Matt Chorley


Matt Chorley (editor of the Times political website and Red Box) is a cunt.

He wrote the thunderer column yesterday advocating that the government e-petitions should be completely scrapped because a few “non-sensical” petitions get through

Once in a while I’ll have a look thru the open petitions and if I agree with them I’ll sign, if I don’t agree I don’t sign

This Chorley (coming in your ears) cunt wants to silence the freedom to express an opinion

Nominated by: Frottom

12 thoughts on “Matt Chorley

  1. Like all these cunty types, he will be very keen on freedom of speech when it agrees with his views. If you disagree with him, not so much.

  2. What this boy needs is a secondment to the Gay british history group. He will then be able to explore the consequences of a red box! fucking cuntist twat.

    • Indeed not, Johnson… Ugly little turd, isn’t he?….
      And, yeah, he looks like a right ‘lurker….’

  3. A amazing prophecy has just taken place remember when that assassination attempt on trumps life in Reno Nevada? Well Janet “ugly evil Cunt” Reno is dead Kek says “you try to kill my avatar in Reno, I’ll kill your Reno!”

    Hillary Clinton will be the Janet Reno of Presidents. This death, coming 24 HOURS before the election, will hopefully jog a few boomer and x-er minds,it will remind them of just what evil people the Cuntons are.

    Also this is interesting, check em

  4. I don’t know who they are, but I’m nominating the “independent group, spearheaded by Prof Bob Watt, an expert in electoral law from the University of Buckingham” who have brought to the CPS a complaint of “undue influence” against Vote Leave and Leave.EU. It seems they are bothered by “instances where the leave campaigns continued to make assertions of fact that were knowingly misleading”. They don’t seem to be at all exercised by the remain side’s misleading assertions of fact because these were “expressions of opinion” rather than fibs.

    Was an assertion that the EU costs the UK £350 million a week more likely to “unduly influence” the voter than assertions that his family would be £4,300 a year worse off, that there would be an emergency budget, that 3 million jobs would go?

    I’d say that, whilst the figure may be debatable, there’s more truth in the £350 million story than any of these three “expressions of opinion”.

    Of course, these people aren’t doing this because they are embittered remainers: “Our primary aim in seeking prosecution is to try to restore some integrity to our democratic processes”. Chinny reckon.

    • These anti-democracy cunts will drag up any old shite if they think it will overturn the referendum and always say they are defending democracy. What a load of cunt. Next thing they will be saying it was a full moon on June 23rd and that unduly influenced people to vote leave.

    • Fuck me, if this gets off the ground then practically every MP ever elected would be open to such a charge based on what was promised or otherwise in their election addresses.
      This move smacks of desperation so we can be thankful that if that’s the best they can come up with they are scraping the barrel and all this bollocks will be over soon.
      Mind you am not holding my breath.

  5. Getting back to the above picture, he does kind of resemble a reject from a ventriloquist’s dummy factory.

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