Rochdale Borough Council

I wonder if any cunters are from ROCHDALE .

ROCHDALE council are going to be fining people for using certain swear words, and cunt is on the list.

My thoughts are that ROCHDALE has bigger fish to fry than fining swearers.

Lets hope the beasts of ROCHDALE utter a few profanities the next time that they rounding up British girls. That way the authorities will surely be unable to turn the other cheek.

Nominated by birdman.

Rochdale is now Urdu central. But I bet if any of them lot swear in their own language, there will be no fines or anything at all… Madame May needs to bring so many councils into line and to account…. They are like their own little banana republics: dictating and making up the most absurd of rules and dos and don’ts… Stuff that even Hitler wouldn’t have thought of… In Bury (near Manchester) the bin gets emptied every three weeks (even in summer) and the council tax has just gone up by 11 quid… There was the girl who got taken to court by a local council because she fed a McDonald’s chip to a pigeon (which the pigeon ate)… Then there was the old lady who was bollocked by her council for putting up a ‘Merry Christmas’ flag at fucking Christmas… Even George Orwell would be staggered by the ludicrous petty fascism that exists and festers in regional councils in Britain… If we do get out of the snakepit that is the EU, there is still one hell of a corrupt and stinking mess to clean up here…

Nominated by Norman.

63 thoughts on “Rochdale Borough Council

  1. Great cuntings.
    These councils need raining in asap.

    I mentioned the other day that I’d been sorting my phone and found a sky news clip that I recorded the day after brexit.
    I’ve uploaded it to YouTube so here it is.
    It’s only a few seconds but the cuntitude of these twats is astounding.

    A “Highly educated” tea lady and a hippy, more worries about equality (?) and climate change than living under the boot of a dictatorship!

    • “I’m educated and I don’t understand it” So well educated she works in a fucking cafe? Piss off you dopey ginger speccy cunt!

      Nice video Senoir Sausage, I’ve been thinking of creating an ISAC youtube channel for a while. Too fucking lazy though…..

      • I laughed my head off for ages at those cunts the day after brexit!

        Recorded it because I couldn’t believe what a “Highly educated” dumb cunt she is!! …I was a bit tipsy at the time too!

      • By the way, if it doesn’t work, its probably because I accidentally put a space before it!

        I was wondering why it didn’t go blue.

  2. Sorry dudes. I thought I’d run out of data but for some reason it’s posted twice.

    I promise it wasn’t on purpose!

  3. This kind of nonsense makes my blood boil, why not waste money and time on real problems ?
    How about fining cunts instead of the word? At least would make a lot of money and bit more sense.

    • Surely collecting the bins is a much higher priority than creating a swear box.

      Dictatorial cunts!

      It starts with killing free speech and snowballs from there.

      Councils are authoritarian, Incompetants twats. Maybe the fact that they’re so Incompetant is lucky for us that love freedom.

      • I hate these council cunt wanabees. Busy body do gooder wankers poking there nose into the lives of others because they don’t have a life themselves. Anyone of them half way competent then goes into national politics, where the real hard core cuntitude goes on. If they fail at that they then go on to work for the EU or UN.

        That is the career path and it starts early in nursery school with milk monitor or some such shite then they become a prefect or even head boy, but the basic rational is always the same, we need to control the masses because the masses are unthinking brutes who can’t control themselves.

        I live on an urbanisation, basically an estate. It isn’t a big estate and only has two full time employees, a couple of feckless gardeners, when ever I see the cunts they seem to be smoking fags and drinking beer. Anyway, they have just elected a new president, vice president and 3 deputy presidents! 5 presidents to control a small housing estate with 2 gardeners!? FFS, I fucking hate people!

      • They probably have an advisory committee and and a bunch of cunt face lawyers too!


      • about time the cunts started fining some of the peaceful child abusers that voted them into office, or was that the quid pro quo

      • Bin snooping cunts do stuff because they can not because it adds to the wellbeing of their council tax payers.
        Cunts, all,of them.

  4. Ah, Rochdale. Home of that fat fucker Cyril Smith.

    Banning swearing? Yes they’ll have to include other languages, calling someone a son of an owl is quite offensive in Hindustani.

    I bet social services will be really pleased with themselves for thinking up that one.

  5. Saw something on the telly the other day, can’t remember the programme or the town but they were following some council “litter enforcement officer”. This creepy little nerd was hanging around this shopping centre until he spotted some cunt smoking a fag. Then he stood on the other side of the road and waited for him to stub it out on the floor whereupon he raced across and slapped the cunt with an on the spot fine. Now don’t get me wrong I hate littering with a passion but this snide sledgehammer approach smacked of the Stasi and the Gestapo to me aswell as a disproportionate use of council resources. The wanker should stand outside my local chicken shop at school chucking out time. Try fining the hordes of little cunts who stuff their faces full of shit and then throw the boxes and unwanted food all over the pavement, despite the big fuck off litter bin right in front of them. The cunt would be told to fuck off and then accused of racism or being a paedo and trying to touch them up. No, let’s pick on the law abiding cunts who we know will meekly pay up. Then we can spend the money on some ridiculous art work at the town hall. All councils are crawling with cunts who love spending other cunts’ money but give them a real problem to deal with and they haven’t got a fucking clue.

    • I saw something similar a couple of months ago. It had some council warden/jobsworth walking up and down a path in one the council’s parks. He stopped a woman whose dog had shit and she pick it up because she didn’t have a bag, (her own fault). She asked if he had a bag she could use. He said no, and then fined her. When she was out of sight, and with a cuntish grin, he pulled a bag out of his pocket and picked up the shit.

    • It doesn’t help that the council cunts have got rid of all the street bins so there’s no where to put your dog ends when you’ve finished.

  6. If I ever went to Rochdale, it could end up being the most expensive holiday destination I’ve ever been to.

    If you complained that a 13 year old kebab shop owning taxi driving “Indian” athlete had FUCKED a minor, we’d be the ones getting dealt with.

    Anybody living near or in Rochdale should spray paint “FUCK OFF CUNTS” on the council offices.

  7. I’m going to write to them and say I’m gonna be staying in Roachdale soon and could they give me a list of words that they deem offensive. Should look good on council headed paper in a picture frame in my bog.

  8. I’ve never understood why people give over their details when asked by one of those council snoopers or PCSOs. They can’t physically detain anyone,all they can do is call a real copper for back-up. Tell them to fuck off,and just keep walking.

    There are far too many of these pavement-admiral types strutting around trying to intimidate people by pretending to have “powers”. They don’t,and pointing it out to the pathetic snoops is the best course of action.

    • We have them here.
      They are called the proteccion civil.

      They wear oversized Halloween coppers uniforms, and they are little Nazi cunts.

      One told me and the missus to get out of the play park a couple of years ago when we were pushing our daughter on a swing.

      After listening to his shite, i eventually lost it and confronted the little cunt and he did get the polis.

      Nothing happened, but telling parents that they can’t push their kids on a swing is a step too far.

      They also act as lollipop men/women/people/non bindary cunt, and don’t let you cross without their permission.

      What was the point of growing up when cunts are continuously telling me what to do ?

      • Nail hit on head, Birdman! They don’t want you to grow up, they want you to remain a child who will do as they tell you. The western world is becoming increasingly infantalised to the point where possibly causing some eavesdropper offence by using a “rude” word in public will get you in trouble with the law, as if hearing a rude word is going to cause them to have a heart attack or fit or something. They are just words, they cannot harm anyone. Cunts.

    • I’ve never understood that one either, people seem all too willing to submit to so called authority.

      As child of the 70s my gut reaction at being challenged is a simple ‘fuck off’, usually does the trick.

      I mind my own business, other cunts need to do the same.

      • Unfortunately you, and I dare say 99% of other cunters on this site, are a menace to society. Minding your own business is not an option these days.

    • “My name?”

      “Yes sir.”

      “Er, it’s Hugh.”

      “Hugh what?”


      My go to line for any of these cunts including Traffic “Enforcement” Officers. Hah, what a joke! I love pissing past those cunts at 90! Twats!

  9. Anyone see that Libtard party political broadcast on telly tonight. Almost as nerve grinding as the little cunt himself👊

      • Really? I once went about 3 years without a TV (until the next World Cup rolled around.) When I told people they either sympathised ( the assumption being I couldn’t afford one) or looked at me like I had some nasty contagious disease…..’How do you live without a telly?’……(Sigh)…’ll never know you cunt.

    • Notice how the black women was the one working, whilst the white male was the stay at home person ?

      • Like the rest of modern made up TV. Every other house is a rainbow family and the ones in between are some form of transgender monstrosity.

        And that’s just Emmerdale!

        You never used to see Amos or Mr Wilks in a gimp mask or rubber suit…although I did have my suspicions!

  10. jose mourinhos a cunt saying people are knocking that cunt pogba because they are envious of his high salary
    really? how can anyone be envious of some 24 year old who earns a mere 290,000 grand a week for being a footballer a fucking average one at that
    fuck off mourihho you spick cunt you have summed up everything thats wrong with football these days clueless cunt

  11. So Rochdale Council has now defined the everyday language of millions of people as ‘bad’.

    I thought rules were set up to protect people from abuse


    • “Peaceful” abuse and grooming is not abuse, it’s just a misunderstanding.

  12. Local Councils up and down the land are a law onto themselves, give them a glimpse of power and they go into little Hitler mode and will always, always abuse it. They are not there to serve the people but just see them as cash cows to persecute for bullshit ‘ offences’ and instead of doing what they are paid for, fixing pot holes, bins etc , obsess over workshops for minorities or debating where some gender fluid trans cunt wants to take a dump.
    But its some much easier to take money in fines from a dropped chip or some poor fucker who put but their bin out on the wrong day than protecting vunerable kids from a bunch of bacon dodging paedophile pakis. Cunts.

  13. What soft of world do we live in now ?

    I’ll tell you.

    We live in a world, where at the quarter final stages of the champions league, the mighty Leicester City are the only English club left in it. innit ?

    I fuckin love it.

    Who the fuck is Pep Guardiola ?

    COYB. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • He he, nice one Norman.

        Wasn’t Pep meant to be changing the style of football played in England ?

        Weren’t we all to get rid of the way our game is played, and adapt to the Guardiola rulebook ?

        Isn’t he meant to be the greatest manager of them all ?

        Bag a shite ! 🙂


        Talking of stadium songs, I’ve never been to Old Trafford, do the fans join in on This Is The One ?

        A great song, and would sound greater sung by thousands of football fans.

        Just us two left in Europe.

        Carrying the can. 🙂

      • I’ve never really heard the Stretford End join in on ‘This Is The One’… There was a mass sing-along of ‘Sit Down’ by James in Rotterdam in 91: when United did Cruyff’s Barcelona in the European Cup Winners Cup Final…. Probably still my best ever European away trip…

        Another good one… See how many TV shows you remember…

    • Too true… Might have bloody well known… At least us Brits (the ones who voted out) have shown a pair of balls and stated that we want of the EU snakepit…. Fucking Edam eating pot smoking cunts….

    • Fuck it! I was looking forward to tuning in to James O’Shithead and listening to him crying his eyes out. Now I have to avoid the fucker’s gloating and bragging for the next week at least. Come on you Frogs!….show some bottle for once!

    • Ok , am I going to :

      (a) fuck that did not go my way and move on : the Dutch are cunts anyway
      (b) Blub and cry and it’s not fair. Lead me to my safe space
      (c) Create a legal challange

      I’m going with (a)

      • …..Or you could go on the telly and in the papers and tell the Dutch cunts they are all thick as shit, didn’t know what they were voting for, were lied to with a soppy slogan on the side of a bus and are, generally, a bunch of arseholes. Of course you have to be a fucked up has-been politician with his pockets stuffed full of taxpayers’ money in the first place……being a poof fucking luvvie might help.

  14. Dirty Cyril Smithy stomping ground was rochdale,Its a mecca for peds,The place is a grade 1 shit hole,Cyril loved it there and the public clapped him on in the streets,What a bunch of fucking morons,Now its a paradise for the paki groomers who go around buying and selling the whores and sluts of Rochdale,and the cunts,And also get poor kids drunk and feed them drugs,That town should have a fucking wall built around it,Its a cunts town and Cyril Smithy Boy laid the foundation stone for it,I recon Jim Savs jaw would drop at the goings on in rochdale if he was still around.

  15. Strangely enough the biggest cunt I’ve ever known personally came from Rochdale. A thoroughly untrustworty back stabbing two faced fucking bastard. So, if you ever come across a big nosed cunt called Higgins from Rochdale stay well clear…trust me.

  16. The Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council coat of arms is long overdue an update.

    I’m thinking two curved blades intersecting above a couple of crossed AK-47s with a cresent moon in the middle and some squiggly shit that passes for writing at the bottom advertising someone’s snack bar (well it sounded like “snack bar” anyway).

  17. Local council. Like government, but twice as corrupt, and four times as inept. Watch them spunk your tax away like cash has a use by date. What you can get away with, when you are a nobody cunt, without a spotlight on you. Troughing cunts….

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