Paul Nuttall

Paul Nuttall is a cunt. What with the Stoke by-election coming up and a good opportunity for UKIP and this prick has been caught out. Stupid cunt claimed on his website in 2012 he lost friends at Hillsborough, now the wanker admits it wasn’t true. Fucking cunt and it isn’t helping that I can’t shake this fucking cold off either.

Nominated by Gingers Ballsac.

Why did UKIP choose a lying scouse cunt as a leader?

They must have known he would claim to be either

a/ John Lennon’s son.
b/ Cilla Black’s grandson
c/ Knew victims of Hillsborough


Have it away with party funds.

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.

79 thoughts on “Paul Nuttall

  1. Honesty and polatics are strange bed fellows they rarely meet, polatics like the church has become a career decision not a moral one, more a case of how much money can I make doing this shit than how can I change this shit.

    • Bedfellows ?
      Who says bedfellows ?
      Say it out loud, and ye’ll see what i mean. 🙂

      Copyright.Limmy’s Show.

      • This fucking twat had ONE job…..
        Look better than Labour or the Conservatives.
        Easy, you would think…

        Fuck’s sake.

      • Don’t right him off just yet, I’m from Stoke and we’re far from fussy!

        He won’t get many votes in Stoke’s “Cultural Quarter” (yes amazingly Stoke has one of them in Eritrea – sorry – Etruria, but that’s a mile away from “peaceful” central in Cobridge) but the rest of Stoke is fucking fed up of the EU and the immo’ situation.

        If UKIP can’t win there, given the mood there currently, then they can’t win anywhere.

        If he loses, Paul Nuttal won’t be shy of a lift cos Al Qaida Taxis and Taliban Taxis operate exclusively in Stoke. If nothing else he’ll have a blast!

  2. On a totally irelivant cunting I managed to get banned and thread deleted from a closed group forum of a former Irish regiment for saying that HMG was using the EU to escape responsibility from Ulster and that Irish pikeys receive more suport in the UK than Ulster men who served in HMF, trust me I have nick nacks on my doorstep who are not economic migrants they just want to live.
    Because the cunty IRA are our friends now…..

  3. In fairness to the lying scouse shitbag, he is getting a kicking off the press for this. There will be zero possibility that in 24 hours a single person in the UK and most of Europe will be unaware of what a slap headed beardy gobshite cunt Paul Nuttall is.

    Compare and contrast the press reaction to Gareth Snell, whose sexist and misogynistic tweets have gone largely unpublished.

    This is going to be a difficult one for the thieving scouse cunts, how will they react? Will they call out Nuttall for being a grief jacking cunt or will they stand by him like they have the murderous Heysel scum? Maybe some has been no mark from the 60s will make a charity record in support/protest.

    • Nuttall is a lying cunt but you are correct that the media is guilty of greater cuntitude.They bashed David Davis for alleged sexism even though the Labour candidate in Stoke said worse things about women and not a peep from the mainstream media.

    • Macca’s already penned one, it’s called: “Please let me be famous one last time with a song about something I no nothing about!”

      The chorus is a bit dry but the video is animated with frogs in it and Rupert the Bear. At one point a one legged lady appears and hops to the catchy eurobeat backing track but is gone by the 2nd verse. Pity cos she had canny chebs like!

      The last verse is where an animated Macca dances with the animated ghost of Gary Coleman, the final note being hit as Macca takes one in the spuds from Coleman for calling him Willis.

      • Macca gave Heather Mills a plane as part of their divorce settlement.
        She still uses an ordinairy razor on the other leg.
        Boom boom.

        c. B. Brush

      • Macca gave Heather Mills a new artificial leg for Christmas. It wasn’t her main present, it was a stocking filler.

      • I’ve got nothing against Heather Mills right leg, Its a lovely leg. The trouble is – neither has she.

  4. Can you imagine if Titanic had gone down full of Scousers? (Well a man can dream…) You’d never hear the end of it. The revised/newspeak Hillsborough verdict has thousands of pious pilgrims straight from Lourdes, having walked across the Channel because they are so pure. All sober because the Temperance League has all its leading members visiting too, healing the sick and causing the lame to walk then being corralled into a football ground they mistakenly thought was a born again revival meeting and brutally murdered by Nazi zombies masquerading as the fuzz.
    The deaths were a tragedy but please, stop milking it and no, not everybody on either side came out smelling of roses.

    • Scousers on the Titanic?…

      ‘Errrr… It wozzn’t us dat hit de friggin iceberg, like…. It woz dem Chelsea fans!’

      That’s what they said bout Heysel…

      ‘Ey you! It woz dem friggen coppers, like… None of uz woz pissed an jumped de turmstiles like…’

      And that’s what they continue to say about Hillsborough…

      • Wa’ do yous expect from de slaphead sea-pie claptrap. probably went ter de same charm schewl as us brid derek ‘atton. fuck’n whiny nasal cunts. gerra group o’ dem ed ‘ol and dee ay all over de place like a rash. “anybody gorrany ciggies” and de classic fiddy lag fe de leccy

  5. So Nuttall has been caught out as being a lying cunt, but that news is released right on top of a by-election where Labour are about to get creamed.

      • The forces of darkness may have shot their bolt too early. Still over a week to go and people forget a lot in a week. Nuttall may still have a chance, he had a 10 point lead in the polls and as ISAC demonstrates, people aren’t as fucking thick as MSM and big politics likes to think they are.

  6. The UN are outraged that Congolese soldiers killed over a hundred cunts.
    The UN’s problem is, the soldiers opened fire, indiscriminately, on militia who were only armed with machetes and spears.

    Machetes and fuckin spears.
    Its 2017, for fuck sake.

    Have they never heard of that old saying “don’t bring machetes and spears to a gunfight” ?

    What did the UN want to happen ?

    Its time the modern world forgot about Africa, all of Africa.

    Also on the “news”, Salvadoran refugees are finding it harder to illegally breaking into America.
    Its illegal you doss cunts, it should be hard.

    • I’d love to forget about Africa. Unfortunately, the fuckers keep coming to the UK and bringing their savagery with them.

      • I am an ex Saffa and am convinced that black Africans are a different species to the rest of the world. The way they behave – all over Africa, is horrifying.
        They have this concept called ‘Ubuntu’ which means common humanity, yet behave like savages. And it’s mostly to each other.

  7. It’s a fucking difficult one for Stoke voters. Most of them dyed in the wool Labour voters but now realising Labour is so out of touch with them. Voting conservative would feel like betrayal for them. Lib Dems surely can’t con them into thinking they are worth voting for as most of them voted to leave. That really only leaves UKIP. But can they vote for a scouser. My prediction, Labour by a very small majority with UKIP and Tories close second. But on the other hand they might just accept that Red Shite Nuttall is bound to embelish the truth somewhat. Proves he’s a genuine scouse cunt. Might just do a good job for them. Close call tho.

    • As mentioned above, I’m from Stoke and Labour has done fuck all for my city since before I was born.

      Those cunts sat idly by as industry was decimated and off-shored all over the world.

      When Tony B.Liar was in power Rover Group folded in Brum and would have taken 10,000 jobs with it. O’course B.Liar got involved and put a rescue package together, blah blah blah!

      What those cunts in Labour don’t mention is that in that same period in Stoke 15,000 jobs went up the swanny in the ceramics industry alone (Stoke Shitty known as “The Potters” fucking joke) and not one Labour MP in Stoke or Whitehall gave two-shits about that, why, because they went at 500, or 1,500, or 700 at a time rather than 10,000 in one fell swoop! Utter twats!

      My Dad was a miner for over 37 years and lived in two predominantly Labour regions all his life (North East until the 1960s and Stoke until his death in 2007) and I’m proud to say he never voted Labour once, why, cos – and I quote: “Labour Govts cast a bone idle workforce with every cunt and their dog with their hands out!”

      I’ve never voted for the cunts either! I vote Tory but if I still lived in Stoke I’d vote for Nuttal because – if nothing else, like Trump – it’ll be different, and at least UKIP’s views/policies are more in line there than anywhere else.

      Labour like to talk about the “common working man” but who actually despise the very people who vote for them! Cunts!

  8. Africa is great, lots of rare earth minerals, gold, diamonds, wildlife and scenery.

    Only one thing that ruins it really, still the Chinese are colonising to now because it wasn’t PC for us to do so.

    • Nigeria has oil.
      Nigeria has no oil refineries.

      The doss cunts have run up debts after selling the oil at a lower price than the sky high prices they buy it back for.

      I know its only one cuntry from a large continent, but that says it all really.

  9. Was Paul Nuttjob also John Peel’s gardener? Kenny Dalglish’s boot cleaner? Paul McCartney’s window cleaner? Jimmy Tarbuck’s golf caddy? Nelly Boswell’s grandson? Barry Grant’s long lost brother?….

    Course the snowflake mob are now going to say all UKIP voters and those who are for Brexit are all liars like Nuttall… Just like when the cunts tried to label all Leave voters as Nazi racists after the death of Saint Jo Of The Blessed Cox…

    • Remember when Steven Gerrard was desperate to leave Liverpool FC and was being courted by Chelsea and Real, only to take his transfer request back a week or so later ?
      The reason for the turn around ?
      Scouse gangsters had a word, and basically threatened him and his family.
      A millionaire, famous footballer and celebrity, yet some scallys put paid to that.

      What a city.

      • Yes, maybe they wanted to see the diving arrogant useless cunt end his career without a league winners medal too.

        Gerrard is everything not to like about scousers in one steaming pile of shite.

  10. It’s the start to the knockout phase of the Champions League.
    Today I’ve been reading what the pundits think.
    It’s the usual, Barça, Real and Bayern are going to cruise it, PSG are going to get so far coz they’re shite and the English are all going to bow out first.

    Shows how much they know, PSG are all over Barça, and right now, are gubbing them 3-0.

    Being a football pundit or columnist must be the easiest job in the world.
    All you have to do is make up shite in yer head, put that shite forward as newsworthy and get paid for it.
    And when they get it wrong, no worries, just write more shite tomorrow.

    4-0 now.

    • With regard to the so called pundits/experts in their field, the worst you’ll find are the horseracing twats.
      If these cunts knew anything they’d be betting from their laptops while sitting on the veranda of their Caribbean beach house, not working for Channel 4 on a wet Wednesday at Wetherby.
      If they did have some solid inside info, they ain’t telling you or me.
      Pick a winner?….cunts couldn’t pick sweet corn from their arse…

  11. Hillsborough? Shit happens. Who really gives a fuck?

    Of course something like this was going to come out. It might even be true but I’m surprised that it’s published on here and we’re not posting what the Labour candidate has been spouting! “Brexit is a massive pile of shit “UKIP are the sort of scum who steal your bike”, egging Nuttall and Garage, death threats, break ins at Nuttalls rented house…??l??

    FFS let’s get some balance here. We’re not fucking Spidey!!!!! Look forward to a prize cunting for Gareth Snell…

    Wouldn’t have happened on my watch. Have suddenly turned all Europhile and Momentum since I stepped down??????????

    • UKIP was always thin on quality outside of Farage. I always hoped that a real right wing movement would grow out of the rejection of liberal left socialism and people would wake up too the fact the Tories are capitalists but abandoned the morality and principals of the right long ago.

      People are now convinced to be of the right either means Tory or extremist boot boy. There is a space on the political landscape for a real right wing party but too many people have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

      Maybe things have to get a sight worse before people wake up to the fact life isn’t a free ride.

    • Spivey publishes his own deluded fabrications, whereas Nuttall has personally admitted the Hillsborough stuff wasn’t true, just like he also admitted he lied about his home address on his by election papers. So there’s no “if true” about it. And he’s even more of a cunt for trying to force his press officer to take the blame – why didn’t he come clean earlier? Like all lying politician scumbags, he’s stood by his story until it was impossible to deny any longer – and then he’s tried to pin the blame on someone else to save himself.

      Balance? I’ve always said cuntitude is no respecter of political persuasion – and surely this cunting of Nuttall (though arguably he cunted himself with his own lies which he’s now admitted) offers some balance to the increasingly anti-liberal left posts on ISAC. It’s worth remembering that for every Blair there’s a Cameron, for every Corbyn and Abbott, there’s an Iain Duncan Smith and a Gideon Osborne (and a Tim Farron and a Wee Jimmy Sturgeon). And for all Corbyn’s fuckwitted shortcomings – and they are many and plentiful – he was the only Labour politician to call for the immediate triggering of Article 50.

      No politician of any party currently occupies the moral or intellectual highground, they are all lying, self-serving, utterly incompetent fucktard cunts and should all be cunted regularly with no exceptions.

      • Very true, Fred.
        I admit to being Tory leaning but Cameron and Osborne got frequently cunted and I agree they deserved it. The standard of politicians is appalling.
        Personally I’m sick to death of gutter politics and project smear!

      • As you know, I’m no Tory, but even I would have Maggie back like a shot now… She pisses on all of today’s politicians…

      • Spot on Fred …….
        Amazing lack of quality in political ranks nowadays, far too many career politicians, self serving cunts not just in the uk, America had the choice of trump or Clinton?? Is that the best they could do??, look at who’s running the EU!! Some drunken old cunt from Belgium, tusk and muscat have the ” just pleased to be here!!, can’t believe my luck!” Look, verhofstat Shultz and the rest aren’t fit for purpose!!!
        Where are our leaders??
        Depressing stuff……

    • I think you will find I cunted the cunt Snell several days ago, before all this Nuttall crap kicked off.

  12. I’m only annoyed Dioclese because I felt UKIP were in a strong position to win the Stoke by-election and Nuttall may have made it harder for UKIP to win. I hope they still triumph, but Nuttall is still a cunt for leaving himself open to the crazed left wing that can’t do any wrong. As you rightly said Gareth Snell should have been ripped apart by the media, fucking BBC cunts

      • They have been bashing him for the last two days on radio cunt four, although today they mumbled something about this Snell cunt. Not the in depth fifteen minute demolition piece like Nuttalls, but twenty seconds of he said some stuff a couple of years ago and he has apologised. You never know, the Beeb bashing might go in his favour…..

      • Hey want to talk about quality journalism how about our faves at the ABBC today (all fucking day)…


        True, but…neglection of all the facts #1: the forecast – prior to the Brexit vote – was 1.9% inflation. So 1.8% inflation is actually less than what was predicted – because of Brexit.

        Neglection of all the facts #2: average earnings have increased by 2.7% across the UK. This is nearly double what was predicted following the Brexit result. So basically a better average earnings increase than was predicted – because of Brexit.

        Lower inflation % than expected and higher average earnings % than expected because of Brexit.

        So to all of the 48% of remoaning cunts I would like to say this: you’re more than welcome!

        In fact the ABBC only let go of this story as soon as it was revealed that Pru Leith was taking over Mary Berry’s role in the shitfest known as The Great British Cunt Off!

        Yeah ABBC – pure quality! Cunts!

  13. Part 2 of Moorside drama on BBC tonight… Looking forward to next one on the Rotherham Muslim rapists…🙄Yeah, like that’s going to happen… Cunts…

    • The dirty cunts got sentenced over a week ago, and whilst being taken to the cells, started shouting Alloa Snackbar.

      I read that in a small strip on an inside page of The Sun.
      It should have been front page, especially as they made room for the new presenter of Great British Buck Off in today’s edition.

      • And why don’t the BBC do a ‘drama’ based on those McCann parasites?… Oh yeah: they’re middle class ‘professional people’ and media darlings… Oh, and they’re cunts too…

      • The government are trying to deport some of the cunts, who have recently lost their second appeal, and are appealing again. Any appeal they want to make should be at their own expense, and via Skype from whatever shit hole they have been deported to. Get rid of the cunts, and tell their supporters they are welcome to join them.

  14. Apparently Paul nuttall also told the guardian that he was the first person to walk on the sun?? After it had been explained to the half witted, pea brained , mentally retarded cunt it was far too hot!!, he replied ” not in the winter?” ……… Has he blown stoke??? Hope not!! Silly silly Cunt……

    • Stoke will believe this story.

      When asked her opinion on Nuttall’s sun walk, Briony (a Beautician Studies student at Cauldon College – who we interviewed at her part time job as a stripper in the ST1 club during a £10 quid “behind the wispy curtain” private lap dance) replied: “He did walk on the sun! Where do you think Donald Trump goes for his tan!”

  15. Great news!
    Cwish Spwivey the slapheaded fuckwit is closing his crap website because as he put it
    “my own fuckin fans and regular posters cant be arsed to give me donations cos they are a bunch of freeloading cunts!”

  16. Talking of tipsters what the fuck are those tipping services you have to pay for all about? You know the ones, you may a monthly fee and you get sent a tip once or twice a week. Eh? If they are that fuckin good just keep it to yourself and Put your own money on yer feckin twats. Why do you need our money? Do feckin idiots actually subscribe to that shite?

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  17. Doesn’t this useless bollock write a column in the Daily Sport?

    I bet they couldn’t believe they actually found an MP who didn’t mind his face being pictured adjacent to an article about someone shoving Wotsits up their arse.

    I like Farage, he seems a decent bloke – but UKIP is full of total twats, just like all the rest.

    • It’s like Billy connolly said:
      “The will to be a politician should bar you for life from ever becoming one.”

  18. People who take phone calls via headphones.

    This is increasingly common and, frankly, I won’t stand for it anymore.

    Is it so hard to put a fucking phone to your ear? The amount of times I see some cunt walking towards me, even looking at me, whilst jabbering away to some other cunt on their headphones. It’s disconcerting! If someone is looking AT you – and talking AT you – surely you’re well within your rights to join in the conversation and scream obscenities at them.

    • I know what you mean but I guess it depends who you’re on the phone to.
      Some of my mates prattle on for hours.
      A while ago I put the phone down, went to the fridge, opened a beer and when I came back the cunt was still talking.
      My elbow won’t take it anymore!
      …still wouldn’t become one one of those blue tooth earpiece twats though!

  19. Playboy are daft cunts… Not so long ago the Bunny Mag decided to ban tits and all that from their publication (how sickeningly feminazi and ‘right on’)… Now they are saying that was a mistake and they’re apparently bringing them back… Couldn’t be anything to do with sales plummeting, could it?… What the fuck do they think lads buy it for?… The crap jokes page?… The celebrity knobhead interviews?… A chimpanzee could have told them it was total stupidity… Them lot removing nudity is like Heinz saying ‘Tell you what, let’s axe baked beans and tomato ketchup!’ Commercial and financial suicide, really… Silly cunts…

  20. I feel a bit sorry for Nuttall insofar as he has come across as a pretty decent , personable man , whenever I’ve listened to him. There are many people who have claimed allegiance to one particular group of people or another so as to illustrate a point . He , stupidly went too far in ‘exaggerating’ his closeness personally to those who perished at Hillsborough , although I don’t doubt the sadness he feels is real. Momentarily a cunt , aren’t we all ? In the scheme of things not a cunt , until he proves otherwise.

  21. Agreed, de Cunford, he really didn’t need to try and claim the sympathy vote. The people of Stoke voted massively in favour of Brexit and wont be fooled by the rest of the cunts on offer.

  22. Made the mistake of buying some cheap aftershave from the market this morning and now I just stink of curry.

    Paki Rabanne…..

    • Ha ha.


      Bomb Paul growyourhair

      Sorry they were a bit shit ….

      Can’t think of any others.

  23. Most of them in UKIP are cunts. It was the only place that would have them, bunch of weirdy not so bright arseholes who chose another arsehole to lead them.
    Nuttall is a cunt for thinking this would never come out, everything comes out sooner or later in politics . Nuttall looks and sounds like a cunt, most of the party do.
    I went to a conference once by invitation, never met one you’d want to meet again, deluded tossers. If prices keep going up and jobs are lost, watch them scatter back to the anonymity they deserve.

    • Yea I always believed in brexit but I wouldn’t trust those cunts to run this country!

  24. The BBC, SKY and the guardian are unashamedly EU biased and do little to disguise the fact but the “not so “independent is a little more tricky, they sometimes run a decent article or two on Brexit but for most of they time they stick the knife in, trolling around the EU looking for doom and gloom stories regarding Brexit , two stories in the last 48 hrs are particularly annoying…
    ” Respected think tank see Brexit failing” claimed the headline, the story was all doom laden projections, apparently nothing is going to go right, it’s all a big mistake blah blah blah!!, who says?? Bruegler economists that’s who!!, I was wondering who the fuck are bruegler?? Oh that’s right their from Belgium!!!
    So quite frankly they can go and do one!!!
    Next up ” pound to drop by another 16%” screamed the independent headline yesterday, apparently the pounds going to get fucking hammered!! According to who?? Ah yes the Cunts at Deutsche bank!! , I’m sure the independent can find 100,s of stories from pissed off EU businesses, banks and politicians, i for one don’t give a flying fuck what those bitter wonky eyed Cunts have to say, it’s EU project fear in full swing!!

  25. On the news today reports of increase in reported incidences of hate crime. It’s like being tied to a fucking chair in a dark room with a recording of Alloo Hackbar repeating over and over. Eventually you just give in and beg for it to be turned off saying ‘I believe’. Thats what these mother fucking whinging CUNTS are trying to do. Beat everyone to a physcological pulp with their incessant drip, drip drip of made up fucking stories of doom and bastard gloom. The fact is if some cunt calls some cunt an Irish thieving pikey bastard even if they aren’t Irish or a Pikey and they complain to the Poliss that is logged as a hate crime regardless of any substance. It is so utterly pathetic that these cunts would go as far as to sacrifice their own children in order to stay in their beloved E cunting U. I want to knock their collective teeth out of their fucking heads. Sick and fucking tired of listening to the sad cunts.

  26. “Think tank”

    “Wank tank” more like.

    It’s like the eu growth projections came out the other day and you’ll never guess what they said.
    “UK growth will be down but eu growth will be up.”

    Yea up its own arse.

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