Dimitris Avramopoulos

Dimitris Avramopoulos is a greasy Greek cunt.

This EU shill had the nerve to lecture Europeans by threatening fines for failing to take in refugees.

“In future, the Twenty-Seven will need 6 million immigrants,” said the European Commissioner. If that wasn’t bad enough he also said a blatant falsehood about jihad attacks “As for terrorist attacks in the EU, they were committed by European citizens. With only one exception, it was never done by refugees”, claiming only one had been committed by a refugee. One cunters – just one? What a stunned cunt!

Well you greasy Greek bellend, just off the top of my head, the Berlin attack was done by a refugee, the Bataclan was done by refugees and the Nice attack as well. There have been other knife and bomb attacks in Germany done by refugees. These are large attacks with hundreds of deaths. And there have been others too, regardless, if they were bloody refugees is irrelevant because they were most certainly moslem or radicals “not real Islam” as you liberal apologist cunts like to say.

The statement he made is a gross falsehood. Of course, the Establishment media won’t be correcting his falsehoods, as they are so eager to do so for Trump.

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37 thoughts on “Dimitris Avramopoulos

  1. I would like to nominate Iman Amrani for this pile of cock in the Guardian (where else?):


    The European Court has ruled that banning hijabs at work is fine if all other religious and political symbols are also banned. But since rules don’t apply to peaceful types, Amrani manages to twist this into “The hijab ruling is a ban on Muslim women.” Bollocks.

    Full rant can be found here:


    • “That does not mean being forced to succumb to the intolerance of those who are offended by the sight of a headscarf.”

      But doesn’t extend to the camel fuckers objecting to anything and everything, thus advancing their march towards total dominance of the indigenous population.

  2. EU money grabbing fucking bubble cunt. This kebab shop cunt needs to fuck right off. Six fucking million? How much cheap two bob labour do these rich cunts need? There’s a limit to how many chauffeurs, gardeners and prozzies disguised as housemaids you can employ even if the taxpayer is footing the bill. Some cunt’s got their sums wrong surely?

  3. Yeah but his record “Forever and Ever” was canny though, eh.

    Obviously another cunt on Juncker’s or Soros’ books.

    No nation has been fucked more and held over a barrel more by the EU than Greece.

    I’m sure ordinary Greek folk who are skint will relish even more undocumented “peaceful” cunts descending on their nation with their palms outstretched.

    Moreover, most of these cunts aren’t even refugees, they’re just chancing it on making it over to Europe for economical reasons. That makes them migrants NOT refugees.

    The only thing in Greece’s favour is that when these cunts realise that Greece is event skinter than the hole they just left, they’ll be off to the jungle in Calais waiting to come into Fantasy Island (UK).

    Well they can fuck off too! We’re full! Just because you can make it here (especially the majority of working age 25-40yr old “children”) doesn’t entitle you to be here – irrespective of what twats like Lily Allen and Gary Shilaker say! Cunts!

    • The Greeks have not received one penny from the EU with respect to their debts. The idea that Germany is bailing out Greece is completely false. Private inverters and banks are bailing out Greece and the EU is simply guaranteeing the loans. Once again the banks are making money out of the pain of others and the New World Order is backing them to the hilt.

      • point one, I regularly go to Greece to visit the ruins, so crack on Greece.

        point two, Germany has not paid Greece any repatriations after the second world war despite the particularly nasty things they did via Bulgaria ect, so when push comes to shove I think they can call it quits with the German banks if they wanted to.

  4. Another cunt popped his head over the parapet yesterday, step forward MEP Esteban gonzalez pons from world super power Spain, according to this sack of shit Brexit was a selfish decision by the British?? Apparently what we don’t understand is that the EU is so much more than a market place? It’s about us all living together? , instead of asking what Europe can do for us? We should be asking what we can do for Europe?, amazing stuff!! , this stupid cunt went on to say he couldn’t understand why the UK wanted to leave Europe?? Weasel words from a weasel cunt!!, as he is fully aware we are not leaving Europe!, we are leaving a corrupt, discredited political union which for the last 40 years has ignored all real democratic process, a union of debt and fear!, according to this utter CUNT there’s nothing outside of Europe? Only isolation blah blah, after making other veiled threats he then said that the UK would always be welcome back to Europe!! , listen up you Spanish wanker we are not leaving Europe!! Only the pile of festering shit called the EU!! Comprende!!!

    • The Spanish are very keen on the EU as they contribute fuck all and benefit greatly. If that is not the definition of selfish I don’t know what is.

      And, no, you are not getting Gibraltar back either. Dago cunt.

      • They might as well have it back.

        The jobs are all being taken by Spanish, Polish and Moroccan cunts anyway.

        The missus and one other colleague are the only Brits at her workplace.

        I’m lucky that I work with Brits and a few Gibbos, but that’s only coz the company I work for are based in Britain.

        Gib is already full, but for some reason more and more Moroccans are allowed to come over and live twenty to a flat.

        Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by Arabic voices.
        And its gonna send me over the edge one day.

      • It’s been a good couple of years since I was in Gib and I didn’t know it has become so bad. You always had a lot of pakis and 4x2s but not many w@gs. I was thinking of buying a boat there but I think I’d have to have a good look first.

      • If you do buy a boat, moor it in the Alcadesa marina over the border.
        Its cheaper.

        But, but, if you moor it in GiB, you then have an address there and every benefit that a “resident” gets.

  5. I say shame on the cunt for pissing in the face of his already broken countryman. Treasonous donner skinned cunt.

  6. The amazing thing with the EU it’s made political giants out of absolute nobody’s, look at goblin faced ex polish PM tusk, he barks at trump and the UK with abandon, Maltese PM muscrat making daily threats to the UK!, Little men given far too much power!!
    The biggest whingers in the EU appear to be the smallest contributors?? Polands not happy with this, Hungary says that, the old expression about the tail wagging the dog springs to mind…… The sooner we leave the better as far as I’m concerned…. EUseless Cunts 😂

    • I have rescued a greyhound racer, I deal with this day to day, he is muzzled not because he is nasty but has a tendency to pick up and shake fluffy things, I have a Polish neighbour with a long haired Chihuahua, which is also a bit of a gob shite, maybe I should forget the muzzle one day in the hope that Patrik phones his mate Mr Tusk and tells him what happened to his dog.

  7. Most of these spanish, greek, polish etc motor mouth cunts are not really what I would call intelligent. Yes, intelligent in as much as finding a way to limbo under the bar to gain entry to river of gravy that is the EU but unintelligent in as much as for e.g willing to sit idly by in Spain and see youth unemployment at the staggering figures we have witnessed over the last few years. They are not intelligent enough to be able to see further than the end of their fucking bank statement. Their mantra seems to be ‘put as little effort in as possible but extract the maximum out to the detriment of those who need it most’. Cunts need to be instilled with a sense of national responsibilty toward their societies and I don’t mean the cunts at the bottom. I’m talking about the Greens, Bransons and Soros’s to name a tiny few about a duty to pay a fair share into the system to allow for services, training schemes and suchlike to make a better standard for EVERYONE. Thresa May has said a few positive words to a degree but already we are seeing it’s just more vacuous rhetoric. The vile stench of the filthy lucre corrupts every cunt that gets a chance to pilfer as much as they can possibly grab and more often than not in full view of those that they are siphoning it off of. I bet even your filthiest stinking Jihadii cunt would have a price to take it and fuck off back to whatever shithole they crawled out of. The fucking tribes from the middle of the fucking Amazon Rain Forest would have more ethics than all these cunts put together.
    Anyway, back to work.

  8. All politicians are self serving cunts, though some are worse than others. The better ones are perineums – somewhere between a cunt and an arsehole.

  9. Typical disingenuous weasel-words from a politician regarding the fucking “refugees”.It’s akin to suggesting that the Conquistadors were not an invading army when they colonised the South Americas. They went with the intention of subjugating the indigenous population and establishing an empire totally dominated and subservient to their customs and beliefs.

    It didn’t end well for the Aztecs,and I fear that history will repeat itself with us playing the part of the South Americans.

    • Aztecs were heartless sub humans though, look at how they carried out cannibalism and human sacrifice incest and nonceary were common as well. Cortez did nothing wrong! Make Mexico Spain Again!

      Neil Young was wrong about Cortez Franciscans tried to warn them and abstain from savagery, convert to christianity but they did not listen punters https://youtu.be/m-b76yiqO1E

  10. The Greek government and establishment have completely abandoned the native Greek population by al1lowing and encouraging overwhelming numbers of illegal immigrants onto their islands which has ruined the tourism industry and led to beautiful tourist organisations into Muslim ghettos.Also they are being stangled by the EU. and arent even fighting them anymore.I know so many young professional Greeks who have moved to Britain as they see their country is totally doomed and irrevocably damaged.

  11. I beg to differ, Mike.

    The post war model of ever increasing GDP and with it necessarily increasing populations is a castle build on sand. Perpetual never ending growth is an illusion, it is simply unattainable. There has to come a point where no more growth is possible.

    What we need is a complete re-think, of government, of fiat currency, of fractional reserve banking and what we actually want out of life. Is growth actually desirable? If you pollute a river so you can no longer drink its water you have to build a water purification and bottling plant, which increases GDP but it is not a desirable outcome.

    Automation gives us the possibility of small, stable populations without the need to import w@gs where sustainability is the priority, not growth. Here is what the excellent Black Pigeon has to say.


    • The bottom line here is you want me to stop banging one out on my own and shag some ugly trollop?

      • You raise some good points, Mike, but I’m talking about a complete revolution in the way things are done. No more multinational corporations, no more tax on income, no more banks as we know them in fact no more money. Think of it more as a ground up re-build. If you could just wipe the slate clean and start again from scratch, what kind of a world would you build? With the advent of workable AI and advances in robotics and automation you would not need to run things as they have been run before.

        It will never happen, of course as the weakest element would remain unchanged, humans. Who are mostly cunts.

  12. nothing to do with this greek cunt but can i nominate dempgraphically incorrect music playlists in pubs, i.e. drinking men’s pubs not poncy wine bars etc

    it boils my piss that these boozers don’t have juke boxes where you pays your money and makes your choices, but instead have am MP3 or whatever behind he bar and the 20 something barstaff put on a load of contemporary music playlists that the vast majority of drinkers, average age 50+, can’t fucking stand. if you ask them if they have a playlist for old cunts you get a vacant look

    is the music supposed to be for the customers or the staff?

    • Nothing upsets me more that have to be in a place were the music is shite especially when buying clothes, is so fuckin irritating to have to endure young tard music

      • One of the young cunts who works with me changes the radio in the pickup to fucking jungle-bunny music every time he uses it……although,he outdid himself when he went on a weeks holiday one time and changed the language on the sat-nav to some fucking gobbledegook jabbering. The cunt knows that I can hardly use the fucking thing,never mind reset the fucking language.

      • … sorry, but, … as an ‘also elder cunt’ … I wouldn’t (shouldn’t) find myself in any clothing shop that plays muisic …. if I opened a shop door and couldn’t hear myself think … I’d be off.

    • I go to a great pub that has the juke box programed to play American Christian music unless you give it money, you can only take so much “what a friend I have in Jesus” and “coomiyar” before you find yourself shoving pound coins in it.
      However the music selection is pretty good if you pay.

    • barstaff in my local are total cunts for that not only are their playlists fucking rubbish they always have it playing so fucking LOUD its 2pm you cunts not fucking 2am in the fucking Hippodrome for fuck sake

  13. You should try Wetherspoons mate…..no music at all, just some bloke shouting at the telly…”Fuck off Farron you cocksucking little bastard!” But I’m not there all the time.

    • I do like Wetherspoons, they have good beers and ciders on and they are cheap. But cheap grog tends to attract a certain type of clientele, not that I’m choosy who I get pissed with but the bargain basement alchies on a budget crowd get on my tits.

      I walked paste the wine lodge about a year ago and they had a sign up “All pints £1.80 before 12am” FFS.

      • Yeah I know what you mean about the clientele but they are not as dodgy as they look, most being pathetic pissheads. One time I was waiting for some bird outside Spoons in Streatham. I was smoking a fag and getting more and more wound up because like all women she was fucking well late and I fucking hate that. Anyway some young Camel driver asked me for a fag. I just mumbled no, and expected him to fuck off. The cunt didn’t hear me and said “why you no speak, why you disrespect?” I just fucking lost it and screamed in his face…”I FUCKING SAID NO..ARE YOU FUCKING DEAF OR WHAT??” The cunt shat himself and legged it. I was fucking bubbling, fury written all over my fucking face. There was a group of hard looking cunts smoking outside the door and when I turned and looked at them they all stubbed out their fags and fucked off inside. When the bitch turned up we went inside and every cunt was getting out of our way like I was Ronnie Kray or something. That was about 2 years ago and my reputation persists to this day. Little do they know I’m as soft as shit. Hey…..I’m a lover not a fighter.

  14. Channel 5 is a cunt.

    1. For bringing back blind date, it was a blight on Saturday evenings when Scouser “Our fucking Cilla” did it.

    2. For putting another scouse cunt at the front of it

    3. For including LBGT ABcuntingCD contestants.

    Fuck it the list is endless.

  15. Avramopoulos?… Isn’t he the blacked up gyppo cunt that says ‘You’re my wife now!’?…

  16. And we do the interviews remotely. No need to travel here 1,000’s of miles from shithole central thinking that once you’re here you’re in and if we tell you to fuck off you can dole out 10yrs of bullshit in the human rights court.

    Cameron was right when he said we should only take refugees from UN controlled/sanctioned camps and fuck these cunts off who merely “get here”.

    O’course he was pilloried at the time but he was right, at least if we providence of who they are and what they did prior to fleeing their home then that’s better than the handily “undocumented children” who Dubs expect us to great with open arms…as they pull the pin from the grenade.

    Immigration should be no different. They apply from their country of origin with providence of their history and skill set and we decide if we’re going to let them in or not (now including a remote face-to-face to ensure they speak the language).

    Oh, hang on a minute, isn’t that how it’s supposed to happen legally anyway? Silly me.

    O’course you daren’t say “repatriate the cunts” because they’re all brain surgeons working for the NHS – according to Lily, Gary and Timmy – none of them are treated like slaves in dodgy Indian (Bangladeshi) restaurants and the like are they?

    And if they’re not NHS brain surgeons then they’re all scientists working in our education system.

    I wonder what subject the Romanian professor I met this week (selling the big issue) teaches at Oxford?

    You bunch of gullible, libtard, feckless cunts! Thank you for fucking my country over and repeatedly getting in the way when ordinary folk try to fix it! Twats!

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