Tim Farron (4)

That weasel worded stratospheric cunt Farron is looking more stupid by the day.

After the referendum he really thought he could reach out to the 48%, so much so that he has run his election campaign on it. Unfortunately for little Timothy people have moved on and polls suggest that the 48% now sits at around 22% and the rest of the country just wants to get on with Brexit!!, so in effect he is fishing in an ever decreasing pool of potential voters!!

I can’t wait to see the look on the pricks face on June 8th when as fucking dim witted a cunt as he is, even he will realise it’s game set and match to the people that took a brave decision to say enough is enough!! That’s when he will make an even bigger cunt of himself (if that’s possible) by still refusing to accept the decision ..

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  1. Tim Farron seems to be a bit out of step with the people of this country.! Tonight on television he has promised that another referendum will be guaranteed by a successful Liberal Government. Why this should be when we have already decided to leave is a mystery to me. Is it because Tim is being paid by Mutti Merkel? Has he been “bunged” by Junker? What is it about this little twat that makes him so rabid? Is he just a cunt?

  2. This stupid little shitbag believes that he has enough of a constituency amongst remoaners and yoof to become the official opposition. Dream on Timmy you daft little bible bashing cunt. Now the fucker wants to legalise pimping and whoring. Fuck me he makes Cleggy look intelligent and he’s a bigger turncoat than the Kinnock cunt. I bet he ends up with a nice pen pusher job with the EU. An absolute fucking bastard.

  3. Farron is as clueless a cunt as I have (almost) ever seen.

    Although I may have voted to remain, I understand the concept of a democracy. Little Timmy wanker clearly does not. Cunt.

    • Eh!!! WTF …. are you being serious ?? The most delusional prick in British politics…..

  4. He’s such a little dick head!

    It seems we have a majority of useless, spineless, wanker MPs & I’m convinced it’s partly due to the fact that they decided on ‘politics’, thinking they’d get away with waffle & looking busy, because an increasing percentage of ‘running the country’ was being taken over by the cunts in the EU.
    Suddenly, it might just be dawning on them, that in a couple of years they are really going to be responsible for running the country!
    It wasn’t what they signed up for at all.
    (God, I hope we’re out before two years)

  5. I swear, if the LibDumbs lost even more seats I will piss myself laughing.

    This offensive cunts doesn’t get that most people now want Brexit to happen, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on!

    Why the hell is a party with 9 MPs and no sign of recovery getting so much coverage?!

    I never liked this cunt – I remember how he was always knifing Clegg, cunt though he is, in the back all the time!

    • Yes he does seem to get a lot of coverage and air time….I wonder why ?

      • Surely it could’t be an inbuilt left wing bias by the news channels could it? Perish the thought.

  6. Why doesn’t he just fuck off across the channel if it’s that good,I will even pay his ferry fare for him
    They all saw there future riding the EU gravy train with Kinnock and his bunch of freeloaders,till the great unwashed put a stick in the wheel
    He’s a absolute arsewipe

    Ps Farron don’t tell me what you think I’m not interested you cunt

  7. Interesting but little reported split orn the libdem front. Couple orf them now refounding the Liberal Party (orf Gladstone and Jeremy Thorpe fame) and campaigning against Tiny Tim.
    Also most amused by Tiny’s policy orf legalizing grass and taxing it to pay for the NHS. Peace and Love.

    • Jeremy Thorpe eh, Sir Limply. Now there was a dirty little bumbandit. That trial was a fucking farce from beginning to end. Our very own OJ Simpson/Michael Jackson walk free because you’re rich and famous fucking stitch up. Some things never change.

      • And they never will for some cunts!

        Look at Blair, the cunt deserves a most painful end yet, barring a miracle, the POS will get to live a nice prosperous life.

  8. Uncle Tim has promised that a Liberal Government would legalise the sale of Cannabis. they reckon that over the counter sales could bring in £1 billion per annum in revenue duty. For fucks sake, politicians will do anything for a vote and a wad .

  9. Great cunting quislings.

    No words can ever even nearly express the cuntitude of this cunt.

    And you’re right. Even after he gets fucked in the arse on June 8th he’ll still bitch and moan and refuse to accept the decision.

    Coty frontrunner so far. Just a nose ahead of gina banana.

  10. And of course this cunt wants to give the vote to stupid 16 year olds who know fuck all.

    Even when I was 16, which was quite a while back now, I knew that was a terrible idea!

    • It would have to be on-line voting. Those cunts wouldn’t know one end of a pencil from the other and if the polling station was a school they’d just smash the place up.

      • Thank fuck I got out of the educational system when I did, it was borderline then!

      • The full Liberal Manifesto is now published and all the facts are laid out in black and white. If this manifesto had been published even a few short decades ago, the Liberal cunts would have been tried for treason and confined in the Tower. I have never read so much wank and drivel in yonks! Timmykins needs to go back to the tit of mammy Merkel, he’s not safe away from it.

      • Timmy is the political equivalent of the God Squad.. Very naive, the sort that walk up to you with a mesmerized grin saying, Hey have you heard about Jesus.

  11. Well I will not vote for his party. The supposed champion of minorities !! not one mention of help for pixies, leprechauns,goblins or fairies.How the hell is he going to win without helping his core vote.

  12. Almost not worth cunting , a prick of such stunning dimensions that he cunts himself with every wanky word. The Libdems have no real policy , I asked a hardline member what they stood for and he said ‘fairness’
    Obviously I punched his fucking lights out ,sad wanker.

  13. Another absolute tool is the philosopher and the man dubbed ” the brain of remain ” AJ Grayling, this odious sack of Rhodesian shite yesterday announced ” the battle for Brexit begins after we leave ” in other words he and his wanker mates are going to try and drag us straight back in to the EU!!, what a 24 carat cunt …… TBH guys I’m more than a little dismayed by the amount of sell out, anti democratic Cunts that live amongst us…. The referendum highlighted the deep seated liberal agenda which has plagued our country since WW2…..

    • Grayling was positively foaming at the orifices with his piece in the New European.

      Grayling is the epitome of the liberal ruling elite, one that refutes democracy unless the vote is for what he considers correct.

      A head and shoulders above nomination for COTY. His disdain for those who voted for the reasons of restoring sovereignty and regaining control of borders is truly breathtaking.

      Grayling is no more than a 21st century Lord Haw Haw who deserves to be strung up by his nuts from a pole in Parliament Square.

      • Ah yes the New European….. the mouthpiece for the Brexit and Britain hating 5th column.

        I have it on good information that anyone who involves themselves with that rag is a cunt.

      • Fuck, just made the mistake of looking at AJ Grayling’s twatter account, fucking hell it’s 95% an echo chamber of cunts and EU marks and Libtard shitheads.

      • The guys a absolute Cunt!!
        Remainers thought he could swing the argument!! Fuckin Cunt!! Take your books and fuck off home ya Cunt…….. amazing foreign Cunts like him and miller come to the UK and tell us what’s best for us!!! Utter shit stain motherfuckers!!!! 😡😡

      • This one tweet of the cunt says it all:

        Register. Vote. Vote tactically.

        Absolute cunt!

        As for Gina Miller, it’s a shame that he parents didn’t take her to Jonestown in 18/11/1978.

        ……I’m sure my fellow cunters know what I’m getting at here….

  14. On another note, now I know that Piers Morgan is a cunt, but fair play to the man on Good Morning Britain today when he rightly (albeit not in these words) told a ”non binary” (what the actual fuck is that?!) couple who consider themselves Gender neutral that are are full of shit.

    Christ, if I ran this country these sort of mongs would be put down – we don’t need that level of stupidity polluting the gene pool.

    In fact, when I heard the idiots, here was my reaction:


    • Like your style PMS, Arnie in his 80’s classic’s more my era …chopping down a commie Corbyn cunt in Commando or Raw Deal

    • They should be taken to the nearest forest and shot!! I’m sick of this nonsense!!!!

  15. Daily Mail this evening. Mrs Merkel threatens Mrs May, “Take in your quota of immigrants, or else ”


    • Hows about Mrs May tell Merkel to drop dead and take the peacefuls with her?

      • My Dad’s Dad fought the cunts in North Africa during the war.

      • My dads older brother fought at Arnhem!!! God bless him, he would be upset by this shit!! Fuck merkel!!! Fuck the EU!!

      • Merkel is truly a boil on the arse that won’t go away. She isn’t the only one, there are so many of the cunts, there is no room left on the arse. I am hoping, said arse, takes a lighter to the hole and blows itself away.

      • Merkels outbursts are making my remainer friends change sides. When push comes to shove that old Nazi spirit starts to manifest itself again.
        Sir Nigel was spot on when he said it will get dirty.

      • Reeeaaalllll dirty.

        I bet even if and when we walk away, the Euro fucks will try their nasty little games.

      • They could invade us in landing craft but instead of Johnny Euro charging out when the doors drop it will be Abdul, Mo and thousands more peaceful cunts.
        Get the machine guns ready.

    • Oi !!! Basin headed kraut!!! You invited these Cunts over!! You take them…. cheeky bitch….

      • In Austria there’s a saying that I think is apt for this:

        You don’t invite guests over for dinner and then tell the neighbours to cook the meal.

        After this, surely we should just walk away from the negotiations.

      • I truly hope so!! Merkel is taking the piss!! Fuck germany !! And the rest of the sheep that meekly bow to them….
        Their domination of the EU is nothing more than the 4 th reich!! …. its utterly despicable stuff!!!

      • More like a combination of the 4th Reich and the USSR, wonder what level of hell that got crapped out of?

      • I have some friends in Munich and their all to scared to say a word against the 4th Reich.. you get arrested for the slightest comment.
        It’s happening again.

      • Naturally, it’s also a thing that the kraut media never criticise mutti Merkel.

    • I just hope Saggy May has sufficiently large cojones to tell Mutti Merkel to go and twat herself.

      This is purely political grandstanding by a Hitler wannabee. Exactly what is a ‘fair share’ of ‘gimmegrants’? If you compare Germany’s population density to that of the UK, old pudding bowl head Merkel will see that the UK is far more densely populated. So our fair share should be the square root of fuck all.

      In fact, Bonn can take some of our peacefuls back.

      • They can take all our peacfuls actually.

        Pity the krauts won’t have the guts to vote the east-german bitch out.

      • The Germans have been apologising since 1945, that’s how shit bag Cunts like Shultz and merkel get away with murder!! Why being right of centre makes you a nazi??? Why nationalism is frowned upon!! Populism too!! These liberal fucks have been running the agenda for far too long……

      • In the long term, liberal fucks have done more damage. Hitler was in total power for 11 years, these fucks have done their damage over fucking decades!

  16. Tim Farron is the shit stain on the Y-fronts of politics!

    He’s so “liberal” that he thinks the LGBT brigade are deviants (which is fine if yer a non-libbo) and that “pro-choice is no choice” (again which is fine if yer a non-libbo).

    So let’s face it Tim how far do your liberal leanings actual go? Hmmm just as far as the EU wants them too including free movement of people and still having to suck the EU chain of command cock.

    So basically you’re a liberal when it comes to having EU gravy pissed from the cock of Juncker into your overtly large mouth (for such a tiny brain-deficient head) but on everything else your more conservative than the Amish! You insignificant CUNT!

    • In other words, he the typical champagne liberal – a filthy hypocrite cunt who takes the parts of ”liberalism” he likes and wants to shit all over everyone who has an opposing view.

      • Think about this PMS, farage is portrayed as extremely right wing, almost nazi like, apparently he hates foreign people?? Wants to send them back?? Pull up the drawbridge?? Promotes isolationism??? All farage said was close our borders( short term) to see what we’ve got ?? Thats all he said!!, also he advocates free trade not isolation??
        On the other hand corbyn is far more radically to the left, scrap trident, copy Costa Rica who abolished their army apparently? , ones a dangerous fascist/ racist the other a little eccentric old school type!!!! Amazing stuff… I’m no farage maniac but one thing where he is absolute class is in debate regarding anything to do with the EU ….

      • If anything Comrade Corbyn is far more dangerous, all his crackpot ideas would destroy this country in a way that Blair could only have wet dreams about.

        Farage’s greatest attritbute has always been how to deal with the EU cunts.

        I’m of the view that if you want immigration is has to be done right – controls and checks and a limit to how many you have.

      • A bit off piste but a prime example of how the Liberal pc elite have destroyed this country – look no further than a loaf of Kingsmill bread.

        I purchased this weekly from Spasda as they had this on promotion at £1.50 for two.

        No more, however since I discovered that Kingsmill loaves were Halal. Looking closely at the wrapper there is some Arabic scrawl on it denoting Halal accreditation.

        For fucks sake this is supposed to be Britain, not fucking downtown Damascus. Who lets these cunts get away with it. There is always some willing, grinning, liberal pc fucktard happy to bend over and accede to this backwards religion. Halal is most barbaric means by which time slaughter an animal – check examples of this on YouTube if you have the heart and stomach. Yet our own beloved, cuntchops DEFRA freely allow this shit to go on under our noses.

        I frankly don’t give two tugs on the turtles todger if we have a minority muzzie population. Why the fuck are we always so readily willing to pander to the minorities at the expense of the majority needs and preferences?

        Well Allied Bakeries can shove it’s Kingsmill right up its rusty sheriffs badge. I urge all cunters to boycott this Allied abomination.

      • The Merkel thing?

        Buddy, my piss was boiling big time when I clocked that. We are leaving the EU and the old shithead still tries to dictate migration policy to us?! Fucking Bavarian right wingers ought to off the bitch!

      • Nah more serious than Mutti. We now have mainstream bakers turning brand loaves into Halal shite.

      • Come again?

        Halal bread?!

        Halal bread?!!


        What the fuck?!

        How the fuck do you even get halal bread?!

        Who is the cunt who came up with this idea?!!?!

      • What is contained in the dough mix, I shudder to think. Halal camel’s spunk probably.

        The perpetrator is Kingsmill. Boycott their muzzie loaves!

  17. Ah, little Timmy Tit Tit back in the spotlight again. The gurning little cunt needs rounding up with such like cunts Miller, Cleggy, Krankie, Salmond, Goboff etc etc and put in a freak show. I’d pay good money to poke them wi a stick.
    Funny how Kenny Clarke, Heseltine, Soubry and Thousand yard stare Morgan have shut the fuck up now. Cunts.

    • Clarke, Soubry and U-turn Morgan no they are on thin ice fr being remoaner cunts and Hesltetine…… eh, as long as he says nothing or croaks I don’t care.

      • May he be successful.

        Hey Dio, what do you think the odd are of the LibDumbs losing more seats?

      • Oddly enough, just before I read this comment I was looking at the latest polls and trackers.

        Latest predictions are that the LDs will go from 8 seats to 6
        But to be fair that was before the manifesto was launched today

        It’ll probably be 5 tomorrow.

        Personally I’d like to see them get none. They’ve been a bloody nuisance in Elections for as long as I can remember, letting Labour win seats that should have gone to the Conservatives by splitting the vote.
        One would have thought that their performance in the coalition government would have killed them stone dead, but at least they’re coughing up blood now.
        With a bit of luck they turn to the wall, fart, belch twice and die in a couple of weeks time…

      • And do a post mortem bowel release after too?

        You’d think that with all these lefty parties trying to get votes that they would split the vote among themselves, but no, the fuckers want to gang up to force their ”progressive” (read as anti-everything normal people stand for) agenda.

  18. One of the shittier Remainiac stools that refuses to be flushed away. He looks and sounds like a Down Syndrome version of the bloke from ‘Wallace & Gromit’ except not as clever, likeable or resourceful and a lot more Evangelical Christian and hateful of democracy.

    Like many of the MP turds last year, he gambled and chose the wrong side though has neither the grace nor the political expediency to move forward.

    In five years times he’ll be presenting “My Favourite Hill Walks” on Channel 5 (Sundays) and hoping people will have forgotten his astonishing cowardice during these difficult years and his subsequent attempts at selling the UK down the river.

    This haught-insulting fuck-toilet truly despises Britain.

  19. Best way to deal with a kraut is to kick it in the goolies and keep on kicking. Sneering bastards until we started bombing the scheisser oit orf ’em during the war. Then all kamerad kamerad when we rolled into Berlin to save ’em from the ruskies. Did a spot orf liason with the Control Commission at the end orf the war and my gawd they were humble and polite. Long overdue another invasion.

  20. Just came here to cunt Farron and found a cunting in progress. Synchronicity in action.

    What a horrible little cunt he is.

    • A nasty, vile, rancid, bottom feeding, parasitic, mong faced cunt.

    • Hey Sixdog Vomit.
      Looks like we’re a couple of games away from a “legend” being born. 🙁

      • Fucking cunt, hopefully he will get a job in a real league next and get humiliated again.

        Horrible smirking cunt he is

      • I can’t sat a word against the Scottish league.
        Coz i don’t understand it.

        I gave up trying to understand it after the split was introduced.
        Now there’s playoffs ffs.

      • Ugh.

        As a Gooner who is proud of our 49 unbeaten run, I say that Celtic’s run is bullshit as they have fuck all competition up in Jockland. Fuck, even La Liga and Serie A are less predictable than the SPL.

        When we did our unbeaten run in the league we were actually playing proper teams not a Mickey Mouse Mob(tm)!

      • I didn’t mind him when he was Swansea manager, seemed like a decent bloke.

        Then he became the Mousers’ manager and became an arrogant cunt.

      • I never bothered with the cunt until i started hearing “outstanding”, “showed great character”, “this is a big club” in every interview.
        After he had triggered my bullshit detector, i started hearing the nonsense he was spouting, and how much the media were ignoring his bullshite, and instead made him a Messiah.

        There’s loads of Brendan Rodgers quotes out there that are truly hilarious and “Deluded Brendan” is funny as fuck.

      • Has he even been cunted on here before Birdman?

        Want to do the honours?

      • Nope.

        Sixdog Vomit and myself have tried, but like Chris Sutton, he seems to have support here on ISAC.
        Or cunters probably couldn’t give a fuck about them.
        Lucky cunters.

      • Back in my day, we’d cunted football in it’s entirety so it seemed superfluous to cunt individual footie cunts when there were so many other cunts to cunt.

        I assume we’re talking footie cunts here as I’ve no fucking idea who the fuck the cunt is…

      • Yep. we’re talking football cunts.

        Hell, even as a football fan, I’d still cunt the game with the way it is now.

      • I’m a Red and old Rogers is alright, just a bit dull. He was lucky enough to have Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge playing up front for him which flattered his management skills.

        How anyone can bitch about him on here when there are SuperCunts like Mourhino sniffing about is frankly odd.

  21. Diane Abbot has just stated that if Labour win the election, the first of the new proposed bank holidays will be July 73rd…

    • Hey, J R Cuntley.

      Earlier on, some cunters were talking about their Grandparents who were involved in WWII and it reminded me of the horrible treatment your grandad endured in one of the camps.
      I’ll never forget that story and it makes me detest them SS cunts even more.

      • Nice to know they register with someone….that’s some memory you’ve got, cheers.

        In other news…

        Got a call from the cops today and was told…
        “We’re sorry to have to tell you, a group of men broke into your house today, drunk all your beer and fucked your wife”

        I couldn’t get my head around it and asked..
        “Are you positive it was MY wife, there was only three beers in the fridge”….

  22. Watching Tim ‘ Nonce but dumb’ Farron on the leader’s debate on BBC1. Is this CUNT for real,with the amount of shite coming out of his stinking gob. Still, won’t be as bad when the Bride of McKrankiestein come’s on. BLAH BLAH BLAH Indyref2 shite BORING ZZZZZZZZZZZ Indyref2 shite SNOORING blame Westminster for everything ZZZZZZZZZZZ Indyref2 bullshit. MY GOD WEE BURNEY, change ya FUCKING record, CUUUUUNNNNTTTTT.

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