Ntokozo Qwabe [3]


Ntokozo Qwabe, the nasty little cunt who caused a commotion a few months ago, by starting a protest at Oriel College demanding the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes. And again a few months later, when he refused to tip a waitress in a South African restaurant because she was white. My contempt for this distasteful little wanker is such that I cut and pasted his name from the DM article, rather than remember it, or write it down.

Anyway, little Ntokozo has been at it again. This time, he led a protest at Cape Town University. It doesn’t say what the protest was about, probably the lack of black milk in the Uni’s cafeteria. He and his arsehole followers disrupted a law lecture and, when filmed on a camera phone by a white student, was seen to knock the phone from the student’s hand with a stick. Now I’m not a hard man, but if he’d done that to me, he’d be needing the services of the world’s finest neurologist. And a proctologist to retrieve the stick. He accused his victim of being guilty of “white apartheid colonial entitlement”.

This little shit needs to be reigned in, right now. He’s not simply racist, his hatred of whites WILL one day see this pile of festering donkey bollocks go on to kill a white person. Or at the very least, inspire some brain dead cretin to kill a white person. His hypocrisy is fucking unbelievable. He doesn’t need a beating, he needs a bullet to the head, before someone innocent dies.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

36 thoughts on “Ntokozo Qwabe [3]

  1. When I saw the name I knew he was going to be from Wales or Alaska or Moscow…

    Never heard of this cunt. That in its own right probably makes me a racist.
    ….oh, and before I forget, thick too…

  2. I can’t help thinking, some cunt, at some point, will take this dangerous little fucker out.

  3. The only time his sort should be seen in a bow tie is when they are bringing you a nice G&T on the terrace of the Mount Nelson hotel.

  4. Google is a cunt. Is it just me or have you had to agree to a “privacy” statement before they will allow you to search for stuff?

    • Yeah I got that. I cleared my cache, history (including cookies) and that fucked the information leeches off for a bit longer.

      Utter cunts!

      We know you track everything we do via your browser and search engine (and via 3rd party cookies in other search engines) so why ask now you cunts! You interfering neo-stasi cunts!

      You have all this information in your zettabyte data cloud and yet you do fuck all with it like getting Killary outed instead deciding to infiltrate every public site I visit with ads for antacid remedies, penile augmentation and Regain Hair Studios!

      Ok, so you know I’m a fat, bald bloke with a small cock! What are you doing, going around and filming me or summat!?!

      Oh, that’s right, you do that as well now don’t you! Cunts!

    • They asked me a time ago, I ignored the cunts. they are pissing in the wind.Plenty of other places to go anyway.
      These are the cunts who are pumping out more porn than is imaginable everyday on every subject including stuff that is illegal. All this available to kids who see stuff that should not be available to them ,all down to google who have no real filters.
      Disgusting filth purveyors on a massive global scale, and apparently untouchable and untaxable

  5. He is indeed a spiteful little cunt his brow furrowed with the strain of carrying the enormous chip on his shoulder. Hopefully no serious legal firm will employ him and he’ll probably end up back on the township.

      • Sorry mate, got to pull you up on that one. Did you not get the memo? The one that says that any person of colour cannot be racist because they are a person of colour?

        Come on, you must have seen it, it’s on every major appeasing news network in the western world!

        To find out more just visit http://www.bbc.co.uk where Gary Lineker will explain all in black and white. Sorry, in black and black, which is the ABBC’s new font style.

  6. Hope he stays in South Africa and continues his current behaviour as it won’t be long before a pissed of Afrikaner does what Afrikaaners do best.

  7. That cunt Gina Miller has just been on local London news. She says her legal case was all about making sure triggering Article 50 was started on the strongest possible legal footing. What a lying cunt.
    She then went on to say she never envisaged living in London with the amount of racism and sexism she has received.
    Well, easily remedied you cunt: fuck off back to Guyana and leave us alone.

    • If she fuckin’ hate us British dat much, da daft bitch should fucky off back up banana tree….

  8. Was he protesting against black rule in South Africa? Cant blame the white cunts any more Ntokozo. Maybe he wants Mugabe to give SA the same treatment he has given Zimbabwe…….


    • Bit of the Zim treatment would certainly solve some of SA’s problems unless Ntokozo Qwabe is a Shona.

  9. Equality at it’s best; colour of skin is proven to be no hinderance to being a fuckwit cuntist. Does my lefty liberal heart a power of good to see such an example of an equality that blesses all sexes all colours all ages. The World is good!!

    • Being a cunt is colour blind, agnostic, androgynous, and sexuality unbiased.

      In fact the only way to determine if one is a cunt or not is to think that one is not a cunt, which – through inference – automatically makes one a cunt.

      Here endeth the lesson from a self-confessed cunt.

  10. I remember reading about this cunt, I was hoping the next time I was going to see his fucking name was in the obituary column.

    • Give it time, he’s only young. Sooner or later he’ll push the wrong person’s buttons. And when he does, he’ll end up in the middle of a pile of burning tyres.

  11. He could definitely go in Viz`s people you`d never get tired of punching segment.The look on his face alone makes me want to deck the cunt.

  12. What annoys me about this cunt, and cunts like him, is that they look down on black people who just get on with life and join in with the rest of us. They call them coconut or uncle tom, or some other abusive terms. They moan about being treated differently, then moan when they are not treated differently.

  13. ….In the ideal world, once Oscar Pistorius is released, this fucker could become his bitch….. and get up in the middle of the night for a piss !!!!!

  14. A prediction, esteemed fellow cunters.

    Hillary Clinton will win the US election by less than 52%-48% and the same wankstains (I’m looking at you Mr BBC and Mr Guardian) who have spent the last four months whining about Brexit will be telling Trump and his supporters to accept the democratic will of the people.

    Just call me Cassandra.

  15. These cunts get me a fucking down their was more whites in slavery then and no fucker ever mentions it ,this cunt wants a stringing up ,he knocks me a fucking sick ,hes a cunt.

  16. I’m A Celebricunt! Get Me My Paycheque! is once more imminent….
    Aside from those two usual Geordie Conehead Cunts, Ant and Dec, we have yet another cast of stellar cunts…There’s fat Millwall cunt and BBC chinstroking twat Danny Baker, that old demestos dyed media whore trollop, Carol Vorderman, that cunt who played ‘Orrible Uncle Archie/Arry/Ernie in NeverEnders, ex Man City cunt Wayne Bridge, and that fat talentless slag Scarlett Moffatt, plus other Z-Listers and assorted tosspots… A real cuntfest….

    • So endless pics of tarts in showers then, fucking yawn.
      How do (C)Ant and Dick stay gainfully employed?
      I caught some of that get me out shit a few years ago,had never seen it before. Anyway apart from it being shite ,i was gob smacked at how talentless and amateur these cunts are . all them awards and high paying contracts, the cunts must pinch each other every day…….

      • If I had to choose the contestants for I”m A Celebricunt’ they’d be as follows:

        1. Rachel Riley (for all the bikini/shower/all girls together bits)

        2. Simon Cowell (who falls in a crocodile pool, and if he survives that he crosses contestant No.3…)

        3. Roy Keane (in a very foul mood)

        4. Yoko Ono (after all, she’s used to living off dead Beatles)

        5. Lily Mong (to watch her meltdown, start blubbering, and spaz out on live television)

        6. Donald Trump (so all the others can chase him around the jungle ‘Benny Hill’ style)

        7. Catherine Tyldesley off Corrie (see Rachel Riley)

        8. Peter Kay (for the obligatory clown in the camp)

        9. Liam Gallagher (to knock out Peter Kay)

        10. Katy Perry (see Rachel Riley and that Corrie bird)

      • I’d watch that Norman, especially for Roy Keane.
        I think we should get keane on every reality tat going.
        Can you imagine all them egos shattered and tears falling?……..

  17. isn’t this jonny come lately mother fucker a bit late for all of this,wasnt that how mandela ended up in the shit,25 years in robben island for the cunt with a daily kick in the nuts……..nobodys racist anymore,the jive turkey mother fucker has got it all wrong……stupid kaffa

  18. As with gender equality and suchlike, cunts like this just re-open old wounds for political and personal gain or out of their own bigotry and prejudice. Usually they just want their own shot at playing Dictator.

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