Sadiq Khan [4]


Sadiq Khan is a 7.2 liter supercharged cunt on nitrox. He has just been on Sky News. I have no idea what he said as I turned it off as soon as his smug goblin face appeared on my screen, but its a fair bet it was cuntish.

The Mayor of London is there to make sure the buses and tubes run on time and that bins get emptied. He has no place on national TV and his opinions on anything other than public transport and refuse collection are irrelevant. So fuck off.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

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  1. I think what will prove interesting is when we have a large scale terrorist attack courtesy of ‘the peaceful ones’ and then see where Khunt sits with that.

    He knows he has to condemn it, even though doing so will lose him hundreds of thousands of votes from areas of London that now look like downtown Karachi.

    I think we all know that he will be over the moon when it does happen. The evil, two faced goat-botherer cunt.

    • And you can bet your life that ‘Citizen Khan’ will not refer to any attackers as ‘Muslim terrorists’ or ‘Islamic extremists’…. A bit like how those filthy scum bastard muzzie kiddyfuckers in Rotherham are just reported as ‘men’ on B(lack)BC ‘News’… And I dare say he won’t be too upset if it happens,the cunt is probably still wanking over 9/11…

  2. Lets play the socialist parasite, token ethnic cunt interview sentence maker!

    Make a speech from only the following words:

    Social Cohesion, Diversity, Multi culturalisim, Right wing extremists, Bigoted views of white minority, Ethnic Communities, moral duty to these refugee children, Brexit is bad for Londoners


  3. Whoever the cunt or cunts who left some piece of fucking massive nail/screw on the road which gave me a puncture are cunt(s). Had to buy a fucking tyre you cunts, 275/45 19inch. I’m looking for you, ya cunts.

  4. Everyone knows that the London Mayor’s role is basically a 4yr+ stop-gap for him en-route to becoming Prime Minister Citizen Khan.

    He would have thrown his hat into the fray (for the Labour Leadership) 2yrs ago but was shrewd enough (a’la David Rubberband) to realise that the new wave of militant left-wingers (or proper Labour supporters with proper Labour ideals rather than the faux-socialist shite fed to us under the tenure of Mr Tony B.Liar) would no more vote him in as they would Margaret Thatcher currently.

    So this Khunt (along with D. Rubberband, Chuka Harrison Ummuna, and other Blairites who know they have no fucking chance of winning until Corbyn gets booted) is biding his time in some cushy (well paid) number until the time is ripe for the picking for him to be leader.

    That time will be when this “right wing blip” (i.e. people seeing sense for the first time in more than a generation) has gone away leaving the door wide open for him to become Labour leader and then onto PM.

    I personally hope that this “right wing blip” doesn’t go away. The socio-libbo-globalist cunts crying in their beer is really refreshing and rewarding watching them fighting for democracy by fighting against democracy (cunts)! I piss myself daily watching vids of these cunts blubbering away on YouTube – keep them coming, I’ll never tire of those!

    If however if Citizen Khan is elected Labour leader then I’m sure Lily and her Dad, and Russell Brand will be their at the forefront of the cheering brigade, and – should we be insane enough to elect the cunt as Prime Minister Citizen Khan – then Lily will be there, resplendent in her Burkah. Alas Keith won’t be there this time as he will have been locked up for being an alchy and Brand will be there but minus one hand for being a thieving cunt!

    • There will be armed insurrection before this divisive, narrow minded, and racist ethnic pillar becomes leader in this country, hopefully.

      And hopefully, this cunt and other uber token cunt Chuka Ummuna will have a death match for the Labour nomination, resulting in them both sustaining fatal injuries.

  5. Sadiq ‘Bud bud ding ding’ Khan is a cunt. Fucking Mayor’s, what’s the point in them? Him and his entourage = another load of cunts on the payroll which we pay for. Im sure most of these government/council jobs aren’t needed. What a load of cunts. Another thing, why can’t we ever build some thing on time and within budget? Everything costs way more than predicted and goes on for years and they kindly pass the he costs on to us. The cunts.

      • £369 million, oh that’s a bargain. It’s not like we need to spend that kind of money elsewhere. Our hospitals and housing situation are nothing to worry about. What a bunch of benefit scrounging cunts these Royals are.

      • Kinda missing the point? Don’t look at it as a Royal Residence – look at it as a National Asset that brings in the tourists. It’s a landmark London stately home that just happens to be the Queen’s London gaff. A bit like St Catherine’s Palace in St Petersberg or the Tower of London or Sydney harbour bridge.

        It’s a listed building that’s part of our heritage and needs to be preserved. I’d rather they spent the money on that than bringing so called ‘refugee children’ to the UK.

        And have you noticed how the US media cunts have rebranded ‘illegal immigrants’ as ‘undocumented residents’ ?

      • I know old folk who are worried about turning on the heating so funding for these two pensioners I find abhorrent.

        Having Royalty and palaces and castles in this day and age is pathetic.

        If Buck House is getting crafty move to one of the other seven pads you’ve got…..

        Fuckin’ parasites…

      • See my reply to B&WC. I think you’re both missing the point.
        Russia has no Royal family, but they got some bloody magnificent palaces… St Catherines, the Hermitage, the Winter Palace – see
        And how about Versailles? Schönbrunn Palace – Vienna? Palacio Real – Madrid? Summer Palace – Beijing? Alhambra – Grenada, Spain? Forbidden City – Beijing? Château Frontenac Castle – Quebec?

        Buck House actually ranks number 3 in the top 20 greatest palaces in the world. In my view that makes it a national treasure…

      • I think we should keep the palace as it’s part of England’s heritage (and how much left have we got of that?)… They should just put all the royals in there, there’s plenty of room… Axe all the expensive homes of Charles, William, Harry, Andrew, Edward and all the others, and keep the big one…

      • I agree with you Dioclese, these historic buildings need to be maintained and preserved and that isn’t cheap. What pisses me off are the costs of these Royals. The Queen and that Greek cunt should be the only one with an allowance, the rest can fuck off. Like Norman says there I S plenty of room in Buckingham Palace for all the Royals to live in. The Queen could get rid of all the staff and the minor Royals could do the work and contribute towards the rent.

      • Fuck the upkeep of these buildings.
        People still visit the coliseum, pyramids and Stonehenge.
        As for the lizards, lock them up in the dungeons and once a month one will face a public hanging after lots of veg throwing.

        Bunch of smug parasite cunts.
        Can that old cunt Liz try and muster a smile from time to time ?
        Maybe she’s tired after all these years of reigning over people she regards as shite on her carriage wheel ?

        #Not my queen………..

      • Fuck off. It costs the taxpayer less than 70p a year for the Royals. Bargain. Now even if I thought that was a sum worth worrying about, there are a fuck load of things my taxes / NI pay for that I’m very, very unhappy about. Can you hazard a guess what some of them might be?

    • The reason why shit goes on forever and costs twice as much as planned (B&W me auld china) is basically because of of government contract kickbacks.

      I’ve often said that if the government made sure every piece of work done by 3rd party contractors was on a fixed price basis, and if the project slips then the cost is on those 3rd party contractors, that stuff would done in half the time and on budget, rather than twice the time and double the budget; because on a fixed price, the quicker they can get it done then the more profitable it is to them.

      Unfortunately most contracts are fought for by cunts who will gain from said contracts being given to *their* contractor of choice.

      Obviously since “sleazegate” questioning such actions by MPs this no longer happens any more, right? Wrong. All it did was force those actions underground to make the kickbacks even more untraceable.

      If kickbacks were not still in evidence then their would be no need for lobbyists because the select committee in question would pick the deal that was best for the country for the project at hand, rather than the contract which would grease their palms the most.

      Also when projects slip (on time and/or budget) the proper response by said select committee would be to pillory the contractor in question, and yet, how often does that happen? Never.

      Instead the relevant govt representative goes on TV excusing the lateness/budget overrun due to “unforeseen circumstances and costs” which means the contractors have a license to print money and the relevant Whitehall toadies keep getting their kickbacks.

      It’s that simple. Unfortunately as most of these cunts are lawyers now finding evidence of wrongdoing is becoming harder and harder but not impossible – if the serious crimes agency could be arsed to do a proper investigation. Cunts!

  6. I am cautiously optimistic that after years of social decline, PC boorishness, lefty/liberal propaganda and the marginalising of decent, hard working, law abiding, tax paying white folk, the tide may be turning – just a little. Brexit was ace. Enough people just saying “NO”, believing in and wanting something better. Brilliant. Trump’s election victory was ace. Again, enough people turning away from the lies, corruption and manipulation of the left and wanting something different, something better for themselves and for the country. I thank and applaud all those who turned out and did the right thing. Get in!

    I see that immigrant loving troll Merkel intends to stand for another term. Let’s hope the Krauts show some backbone and get their country back too. As for this gob shite Khan, his time in the limelight is limited and his obvious bias and pathetic pandering to the left will eventually lead to his demise. Quite why this cunt has anything to say other than what’s best for London and Londoners is beyond me. Typical leftist mouthpiece cunt.

    • Aye, if France’s Front National get in next year then game over for the EU. Watched the Le Pen and Marr interview last week and found nothing ‘far right’ just common sense.

      Interesting how these media cunts are too thick to see times are changing they need get with the program or get out.


      • Marine Le Pen is definitely on my borderline boiler list.

        Not sure if I should admit that or not. Ho hum.

      • “Make it absolutely clear that there are no laws, no agreements, no treaties … that you would not break in order to secure the future of the English people,”

        “The red academics will be forced to admit their crimes against the English people in mass rallies. They will confess how they have always conspired against the English people, how they have always hated the English people, and how they have always fantasised about hurting the English people. After this the red academics will be forced to face the wrath of the masses.” -Kai Murros Same can be said about france hope Lepen wins, although I prefer her dad

      • Her neice is absolutely fucking stunning.As a gay friend of mine said “Even I would let her shit on my chest”.

      • The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of becoming the French ‘first lady’ as it were. Bedroom action with the lovely Marine, plenty of other female family members to lust furiously over and as much free top notch food and booze to maintain my alcoholism and borderline obesity. Winner winner chicken dinner (with wine)!

        Keep an eye out for the French news, hopefully for the right reasons, headlines like ‘Marine Le Pen’s new husband’, or ‘Marine finds her soul mate’ rather than the usual ‘sex pest stalker’ headlines that seem to follow me about.

      • I am also warily hopeful… First Brexit, then Trump.. Next Austria, then Italy and then Le Pen.. Then we all cast Merkel and her ‘superstate’ into a pit of liquid shit… While we’re at it, let’s drown Wee Burney and Miller in the shite too…

  7. The national anthem is a cunt,

    ‘Send her victorious, happy and glorious’

    Send her to the job centre more like. See how long that £46 pound lasts her. Seriously the national anthem is a cunt. Scotland have their own, England’s should be Jerusalem.

    • Spot on B+W.
      It’s not exactly about a nation either, just a figure head.

      I don’t need any cunt reigning over me.

      • Hello! It’s a constitutional monarchy. The queen is equivalent to the President of Ireland – a figurehead – no real political power…

        And no I’m not a royalist. I think old jug ears is a cunt but I still reckon the royals cost us less than President Blair would…

      • I have a sneaking regard for Prince Phil’ he doesn’t like foreigners and he a bit of an old cunt.

    • Dont think that it’ll be Jerusalem,more likely “We gotta get out of this place”,or possible “Rock the Kasbah”

      • ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’ ‘Autumn Almanac’ or ‘Afternoon Tea’ by The Kinks…

      • Whenever I hear the Archers theme tune is always think of the Viz entry that pointed out that the tuneis goes brilliantly with the lines “Everyones a Nazi now everones a Nazi”

      • The themes to Upstairs Downstairs and Colditz would be good anthems… Imagine a decent and professional England team (not the shower of manicured fairies and shite we’ve got now) standing in line to the Colditz theme before thrashing the Krauts, Argies, or Froggies at Wembley…

      • … Norman … the Colditz theme … when I was sent to my bedroom for being a Cunt when I was a kid, I’d whistle it as loud as I could, for as long as I could in protest for being ‘incarcerated’ in my bedroom (hardly Colditz) … on hindsight it probably fell on deaf ears. In fact, it probably pissed me off before it pissed off my old folks. What a Cunt I feel now ……

  8. He a needs stopping before its a too late,the BBC love these type of cunts ,they suck up to them,hes very dangerous and should be ousted quickly ,this cunt has his own murky agendas .

    • Dont think my grandparents would of fucking bothered if they was here to see how this country has turned out,i think they would be very fucked off.

    • Agreed.. Give us May, give us Boris, give us Farage, give us Corbyn (OK, that’s taking the piss) as PM… Anyone but that cunt, Caliphate Khan….

      • Well said norm,very true kind sir,khan is so so wrong for the job,its fucking laughable ,the cunt should be in panto with that fucking clown biggins,and vaz hes another fucking joke ,they shouldnt be aloud to walk amongst the public,terrible its a fucking terrible.

  9. I’ve watched this so called comedy and it isn’t at all funny, making the cunt mayor of London isn’t going to make it any more funny.

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