rat up a drainpipe. Then we’re fucked with President for Life Tony Blair’s head on the stamps and coinage. He’ll probably steal the old folk’s Maundy money and spend it on fripperies. The Cunt.
    I believe that Prince Charles likes a bit of Back Door Action… hardly surprising if he was sticking the Royal breeding-pin up Camilla. However it came as a rather unpleasant surprise to the Sainted Diana when he skewered her,and led to her hawking her pearly to any man willing to do her from the front. This was how Prince Harry came into being.
    Charles is to blame for a lot of things.
    Fuck him.

    • “QUENTIN LETTS names the worst offenders among the People Who Know Best who never tire of telling us what to do and think”

      – and yet strangely the names of Quentin Letts and Paul Dacre are absent from that list when they ought to be in first and second place.

      Fucking hypocritical cunts (but what else would you expect from the rancid Mail?)

    • Oh the irony and the repugnant hypocrisy. There is no “newspaper” more condescending, more patronising, and more frequently reported for transgressions of of the “Truth and Accuracy” Clause of the Editors Code (“barefaced fucking lies” to you and me) than the Mail.

    • An utter cunt who owes me a few quid. I refused to furnish the cunt with my digits for a cash transfer and said I would rather have it applied as credit back to my PAYG phone which I had with the hairy face arsehole and associated with the money owed.

      Cunts refused and I have considered the money lost along with my family’s mobile business to another network.

      He has now dug up my street making a right fucking mess (allowed by local gov authority) which has pissed me off all over again. No cunt in my street wanted it either!

      He has been pestering me with media deals non stop since, just like the sandwogs who pestered me on his mobile network due to him selling off my personal details. He better stay on that necker island out of my way or I will wring his scrawny fucking neck.

      RIP the poor souls who lost their lives due to his cuntish space travel quest.

  12. Charles has a 2.2 from Cambridge. Methinks he got by with a lititle help from his friends.

    • He also did Welsh at Aberystwyth. Havent noticed him using it much. Perhaps he talks to his daffodils in their native tongue?

      • I can’t imagine why anyone would bother to learn Welsh,or even go to Wales. I went once,it was a fucking dreadful place full of miserable, troll-like Cunts. I stayed 1 night,discovered the village pub didn’t open on a Sunday and so immediately left, never to return. They can stick their dour country up their arse.
        Fuck them.

      • So it’s OK to firebomb English owned cottages, just don’t do it on a Sunday. And they gave birth to Gareth Bale. Cunts

      • If I owned a cottage in Wales, I’d be delighted and grateful if someone fire-bombed it.

      • There used to be an old advert – come home to a living fire – buy a cottage in Wales.
        And you lot are confusing the miserable rural north west Welsh with us cheery, happy go lucky miserable sheepshaggers from the south east.

      • Wales is the only place in the isles i have never been to.
        I know there are Welsh cunters and i hope not to offend them by sayin’ every Welshman or woman i have met has a massive chip on their shoulder, don’t get sarcasm and reckon themselves to be hard as fuck.
        Maybe they just send the bad cunts away and that’s who i meet. I dunno.

      • Stereophonics good guys
        Shirley Bassey wank
        Tom Jones wank
        Manics wank
        SFA good guys
        Catatonia wank
        Fireman Sam good guy
        Christian Bale good guy
        Gareth Bale wank
        Andy King good guy
        John Hartson wank
        Robbie Savage good g-wank?
        Is/was that wank Harry Seycome Welsh?

        That old cunt Shirley Bassey is one lucky cunt. Utter utter shite with a flimsy career, yet is a Dame. I cant for the life of me see why she’s liked and i dread the day she dies as her legend will grow.
        Her and Tom Jones were a laughing stock in my childhood, but now for some reason are both bona fide superstars with everything they touch turning to gold in the eyes of the sheepol.

      • @ Dio…117 comments over what was an innocuous enough article? It’s to be hoped the miserable buggers don’t ever chance on this site.

      • My Parents were Welsh Dick but i have to agree with you they have a very different point of view in the valleys. Their is a lot of inbreeding in the Rhondda Valleys. I went there just after the Mines closed in the early 80’s and the place was a unholy shite hole. They were all on the dole but had blown all their redundancy money on brand new Austin Metro’s and Morris Ital’s.
        The diet was beer and chips and their was a high level of child deformities hence the inbreeding.
        Well i’m off now to shag my sister and maybe a couple of sheep.

      • Its a bit different in Wales these days. Our immigrant problem is loads of English cunts moving here, trying to find somewhere that remotely looks like the Britain they remember, not the third world theme park they left behind. Even as a teenager, the only black faces I saw were coming home from a shift down the pit. It’s a bit different now, but at least the saes tend to fit in, I even married one! We did hope the exorbitant toll on the Severn bridge would put people off, but to no avail. 😉

      • I have to admit my mother was Welsh. When I researched our family history, no matter how much documentary evidence I produced she refused to accept that both sets of her grandparents were ENGLISH. Even though the grandmothers side were mentioned in Lorna Doone, she wasn’t having it…

  13. I blame that lazy,grasping old trout Betty Windsor. She obviously drank heavily while pregnant. The signs of Alcohol Fetal Syndrome are as plain as the noses on her strange looking childrens’ faces. She should have been sterilised after Charles was born,not allowed to keep on pumping out damaged children…. Just another example of the benefit-sponging witch soaking up taxpayers money. She’ll have got extra with them being “special”.
    The fucking woman is shameless.

  14. The sooner the ‘monarchy’ in this country are dragged from their diamond crusted beds and their lifeless bodies are left swinging off London Bridge the better.
    Who in their right mind would care what this elitist prick thinks, cunts like this big eared fuck only have a platform to spout their warped rubbish because once upon a time his inbred ancestors had the biggest stick and declared themselves in charge. Perhaps one day the universe will balance itself out and rid the world of these bloodsucking parasites once and for all.

    • When the peacefuls finally take over, they’ll behead the sponging inbred German cunts for sure and turn that big council house into a mosque

  15. Just returned to Yankland after a mostly enjoyable holiday in good ol’ Blighty. So many things need a cunting, but I’ll start with Lloyds Bank.

    On several previous trips home, I’ve gone into the Lloyds Bank branch in Lewes, East Sussex to change my Yank Monopoly money into proper British Beer Token Sterling. Down the years they’ve changed both Traveller’s Cheques and actual cash with no problems whatsoever. Thinking back to recent branch closures, I thought I’d check to make sure the Lewes branch was still there and what its opening hours are on a Saturday. Google gave conflicting information. Some search results said that branch was now permanently closed, while others said it was still there. I’ll call the branch, I thought to myself and get the information I need directly from the horse’s mouth (see what I did there?). But wait – you can’t call that branch, only a generic 0345 number. Fine. So I called, waited on hold for about a week and finally was connected to “Paul”. I explained I was calling from the US, would be visiting the UK shortly and that I needed to know 3 things:

    1. Is the Lloyds branch in Lewes still open?
    2. If so, what are it’s opening hours on a Saturday?
    3. Are there any new rules or restrictions to changing money since I last did so AT THAT BRANCH back in 2014.

    “Paul” gave me the information I needed and even queried how many US dollars I would be changing in case the amount might be an issue. It wasn’t so we were all good. I thanked “Paul” for the info and hung up, safe in the knowledge I’d be able to get what I needed when I got to the Lloyds branch. Fast forward to the Saturday in question. I entered Lloyds only to be greeted by a bit of a queue, with one older gentleman employee leaning over a flustered looking woman employee at a terminal, trying to figure out how to do something some other customer wanted. Great training I thought to myself – it now takes 2 of you to not know what to do while the rest of us stand here and wait. And wait. Finally, some old biddy employee started going down the line asking people what they needed! Seriously! People’s financial transactions should be private and there’s this stupid bitch asking people about their business within earshot of everyone else in the queue! Stupid fucking bitch! When it was my turn, I simply stated I needed to exchange currency and left it at that. She then wanted to know if I had an account with Lloyds. I said no, briefly explained I was visiting from the US and always did my currently exchange in the very branch in which I stood. You can probably see where this is going, can’t you?

    She then claimed that you needed an account in order to exchange currency and that it had to be ordered ahead of time. I told her about walking in and doing this multiple times before in this exact branch and that I’d called Lloyds ahead of my trip to confirm that would still be OK. She said she’d check but that she knew the “rules” and that it had “always” been the case of needing an account and an advance order (which through prior experience I knew to be bullshit). She re-appeared a few moments later to confirm her version of the rules. Pardon me for being a fuckwit going to a BANK to conduct a financial transaction. I mean, what a cunt I am. She then said – and I kid you not – if I needed to exchange money then I should go to the Post Office. Of course, how obvious is that? The place you buy stamps and drop off packages is the same place you conduct all your foreign currency exchange business. I made some cutting remark about Lloyds, how you can’t get anything done in the UK and this being another reason why I don’t live there anymore and left.

    Half a mile and a steep hill walk later, I arrived at the Post Office. Or what used to be the Post Office. The cunt had closed down. So I dropped into the estate agent next door and asked a very nice lady where the Post Office had moved to. Down the hill “round the back of WH Smiths” I was told. Guess what is opposite WH Smith’s. LLOYDS FUCKING BANK! Did that bitch biddy mention the immediate proximity of the Post Office when she was lying through her false teeth about Lloyds Bank not changing currencies? Hell no! BITCH CUNT! So I walked down the alleyway next to WH Smiths. No Post Office. Back to the front of WH Smiths and I see the Post Office sign, but I see no Post Office. What the fuck!?! You’re way ahead of me, no doubt. The Post Office is INSIDE fucking WH Smiths!!!!! Of course it is. That makes perfect sense. Putting a branch of the nation’s Post Office inside an outlet of a privately owned retail business. So fucking obvious. I mean, if I needed to drop into the Department of Defence for some reason, I’d pop down the local Tesco wouldn’t I?

    The PO did indeed change my Yank dollars and I was on my way. No thanks to Lloyds fucking Bank or their coffin dodging bitch whore employee who could have saved me a mile hike, but chose not to. CUNT!

    • Hey Imitation Yank, you should have tried the “me no speaking the English the very best” and they’d have bent over backwards for you. Five dollars being transfered to Nigeria would have seen you put to the front of the queue.
      Have a nice day, y’all. 🙂

      • I’m the wrong colour, birdman me old friend. If I’d had the permanent tan look, a table cloth wrapped around my head, long scraggly beard and goat skin and hair trapped under my finger nails, I’m sure Lloyds would have just given me the money in lieu of benefits, asylum and refugee status. I should have thought of that before I went in. Dammit!

  16. There’s something going down with post offices and our government. Local governments have withdrawn facilities to pay council tax so need a shop with pay point now as I am not giving those cunts my bank details for direct debit and in turn the next hackers or sold by the cunts the way DVLA have sold our personal info.

    There was an other example i can’t quite remember about the post office boycott by government right now but they have clearly spat the dummy out.

    Another jewel in the British crown handed away to Pay point mostly found in buildings located on corners run by “peaceful religion worshipers”.

    That’s another few men down in the fight!

    • Oh forgot to say I reckon pay point is a subsidiary somehow of the “peaceful religion worshipers” Western Union so I don’t want to give them cunts bank details so will be cash only.

      Amazes me how often these cunts claim the credit card system is down and want to do it with the old machine and the carbon copy slips ( sure there is a tech name for it).

      Commonly used at petrol stations for white customers at night passing through having an accent not native to the area.

  17. Saw a trailer for Happy Death Day on the magic rectangle.

    The nasty doll thing looks rather too much like Kenneth Clarke…

    • Body modification is a cunt. Having become bored with their many tattoos,piercings ,boob jobs,knob jobs,anal bleaching and Uncle Tom’s cobblers and all, there are some shit-headed cunts out there now into tongue-splitting. Not surprisingly to most people,this is both illegal and dangerous but if you survive,you’ll look like a lizard and have a speech impediment.

  18. Big eared coffin dodging fucking parasitic amoeba needs to fuck off somewhere and lose himself as well as the rest of the parasite family he was bastardised to.

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