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I would like to nominate Bianca Jagger for an emergency cunting. During my travels I happened upon a repeat of Pienaar’s Politics (broadcast yesterday) when – as you would imagine – the main topic was Donald Trump.

Would you like to know why Brexit happened and why Donald Trump was elected – according to this doyen of political analysis, and who’s not merely famous for being jizzed in by Mick Jagger as a groupie at the right time – because those people do not read the Financial Times, The Washington Post or the New York Times and therefore could not make an informed decision.

Same old, same old from the liberal fucktard collection. Brexit and Trump happened – yet again – because of the retarded, illiterate masses of both the UK and the USA.

Now I may be as thick as pig-shit in the eyes of Ms Jagger but I’m betting the UK education I got in the 70’/80’s was a smidge better than that of Nicaragua in the 50’s/60’s. Speaking of which – Ms Jagger – if you want to comment or fix anything, how about trying to fix you own native Nicaragua which is beset with corruption, drug trafficking and is heading full on towards being a dictatorship state!

As a “democratic” liberal that situation must surely be more distasteful to you than the very “democratic” (by public vote) decisions of Brexit and Donald Trump?

Yet again some “holier than thou” cunt famous for nothing other than banging a rock star who now thinks she can lord it over the rest of society merely because she runs some foundation (in her own name) via the monies/kudos afforded her by said association with said rock star.

Ms Jagger, the reason people voted they way they did has less to do with the fact that they are imbeciles and illiterate, and far more to with the fact that they’re fed up of being dictated to on how they should all think and feel by piss-stains such as yourself!

The decisions have been made and di has been cast, if that does not compute with your world view then please feel free to fuck off back to Nicaragua and educate the masses there! You cunt!

Next up on the show was Jo Tanner who stated that Trump would serve less than a full 1st term because he’ll be impeached (by fair means or foul no doubt) so that Congress can work with the much more agreeable (to the liberal agenda) Mike Pence.

Utter, utter cunts!

Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

32 thoughts on “Bianca Jagger

    • Many make the mistake of seeing Bianca Jagger as a poor Nicaraguan when in fact she was born into wealth and privilege as all these virtue signalling cunts are.

  1. Fitting that ego monster Jagger would fuck some lefty groupie that would eventually end up looking like his twin brother.

    I lost all respect for Jagger when he had a blue fit on the 80’s after a dog shat outside his house in Knightsbridge, that wasn’t just a dog shit Mick that was a critique of the stones output since the early 70’s.

    Bianca, w have tried the liberal progressive agenda and it seems to of killed industry and left us with houses we can’t afford, granted we are too thick to see how that benefits us.

    On the flip side how does it feel that Mick preferred Bowie in bed to you? From the looks if it Bowie was the more feminine of the two of you.

      • You think jagger is a poofta, like a full blown poof? I dunno mate…. I think hes a genuine bisexual thats more believable

        Hes had too many affairs, groupies marriages and girlfriends to be labeled completely homosexual

  2. After she married Jagger, she said “I don’t believe in false modesty. I know I’m beautiful.” Someone wrote ‘Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and behold, I think she’s ugly.’ And I wouldn’t disagree with that.

  3. Is that what she bloody looks like now? Hahahaha… she has become Mick Jagger through osmosis apparently she regrets her marriage to Mick after reading her wiki she said “My marriage ended on my wedding day.” Common latina answer nothing positive to say only regret,… “I only marry you for you money le stupid gringo”

    That was on the grounds of Mick screwing other birds he was rooting, Well what were you expecting you twat? you weren’t marrying a amish preacher you were marrying a fucking rockstar! didn’t you read the brochure it comes in audio form lol

  4. I had this image that Bianca Jagger would be some tanned , amazonian gilf, when she’s just a really ugly, ugly man.
    What “journalist” got up one morning and thought that the views of an ex spunk bucket would be worthy reading ?
    I think that not reading the rags she mentioned proves that I’m neither an imbecile nor illiterate ( although some of my posts may prove otherwise).
    You cant really blame her though, there’s a lot of gullible cunts who worship anything that has any connection to a sleb, just look at the fame Sharon Osbourne has.
    One day sucking on a cheesy rockers cock and the next they act all reagal as if a boner wouldnt melt in their mouths……..

  5. P J O’Rouke published the best ever put down about her following the ousting of the Sandinistas in Knickeragua… She looked concerned wearing a linen outfit… wearing a designer outfit but this morning she looked…. her age

  6. Well Jagger’s gone up in my estimation,it would take a man with nerves of steel and a terrible case of priapism to manage to fuck that horrible, dessicated trannie.
    I see now why jagger decided to pork Bowie. Notwithstanding the fact that Bowie’s been dead 10 months,I’d still have a go at him rather than risk sticking it anywhere near that crypt escapee.
    Stuff of fucking nightmares.

  7. Im sat here amazed at the fact that there is two women who are household names internationally, all for being Jaggers spunk receptacle…….

  8. Strange that for being fucked by Mr Jagger she becomes a sort of messiah type person. So having a meat injection from a strange looking person gives the reciever of said sausage powers beyond the norm and entitles them to keep talking shite which because of their past becomes shite that is worth promoting, shite that has a deep valid meaning to our being here, shite that we should agree with and act upon.
    The truth you fucking haglet is, you are a cunt, mick the dick is a cunt and please for fuck’s sake fuck off.

  9. Didn’t Ol’ Rubber Lips Mick also screw that chickboy – aka Dali’s Frankenstein – Amanda Lear?…

  10. Why the fuck did they have some washed up old groupie, from a washed up old band on a political debate? Couldn’t they find anyone who was at least remotely knowledgeable about the subject? As long as she was on message, they will give the old bag airtime. Imagine for one minute if she had been a vote leave supporter. The press would have called her all the clueless fuckers under the sun.

  11. I hadn’t seen the Andrew Marr/Marine Le Pen interview. It did just seem like common sense to moi.

    However, following that interview, Marr had Crispin Blunt (a very handy rhyming name) on airing his views.

    His opening gambit on Brexit (which he was allegedly in favour of), Trump and the chances of Le Pen being elected was: “What’s at stake here is the liberal international order that we’ve all grown up with.”

    And he thinks that’s a good thing? Maybe Crispin, it’s the fact that folk are fed up of the liberal, nicey-nicey, “everyone gets along no matter what” mantra that has been spoon-fed to us that’s wearing a bit thin. Have you ever thought of that?

    There is no way a tyrant would be tolerated as a leader in the western world anymore but their is a world of difference between the tyranny of a Hitler type figure and merely looking out for ones country’s best interests!

    EU is shit for our interests in the long run economically. Letting every cunt and their dog into the country is not in our interests, and yet the resistance to these views, held by the majority, being referred to as a “blip” or a “protest” is as demeaning as being branded “ignorant racists”!

    The sooner the “well educated” illuminati of Westminster realise that their view of liberalism isn’t the same as the majority of normal people’s view on it, the sooner they can quit belly-aching about it and actually get down and do something constructive with their time rather than merely waving their finger about like we’ve been naughty fucking children!

    Crispin, why don’t you fucking grow up and get with our programme rather than trying to cling to one that no cunt wants anymore!

    • The media is literally a cunt, Its funny how media constantly shifts from “Trump is literally hitler” to “hes not even hitler” . What a bout Bush(started a war on bullshite evidence, national debt tripled, countless dead, loads of corruption and warmongering) or Obama(national debt doubled, golfs more then any president, bombed more countries then bush yet he gets a pulziter prize?! lol)

      Why aren’t they described as literally hitler? oh right because he wasn’t the media picked candidate backed by billions

      • Andrew Marr is a cunt… Thinks he’s Robin Day or Brian Walden, when in actual fact he’s just a cunt…

  12. All these ex-wives of famous blokes do it… They carp on about what a ‘bastard’ their husband was, yet they keep the name and all the perks that go with it… Angie Bowie, Alex and/or Angie Best, Alannah Stewart, Bianca Jagger and so on… Hypocritical grasping cunts…

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