Nicholas Paget Brown

Christ what needs a cunting is the slimy spineless cunt Slaphead Paget-Brown allegedly lead (as they term it) orf The Royal Borough orf Kensington and Chelsea. Has finally pulled its head oit orf its own arse and appeared ont telly in all its sweaty pink wobbling slaphead glory. Appropriately doing a Stonewall and saying nothing re catastrophic failures ect ect and no comment about HMG finally giving up orn the queenie council and taking over disaster management itself.
Have dealt with cunts like Paget-Brown many times. It is only interested in its own survival and has been instructed by the council’s overpaid briefs to keep its trap shut so not to incriminate itself. In my time as a consultant in local government we translated the lessons learned during the Blitz and the Cold War into a Civil Response Action Plan involving all services. It was regularly rehearsed and updated with none orf this Silver Command and Gold Command bollox.
No doubt Al Killyer and its associates have been watching and learned lessons. Sod wasting money on a bit orf truck hire. Just torch a couple tower blocks and bring London to a standstill for months.
Oh and the Brexit fake negotiations begin on Monday. Happy days.

Nominated by Sir Limpy Stoke

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    • If it doesn’t have Limply’s two finger avatar then it’s not him. Rickie does a piss poor imitation but can’t fake the avatar. He does it to me as well…

      • Ricky seems well informed of current postings, I assume he is able to view but not comment?

      • If this is Ricky pretending to be Sir Limpy I will let it slide as Nicholas Paget Brown does appear to be somewhat of a cunt.Like most council tyes.

      • Not critiscising the new moderators, excellent job chaps but I am not sure if others feel the same as myself insofar as the site is not the same since Dio went into retirement.
        There are of course “characters” that I personally look forward to their comments/contributions but of late maybe due to the popularity of ISAC the general humour and rocking of boats is not as it was. 35+ comments was nice but we now go 200+ and generally digress from the original cunting.
        Call me a cunt if you will but needed to get that off my man tits

        Just saying ;-))

      • Nice of you to say so, Billy. I’m still around as a reader/commenter but that’s all.
        I think the problem might be that there’s a lot of banter but not many nominations. The boys can’t post them if they don’t get them.
        I used to schedule ahead at regular intervals but these days they seem more ad hoc. The increase in comments per post reflects the fact that there’s less posts.
        Give them more nominations to post and the ‘problem’ will likely go away…

  1. Steve German is a cunt….
    He is the bellend who got thrown out of question time last night. A typical socialist worker party goon, shouting and bawling like a spoiled brat until Dimbleby asked him to leave. One of those cunts that will not even listen because they know they are right, and the whole world is wrong. As with most SWP members, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t work. Probably too busy saving the world……

  2. bloody hell. just seen the insulation used in Grenfell Tower tested on C4 news. it burst into flame in LESS THAN 2 SECONDS. and yet it had passed all fire safety tests. eh?

  3. That head looks like it’s just moments away from hatching something Jurassic.

    • Sod that, that head looks like it’s about to hatch a facehugger on some poor sod!

  4. Just saw a bit of Glastonbury with Kris Kristofferson on.

    For the love of God man please retire, this is painful!

  5. Following said inferno. We must never jump the gun on this one. The inquiry has not yet formally commenced, and no judge yet appointed. No evidence has yet been gathered and the speculation and accusations are rife.

    This isn’t about a fire. It is about the bringing down of a Government. It is about who runs this country. It is about the Union of England and Scotland surviving and it is about sanity versus madness.

    Lamy, Corbyn, McDonnell and every fuckwit left wing thug, are making the most of this opportunity to destroy May. They really couldn’t give a fuck who, or how many were toasted last week they have already moved on to seize upon this wonderful fuckfest.

    The resignation of Nicholas Paget Brown will be seen by the left as an admission of guilt, and from that they will extrapolate and contrive a conspiracy that will have the snowflake generation in an orgasmic frenzy , lusting for Tory blood.

    This is not ( as I have said ) about the victims, to the political monsters who would rule us, this is about THEM.

    • All to true. The fact that Corbyn was out political point scoring when the damned tower was still burning speaks volumes. Then again, the cunt has form here, after all campaigning was suspended following the Borough Market attack,this shit stain broke ranks early to go on the attack then too!

      Gordon Brown’s government deserve an almighty cunting for abolishing the Sedition law in 2009, with that law gone it’s been open season for scum like Corbyn and McPalpatine to spout their treasonour bullshit ever since. Now they have a wider platform it’s getting worse.

      It seems that Nazi cunt Joseph Goebbels got it right when he said ”If you tell a lie enough times it will eventually become the truth.”. This applies to how so many people are swallowing the blatant lies Corbyn and the Fascist Hard Left are spouting with impunity.

      This is the kind of 5th Column that needs to be dealt with….

      • Was it a white fridge?

        Well there’s your answer!

        No doubt Diane Abbott will be boycotting all white fridges too from now on.

        Don’t worry, she has a man who’ll fetch the gear out of them for her.

  6. Oh Fuck. Why didn’t I nominate the Rolling Stones groupie Jizz bucket and all round smack addict Anita Pallenberg in the dead pool??

    • Join the list of cunters kicking themselves for missing that one.

      That well-used boho cunt cum dumpster managed to evade us all.

      • Only two of the Stones escaped her clutches (or should I say her clutch?)… Slags like Pallenberg weren’t Charlie’s cup of tea and Wyman loathed her and believed her to be a witch…. And I know Brian was no saint and had his problems, but was hooking up with (or getting hooked by) Anita the start of his decline?… She probably got Keef onto the hard stuff too… But sacking her and meeting the lovely Patti Hansen saved him…. Pallenberg did no havet a positive effect on blokes… Look what happened to that poor cunt, Scott Cantrell…

  7. Nice to know that ISAC are back in business following our closure by a court order obtained by ? on behalf of Richard Doubleday.

    An amended post ( later ) acknowledges that closure has NOT been effected , but implies it is to be soon.This is obviously our trolls idea of fun

  8. Paul from Walthamstow is most certainly NOT a cunt.

    I agree 100% with what he says and so very well put without becoming emotive (which is what the libbo mob latch onto in order to call ordinary folk deranged just before beginning their *justified* screaming fit).

    It’s because of the likes of Darren fucking Osborne that we’ll never hear from the many “Pauls from Walthamstow” (his is the first voice of reason I’ve heard on any major media outlet – even though we have to suffer the libbo SJW antifa cunts drone on endlessly, and without a fucking point)!

    O’course as it was on Sir Nige’s LBC show then it will no doubt be cast into the ‘R’ bin like every fucking thing else that makes common sense.

    No doubt when we’re a Shariah Law state run by Ayatollah Khan they’ll no doubt do a “Paul from Walthamstow” witch hunt.

    Hopefully us incarcerated non-“peacefuls” will have the ability to stand as one and shout: “I’M PAUL FROM WALTHAMSTOW!

  9. I’m sick of how everyone from the PM down is meant to be responsible and must admit “guilt” over this fire. Unfortunately,there aren’t enough 100% risk-free,rent-subsidised palaces to house every chancer who happens to fancy living in one of the dearest boroughs in London. The country is bursting at the seams with people needing housing. Why should all these people just wash up and demand housing in London regardless of cost or the prior claims of British people?

    Anyhow,it’s worked out very nicely for the survivors…there’ll be limitless compo, handouts galore and a pass to demand whatever their heart desires for the rest of their days. Better than a lottery jackpot win.

    • Why wasn’t their guilt over the bridge stabbings or the piss poor security at manchester? or how bout the fact they still can’t call islamic terrorism what it is… directly inspired by islam?

      or that the fact uk is currently housing 20,000 jihadi terrorists and refuses to release the official report of countries backing jihadi terrorism because it points saudis as the main backers
      FYI Our government is best friendzies with the Sauds absolutely sickening But guilt over the fire?! Just fucking baffling

  10. Yeah, saw the thing about the block in Camden being evacuated on the telly.
    They interviewed one of the residents and she was a fucking Yank! What the fuck is a Yank doing living in a council flat in London?
    Is there any country in the world we don’t import ponces from?

    • Two of the people missing in the Grenfell fire were a young unmarried from Italy. They had no kids. How did they qualify for a council flat?

      • I’ve just looked up the average rent in Kensington,it’s £740 per week!! No way that any fucker in that block was paying the rent,just leave it for the taxpayer to pick up. Bad enough if they were British,but when it’s people who have no connection to the country,it’s just a kick in the bollocks for everyone who has to pay to keep them.

  11. This cockheaded cunt reminds me of the 1980,s tefal egghead advert!….
    Been away for a couple of days got home put the TV on and had the misfortune of seeing the grenfell charity song and video!!

  12. I know a young(ish) bloke, him and his bird have been on the waiting list for more than 5 years. Some cunt from the arsehole of nowhere gets served up straight away because he’s got brats whereas this couple don’t want kids until they are settled. Catch 22.
    I told him he should become a heroin addict, burgle a few houses and chin the coppers when they come to nick him. Either that or nonce up a few kids. Sorted.

  13. Can I nominate young blokes with beards for a cunting please?

    Seriously, did your Dad’s old photo album not teach you anything about poor fashion choices that you think facial hair is anything that remotely hints at being a good idea? I have no clue why trying to make your chin look 80 years older than the rest of your face is currently in-vogue among the metrosexual beta male, but exactly how attractive is it to the opposite sex to have a head like a 1970s vagina? Not discounting the fact that the beard is always about 3 shades further into the red spectrum than the hair on their heads. How can this be?

    Call me old fashioned, but apart from giving the impression that they are maths teachers, art historians or fugitive kiddie molesters, the only reason young blokes should sport a thick grizzly beard is to hide an acute dose of herpes.

    • Indeed…the ginger beard syndrome has always alarmed me; again, the total lack of any imagination shown by these cunts.

      I’m going to be cool and soooo deeply original, I’ll dye my face-fungus the same colour as 20 million other twats in the cuntry.

  14. Just about NOW would be a good time to orf the tera-cunt Juncker, with all the whiny slimes kicking off over here, certain elements might take their eye off the ball…
    Saw the obnoxious, snide, sneering cunt on the news tonight, reacting gleefully against the UK proposals re equal rights for eu citizens…”Eet eez inadequate…” or some such bollox.
    We KNOW he detests the English (“Hate crime”), so a fucking huge anti-personnel device ought to be heading his way…
    He REALLY needs taking out, and I do NOT mean for lunch…

    • Agreed hope the stupid cunt drinks too much wine tonight and has a accident, the stupid soros loving bellend

      • The drunken cunt must have a liver the size of Belgium by now. Only a matter of time before the sauce offs the dipso cunt.

    • The EU is an amazing place for people like juncker, tusk and vehorstadt, without it to hide behind could you ever envisaged politicians from the mighty Luxembourg, Poland and Belgium having the fucking cheek to goad the UK? To openly criticise and even humiliate the British PM? Although May is a dud anybody who saw the sneering smugness she was greated with in Brussels this week by the aforementioned Cunts would instantly want to ram it back down their throats!! Political Pygmys elevated to the summit of European power and influence!! How on earth did we allow ourselves to be dragged into this anti democratic nightmare??

  15. Let’s face it “inadequate” is a perfect description of our pathetic mob. If we had any balls in the first place those cunts would have us by them.
    Everytime I see and hear The Hunchback I get more and more despondent. She has got to fucking go surely?
    The only cunt I can see amongst this Tory shower of shit is this Leadsome woman. She comes across as a right nasty bitch……..exactly what we need when dealing with the EU scum. Grasping at straws really. We’re doomed!

    • I sense that some “emerging front runners” are beginning to show themselves. May was, and always will be, a remainer. May is a useless fucker, and in that respect is typical of type.

      • Yep, she’s fucking useless.

        What a bungling bafoon.

        Who wants to hear about fucking fox hunting and grammer schools when we are being blown apart by fucking idiots who follow a warped version of religion? which is all made up by cunts anyway, the lot of it, all religions.

        What a chance she missed to become the the person of the hour.

        Proves to me she’s fucking useless I’m afraid.

  16. Michael Eavis is a cunt of the first order. Glastonbury in the early ’70s with its gathering of degenerates ripped to the tits on drink and drugs was amusing. Amusing in a way like the Georgians used to visit Bedlam to laugh at the inmates. However these days Eavis makes his money purveying aspects of the counter-culture to the bourgeoisie. Fuck off baldy and take all your public school cunts with you!!!

    • According to the slap headed money grabbing cunt, he makes very little money out of it. Or at lest that’s what he tells HMRC.

    • I was reading about that dickhead in the Express today. Corbyn will be making an appearance, having refused an invitation to an Armed Forces Day event, to spread his sedition to the dipshit masses. Eavis called him a hero. I’m surprised he could talk with Corbyn’s cock in his mouth.

      Glastonbury isn’t a music festival anymore. And hasn’t been for some time. It’s cuntfest, filled with politically obtuse, left wing morons, who follow equally politically obtuse, left wing bands. As for Eavis, he’s nothing more than a money grabbing sell out.

  17. A polite word of warning : It’s not a good idea to post comments suggesting cunts should be killed as this could drop you and the site in deep shit with the boys in blue.

    Just saying…

    • Wishing someone has a accident or hoping someone dies isn’t illegal. Although saying mean words about violent sandniggers is now thanks to our draconian hate speech laws

      • Nomination

        Anyone issuing death threats, particularly online, is a cunt. Not because they risk being banged up for it and not because they could have the site taken down and the administrators prosecuted but because threatening to kill some one for having a difference of opinion marks you out as a radioactive mega cunt with a 10,000 year half life.

        The type of cunts who make death threats are always weedy insignificant spunk bubbles who wouldn’t say boo to a goose but suddenly turn into Charlie Bronson on twater or arsebook. The very last thing anyone who has genuine evil intent would do is warn the target in advance of their imminent demise.

        Note to TitSlapper; this cunting is not directed at you or anyone else on ISAC.

      • 100% correct SE..
        I used to work in security and I’m not talking about standing in tescos stopping some cunt stealing a pack of batteries either, over the years I’ve dealt with some interesting characters? I heard every threat known to man, from fire bombing my house to being hacked to death with an axe!!
        After 25 years in the business the sum action of those threats?? Nothing worth mentioning!! 99.9% of people issuing threats especially by Facebook, twitter or text are spineless Cunts who haven’t got any minerals!! It really is the ones who say nothing that you have to watch….

    • Is it true there is a court order to shut the site down? Are any proxys being set up just in case? I’ve said it before, ISAC needs to be on an overseas server, preferably California and then wankstains cannot touch it.

  18. ………..Unless, of course, you are referring to the mortal demise of Farage or Trump or any Infidel in general.

    • Or a celebricunt like Madogga or Johnny Depp…. They can make death threats till the moos come home…

  19. This roman candle tower block craze is going to grow arms and legs and go on walkabout all over the country. Camden evacuate a block that has the same cladding as the one in Kensington. Only difference is Kensington used to be a conservative area but Camden has almost always been staunchly labour territory*. No doubt the meeja cunts will praise the Camden council for being compassionate, caring and pro-active while continuing to blame Saggy Maggie May as if she had set fire to the cunting thing herself.

    * 1968 to 1971 Conservative
    2006-2010 No overall control

    • Proxy wars amongst councils…..Labour =love the tenants Tory = couldn’t give a fuck
      Some bastard is trying really hard to destabilise this country, and the fucking bbbc are in it up to their fucking necks.

  20. I thought I would take a hit for the country so I took Diane Flabott out for a date.
    We ended up back at my place.
    We got in and the first thing she said was “You will never satisfy me with a thing that small!!”
    I was gutted and hurt.
    I had to explain to her that it was the biggest fridge that I could afford.

  21. Shiela Foggerty of LBC news is a cunt.

    Upon the front page of the Daily mail , Foggerty is seen discussing the placement of Grenfell residents in the “exclusive accommodation. Foggerty is smirking and posturing, and generally doing her virtue flagging exercises for the camera.

    But that is my point, it was for the camera. This whole fiasco was edited, and included the appropriate pouting and obvious derision that was perfectly cued.

    The whole thing was a staged fucking fake. Yet another instrument of the dark side of life.

  22. I live in the borough of Kuntsington and Chelsea and if I new this egghead cunt was on the payroll I’d refuse to pay my council tax. What a cunt.

  23. He deserves to be cunted just for wearing that fucking shirt. Even James May wouldn’t have touched that shit.

  24. Just confirming to me gentle readers that twas indeed Yours Truly cunting Paget-Brown. No idea how I was transformed into Sir Limpy, possibly someone’s idea orf a joke. Or perhaps WordPress now has an auto-typo feature.

    • Also a little pissed orf that cunters failed to twig me intended funny ie Civil Response Action Plan = CRAP.

      • I spotted it, Limpers…. It’s the sort of literary thing I enjoy. !

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it made its way into governmental reality… it’s all too credible.

  25. Misappropriating, accountability-shirking, smug slaphead cunt gets my nod of approval for a cunting.

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