Turkey (2)

A cunting for Turks please.

The Dutch government doesn’t want the Turkish minister entering Holland to stir up the immigrant Turks regarding Turkish domestic politics. Fair enough in my eyes. Now the Turkish immigrants are protesting in the usual peaceful manner associated with peaceful people, this peaceful protest has required the Dutch police to deploy water cannons to control the very peaceful protest.

Holland, do the best thing you can for your people. Tell these cunts if they want to engage in Turkey’s domestic political process TO FUCK OFF HOME.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit.

Nice of Erdogan to show his hand early like the Naive Cunt he is… Ataturk would have had the cunt for breakfast, he ( Ataturk ) actually tried to drag the whole crippled bag of shit into the 20th Century… he must be spinning in his grave,

He liberated Izmir in the Greek War (1922) and walked into the Central Hotel Bar and asked for a drink. The Barman, assuming him an islamist, informed him the bar was shut out of “respect”.

Ataturk responded that the bar was now open and serve him a drink. Oddly enough, double Highball, shaken not stirred, promptly slides over the bar.

You’re a medieval Cunt Erdogan.

Nominated by Jochen Peiper.

75 thoughts on “Turkey (2)

  1. I’m sure lots of Dutch people will be feeling voter remorse this morning, Wilders was showing a 10 point lead a couple of weeks ago, when push came to shove the Dutch bottled it big style, as the saying goes leopards and spots!!
    I’ve been going to holland for 30 years and it’s changed dramatically over the last 10 years, lots of the cloggers moaning to us about the situation, from hotel owners thru to bar staff, I’m really surprised they bottled it……

    • The Cloggies are irredeemably sensible. I’m not surprised in the slightest they shited it in the end.

      • As Victor Lewis-Smith wrote in his EXCELLENT book of TV reviews (Inside the Magic Rectangle), Cloggieland seemed so interminably dull that he thought most people would be queuing up for voluntary euthanasia !! A sentiment shared by a Dutch friend, incidentally…

  2. Turkey. Just one shithole inhabited by filthy robbing cunts that’s on my list of countries that I have never or will ever have any desire to visit. Some other holiday destinations that I’ll be giving a wide berth to:-
    Saudi Arabia
    I’m sure there are plenty more.

  3. The Dutch…famously stubborn.

    Wooden shoes, wooden head, wouldn’t listen.

    Mugs…missed a chance…

    • I actually like the clog wearing go everywhere on a bicycle Dutch , stubborn yes but I’ve had some great times in holland and unlike most of Europe they seem to like the English, but in my experience they love to procrastinate in the extreme, I’ve had loads of banter over the years, my friend who runs a bar in brielle told me wilders was a shoe in ( a wooden one at that) but unfortunately they are perfect EU fodder, easy to startle but unlike the sand people in Star Wars they don’t soon return!! 🐔🐔🐔

    • …. I was always told, they wear the cloggs on their feet to keep the woodpeckers off their heads .. maybe rings true now … Hmmm !

  4. Yeah the Dutch are soft cunts who missed an opportunity, too many over tolerant wankers riding about on bicycles. How can you put up with half a million of those Abduls in a tiny country like that? Meanwhile I note the soft fuckers in this country are always crying about Israel’s ” illegal occupation” of Palestine but what have they got to say about Turkeys illegal occupation of Northern Cyprus? Fuck all, that’s what. The sooner cunts wake up to the fact that we are at war with Islam the better. The cunts can’t live with each other so why do we think they can live with us? Vive Le Pen!

    • I lived in Vienna for two years, and really loved it…except when the Turkunts were kicking off in front of the Stephansdom, supporting Dogdirt. Buut at least I got to see some lovely gun-toting female cops !

  5. The fucking clog wallahs were always gonna take the wimp option. Not a surprise from a country where you can get stoned as easy as buying a newspaper. Makes no difference to the overall picture. All the EU cunts are hailing it as a great triumph. Keep grabbing those straws you vile self serving cunts.

  6. I like Fry’s Turkish Delight,but after watching Midnight Express would never go there for my supply of the tasty confectionery.

    • I hate frys turkish delight nasty purple shite covered in chocolate crap For your information Dick the Fry’s Turkish Delight is really just a bastardation of the real deal rahat lokum Just spend a few extra shillings or pounds and get the real deal https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:TurkishDelightDisplay.jpg Addictive stuff M8 and the only good thing to come out of the Ottoman Empire well that, and Hash if you want to get technical

    • The real Turkish delight from a market there is excellent.

      I bought twelve boxes to take home, but I ended up with only four.

      • I don’t know why I put real deal twice but I prefer Fry’s chocolate cream over his turks now those are delish Hard pressed to find them nowadays they had like 10 different creams as well orange, strawberry, etc Cadburys own Frys chocolate and won’t release them…. damn shame too @exactly birdman the gourmet turks freshly made can’t be beat

      • Remember Terry’s Waifa biscuits… like Kit-kat, but 10x as good. The plain was out of this worly, lovely with an espresso.

        What’s the difference between Adele and a Kit-Kat ?
        You only get four fingers in a Kit-Kat…

  7. I would give a wide berth to any country that had the crescent moon on its flag. I know people that holiday in Turkey, and they love it, but I think that will all change this year, as that mental cunt tightens his grip on the place. I wouldn’t want to be a woman there, especially the ones who don’t yet subscribe to the headbag. All thanks to super peaceful cunt Erdi, and his wish to take the world back 1200 years.

  8. Nowt wrong with Dootch. Nice people and they like us, not unimportant when we need friends! Johnny Turk is a tricky cove at best. Been there and smoked the smoke ,know what I mean say no more, but they will have the snot out of your hooter if you’re not on point .
    Basically a bit too sharp for their own good , will switch sides like a transgender hooker and have your wallet before you can zip up. Well done the dutch bastards ,fuck the turks, not literally obviously , but they are not to be given your watch whilst you save a drowning man. Capiche ?

  9. I’ve been to many peace loving countries in my time, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, UAE, Qatar and Oman. The one thing they all have in common is as soon as you step off the plane you are hit by the smell of shit.

    • I’ve heard that they’re thinking of changing the name of Tangier to What’s That Fuckin Smell.

      Or in Arabic, mmmmmmmmmmmm

      • I went to Tangier for a long weekend back in 2005. It was a complete shithole, with nomads and their camels camping on the beach. The hotel bar wasn’t allowed to serve alcohol to locals so they got room service instead. The waiters were completely fucked by the end of the evening, such was the demand. The swimming pool water was an entertaining shade of green, with dead things in it – it looked like it hadn’t ever been cleaned. Everywhere we went the was a crowd of cunts trying to sell us something and took exception to be told to fuck off. Not a good place – we cut the weekend short by 2 days. The place reeked of shit and the people were a bunch of smelly cunts too.

      • I ve been to Turkey i stayed in the my way hotel,what a fucking shit hole,Infact the hole fucking country is one big shit hole,Ive heard Rob Mugabe went to Turkey once and even he said never again,That says it all.Stay clear folks its on the same par as Rochdale and Blackpool.

      • Ive never been to Morocco, but I can see it over the water, and that’s close enough.

        The way things look in La Linea, if I ever did go, the only shite stained cunts I’d see would be the next lot queueing for the ferry to come over to Spain.

        Did anybody offer to wet wipe yer footwear ?
        For money of course.

      • Skids right Bird ,I went to Egypt as well and the sweet smell of shit was present there to,I found Egypt a hell of a lot better than Turkey,But yeah the smell of shit always seems to be present in these places ,I did see in Egypt some one just lift what ever it was they were wearing and shit right there and then,Fucking savages.

    • Went to Turkey in holiday years back. Spent the first three days doubled up pucking and vomiting for England and that was drinking bottled water where the clever cunts would craftily reuse an already opened bottle.
      Spent the next four days fending off camel drivers trying to sell me various hubba pipes, magic carpets, leather jackets and chess boards and asking me if I had a premier league football shirt they could have… No I don’t, and no I don’t want one of your Ali baba magic carpets you camel driving cunt and it’s too fuckin hot to wear a leather jacket…… Fuck Off!

  10. That venomous circus act cunt, Wee Burney Sturgeon should be tarred and feathered… The toxic ape-like dwarf is now saying that Madame May’s rejection of a second Scottish Referendum is ‘undemocratic (told you Tess was gunning for Wee Krankie breath!)’…

    And the wee witch refusing to accept the democratic results of the 2014 independence referendum and also Brexit isn’t undemocratic in any way?…

    Fucking hypocritical shaved monkey gloryseeking vindictive utterly evil corrosive dwarf cunt cunt cunt!

    • How can the SNP voters even think about following someone who’s fashion icon is Angela Merkel ?

      The fact that Dickhole Sturgeon is well educated proves that she’s just a twisted wee cunt.

      Nothing that comes out of hers and other Snazi cunts mouths makes any sense.

      They probably kick back with a boatal a Buckie and laugh their Argyll socks off at the shite they are stirring.

      I bet SOME English money paid for all their big hooses.

      Die you wee cunt, DIE !!!!

      I bet she won’t, just to spite me. 🙂

      • …. She won’t condem the fact that Maggie Thatcher allowed her mother to buy her council house … and she admits that her sole aim in life since she was 15 years old , is to seperate Scotland from England … that’s the biggest .. Me, me, me … ever, and she says she’s doing it as it’s the will of the Scottish people …. FUCK OFF… Cuntess !

    • I’m so fucking sick of hearing her fucking name, and quite frankly, sick of hearing about Scotland. I feel sorry for the poor jocks who have to live with that shit, day after day. If there was another referendum, and they voted to stay in the U.K., little Krankie MacMerkel would still be moaning, saying ‘ye held it on a Thursday, that’s when everyone gets their dole money, so they got pissed and forgot to vote!’.
      So glad Wales voted out, so we don’t have to listen to Leanne Wood bang on about it. She does, but nobody here gives a fuck.

      • I even get to see the wee cunt on Spanish news.

        If ye can handle it, Google Nicola Sturgeon young on Google.

        What a picture.

        Ye can see that at fifteen she not only wanted to be a massive cunt, she looked like one too.

        If her wanting a peaceful night, DON’T Google her images.

  11. When I’ve been to Turkey, I’ve found the folk there to be friendly enough, but then they are wanting yer money.

    • Same the world over now, I’m afraid. I was in Thailand last year for a bit, the third time I’d been and the last. Rip off after rip off. Complete cunts.

      • Agreed lots of jibber about Thais being the friendliest people in the world i beg to differ they fucking hate farang cunts and are always on the fucking rob bit like scousers but wth better looking birds

      • Friendliest people my arse. Yes, if they can talk you out of your money they’re friendly. I nearly got mugged in Pattaya, the few Thai words I’d learned somehow got me out of it. I was damned lucky not to get hurt, and when I reported it to the police they didn’t give a shit. Never went back.

  12. Just watched an interview with Peter Mandullson on newsnight a few days ago. I noticed as the cunt is speaking he has his bottom set constantly on show. Most disconcerting. A result years spent smeg harvesting I presume.

  13. Let’s be serious for just a moment and digest the following:

    “Currently, about eleven percent of the Dutch population of 16.5 million people are foreign-born and for that reason can be qualified as immigrants. If one includes the so-called second generation (that is to say their Dutch-born children), the percentage goes up to twenty”

    That is what the social engineering of the past 60 years has done to Holland and we are going the same way. The voting demographic has been preloaded with a large percentage of people wo are going to vote down any nationalists.

    It will take a something huge to undermine the daily media propaganda that immigration is great, Drip drip drip drip western nations are taken.

    • 20% is the magic number when it all starts to go wrong. But by that time it is too late.

      “As the Muslim population grows, so does violent intimidation and lawlessness–an example being the Sharia-ruled areas all over Europe, where the governing authorities have essentially lost control. After Muslim populations reach 20%, we see rioting, jihad militias, church burnings, and worse–and once it reaches 40%, there are massacres and frequent jihad terror attacks, as we have seen in recent years in Bosnia, Chad, and Lebanon.”


      • Self destruction by design. Any attempt to control them is deigned a violation of human rights and if the force required to control them when it is too late is applied the screams of “Nazi’s” arise from the liberal left.

        The next crusade will be fought in Europe, what a fucking mess.

      • It’s amazing how the lefty snowflakes scream NAZI at the drop of a hat. There was even some shrill cunt comparing POTUS Trump to Hitler the other day. Really. For fucks sake. If any of these snowflake cunts took a second to study history they would realise that National Sociallism in Germany in the 30s and 40s was all about the far LEFT. Clues in the name. Not unlike the Scotish National Party today. Albeit their genocidal racist hatred is not directed at Jews but the English.

  14. Religious wars in Europe? Like the religious wars that are a daily occurrence in that cunts part of the world. And let’s face it, most of it is one religion fighting amongst itself. Primitives…..

  15. Why else would a backwards belief system that doesn’t give a wet fart for women, allow them to have three or four of them as wives, if not to outbreed the competition? Overpopulation is most likely the biggest threat to mankind, and it’s largely down to religion.

  16. Anybody see the Muslim immigrants hanging out of a window in a detention center in Hungary ?

    They are all shouting “where’s the human rights”

    My question back is, where’s the old Muslims, middle aged Muslims, female Muslims and baby faced Muslims, and non violent, non rapist Muslims ?

    They were all yer usual twenty something smelly ugly shitty cunts.

    • My question would be.

      Fuck off home!

      Ok if you want to be pedantic about it that”s a statement.

    • The Hungarians are eminently sensible – after being fucked over by Moscow in 56, they will be happy to kick the shite out of anybody deemed a scumbag…

  17. On a recent trip to Amsterdam, arranged for a Vietnamese hooker to be at my hotel room at ten but didn’t turn up till midnight.

    She love me wrong time….

  18. Earlier on a few of us were talking about the smell of shite ye get in peaceful countries and it reminded me of an Indian/ Canadian comedian called Russell Peters.

    He was talking about the difference between culture and ethnicity.
    He knew that culturally, he was Canadian after his first trip to India.

    On the way to India he felt like he was the most Indian man ever and he couldn’t wait to embrace his Indian culture.

    As soon as the plane door opened and the stench of shite came in, he knew he definitely was Canadian, and couldn’t wait to get to his hotel to get away from the mobs.

    I highly recommend Russell Peters.
    His whole act is about fucking over every religion and race and pointing out where they’re being cuntish.

    Russel Peters.

    Remember it.
    Google it.
    Love it.


  19. PS.
    I’m not going to give you his whole routine, but he also said that if an African American ever went to Africa, they’d be looking for the first white man they see to save them from the savages.

    His whole routine is full of hilarious cuntings.

    And they leftards won’t say a fuckin thing to him coz he’s Indian.

    Twisted cunts they are.

  20. I think it’s a decent panel on Question Time tonight, Jacob Rees-Mogg should be Prime Minister, he’s a toff I’ve warmed to work talks sense and is a fan of brexit, that bloke from Weatherspoons is there is well and he was for Brexit, Dimbleby looks out his comfort zone without his anti EU remainers whooping and clapping.

    • Jacob Rees Mogg will never be Prime Minister due to cultural marxisms decades long indoctrination in the schools and media denigrating anyone posh as an arrogant ignorant elitist.He may be a toff but he is a very intelligent principled and charismatic man who speaks from the heart .Another reason he will never be made leader.

      Did anyone else see that irritating greasy cunt with the Palestinian headscarf.Would love to smack the glasses straight off his entitled face.As soon as he said intersectionality I groaned so loudly.

      • I think all you had to do was shout BOO at him Shaun and he would have pissed his pants.

  21. Next time you cunts are jerking off over some lezzie video remember that Angela Eagle is the real fucking thing. Viagra can’t rescue you from that. As Scarlet Moffat famously said “Angela Eagle? Angela Eagle?….I’d rather have Eddie the fucking eagle.” That was before she became a “celebrity” of course.

  22. I think Tim Martin is doing a sterling job and as Harry said about the toff Jacob Rees-Mogg he talks a lot of sense. Doesn’t seem to flap too much either.

  23. Rees-Mogg let cameras film him to during his MP surgerys and he helped a family who were at their wits end after getting a care package stopped for their serverly disabled son and helped them all the way. Normally I’d be against the posh toffs but Rees-Mogg works for his money and wants to help, the bloke definitely has Balls because he went on a walk about around South Shields! tough crowd in south Shields but good people, you’d never see the likes of Michael Hessletine, Eddie Izzard or Angela Eagle walking around in the north east!

  24. Liz Kendall does talk a load of bollocks though. She obviously needs a good rooting.

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